Meesa No Think So…

Messa called Jar-Jar Boehner. Messa your humble servant.

That’s our Johnny, Boehner that is!

Hmmm… yousa point is well seen, Mr President.

It’s a longo taleo buta small part of it would be mesa… clumsy
Jar-Jar Boehner.

“There are a lot of options on the table,” said Boehner in response to a question from THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “I’m not going to get into hypotheticals of what we could or couldn’t do. But I do know this. Come January, we’ll have a Republican House and a Republican Senate, and we’ll be in a stronger position to take actions.”

Boehner and House Republican leaders are pushing to pass a short-term funding package before the end of the current budget resolution next week. The package would allow Congress to revisit the funding for DHS, which is implementing the order, early next year. The Ohio Republican emphasized the current plan to address the immigration executive order in the next Congress gives the GOP the best chance for “keeping our leverage.” But, Boehner said, “we have limited options in how we can deal with this.” 

A senior White House official says the implementation of President Obama’s executive order on immigration is “well underway” and that the administration would “proceed” regardless of congressional efforts to block the order.

Translation: Fuck you Jar Jar!  The Agenda is The Agenda!

The official added that the DHS implementation would be “based on what they learned on the successful implementation of DACA,” the acronym for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The department has already secured office space in Arlington, Virginia, and plans on hiring 1,000 employees and contractors to process the qualifying illegal immigrants.

Administration officials also pushed back against the passage in the House of Representatives of a bill to roll back the executive order. “The United States House of Representatives is voting to prioritize of breaking up families,” said an official. The White House issued a veto threat on the bill earlier Thursday.

And asked about efforts by Republicans to block or strip funding from the executive order’s provisions, the White House insisted, “We are going to proceed with implementation.”

Republicans hate families AND are Racists!

“I haven’t seen the details of a plan to confront this unprecedented power grab,” <Senator Jeff> Sessions said in a phone interview Thursday evening. He added that while plenty of his Republican colleagues have released “tough” statements following Obama’s announcement, he hasn’t seen the party coalesce around a plan.  (Weekly Standard)

So the Republicans are picking at their but and checking out their shoes while the Democrats are sharpening their axes and getting the trebuche’ out. The Media is sharpening their knives, the Republicans are dulling theirs.

That’s out Jonnie, bringing Hot chocolate and s’mores to a Nuke Fight.

Maybe Boehner is just Hydra, after all. Hmmm…

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell


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