Ten Point Immigration Plan

The 10 Point Obama Immigration Plan.

1. It’s Good to Be The King

2.  Did I mention I’m the King, and I can do anything I want?

3. He is The Most Arrogant Man in The World so he can do anything he wants just because he’s  just that great.

4. Racist!

5. Papers, you don’t need no stinking Papers. We’ll let anyone in who will vote for my political buddies, who care if you have diseases or are a terrorists or just a lazy ass nobody as long as you’ll vote Democrat.

6. Did I forget to mention It’s good to be the Emperor of all that he surveys!

7. LIE

8.  Transparency

9. You’re A Racist!

10. The End always justifies the means!

Oh, and one more thing…Be Tolerant.

But take head, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a Thought Police Train…


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