End Justifies The Means

“This is exactly what conservatives have been saying for four years. What we’re hearing now is the true voice of liberal arrogance. [T]hey believe they know the right way—they have to lead the masses to the Promised Land, and they can only do it by deception. And that’s what he said openly…[they] lied about everything.”–Charles Krauthammer

Indeed they did. But in this instance, of course, the ends justified the means. It didn’t matter that the bill was so flawed it needed to be amended dozens of times. It didn’t matter that zero Congressional Democrats read the bill in its entirety before voting for it. It didn’t matter that a majority of Americans opposed the bill from the beginning. And of course, as Guy explained this morning, it didn’t matter that the law would never, ever work as promised:

Obamacare kicked millions of people off of their preferred insurance plans (with millions more to come), is signing up far fewer newly-insured consumers than projected, is hurting many more people than it’s helping, and is still expected by the government to leave roughly 30 million Americans without insurance.

And yet, as Krauthammer noted, critics of the law foresaw all of these problems years ago. All of them. They weren’t “fooled” or “tricked” by the law’s designers. So is it not, as Krauthammer said, somewhat of a scandal that it’s only now becoming clear that the law’s architects lied, misled, and parsed language to get their bill passed?

I’ll leave you with Ed Morrissey’s smart analysis: Namely, when Gruber dismisses “stupid Americans” for buying into—and ultimately supporting—the president’s healthcare reform law, he’s not talking about conservatives:

Let’s not forget that when Gruber calls voters stupid, it can’t be applied to those who opposed ObamaCare on the very same grounds as he states in these videos. Critics had made these arguments all along about the deceptive structure of the bill, and the lies being told to cover it up. Gruber’s talking about the Obama coalition in these remarks. (Townhall)

In less than a year Jonathan Gruber has gone from being cited [by Obama administration supporters] as an outstanding expert on health reform modeling to being downplayed as ‘a private citizen’ who misspoke,” notes Breitbart.com’s John Sexton.

Democrat attorney general in Court in regards to ObamaCare: “YouTube videos of Professor Jonathan Gruber, a private citizen at non-governmental meetings in January 2012, years after the ACA was enacted.”

This is what any Liberal does when caught with the Truth hanging out, they hang the truth sayer faster than the French killed peopled with a guillotine!

I/They “misspoke” is Progressive Liberal speak for the truth was said, now forget it. The Ministry of Truth and The Thought Police have ruled that this person is now a thought criminal and anyone who listens to them is a thought criminal and must be punished for their heresy against The Ministry and Big Brother.

Gruber went on MSNBC yesterday afternoon and tried to downplay his confession: “The comments in the video were made at an academic conference,” he said. “I was speaking off the cuff and I basically spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments.” But he did not disavow the substance of the comments—that is, he did not deny that the comments were truthful and reflected his own view.

Oh, and it’s the Republicans fault for obsessing about these little truth slips…

Gruber appeared on WGBH-TV, the PBS station in Boston, where he had this to say about the Halbig and King cases: “I think this comes to the master strategy of the Republican Party, which is to confuse people enough about the law so that they don’t understand the subsidies they’re getting are because of the law.” Well, he’s the expert on trying to confuse stupid voters.

Metaphor Alert
“A full week after the alleged ‘shellacking’ of President Obama and the Democrats, the country remains a ‘stucknation’ locked in a partisan standoff. . . . For several years now, the two parties have so amped up the partisan rhetoric that what used to be middle ground is nothing but scorched earth. It’s a machine fueled by animus, but raises hundreds of millions of dollars for the warring factions and keeps the nation from a necessary reconciliation that’s a prerequisite for moving forward. . . . Listening to this cacophony that passes for political discourse, an alien from outer space would come to the conclusion that Americans really can’t stand each other and just don’t want to defeat their opponents but annihilate them.”—Robert Hennelly, Salon.com, Nov. 12 (WSJ)

And that would be the means to an end and I’m sure the Democrats & The Ministry could justify it as The Republicans fault… Next up…Illegal Immigration & Global Warming… 🙂

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok



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