Speaking at the National Press Club on Tuesday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said focusing on health care reform in 2009 was a mistake that hurt Democrats because most Americans were happy with their coverage but were unhappy with the economy.

So that was the perfect time to spend 15 Months cramming your Agenda down the people’s throat! Thanks, Up-Chuck.

Schumer said the health care law, popularly known as Obamacare, is “very important” but the timing was wrong, and was not at the “top of the agenda” of the American people.

But it sure looked like it since you did virtually nothing else for over a year, obsessively and with blind abandon.

“We were in the middle of recession. … People were hurting and said ‘What about me? I’m losing my job,’” said Schumer, who spoke as the Democratic Policy Chairman on why his Party was defeated in the 2014 mid-term elections by Republicans.

Now comes the Mea Culpa!  Doh!

Naw, it’s a narcissistic one, keep reading… 🙂

They lost 3 Congressional Elections in a row and had to lie their asses off to keep the Presidency and NOW they have a thought? Really??

If America has another 10 years of declining middle-class incomes, we will have “a sour, angry country” where few people will like their government, he said.

Gee, I thought everything was improving, you know that Blah-Blah X-months n(that span years)  of economic growth and low unemployment rates and the like. 🙂

That’s a frightening prospect for Democrats because Schumer says his party is identified as “pro-government.”

WOW! really?? I hadn’t noticed, after all the Government is the solution for everything that ailes anything approach.

But it’s also an opportunity for Democrats in the 2016 election and beyond if they can offer the middle-class an agenda “that will make their lifestyle more affordable,” he said.

Lower Taxes, less regulations, reduce the debt, oh, and get rid of ObamaCare. 🙂

But Schumer said the news was dominated by reports of the government’s “inability to solve problems: the VA, invaders at the White House, the border, Ebola and ISIS — all fueled by an unrelenting and sensationalist media that exaggerated hype and emphasized the negativity of these events.”

While the Liberal Media was calling everyone a racist and covering up things like Benghazi.

And you want over-hyped sensationalism, one word, Ferguson. 🙂

“The greatest success our candidates had in the deepest of red states” involved the “Fair Shot” agenda (minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and “paycheck fairness” for women) “It just has to be bigger, broader, more prominent and more across the whole Democratic Party,” he said.

AKA Class Envy, Greed,Corporate America is evil and oppressive and The War on Women! So we have to amp up the division and the resentment to win. That and 5 million new Democrats with Amnesty.

So not much change. 🙂

“Like I said, about 85 percent of all Americans were fine with their health care in 2009, mainly because it was paid for by either the government or their employer – private sector,” said Schumer. “And so the average middle-class voter, they weren’t opposed to doing health care when it started out but it wasn’t at the top of the agenda.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Schumer also said. “I think it’s a good bill [Obamacare] and I’m proud to have voted for it.”

“But, it should have come later,” said the senator.

Love Doublethink. Right Bill. Wrong Time. Hilarious…

“After passing the stimulus, Democrats should have continued to propose middle class-oriented programs and built on the partial success of the stimulus,” Schumer said in his prepared remarks, adding that the $787-billion federal stimulus was not large enough.

“But, unfortunately, Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them,” he said.

“We took their mandate and put all our focus on the wrong problem – health care reform,” Schumer said.

The Agenda is The Agenda! And you’d been peeing in your pants for 90 years waiting for it!

While the “unfair insurance company practices” deserved attention, he noted, “It wasn’t the change we were hired to make.”

“Americans were crying out for an end to the recession, for better wages and more jobs; no changes in their health care,” Schumer said. “This makes sense, considering that 85 percent of all Americans got their health care from either the government – Medicare or Medicaid – or their employer.”

And they are STILL crying, Senator. Oh that’s right, your Boss just gave de-facto amnesty to 5 Million Illegal workers….More workers than Obama & You have created in the last 6 years!

“And if health care costs were going up it didn’t really affect them,” Schumer said.

So that’s the perfect time to make it worse!! 🙂

And now for the Orwellian punchline you’ve been waiting for like Grumpy Cat waiting to pounce…

Schumer said if the Democrats want to win the White House in 2016 and be reinstalled as the majority party in Congress, they have to “embrace government; not run away from it.”

Yes, you heard it here first, The Democrats need to do EVEN MORE of what has already failed and made them lose in the first place!

That’s a frightening prospect for Democrats because Schumer says his party is identified as “pro-government.”

This is along the same lines as The Stimulus wasn’t as effective because it wasn’t big enough, we overspend nearly enough.

Or we are reducing the deficit by Overspending less!!

After all, to them Government can solve anything. Government control of everything is the answer to everything! 🙂

So do you see what you’re up against yet??

He has no conscious capacity to understand his own doublethink.

Doublethink: the acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination. Or just plain old blind partisanship.

People have soured on “pro-government” but his solution is we need even more government to fix it and that will translate into votes in 2016 for Queen Hillary.

So how are you going to be “bi-partisan” and “compromise” with that? 🙂


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Lessons To Be Learned

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne


1) The initial story you hear is probably a lie: If Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up somewhere claiming that a wonderful black kid who was going to college was shot for no reason and nobody is doing anything about it because of racism, you can safely assume you’re being taken for a ride. The police do make mistakes. The Akai Gurley case is a great example of that. There are also bad cops out there. The cops who tortured Abner Louima in New York City fit that description. But, it’s better to let a court sort through the details under oath to get the facts rather than relying on rumors and people who see dollar signs in their eyes every time someone yells “racism.”

2) The Left has zero interest in discussing why black Americans are really more likely to be shot by police officers: The numbers can vary depending on whose statistics you’re looking at, but using the best estimate available, black Americans seem to be 3 times more likely to die at the hands of the police than white Americans. Could there be a possible explanation for this that goes beyond racism? Actually, yes.

Today blacks are about 13 percent of the population and continue to be responsible for an inordinate amount of crime. Between 1976 and 2005 blacks committed more than half of all murders in the United States. The black arrest rate for most offenses — including robbery, aggravated assault and property crimes — is still typically two to three times their representation in the population. Blacks as a group are also overrepresented among persons arrested for so-called white-collar crimes such as counterfeiting, fraud and embezzlement.

Percentage-wise, black Americans are much more likely to commit crimes and so, it’s not a surprise that they’re more likely to end up in potentially dangerous conflicts with police officers. Encouraging black Americans to be hostile to police officers, which is sadly all too common, only exacerbates the problem by making cops more suspicious and by making black Americans more likely to do potentially dangerous things around the police. The vast majority of black Americans are decent, law-abiding people and it’s sad that some of them are afraid of the police. That’s an issue that police departments should do much more to address, but unless they’re met halfway by community leaders who are willing to work with the cops, any effort is doomed to fail.

3) It’s time for cops to start wearing body cameras: If Darren Wilson had been wearing a body camera, the bogus “hands up, don’t shoot” meme would have never gotten any traction. Not only would body cameras help eradicate fears of abuse from officers, it would protect cops from the sort of false charges we saw in the Michael Brown case. Body cameras wouldn’t be a panacea, but they would probably make life better for both the cops and the people they’re policing.

4) You better arm yourself because you can’t count on the police to protect you: It was widely speculated that there would be riots in Ferguson if the Grand Jury didn’t indict Darren Wilson. Yet, the governor of Missouri refused to deploy the National Guard in Ferguson on the first night. Without the help of the National Guard, the police weren’t able to contain the mayhem and there was rioting, looting, assaults and arson. Even though the state of Missouri officials knew it was coming, even though they could have prevented it – they didn’t. Take that lesson to heart, get your own gun and learn how to use it so if trouble comes knocking on your doorstep, you won’t be waiting for help from the state that never comes.

5) The mainstream media is more interested in promoting the idea that America is a racist country than the truth: The mainstream media helped create the angst over Trayvon Martin and the riots in Ferguson. NBC falsely claimed George Zimmerman used a racial slur and edited his call to the police to make him sound bad while the whole media used an old picture of Trayvon Martin that made people think he was 12. On the eve of the Grand Jury verdict in the Michael Brown case, the New York Times published THE STREET Darren Wilson lives on with his new wife. Beyond those egregious offenses, the mainstream media helped create many of the initial myths about both cases, was slow to correct the facts and habitually slanted its news coverage to portray Zimmerman and Wilson as guilty, even when it didn’t fit the facts. Everyone knows the mainstream media is biased, but when its coverage plays a role in getting people’s businesses burned to the ground, it has gone too far.

6) Most people on the “Left” care more about the narrative than the truth: One of the most amazing things about both the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases was how many people didn’t change their minds one bit about what happened even after the initial stories in both cases proved to be false. Instead, many people cared more about the narrative, “White people in general and white cops in particular are shooting black people for no reason,” than what really happened. It was as if Zimmerman and Wilson had to go to jail not because they did anything wrong, but because to proclaim them innocent was a slam against black Americans.

7) “Black Leaders” are looking to ratchet up the tension, not ease it: It’s extremely ironic that most of the businesses that burned in Ferguson were minority-owned because black leaders like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers and, yes, Eric Holder and Barack Obama helped make it happen. Yes, they gave bloodless, CYA condemnations of violence, and then went back to hyping people up instead of calming them down. See, when people get mad, they give donations. Peace doesn’t make money. Peace doesn’t get your name in the newspaper. Peace doesn’t get anyone on TV. (John Hawkins)

Peace is not profitable and Leftist “racism” is a means to an end. The end being they control everyone and everything. The Blacks & minorities hate Whites and Whites are afraid of Blacks so they both are controlled by The Left.

Ah, Post-racial America, what a country… 🙂

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Black Friday

Thomas Sowell: Jonathan Gruber’s several videotaped remarks about the gross deceptions that got ObamaCare passed in Congress should tell us a lot about the Obama administration.

And the way that the mainstream media hesitated for days to even mention what Professor Gruber said, while they obsessed over unsubstantiated charges against Bill Cosby, should tell us a lot about the media.

Whatever did or did not happen between Bill Cosby and various women is not likely to affect the lives of 300 million Americans. But ObamaCare does.

But it makes a great distraction…

For both the politicians and the media, this was not just an isolated incident. Gruber’s videotaped discussions of the complicated deceptions built into ObamaCare with his help, designed to take advantage of what he called the “stupidity” of the public, are all too typical of the role played by the political left.

Neither the politicians nor the intelligentsia — including the media — want that role exposed for what it is.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi acted as if she had never heard of Jonathan Gruber, and had no idea who he was. But she too had been caught on tape, a few years ago, citing him as someone whose support of ObamaCare was supposed to show that the “experts” knew how good it was.

President Obama gave a somewhat more sophisticated version of the same act. He pointed out that Professor Gruber was not part of his staff. But he did not mention that Gruber had been to the White House 19 times, and the Obama administration had paid Gruber about $400,000 of the taxpayers’ money for his supposedly unbiased expert opinion.

Gruber’s own statements seem to indicate that his mathematical models were enough to baffle the Congressional Budget Office in its efforts to figure out how ObamaCare works. That kind of expertise apparently does not come cheap. Moreover, the 400 grand is chump change compared to the millions that Jonathan Gruber has reportedly raked in from state governments for his expertise.

Barack Obama is currently playing the same political game of parading experts by citing a list of prominent law professors who say that he is not exceeding his Constitutional power by granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Someone at the Fox News Channel has checked out these professors and found that every one of them whose political registration could be traced is a Democrat.

But the names of these profs are still being paraded as if they were simply eminent scholars seeking the truth. Maybe. But maybe not.

Whether the issue is ObamaCare, amnesty for illegal immigrants or “global warming,” when you hear that “all the experts agree,” that may mean nothing more than that the fix is in. And “all” may mean considerably less than 100 percent — or even 50 percent.

No one can know for sure what motivated Professor Gruber to do what he did, or what motivated the media to stonewall as if he had never spilled the beans, or the liberal law professors to give Obama cover while he violated the Constitution.

But running through all of their actions seems to be a vision of the world, and a vision of themselves, that is a continuing danger to the fundamental basis of this country, whatever the specific issue might be.

Probably few people on the political left are opposed to the Constitution of the United States, much less actively plotting to undermine it. But, on issue after issue, what they want to do requires them to circumvent the three words with which the Constitution begins: “We, the people…”

Many on the left may want to help “the people.” But once you start from the premise that you know what is best for the people, better than they know themselves, you have to figure ways around a Constitution based on the idea that the people not only have a right to choose their government and control government policy with their votes, but also that there are vast areas of the people’s lives that are none of the government’s business.

Jonathan Gruber’s notion that the people are “stupid” is not fundamentally different from what Barack Obama said to his fellow elite leftists in San Francisco, when he derided ordinary Americans as petty people who want to cling to their guns and their religion.

We need to see through such arrogant elitists if we want to cling to our freedom.

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 Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

The True History of Thanksgiving

The following has categorically not been approved by The Ministry of Truth and is most definitely 100% Politically Incorrect.

happy Thanksgiving

Think Like a Leftist: Turkey Edition

ferguson the turkey-jThanksgiving is an evil, exploitative holiday and it should be banned for its cruelty to the turkey and to human beings and here are 5 reasons why:

a) It’s Racist! What other reason do you need to shut down this abomination, after all,the Europeans came to these shores and exploited the native population.

Dan Brook, PhD: Cal-Davis: On Thanksgiving Day, we give thanks. We give thanks for being the invader, the exploiter, the dominator, the greedy, the gluttonous, the colonizer, the thief, indeed the genocidaire, rather than on the other side of imperialism’s zero-sum murderous game. As Mark Twain points out in his War Prayer, wishing and being thankful for one’s own success and victory is, at the very same time, wishing and being thankful for another’s defeat and destruction. Do we want to make these kinds of wishes and give these kinds of thanks?

b) It promotes Obesity. is there any day of the year more gluttonous than Thanksgiving. It’s full on and sheer promotion and celebration of over-eating should be stopped.

Be responsible to you, your family and everyone’s health:

c) And what about the poor that can’t afford this gluttonous parade? How fair is it to them ?? You have that 20lb Turkey, what do they have, a Swanson frozen dinner- that’s not very healthy? That’s just not fair and we need Government to step in to redistribute that wealth so that everyone can enjoy this gluttonous day. Oh wait, a minute… 🙂

“The Republicans and the Tea Party have done such a good job of scaring and fooling ordinary Americans that a lot of them have simply given up their hope for a better today in exchange for a false hope for the future.” (HuffPo)

d) “Black Friday” really? didn’t we already touch on it’s racist roots but now Capitalist gluttony has to make the day after this abomination a racist, capitalist greed fest too. And the capital slave drivers make their employees work on Thanksgiving too! How greedy are these people and how much are you programmed by them to spend money you probably don’t have on new shiny bobbles dangled in front of you as a “great deal”.

Not only has this country been stolen from first nations under fists of genocide for hundreds of years through violence and colonial oppression, but the holiday alleging to commemorate the pilgrims’ gratitude to Native Americans has cast away even that illusion for the sake of gluttony, blind consumerism, and capitalism. One cannot simply stay home and enjoy the holiday if one is not able to get whatever one wants, and at a whopping deal! (Liberal

I grew up 25 miles from a Thanksgiving mecca of Thanksgiving & Holiday gluttony and capitalism: Frankenmuth, Michigan —

e) Then think of the senseless and cruel slaughter of all those turkeys. It’s a day dedicated to slaughter. Europeans slaughtered the Native Americans, now we slaughter turkeys in on big gluttonous massacre. I mean really, raising turkeys just for slaughter…

More than 45 million of these fascinating birds are killed to disgrace Thanksgiving tables each year. Regarded by many as little more than a holiday centerpiece, turkeys are as varied in personality as dogs and cats. They relish having their feathers stroked and like to chirp, cluck, and gobble along to their favorite tunes. This year, give turkeys something to be thankful for—pledge to go vegan and leave them off your plate.“-PeTA

So think like a Leftist and enjoy your racist, capitalist, oppressive, gluttonous monument to needless slaughter… 🙂

This sarcasm brought to you by ME. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving. Hug a Leftist, it will confuse them. 🙂

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley






Turkey Dump

But first a little Dark Meat 🙂

Shortly after the decision went public that Officer Darren Wilson would not be facing criminal charges for the murder of teenager Michael Brown, President Obama made some brief remarks at the White House.

“First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law,” he said. “And so we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury’s to make. There are Americans who agree with it, and there are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry.”

Why that never mattered for ObamaCare, which has never been favored by a majority of the American People at all,ever. Nor your Amnesty!! Rule of Law my ass!

I guess race riots created by decades of Liberal education and agenda brainwashing makes them look bad. 🙂

But onto the Turkey Dump (#2 please)…

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

While Americans are focused on what delicious foods they’re going to eat for Thanksgiving, the White House is focused on releasing its massive regulatory agenda — marking the fifth time the Obama administration has released its regulatory road map on the eve of a major holiday.

The federal Unified Agenda is the Obama administration’s regulatory road map, and it lays out thousands of regulations being finalized in the coming months. Under President Barack Obama, there has been a tradition of releasing the agenda late on Friday — and right before a major holiday.

“It’s become an unfortunate tradition of this administration and others to drop these regulatory agendas late on a Friday and right before a holiday,” Matt Shudtz, executive director of the Center for Progressive Reform, told The Hill newspaper.

The White House’s regulatory agenda for spring 2014 was released on the eve of the Memorial Day weekend, when millions of people set out on weekend getaways or family vacations.

“It’s unfortunate because it’s an update on protections for Americans of all stripes,” Shudtz told the Hill. “It lays out the administration’s plan and it deserves more attention.”

But the White House may have a good reason to do so because its Unified Agenda for fall 2014 includes some 3,415 regulations– more than the last regulatory agenda, and one that includes 189 rules that cost more than $100 million.

Rob Rosado, director of government relations at the Food Marketing Institute, said it could cost the grocery industry $1 billion to comply in the first year. This, he reasons, will lead many stores to stop selling fresh cut fruits and vegetables. 

“Anything that is made with fresh items from the grocery store, whether it’s a chicken sandwich or a salad, those are going to become so costly that grocery stores won’t be able to offer them anymore,” Rosado said.

Gas stations and convenience stores like 7-Eleven would be required to list the calories of hot dogs they sell from the grill, as well as slushies and other frozen drinks.

“Convenience stores shouldn’t be sucked into this law that was intended for restaurants, because they cannot comply with it,” said Lyle Beckwith, senior vice president of government relations at the National Association of Convenience Stores.

The FDA will also require entertainment venues to list the number of calories in foods they sell, after the congressional authors of the menu labeling requirements — Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) — complained they were excluded from the proposed rules.

Gee, i wonder who bank rolled that? 🙂

“It’s very clear that movie theaters offer a lot of food with a consistent menu and those foods look very much like foods you might get at a fast food restaurant — hot dogs, pizza, nachos,” Hamburg said.

And do you know that theatres only make money on concessions?

Ice cream shops that sell by the scoop will also be required to list the number of calories — as will coffee shops that sell muffins, the FDA noted.

Restaurants and bars will also be required to list the calories in alcoholic beverages they sell. This was requirement was lifted from the proposed rule, but added back in after popular demand, Hamburg said.

“It’s really important that alcoholic beverages be labeled so people can see how many calories they’re drinking,” Wootan said.

We are from the Government and we are here to help you understand that junk food is bad for you and that we want it to go away so you have non choice but to do as the government requires, after all, we won’t completely control your health care and decide when you live and when you die. For now we just want to control how you live. But we’ll get back to you with more regulatory dumps.

So put down that Pizza and eat some Tofu instead and don’t you dare wash it down with a beer, that’s bad for you!

Have a Tofurkey Day!

I guess you really are “stupid” 🙂

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The executive order, which President Obama has issued, granting amnesty to millions of individuals now residing illegally in our country, should make clear the profound disregard our president has for American voters, our constitution, and our two-party system.

The Agenda is The Agenda!

It might be possible to justify this action if it was addressing a national emergency of utmost urgency or clearly reflected the priorities and wishes of the American people. But neither is the case.

They were an urgency for The Agenda, especially with Satan having control of The Congress.

Republicans just won a decisive election, giving them control of both houses of congress, interpreted uniformly as a repudiation of the president and his agenda.

But all he saw was the 2/3 of the people didn’t vote as justification, after all, he is a much beloved King is he not! 🙂

To totally disregard what just happened at the polls, and not wait the few weeks until the new Congress is sworn in and has the opportunity to deliberate on this huge and complex issue, shows the contempt which this president holds for the constitutional republic which put him in office.

Means to end, nothing more.

But don’t just take my word for it.

In a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, 48 percent expressed opposition to the president acting through executive order on the immigration issue and 38 percent supported it.

Democrats only listen to polls that favor their agenda, everything else is just white noise.

In the same poll, 56 percent said congress should “take the lead in setting policy for the country” and 33 percent said President Obama should.

That would be McConnell and “Jar Jar” Boehner. Not encouraging.

There are differences of opinion whether the president’s action is constitutional, not surprisingly aligned with party affiliation.

But appreciating that there are sharp differences of opinion leads again to the same conclusion. Short of a national emergency, wait until the new government the American people just voted for convenes and can deliberate, in a manner consistent with how this nation was conceived and designed to work.

There is no poll showing that that the immigration issue sits at the top of concerns of the American people.

But it sits at the top of The Agenda. Gotta get all those new Democrats to vote for Queen Hillary in 2 years!

In exit polls from the last election reported by the Wall Street Journal, 45 percent said the economy was their issue of top concern compared to just 14 percent who gave immigration top priority.

But the Liberal will go about how much growth has gone on under them and tell everything’s great, except for evil Corporate America and evil Fossil Fuels! 🙂

Even among Hispanic voters, according to the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project, exits polls showed 49 percent said the economy was the most important issue, compared to just 16 percent ranking immigration at the top.

The Agenda is The Agenda!

This is all too reminiscent of what we went through with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, at the beginning of the first term of this administration.

The Agenda is The Agenda!

The economy was in deep recession. When all efforts and attention should have been on fixing the economy and restoring growth, the main focus of the first year of the Obama administration was on the president’s pet personal agenda – nationalizing one sixth of the American economy by way of health care.

But they got their Holy Grail, eventual control of who lives and who dies!

For those with short memories, it was finally rammed through without a single Republican vote, and against the sentiments of the American people, as indicated by the polls.

Democrats don’t even remember what happened last week. Jonathan Gruber? Who’s that. Why would they remember anything like this, they “saved” health care and that’s all that matters.

A history of the average of polls on Obamacare from the day it was signed into law in March 2010 to today shows that there has not been a day when the polling has been net favorable.

Doesn’t matter. The Agenda is The Agenda and it’s for your own good.

Even from the point of view of blacks, who have been Obama’s most consistent and loyal consistency, this executive order is inscrutable. How can unilateral amnesty, making millions of low-income workers here illegally, legal, be in the interest of black Americans, where unemployment stands at 10.8 percent – twice the national rate?

Because he says so, and besides, they are too “stupid” to understand they are getting screwed. 🙂

Immediately poisoning the well from which both parties must draw water in order to do the nation’s business over the next two years, says something about the importance our president gives to the nation’s business.

Saul Alinsky would be so proud.

As has been the case from day one, the Obama priority is the progressive transformation of America, not the strength, meaning, and integrity of our nation.

Absolutely TRANSPARENTly so.

The recent elections show that citizens are finally waking up. But it’s going to be a long and bitter two years. (Star Parker)

So the media has to put them back to sleep.

For then comes Queen Hillary…:)

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GOP Cowards

John Ransom: As time goes on, President Obama is becoming much more provocative with the GOP. For example, he met with congressional Democrats, but no Republicans, then announced his long awaited plan for executive amnesty, giving 5 million illegal immigrants a pathway to work permits and relief from possible deportation for 3 years. After getting shellacked in the mid-terms, Obama has not compromised with Republicans, he moved further to the political left.

It was an audacious announcement that was both unconstitutional and confrontational. It circumvented Congress, and their vital role in this issue, and was, thus, radically different from the last time amnesty was given to illegal immigrants. In 1986, President Reagan did not issue an executive order on illegal immigration; he signed a bill passed by Congress.

Sadly, this President does not care what Congress thinks or does. He has no interest in meeting or working with them. Whether he is acting like a tyrant or an emperor, it is clear that he is not acting in conjunction with Congress.

Now, the $64 billion question is what should the GOP leadership in Congress do? They have several options, such as impeachment, lawsuits or defunding all of the activities associated with this executive action. The least attractive option is to do nothing, but that is what happened today when the congressional Republicans boarded planes and left town.

In the face of a “constitutional crisis” and a lawless President with his unprecedented executive action, the GOP acted like cowards. While House Speaker John Boehner said the House “will act” and that Barack Obama is “damaging the presidency,” he offered no specific response. This is pitiful since Boehner and incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have known that Obama was going to make this announcement after the mid-term election.

Instead of fighting, Boehner, McConnell and other key Republicans fled the scene in a cowardly way. Of course, Republican leaders are afraid of their big business benefactors who love cheap labor and who applauded the President’s action. Also, they are afraid of being called nasty names by Democrat leaders, the President, Hispanic activists and the liberal media.

They only group the GOP leadership is not afraid of fighting are the grassroots conservatives in their own party. They fight these good patriotic Americans tooth and nail, but play lap dog to the President and his liberal supporters.

Conservatives who are looking for a champion will not be able to find one in McConnell or Boehner or the establishment candidates running for President, such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Florida Governor Geb Bush, or heaven forbid, Mitt Romney.

Necessary courage may be found among the more conservative presidential candidates like U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) or Dr. Ben Carson. However, if the Republican Party does not start positively responding to grassroots conservatives, these key activists may bolt the GOP.

Conservatives flooded the polls in the mid-term election to restore Republicans to leadership positions in the U.S. Senate and retain control of the House, but to what avail? If the GOP in Congress will not stand up to Obama, what good is having the leadership positions?

Since the mid-term election, the President has moved to the left by signing a climate change agreement limiting our carbon emissions, appointing a very liberal Attorney General, and offering a bold plan to increase government oversight of the Internet. All of these initiatives are threats to this country and they need to be met with a confident and clear response. Republican leaders should explore all political and legal remedies.

Within three months, the dangerous components of the President’s immigration plan will become operational. The clock is ticking on a response. Will Republican leaders finally show some courage?

I doubt it. The bullied and pussy-whipped “we just want to be liked” GOP will undoubtedly “compromise” with The Left meaning they lose again.

After, look how well “Jar Jar” Boehner’s been doing.

Just because they’ll control Congress in 2015 doesn’t mean they know what to do with it.

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

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Irony Alert

“We are doing what should be done,” said Rudolfo Figueroa, representative of INAMI in Baja California. “Foreigners who enter Mexico have the obligation to register; if they will be in national territory for more than seven days, they have to pay the right of non-residents.”

Figueroa said that the implementation is a pilot program, but the legislation has existed since 2012.

The National Immigration Institute in Mexico (INAMI) has started a pilot program in which foreigners that enter Mexican territory for more than seven days or they will be involved in paid work, they will have to pay 306 pesos, or about 28 US dollars. (10 News)

On the tough side, the president wants U.S. immigration authorities to go after terrorists, felons, and new illegal border crossers. On the not-so-tough side, the administration views convicted drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, and gun offenders as second-level enforcement priorities. An illegal immigrant could spend up to a year in prison for a violent crime and still not be a top removal priority for the Obama administration.

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson says his department must develop “smart enforcement priorities” to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” in order to best use his agency’s limited resources.

Orwellian BS at it’s finest.

Illegal immigrants who are also terrorists are clearly a top priority, as they should be. Illegal immigrants who are drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, and gun offenders — not so much. In addition, an illegal immigrant can run up a significant number of misdemeanor convictions — not arrests, not charges, but convictions — and still fall short qualifying for deportation. The president’s new policies will likely make a number of illegal immigrants who are also criminals very happy. (Examiner)

The Obama administration is bracing for another surge of illegal immigrants next spring, bringing online a family detention center that will have 2,400 beds.


In advance of the president’s new pro-immigrant announcement set for Thursday night, ICE is readying its strategy for next year when over 100,000 illegals are expected to flood over the U.S.-Mexico border.

And boy are the Democrats happy about it! Giddy, almost.

“These facilities help ensure timely and effective removals that comply with our legal and international obligations, while deterring others from taking the dangerous journey and illegally crossing into the United States,” he said.


When Dilley opens in December, it will have 480 beds, but “ultimately” will hold 2,400, said ICE. It will be among the nation’s largest. The town’s motto is, “A slice of the good life.”

‘Nuff Said. 🙂

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Post Pardum Amnesty

‘We’re going to offer the following deal,’  (We, kimosabi??) he said: ‘If you’ve been in America for more than five years; if you have children who are American citizens or legal residents; if you register, pass a criminal background check, and you’re willing to pay your fair share of taxes – you’ll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily, without fear of deportation.’

‘You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law.’ 

The fact that you broke the law to get to this point is irrelevant to our Imperial Majesty. The fact that you and a whole lot of other minorities will vote Democrat is the point.

The King has spoken!

Now he wants to watch the angry fire ants (Republicans) run around get all mad at him.

He doesn’t care. “Pass a Bill” he taunts.

So they pass a bill, he vetoes it as “too extreme”.

Wow! no one saw that coming! 🙂

His Royal Highness is about it all. The Most Arrogant Man in The World is Happy.

Now comes that annoying tiny verbiage at the bottom of the commercial that no one can read:

‘This deal does not apply to anyone who has come to this country recently. It does not apply to anyone who might come to America illegally in the future. It does not grant citizenship, or the right to stay here permanently, or offer the same benefits that citizens receive – only Congress can do that.’

But he doesn’t mean it. You know he doesn’t mean it. His actions show he doesn’t mean it. Load up and head North to The Promised Land!!

‘All we’re saying is we’re not going to deport you.’

So if you come here illegally after this speech we won’t grant you amnesty (until the next time) but we won’t deport you, so you can stay until the next time.

Orwellian doubletalk.

Come one, Come all. The Democrat Circus is now open for business.

The immigration debate, he (Obama) said, is ‘about who we are as a country, and who we want to be for future generations.’

That would be a third world Socialist Banana Republic run by a succession of “democratically elected” Democrat rulers who can and will do anything they want, when they want, because they want and you can’t stop them, peasant!

Welcome to The DisUnited Sates of Northern Cuba! A Future where the Democrats are unstoppable and can do anything they want.

That’s the future THEY want.

Democracy is messy and they don’t get everything they want. Autocracy is so much simpler. Everyone just does as they are told or else.


So All Hail King Obama The First!

Or Else!

Anything else is just “extremism” (or “racism”) and you wouldn’t want to be one of THOSE now would you!? 🙂

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson



Amnesty Boss

Today, our wondrous and benevolent King will bestow Amnesty upon a group of his loyal subjects.

The fact that they are ILLEGAL aliens has nothing to do with it.

The fact that he really doesn’t have the power, doesn’t matter either.

It’s a means to an end.

He wants, what he wants, when he wants it and because he he wants it! He is King is he not!! 🙂

The Agenda is The Agenda.

“Well, I think it is important to remind everybody that, as I said I think previously, and I’m not a king,” Obama said on Jan. 31, 2013, in an interview on immigration with Univision. “I’m the head of the executive branch of government. I’m required to follow the law.”

Funny how he has to remind us. No other President has had to “remind us”. 🙂

But then again, no President, even the hated George W Bush or Ronald Reagan (by the Left that is) would have to “remind us”.

Then nearly 2 years later, he does just that. 🙂

But you aren’t suppose to notice or care. The Ministry of Truth has tried to see to that.

He is The King.

How can you tell?

He ain’t got shit all over him!

(Thanks to Monty Python) 🙂

After all that time insisting he had no intentions or powers to change the law, he now insists he does have those powers.

What’s eerie is that Obama says it with such conviction, with the same icy tone that emperors employ in the movies just before they crucify the senators.

Now you may call him king, emperor, master of all he surveys, or one of dozens of terms for absolute ruler, like malik (Morocco) or shah (Persia), wang (China), anax (Macedonia), autokrator (Byzantium) and on and on.

But in Chicago, we have two names for those who impose their rule by force and power.

Boss is one. And Mayor is another.

And in this business of imposing will, Obama isn’t acting as the president of a republic who looks to the Constitution to reign in the impulses and ambitions of imperfect human leaders.

Instead, he’s acting like the Mayor of America, or, lest there be any confusion, the Boss of America.

Boss Obama? Dig it.

It’s the Chicago Way or The Highway….

“Everybody agrees that our immigration system is broken,” the president said in a message Wednesday. “Unfortunately, Washington has allowed it to fester far too long.”

Early in his administration, with Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate, Obama could have pushed through changes in immigration law.

But he didn’t.

And now, after a stunning and complete defeat in the November midterm elections, in which his policies were repudiated and Democrats lost control of the Senate and more ground in the House, he’s willing to stuff this policy down the nation’s throat?

This is not the time for brinkmanship, not with Putin on the prowl and Iran moving toward nuclear weapons and ISIS lopping off American heads.

I suppose Obama can unleash his biscuit eaters to blame all immigration woes on conservatives. But all the demagoguery can’t change this, and all the race cards in all the race card decks in all of American politics can’t change it.

It is a wrongheaded approach, especially since the president has stated for years that he couldn’t act alone.

Should immigration be “fixed,” as the president now so urgently demands?

Yes. But not by edict of a Boss. It should be hammered out, loudly, vigorously, painfully, but not by executive fiat.

If this were so vitally important, why didn’t he loudly demand that Democratic candidates stand with him on the issue before the November elections? Because he’s no fool.

What’s worrisome is this: Imagine some future president, say someone as far to the right as Obama is to the left, who decides our tax laws are broken.

And what if that future president — someone who wants to shrink government in the name of liberty — issues an order not to collect the income tax?

Then what?

As the son of immigrants, I believe in releasing the drive, passion and dynamism of immigrants, especially those who yearn to be American in spirit, and not merely in benefit.

My father fought the Italians, then the Germans, then the communists and came over on the boat. His first job here was as a dishwasher. He built a small business and educated his sons, and we heard this president tell small business owners, “You didn’t build that.”

Other immigrant families have similar stories of sacrifice. We all fought hard to get here, some from overseas, some from south of the border.

And once here, many of us fought even harder to become Americans, because we didn’t want to be ruled by some boss back home.

What keeps the bosses at bay isn’t the ever-changing whims of politicians.

What keeps them at bay is the adherence to the Constitution, which all presidents swear to “preserve, protect and defend.” (John Kass)

It wasn’t written to protect the boss.

It was written to protect you.

But the Agenda is The Agenda and The Boss/Emperor/King says so.

It’s Good to be The King!


Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

We Did Good!

Another edition of “What you are dealing with” when you encounter Leftists.

Today’s contestant is the newly re-elected Minority Leader and the 2nd most delusional person on the planet, Nancy Pelosi on the election just passed:

Well, we did have 25 seats in play and we’ve won 13 or 14 of them. We’ve won a majority of those seats. We lost seven freshmen and we lost three – [Tim] Bishop, [Nick] Rahall and [John] Barrow. Fabulous people who won in tough districts over and over again. But remember what I said then, it’s like the Olympics, it’s a little bit on one side, it’ll be a fraction of a second, fraction of an inch. That’s how it came down. Of that 25, I think it’s 14 of them that we have won. There’s one that it’s a loss for us, but it wasn’t an incumbent. It was Bruce Braley’s seat. So that’s another seat. But it wasn’t an incumbent, it was just that he didn’t win his own district. But in terms of people who are not coming back, it’s nine, no 10. It’s 10. It’s the three and then seven. Now, we’ll see what happens. They won 10, we won about 14 of them. . . . Of course, no one likes to see their colleagues leave and you don’t want to lose, but of those 25 races, we won 14 and lost 10. (WP)

Now isn’t that one of the greatest examples of Orwellian self-delusion (or just attempted manipulation of the truth) since “If you like your Health Plan…”

Orwell on The Ministry of Truth: Its purpose is to rewrite history and change the facts to fit Party doctrine for propaganda effect. For example, if Big Brother makes a prediction that turns out to be wrong, the employees of the Ministry of Truth go back and rewrite the prediction so that any prediction Big Brother previously made is accurate. This is the “how” of the Ministry of Truth’s existence. Within the novel Orwell elaborates that the deeper reason for its existence is to maintain the illusion that the Party is absolute. It cannot ever seem to change its mind for that would imply weakness and to maintain power the Party must seem eternally right and strong.

So how you do approach that kind of bat-sh*t delusion “in a bi-partisan way”? 🙂

She pines for the good old days 8 years ago when The Democrats won both houses of Congress and made her the 3rd most powerful person in America. Ah, the good ol’ days!

And if they just stay the course  and stay strong and project confidenmce they can have it all back in 2016! 🙂

“I’m the one that brought everyone to the party by winning the House in the first place,” (WP) Pelosi said in an interview.

Acknowledging that reality is critically important for congressional Democrats. And they are trillion miles and counting from that.

So how are going to be “bi-partisan” with this lot? 🙂



2004: Obama at DNC Convention–

“Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of anything goes.

“Well, I say to them tonight, there’s not a liberal America and a conservative America; there’s the United States of America.

“There’s not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America.”

Flash forward….

The White House forged ahead Monday with yet another piece of its climate change agenda and bragged that Republicans are powerless to stop it.

The Agenda is The Agenda. The F*ck you, I’m the King Presidency continues unabated.

A presidential task force unveiled a report on how communities across the country can prepare for the effects of global warming. In all, the recommendations on “climate preparedness and resilience” could cost the federal government more than $100 billion to protect drinking water supplies, shore up coastlines against rising sea levels and take other preventive measures.

The recommendations and subsequent expenses are just two pieces of an ever-expanding slate of global-warming that is sure to come under the microscope when Republicans assume control of the Senate in January.

But legal analysts say the Republicans have little ammunition to fight back, short of shutting down the federal government to stop Environmental Protection Agency funding.

Which the Liberal Media will nuke them for.

White House officials, keenly aware of the executive power Mr. Obama holds on the issue of climate change, openly mocked incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues.

“I believe the president will complete actions. It is a top priority of his and I don’t believe they can stop us,” White House counselor John Podesta told reporters on a conference call Monday. “Not withstanding Sen. McConnell making this a top priority to leave the status quo, to leave the air dirtier.”

Talking Points Alert!

White House officials on Monday also detailed some the expenses associated with the task force recommendations, including $88 billion for North Atlantic states to protect against rising sea levels, $6 billion for Midwestern states to combat rising temperatures and $40 billion to improve California’s drinking water systems.

The report comes on the heels of other recent steps, including Mr. Obama’s greenhouse gas emissions deal with China. Under that agreement, the U.S. pledged to cut its emissions by at least 26 percent by 2025, while China merely said it will cap emissions no later than 2030.

And China is laughing at the idiot who wants to cut his head off. Go ahead, the Chinese won’t stop you. They also won’t abide by any agreement, just like Obama doesn’t abide anything that isn’t on his Agenda other. Sucker!

The Agenda is The Agenda!

To meet that goal, the administration is relying on its unprecedented restrictions on power plant pollution — regulations that have led to accusations of a “war on coal” — and new auto fuel-efficiency standards, among other steps.

That will kill jobs, hurt the poor and the middle class, but hey it’s for your own good and besides will blame the victim (coal and fossil fuels) for it!!

Mr. Obama also is seeking $3 billion in taxpayer money to go toward a global climate fund aimed at helping developing nations boost their infrastructure.

Republicans appear ready to fight the president’s climate change agenda tooth and nail. After the GOP captured the Senate, Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican, said reining in the EPA would be a “top priority.”

He reiterated those comments over the weekend.

“They’ve been on a rampage all across the country. And I think coal is the most conspicuous example, but it’s happening in a lot of other areas and I think you’re going to see bipartisan support for trying to rein them in,” he told an audience in Frankfort, Kentucky.

The larger climate change debate is intertwined with the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline, the approval of which could come up for a Senate vote as early as Tuesday. The House already has passed legislation deeming the pipeline approved.

The White House, however, has hinted the president will veto the bill.

Of course he will. The Agenda is The Agenda.

A similar fate could await other Republican efforts to push back on Mr. Obama’s climate change goals, according to Thomas Lorenzen, a lawyer who until last year served in the Justice Department’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division, overseeing legal challenges to EPA rules and regulations.

“It’s pretty hard to see how” Republicans can stop the president, Mr. Lorenzen said. “The problem is they don’t have a veto-proof majority.”

Have you caught onto the arrogance of the Left yet?

Mr. Lorenzen said Republicans could seek to cut funding to the EPA’s implementation of controversial rules, such the power plant restrictions. But going down such a path could escalate quickly for Republicans.

“How do you pass that in a way that it won’t be vetoed? What you end up with is a potential [government] shutdown battle,” Mr. Lorenzen said.

Lawsuits already have been filed challenging the EPA’s authority to limit emissions; more are likely to be filed as regulations on existing power plants are finalized.

That kind of legal action represents the best hope of stopping the administration, analysts say.

Meanwhile, the White House tried Monday to erase the partisan atmosphere around its host of environmental regulations.

“These issues really aren’t Republican or Democratic issues. They are issues that impact our citizens and our cities … It’s so important that we try, I think, to make this a nonpartisan issue,” said James Brainard, the Republican mayor of Carmel, Indiana, and a member of the task force that presented its recommendations on Monday.

So are you going to buy the BS, yet again and think you can work “bi-partisan” with Democrats?


Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel
Political Cartoons by Chip Bok


A New Record

The federal government has started fiscal 2015 by setting yet another record for inflation-adjusted tax revenue, while running a monthly deficit of $121.7 billion, which works out to $1050.78 in deficit spending per household in the United States.

For each $1.00 the Treasury brought in during October as it set the new record for taxes collection for that month, the federal government spent $1.57.

This continues a trend seen through fiscal 2014, which ended on Sept. 30, when the federal government took in a record $3,020,809,000,000 in revenue but still ran a deficit of $483,336,000,000.

Federal spending was 334,432,000,000 for the month. That left a deficit of $121,713,000,000.

The federal government’s $121,713,000,000 deficit for the month equals $1,050.78 per each of those households.

And that’s just in October. Imagine if YOU ran a thousand dollar deficit every single month….

The biggest source of federal tax revenue during October was the individual income tax. During the month, taxpayers forked over $106,661,000,000 in these taxes to the Treasury. Taxpayers also handed over $73,581,000,000 in payroll taxes to cover Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance. (CNS)

So you’re paying more than ever in taxes, but yet the Government Beast is gorging on it like it was an appetizer before the main meal.

So When in Debt Spend Even more!

Oh, but you can’t cut even a toenail on this beast without someone (usually a Leftist) howling that your killing kids, starving grandma or just a racist!

Meanwhile, those uber rich that have been the target of so much of the class warfare from the Left (which are ignoring them anyhow):

The wealthy now have a wealth gap of their own, as economic gains become more highly concentrated at the very top. As the top one-hundredth of the 1 percent pulls away from the rest of that group, the superrich are leaving the merely very rich behind. That has created two markets in the upper reaches of the economy: one for the haves and one for the have-mores. (NYT)

So it’s having no effect on them, only you, the poor middle class schlub who is lied to constantly and manipulated every day.

Congrats, you’re a vassal and the feudal Lords demand more an more of your money just because ita what they want and what you have been manipulated into demanding.

The Sheriff  will see you know, peasant.

156325 600 Race cartoons


The Seven Year Old Itch

Megan Mcardle:

Progressives have long said that Obama made a mistake in 2010 by admitting he took a “shellacking” in those midterms, and by retrenching rather than pushing harder and louder with a bold progressive message.  Those people now seem to have the ear of the president.  After naming some unobjectionable items he hoped to get through in the current session, such as fighting Ebola and curbing ISIS, he offered incoming Republicans the chance to work with him on a higher minimum wage and other longstanding Obama agenda items. 

 Most notably, of course, he said he would take executive action on immigration by year’s end unless Republicans passed a bill.  It’s certainly a bold negotiating tactic: You can do what I want, or I’ll go ahead and do what I want anyway.  This is how you “negotiate” with a seven-year old, not a Senate Majority Leader.

But Progressives think that anyone who disagrees with them must be a child (intellectually at least) because they are so vastly superior and so vastly elitist that anyone else MUST be a child in all aspects , but especially intellect, compared to them.

I’m not sure that isn’t what Obama thinks he’s doing, and I’m sure many of my left-leaning readers are chuckling right now at the comparison.  But Mitch McConnell is not a seven year old; he’s an adult, and he just won an election in which voters repudiated Obama and his party. (Temporarily, I am sure, but just the same: As someone once said, “Elections have consequences.”)  McConnell is not  the proverbial Tea Party extremist who won’t negotiate; he’s an establishment guy, known as a strategist and a tactician, not an ideologue (which is why the Tea Party isn’t that fond of him).  In short, he’s someone who can make deals.  Responding to McConnell’s rather gracious remarks about finding common goals by announcing that you know what the American public wants, and you’re going to give it to them no matter what their elected representatives say, seems curiously brash.  It might chill the atmosphere today when he sits down with congressional leaders.

 I wonder if Obama even knows how to negotiate with Republicans.

No, he doesn’t. Alinsky doesn’t do negotiations. They manipulate you. They lie, they play games, they don’t really give a crap what you think in reality.

  It’s not as if he has a long, distinguished record of passing legislation in a mixed environment.  His later years in the Illinois State Senate enjoyed a solid Democratic majority, and he jumped into the U.S. Senate at a propitious time. Soon after he arrived came the wave of 2006, when Democrats controlled both houses of congress by comfortable margins, and Senator Obama was far too junior to be negotiating with the White House.  Then came the financial crisis, and another wave, and Obama spent the first two years of his presidency in a happy situation where he could get things done without needing the support of the opposition.  He didn’t even negotiate with his own party; the Senate negotiated his health care bill, and Nancy Pelosi whipped it through the House.

 Post 2010, of course, he also hasn’t had much practice negotiating.  I’m not interested in another tedious argument about who did what to whom; whatever the cause and whoever’s fault it may be, the fact remains that the president has spent the last four years in a stalemate: Neither party can leave, and neither party can win.

 It’s a little late in the president’s career to learn the fine art of making deals with people who fundamentally disagree with you, but might be willing to work on whatever small goals you might share.  I suspect it feels more comfortable to go along with the strategy that has worked decently well over the last four years: hold your ground, complain about Republican intransigence, and hope that Republican legislators give you another opportunity to play long-suffering adult in the room.

I’m not sure that it’s wise to go back to the well.  Mitch McConnell has already announced that he is not going to allow shutdowns, impeachment, or other theatrics that will hurt his party in the eyes of swing voters, even if doing so would please the base.  Maybe he can’t make good on that promise.  But what happens if he does?  What happens if Obama signs his executive order, and voters decide that he’s the one who’s acting like a toddler?

 That might be a bit tough on Democrats, two years hence.  Oh, I don’t pretend to know how voters would react to an executive order that abruptly legalized the status of a million or so undocumented immigrants; any guess I made would mostly consist of projecting my own discomfort with the tactic onto an electorate that doesn’t look a whole lot like me.  But I submit that Democrats don’t know either.  They seem convinced that they can sell the legality, and that by 2016, grateful Latinos turn out to the polls, while the rest of the country will have forgotten it ever happened (except maybe some Tea Party extremists who would never vote for a Democrat anyway, and who cares about them?).

That is the plan. And The Ministry of Truth and Lies are the Disinformation Army, after all, “the american people are stupid” and won’t understand anyhow.

 That’s a plausible enough projection. On the other hand, Democrats also fervently believed that by 2012, at the very latest, they’d be running hard on Obamacare, before an adoring populace.  They thought the folks who opposed it would get used to it, eventually, come to love it.  That analysis was wildly wrong.

I don’t know that they cared after they got it passed. Now they just want to protect it at any cost.

 Which brings me to the other question raised by his press conference: Does Obama even care?

No. The end justified the means and it still does. After all, the Democrats were against “unilateral action” before they were for it. 🙂

  Obamacare cost his party dearly, but he got a historic legislative achievement.  Perhaps he’s willing to cost them again, in order to do immigration reform.  The people in office will mostly keep their seats anyway, because their caucus now consists mostly of the liberal stronghold seats that Democrats can’t really lose.  The next round of hopefuls might get crushed, and maybe Hillary Clinton won’t get to be president.  But there’s a decent argument that Obamacare and unilateral immigration reform will fortify the Democratic caucus of 2024.

If he get millions of new Democrat voters who will do his Party’s will regardless then he doesn’t have to care what you think he can just steamroll right over you in true Banana Republic fashion. What Democrat wouldn’t like that. 🙂

 This gamble seems foolhardy; a Republican president with a Republican Congress could do a lot of damage to Obamacare in four years — not full repeal, but change so sweeping that Obama would barely recognize his own program.  But as I remarked yesterday, I am by nature a cautious person.  Anyone who ran for president as a first-term junior senator definitionally has a greater appetite for risk than I do.

It’s good to be The King.


You’ve been Gruberized!

(Mission Impossible TV Theme): “Good morning Mr. Gruber.  Your mission, should you decide/choose to accept it is to lie your ass off about ObamaCare’s costs and to make sure the CBO gives us a favorable rating no matter what… As always, should you or any of your team be caught or have their lies revealed; the Ministry of Truth will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self destruct in 5/10 seconds. Good luck Jonathan.”

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

MSNBC: Part of the problem with the Jonathan Gruber “stupid” story is that it’s a shiny object for the political world to stare at for a while. It offers more heat than light. It’s a bouncing ball for political insiders to chase after, despite its relative insignificance.

Yeah, lying to your face is relatively insignificant to most people.

That’s how Liberals roll though. They lie, cheat, steal and manipulate you until the get what THEY want and when someone calls them on the carpet for it, they just blow you off because you’re just as meaningless to them.

You are a means to an end, that’s all.

ABC,NBC, and other have totally ignored it. It was too insignificant for them.

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, she was asked this week about Gruber’s comments. “I don’t know who he is. He didn’t help write our bill,” she insisted. (Townhall)

And while it’s nearly impossible to slow down a snowball of spin while it’s still picking up speed, now would be an excellent time for everyone to pause, take a deep breath, and appreciate the degree to which this story isn’t quite what it appears to be. (MSNBC)

Must Like the “snowball of spin” on Benghazi just before the 2012 election! 🙂 But gee whiz they sure got a lot of mileage out of their own spin. Remember, “If you like your Doctor….” 🙂

And if that doesn’t get you, they’ll just come back childishly with “well he worked on RomneyCare…” like that F*CKING matters that you “transparently” lied for partisan means to an end.

“Their reaction [to the Gruber story] shows that for all the talk of ‘governing,’ the incoming GOP Congress is going to treat the next two years like one long episode of the Rush Limbaugh show. The most urgent question will be not whether they can make some kind of positive change, or even whether they can make progress on their particular policy goals. The question is whether they can score points, win the morning, get the administration on the defensive. For that, you don’t have to get anything done; every day is a new opportunity to express your outrage, which is an end in itself.”

So it’s YOUR Fault! You’re the Partisan and this just proves it!! It’s Not them! They are the victim in this “relative insignificance” and they don’t intend to impede The Republican Congress and then blame them for “getting nothing done” at all.

…but it’s the law’s opponents that have spent the last several years misleading the public, creating baseless fears, and exploiting public confusion in order to help sabotage the American system for craven, partisan reasons.

Boo Hoo, stop with the partisanship, it hurts our feelings.

It’s Your Fault! You’re too partisan!

It’s all FOX News’ fault!

STUART VARNEY: What kind of play in the establishment media did the Gruber event get, Tim?

TIM GRAHAM: Almost nothing. This not just something they’ve been ignoring on ABC, CBS, and NBC. This is something you can’t find in your New York Times. This is something you can’t find in the pages of The Washington Post. This is something you’re going to have trouble finding on the Associated Press. They are all going to say this is some kind of right-wing story. Even Mika Brzezinski this morning on MSNBC said if this was on the other foot, let’s say this was the Iraq war, and an architect of the Iraq war said “Boy, we played the American people for suckers,” I think we all know what a massive story that would be.

VARNEY:  I am absolutely astonished. And insult from one of the architects of Obamacare. And elitist insult to we the people. Both ignored. Gloss over. Learn that it is perceived as untrustworthy. Nothing changes.

GRAHAM: It does not change. And the challenge for the new Republican majority is “How can we force this Obama-loving media to cover our issues?” (NB)

So shut up about it, and lets get back to “governing”, aka Rule by Presidential Fiat and “compromise”, you do as you’re told; Then everything will be fine. 🙂

Here’s me being “partisan” again…:)

Political Cartoons by Eric Allie

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

 Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel




Ten Point Immigration Plan

The 10 Point Obama Immigration Plan.

1. It’s Good to Be The King

2.  Did I mention I’m the King, and I can do anything I want?

3. He is The Most Arrogant Man in The World so he can do anything he wants just because he’s  just that great.

4. Racist!

5. Papers, you don’t need no stinking Papers. We’ll let anyone in who will vote for my political buddies, who care if you have diseases or are a terrorists or just a lazy ass nobody as long as you’ll vote Democrat.

6. Did I forget to mention It’s good to be the Emperor of all that he surveys!

7. LIE

8.  Transparency

9. You’re A Racist!

10. The End always justifies the means!

Oh, and one more thing…Be Tolerant.

But take head, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a Thought Police Train…

End Justifies The Means

“This is exactly what conservatives have been saying for four years. What we’re hearing now is the true voice of liberal arrogance. [T]hey believe they know the right way—they have to lead the masses to the Promised Land, and they can only do it by deception. And that’s what he said openly…[they] lied about everything.”–Charles Krauthammer

Indeed they did. But in this instance, of course, the ends justified the means. It didn’t matter that the bill was so flawed it needed to be amended dozens of times. It didn’t matter that zero Congressional Democrats read the bill in its entirety before voting for it. It didn’t matter that a majority of Americans opposed the bill from the beginning. And of course, as Guy explained this morning, it didn’t matter that the law would never, ever work as promised:

Obamacare kicked millions of people off of their preferred insurance plans (with millions more to come), is signing up far fewer newly-insured consumers than projected, is hurting many more people than it’s helping, and is still expected by the government to leave roughly 30 million Americans without insurance.

And yet, as Krauthammer noted, critics of the law foresaw all of these problems years ago. All of them. They weren’t “fooled” or “tricked” by the law’s designers. So is it not, as Krauthammer said, somewhat of a scandal that it’s only now becoming clear that the law’s architects lied, misled, and parsed language to get their bill passed?

I’ll leave you with Ed Morrissey’s smart analysis: Namely, when Gruber dismisses “stupid Americans” for buying into—and ultimately supporting—the president’s healthcare reform law, he’s not talking about conservatives:

Let’s not forget that when Gruber calls voters stupid, it can’t be applied to those who opposed ObamaCare on the very same grounds as he states in these videos. Critics had made these arguments all along about the deceptive structure of the bill, and the lies being told to cover it up. Gruber’s talking about the Obama coalition in these remarks. (Townhall)

In less than a year Jonathan Gruber has gone from being cited [by Obama administration supporters] as an outstanding expert on health reform modeling to being downplayed as ‘a private citizen’ who misspoke,” notes’s John Sexton.

Democrat attorney general in Court in regards to ObamaCare: “YouTube videos of Professor Jonathan Gruber, a private citizen at non-governmental meetings in January 2012, years after the ACA was enacted.”

This is what any Liberal does when caught with the Truth hanging out, they hang the truth sayer faster than the French killed peopled with a guillotine!

I/They “misspoke” is Progressive Liberal speak for the truth was said, now forget it. The Ministry of Truth and The Thought Police have ruled that this person is now a thought criminal and anyone who listens to them is a thought criminal and must be punished for their heresy against The Ministry and Big Brother.

Gruber went on MSNBC yesterday afternoon and tried to downplay his confession: “The comments in the video were made at an academic conference,” he said. “I was speaking off the cuff and I basically spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments.” But he did not disavow the substance of the comments—that is, he did not deny that the comments were truthful and reflected his own view.

Oh, and it’s the Republicans fault for obsessing about these little truth slips…

Gruber appeared on WGBH-TV, the PBS station in Boston, where he had this to say about the Halbig and King cases: “I think this comes to the master strategy of the Republican Party, which is to confuse people enough about the law so that they don’t understand the subsidies they’re getting are because of the law.” Well, he’s the expert on trying to confuse stupid voters.

Metaphor Alert
“A full week after the alleged ‘shellacking’ of President Obama and the Democrats, the country remains a ‘stucknation’ locked in a partisan standoff. . . . For several years now, the two parties have so amped up the partisan rhetoric that what used to be middle ground is nothing but scorched earth. It’s a machine fueled by animus, but raises hundreds of millions of dollars for the warring factions and keeps the nation from a necessary reconciliation that’s a prerequisite for moving forward. . . . Listening to this cacophony that passes for political discourse, an alien from outer space would come to the conclusion that Americans really can’t stand each other and just don’t want to defeat their opponents but annihilate them.”—Robert Hennelly,, Nov. 12 (WSJ)

And that would be the means to an end and I’m sure the Democrats & The Ministry could justify it as The Republicans fault… Next up…Illegal Immigration & Global Warming… 🙂

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok


The Agenda is The Agenda Motherf*cker!

And ain’t no damn election going to tell me otherwise!!

I am the King and I will do what I want, f*ck those peasants who voted against me I’m still The King!

The Obama Tsunami is coming, Motherf*ckers and you can’t stop me! F*ck you!

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

The Obama administration is set to roll out a series of climate and pollution measures that rivals any president’s environmental actions of the past quarter-century — a reality check for Republicans who think last week’s election gave them a mandate to end what they call the White House’s “War on Coal.”

Tied to court-ordered deadlines, legal mandates and international climate talks, the efforts scheduled for the next two months show that President Barack Obama is prepared to spend the remainder of his term unleashing sweeping executive actions to combat global warming. And incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have few options for stopping the onslaught, though Republicans may be able to slow pieces of it.

Now that’s real Bi-Partisanship. Working with Congress. Very Transparent also. 🙂

The coming rollout includes a Dec. 1 proposal by EPA to tighten limits on smog-causing ozone, which business groups say could be the costliest federal regulation of all time; a final rule Dec. 19 for clamping down on disposal of power plants’ toxic coal ash; the Jan. 1 start date for a long-debated rule prohibiting states from polluting the air of their downwind neighbors; and a Jan. 8 deadline for issuing a final rule restricting greenhouse gas emissions from future power plants. That last rule is a centerpiece of Obama’s most ambitious environmental effort, the big plan for combating climate change that he announced at Georgetown University in June 2013.

Obama announced yet another initiative Wednesday in Beijing, where he and Chinese President Xi Jinping jointly committed to targets for the two nations to curb their carbon emissions during the next two decades. And on top of all that, the administration is expected in the coming weeks to pledge millions of dollars — and possibly billions — to help poor countries deal with the effects of climate change.

And the poor deluded idiot doesn’t see that the #1 polluter on the planet is the Chinese Leader sitting next to him. The one who is laughing at his gullibility and naivete.

The pending EPA actions alone could amount to the most ambitious burst of environmental regulatory activity from Washington since President George H.W. Bush approved a crucial set of amendments to the Clean Air Act in 1990 — although Obama’s administration has already taken several big strides of its own, including limits on mercury pollution from power plants.

The administration was committed to its upcoming deadlines many months ago, in some cases under court order, after postponing a number of the actions until after the 2012 or 2014 elections. Now that Obama is almost out of time, they’re coming all at once.

On deck are even more climate actions that will stretch well into 2015. In June, EPA is due to put out a final version of its rule for cutting greenhouse gases from the nation’s existing power plants — the linchpin of Obama’s entire climate effort.

“In a world that was turned upside down on Election Day, two things are certain,” said Heather Zichal, who served as Obama’s top climate change adviser until 2013. “One: Corporate polluters and their allies in Congress will continue to fight against progress on the broader climate agenda. Two: The president is and will remain 100 percent committed to his climate action plan and he’ll fight to protect it.”

THE AGENDA IS THE AGENDA. But’s the other guy who’s the intransigent asshole! 🙂

The kicker for Republicans eager to stomp all over the president’s agenda: Congress has little immediate recourse, despite McConnell’s pledges to use “the spending process” to rein in EPA. With so much action rolling through the pipeline, Republicans will have to choose their battles carefully if they want to make headway while proving they can govern.

The Obama Tsunami is coming.

In an interview after Election Day, McConnell acknowledged that stopping Obama will be difficult, given the president’s veto power. McConnell has also promised a return to regular order, and Republicans probably won’t want to repeat last year’s government shutdown in hopes of forcing the president’s hand.

Transparency anyone? 🙂

“I think that actually preventing EPA from moving forward on the climate change regs will be a challenge,” said industry attorney Jeff Holmstead, who headed the agency’s air office during the George W. Bush administration.

If Congress tries to defang “high profile” regulations like those on carbon emissions, “we would expect the president to veto,” said Cal Dooley, a former Democratic member of Congress who heads the chemical industry’s trade association. “And I don’t expect that you’ll have a two-thirds vote in the Senate to override.”

So the Agenda is the Agenda, and it’s those nasty Republicans fault for being divisive and partisan!

Greens are counting on Obama to hold the line, especially on climate change.

“We are very confident that he will continue to take the common sense steps necessary to make this strong plan a reality,” League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski said in an email. “That may not please the climate change deniers, but it is the right thing to do for our health, our economy, and our security.

F*CK YOU! We’re going to do it anyways! But that’s the Republicans fault and by extension the “stupid” voters who voted for them.

On the other hand, a GOP-led Congress could pass agency-specific spending bills with riders that undercut rules that seem less important to Obama. Some Republicans think he might swallow an attack on the ozone rule, for example.

Christine Todd Whitman, who served as George W. Bush’s first EPA administrator, said the Republicans’ new Senate leaders will at least try to hobble the agency.

“It’s going to get harder for EPA,” she said. “With Jim Inhofe as chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee, I think what they’re going to do is starve the agency.”

EPA is not the only agency pushing new rules, however. The Interior Department is also expected to release a long-delayed draft regulation in the spring that tightens limits on mountaintop-removal coal mining.

Say hello to your higher bills, courtesy of The King of all he surveys!

And Obama’s negotiators are working on plans for an international global warming agreement, set to be signed in Paris at the end of 2015, that would require the U.S. and other nations to slash greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come.


The U.S. is also expected to announce in the coming weeks how much money it will contribute to an international fund for helping poor countries deal with the effects of global warming. Developed countries have pledged to raise $100 billion a year from government and private sources for that cause by 2020, with some of the money going to the fund. But the prospect of handing billions of dollars in climate aid to the developing world is not going to win much applause from Republicans, who could block the money through the appropriations process.

And, of course, you can’t hate the poor right? 🙂

The U.S. will probably announce its pledge before or during a Nov. 20 meeting in Berlin.

“I think this will be one of the more challenging outcomes of the elections in terms of implementing the administration’s climate plan,” said Heather Coleman, climate change policy manager at Oxfam America.

The administration had previously postponed many of the upcoming regulatory actions, most notoriously with the surprise September 2011 decision to squelch EPA’s proposal to lower its smog limits. That decision blindsided both EPA leaders and environmentalists, and was widely regarded as an effort to defuse a major regulatory controversy before Obama had to run for reelection.

Similarly, EPA issued a proposed rule on coal ash in 2010, but sat on it for nearly four years until a federal court imposed a deadline for this December.

All the glare focusing on Obama’s big climate rules means that other items on his environmental agenda are getting less public attention than they once did. That could aid Republicans’ push to weaken some of regulations through negotiations with the White House and EPA, perhaps with deals to delay rules rather than repeal them outright. But that would depend on McConnell keeping the House from insisting on hardcore anti-EPA bills that would be surefire veto bait.

And The King and his Ministry of Truth are always looking for bait to use in the never-ending battle to make sure  you “Vote for me, the other guy’s an asshole!”.

The word from the Hill “is that McConnell really is interested in trying to show that Republicans can get things done, so I think they’re going to try to come up with some narrow bills where the President could sign,” Holmstead said.

Among other possibilities, Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) hopes to bring up legislation that would shift authority away from EPA on regulating coal ash ponds. Given the agency’s previous reluctance to deal with coal ash at all, the White House might not fight him too hard.

Efforts to tighten ozone regulations are clearly not a top White House priority either, given Obama’s efforts to punt the rule in 2011. But defying the court deadline to finish the rule — “that’s where it’s going to take congressional action,” Dooley said. The manufacturing industry broadly opposes tightening the ozone standards, which it says could make permits more difficult and expensive to obtain.

Former Sen. Tim Wirth, a Democrat who served as the Clinton administration’s top international climate negotiator, thinks Obama will push through his main agenda regardless of what Republicans come up with.

“He’ll just do what he’s going to do anyway,” Wirth said. (Politico)

It’s good to be the king, especially with those partisan asshole Republicans around to blame for everything. 🙂

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

 Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Political Transparency

“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. Okay? So it’s written to do that.

“In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if you had a law which said healthy people are gonna pay in — made explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed. Okay?

“Lack of transparency’s a huge political advantage. And basically, you know, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to get anything to pass.

Jon Gabriel transcribing John Gruber, one of the ObamaCare architects.

Gruber concluded his confession with, “yeah there’s things I wish I could change, but I’d rather have this law than not.” (Ricochet)

Well, there’s a shock. ObamaCare was jury-rigged mess to accomplish an Agenda goal and Health Care reform for the people was not a real consideration.

The Agenda was the Agenda and everything else be damned.

Gee, I’ve only been saying that since this blog began in 2009. I’m shocked… 🙂

Now, will the Ministry of Truth tell you about this, of course not, why would they it’s not within their mandate to do so.

And the leftist minions, the food soldiers of The Ministry will be out in force proclaim their faith and hammering at nitpicks and ignoring anything that is a Thoughtcrime.

The Examiner: Doctors, nurses, politicians and everyday citizens are coming to grips with the reality that the debate on ObamaCare isn’t over, and neither is the discussion on the White House’s credibility.

As the November 2014 election nears, October Obamacare horror stories creep and radiate wicked truths: throughout the population, even those who originally supported the idea of the Affordable Care Act, people are discovering the malicious plan, as hatched, is not doing what it was disguised to do.Although the cast of usual characters, like the sympathetic mainstream media, congressional leadership and all the president’s men and women have done everything they can to keep their fingers in the dike, the damn thing is leaking profusely.

America was delivered a masqueraded evil that is fast driving up costs and eroding the quality of healthcare.

Just last month, the largest insurance company with the lowest rates and most sign-ups (59 %) for the Obamacare health exchange in Minnesota, PreferredOne Health Insurance, announced they are pulling out because the government health plan is “not sustainable” in 2015. Steve Peterson, a spokesman, said that offering coverage through this system is “not administratively and financially sustainable going forward.”

“PreferredOne has now discovered that Obamacare is broken and can’t possibly work,” the president of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) Twila Brase stated. “Even with the $25 billion reinsurance scheme to redistribute dollars between health plans that was put in place to keep premium prices low until enrollment for 2017, conveniently after the 2016 Presidential election.”

“This is undoubtedly what happens when we depend on the government for health care coverage—we lose it,” said Brase. “Those who enrolled through PreferredOne must either change their Obamacare coverage in 2015 or stay with PreferredOne and lose any subsidies.”

“Minnesotans are now faced with fewer healthcare choices, some will lose their plans for a second time, and families will be hurt,” state Sen. Michelle Benson (R) said.

One of the most embarrassing events was practically covered up in the media when, in an October 2013 speech, Obama mentioned Jessica Sanford, the Washington state single mother who signed up for Obamacare for just $169 a month. Oops. Not true. Another Obama Boo-Boo. She soon discovered the lowest she was being forced to pay was $324 per month. She dropped out quickly and now faces a fine on his tax returns for not having insurance.

Physicians, hospitals and health care providers aren’t the only ones confused by Obamacare. On July 22, 2014 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled the feds should not be providing subsidies for health insurance premiums in states that use On that same day, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upheld the existing practice of permitting premium subsidies for those purchasing health insurance in either the federal marketplace or a state exchange.

Other demons are creeping out of the laws, faux-laws and mandates.

Obamacare signups can’t always keep their doctors if they want to. The 8 million people who enrolled, as President Obama claimed last spring, is not anywhere near that figure according to Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Even Doug Holtz-Eakin, former Congressional Budget Office director stated signing up doesn’t mean you are enrolled because “you have to sign up and pay on a regular basis to really be enrolled.”

Perhaps the Barack Obama staff didn’t give him the bad news or Obamacare website and system problems could be to blame, his 8 million enrollment number is simply not true. Numerous duplicate enrollments are being discovered daily as a new regime continue with repairs to the plagued website. Insurance companies in many states are reporting large percentages of people dropping out of the coverage by not paying premiums. In Florida it’s been more than 20 percent. Some companies are reporting over 50 percent.

Through the IRS and other institutions directed by the White House, the federal government is charging a record number of fines to over 2,600 hospitals for readmitting too many of Medicare patients. An analysis by Kaiser Heath indicates that so far, in 29 states, the government is draining an overwhelming amount money, $428 million, from a majority of hospitals because their patients returned within a month of treatment, an Obamacare law.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll recently reported that 52 percent of women view the Affordable Care Act (ACA) unfavorably, the highest disapproval rate from women ever. This is especially notable since women make about 80 percent of health care choices in American families.

Women have discovered that Obama’s promise that the plan would “lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year,” was nothing but a masked fabrication of deceit.
Rather than reducing health care costs as promised, health insurance premiums have gone up under Obamacare. “Increases are largely due to changes under the ACA,” found a June 2014 Morgan Stanley study, with women facing extremely high premium increases that range from 23 percent to 237 percent.

So here’s a Present from your Transparent architect:

 Happy Trails…