Climate Racism

It had to happen eventually, with the Left it always does. Now if you disagree with global cooling/warming/climate change/disruption you’re a racist! 🙂

You can’t argue with global warming zealots: Whatever the thermometer reads, they’re right and you’re wrong. Whatever the short-term, intermediate or long-term data suggest, all these eco-radicals see is additional proof of their distorted worldview.

Hot summers? Mild winters? That’s global warming. Mild summers? Frigid winters? That’s global warming, too.

You see, if you’re a disciple of climate change, it all makes perfect sense — every measurement is further validation, and every validation is an excuse to impose costlier obligations on taxpayers (and more onerous restrictions on what’s left of our free market).

Responding to an unseasonably cool summer in New England (and predictions of a colder-than-usual winter), columnist Tom Keane of the Boston Globe assured his liberal readers that “climate change proceeds apace.”

“We’re like a guy with his head in the refrigerator while his house is burning down, thinking nothing’s wrong,” Keane wrote.

Never mind that satellite data released this spring by NASA showed no statistical change in the Earth’s temperature over the past 17-1/2 years. (IBD)

Actor Emma Thompson says climate change deniers are ‘bonkers’. She speaks as she joins thousands of protesters marching to the steps of the Houses of Parliament on Sunday to demand action to halt climate change. ‘Anyone who tries to deny it looks a little bit bonkers. It’s a form of collective suicide,’ she says (Guardian)

Trapped In Ice

Or that a leaked report to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last year revealed that Earth was headed for a period of sustained cooling over the next few decades.

Or that as of last fall, the Antarctic sea ice extent was at record-high levels.

In fact, the research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy  — which was dispatched to the South Pole last December ostensibly to document melting polar ice caps — instead found itself trapped in frozen seas.

And yes, the boat’s top researcher blamed his crew’s ironic predicament on “global warming.”

“We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said, insisting climate change caused ice up to 10 feet thick to envelop his fossil fuel-powered boat, making it impossible for fossil fuel-powered ice breakers to get within 10 miles of the ship (forcing the crew to be rescued by a fossil fuel-powered Chinese helicopter).

If you missed that story, you’re not alone: Most mainstream media outlets refused to cover it.

Of course, when the head of Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency — avowed eco-radical Gina McCarthy — played the race card in an effort to pressure lawmakers into adopting harsher anti-free market regulations, her pronouncements were broadly disseminated and treated as gospel.

“Carbon pollution standards are an issue of justice,” McCarthy said recently. “If we want to protect communities of color, we need to protect them from climate change.”

McCarthy’s bizarre comments were offered on a conference call sponsored by Green For All, a group that publicly supports “the need to disrupt the current economy” — which it claims is “based upon human trafficking, the exploitation of labor and violent racism.”But are “climate change” and “violent racism” really the issues responsible for the destruction of America’s “communities of color?” Or is the problem the reckless, feckless, unsustainable and un-American policies being advanced by McCarthy and Obama?

Thanks to the Obama administration’s policies, black unemployment is more than twice as high as white unemployment (11.4% to 5.3%). The black labor force has shrunk from 63.2% to 61.7% of the working-age population. The median household income for blacks is nearly $25,000 less per year than whites — a gap that continues to widen.

White homeownership outpaces black homeownership by nearly 30 percentage points (72.9% to 43.5%) — and record numbers of blacks are living in poverty.

Rather than addressing any of these pernicious realities, Obama is busy scheming of ways to introduce more illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America into our workforce — which would compound the employment dilemma for all American workers.

The fuzzy science of climate change isn’t what’s harming “communities of color.” It’s a fundamental lack of opportunity — deteriorating economic conditions that are being exacerbated by Obama, and by rogue bureaucracies such McCarthy’s EPA. (IBD)

But what do we know, we’re all racists and not “of the body” anyhow… 🙂

Addendum: Eric Massey is the director of the Air Quality Division for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. He says the federal haze plan is too aggressive.

“It’s my understanding that EPA’s proposed plan costs significantly more money — in the hundreds of millions of dollars to Arizona’s economy through controls that don’t actually achieve a visibility improvement that any human being could see … We felt like our solution was more economically balanced and still achieved basically the same environmental impact,” Massey says.

The notice said the new emission guidelines will take effect Oct. 3.

“The companies have to decide how they’re going to meet the rules,” Webb said. “We aren’t telling them how to do it, we’re just telling them they have to do it.”

We are from the Government and we are here to make your life better… 🙂

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    Obama is busy scheming of ways to introduce more illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America into our workforce — which would compound the employment dilemma for all American workers.

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