Full Steam Ahead!

The City of Seattle just passed a law enforcing $15/hr minimum wage over time.

Councilmember Tom Rasmussen said “Seattle wants to stop the race to the bottom in wages” and address the “widening gap between the rich and the poor.”

“Seattle, and other cities, are taking direct action to close our nation’s huge income gap because the federal and state governments have failed to do so,” City Councilman Nick Licata said. “By significantly raising the minimum wage, Seattle’s prosperity will be shared by more people and create a sustainable model for continued growth.”



The measure, which would take effect on April 1, 2015, includes a phase-in of the wage increase over several years, with a slower process for small businesses. The plan gives businesses with more than 500 employees nationally at least three years to phase in the increase. Those providing health insurance will have four years to complete the move. Smaller organizations will be given seven years. (FOX)

The S0cialists on the City Council weren’t happy it was going to take so long so now they want to fight to get it implemented even faster. After all, someone else’s “rich” money  is never too good for a socialist. 🙂

The International Franchise Association, a Washington, D.C.-based business group that represents franchise owners, said it plans to sue to stop the ordinance.

“The City Council’s action today is unfair, discriminatory and a deliberate attempt to achieve a political agenda at the expense of small franchise business owners,” the group said in a statement.

Yeah, so?  That’s what Progressive Liberals do. The Agenda is The Agenda. They don’t give a crap about consequences!!


The 215-room Clarion Hotel closed its full-service restaurant in December, laying off 15 people, said general manager Perry Wall. The hotel also let go a night desk clerk and maintenance employee and is considering a 10 percent increase in room rates for the spring travel season, Wall said.

He estimates that without a reduction in head count, the hotel’s annual payroll costs would have increased $300,000. It still employs about 30 people for jobs Wall describes as more in-demand than ever.

“I just think unskilled workers are going to have a harder time finding jobs,” he said. “You’re going to have people from as far away as Bellevue or Tacoma wanting these jobs, and they’re going to come with skills and experience. For $15 an hour, they’ll go that extra distance.”

Others say workers who already made at least $15 an hour want a raise to stay ahead of their less-experienced colleagues, leading to tense relations between labor and management.(Seattle Times)

Sounds like a great place for the inexperienced and undereducated greedy socialists-in-training. 🙂


Last January, SeaTac implemented a $15 per hour minimum wage for hospitality and transportation workers. The consequences to the drastic hike in wages are just beginning to be realized—and it’s not pretty.

A writer for NW Asian Weekly recently blogged about her experience attending an event at a SeaTac hotel. She asked employees if they were “happy with the $15 wage.” The ensuing conversations,

“It sounds good, but it’s not good,” the woman said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I lost my 401k, health insurance, paid holiday, and vacation,” she responded. “No more free food,” she added.

“The hotel used to feed her. Now, she has to bring her own food. Also, no overtime, she said. She used to work extra hours and received overtime pay.

“What else? I asked.

“I have to pay for parking,” she said.

“I then asked the part-time waitress, who was part of the catering staff.

“Yes, I’ve got $15 an hour, but all my tips are now much less,” she said. Before the new wage law was implemented, her hourly wage was $7. But her tips added to more than $15 an hour. Yes, she used to receive free food and parking. Now, she has to bring her own food and pay for parking.”

Parking in terminal is about $35 a day (but that is likely to be increased to pay for the extra expenses).

SeaTac is a small city—10 square miles in area and a population of 26,909—with an economy almost exclusively defined by the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Five months into the implementation of a $15 minimum wage and it appears that a deep sense of regret has already flooded the city and workers who should have “benefited” from the terrible economic policy.

Meanwhile, as the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and one of the fastest growing major cities in America, Seattle is on the verge of following in SeaTac’s woefully unfit footsteps. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s $15 minimum wage plan includes a phase-in period of three to seven years and makes no exception for business type or size. Murray’s plan elicited back-lash from prominent Seattle businesses owners and economists alike. (NW Asia)

Letter to NW Asian Weekly sent to local TV Station as well:


Thank you for your piece on the minimum wage raise in Seattle and how it can affect the immigrant community and businesses. We have not heard the side of the minimum wage opposition and how it will hurt the immigrant community and businesses. I am a small business owner and very concerned about my employees, my community, and my business.

There is much complexity to this debate. We want to close the gap on income inequality, but raising the minimum wage is not the answer. The unintended consequences are that many who are earning minimum wage are entry workers, immigrants, less skilled, and inexperienced workers. They will now have an even harder chance in the job market if the minimum wage goes up to $15/hour. In theory, it is noble, but the economics of it does not help many people that they intend to help. It will hurt the ones they intend to help the most. Large businesses that have millions and billions of dollars can endure this devastation, but not small businesses, in which a minimum wage hike of 61 percent will cause businesses like mine to cut staff, invest in automation, relocate, or just close our doors. Business is already hard enough, and I just don’t think I can endure this minimum wage hike. Please continue to cover segments like you did to bring different perspectives to the mayor’s office, council members, and citizens.

A Local TV Report:

A new report warns that if Seattle nonprofits are forced to pay workers more to comply with a $15 per hour minimum wage, they would have to cut services to the poor.

The preliminary findings of a Seattle Human Services Coalition survey show that 21 of 29 organizations surveyed by the group would have to cut services if they were not given additional revenue to cover the extra payroll cost.

The impacts include cutting shelter beds, Head Start programs, food bank hours and senior lunches.

One group said it would have to stop housing people with significant disabilities.

Another said it would have to cut breast feeding and peer counseling services to low-income new mothers.

The Liberal Response:

“Socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who is leading the charge for $15 per hour, said the solution is to tax big businesses to help small businesses and nonprofits meet larger payroll demands.

“There are no unintended consequences while fighting for $15 an hour while making sure small nonprofits and small businesses are able to survive,” Sawant said.” (KIRO)

So you raise the minimum wage on businesses, then the bigger you are the more the city wants to tax you to support the smaller businesses that can’t take the hit.

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.  Sounds like it’s time to leave Seattle if your a “big” business because now you’re considered the endless pool of money for the socialist to drain.

So stay small and hope the large Predatory Socialists don’t see you…

Even social justice champion Starbucks said, “Schultz said that when Starbucks totals up the amount it spends on pay, plus benefits for each employee, everyone earns more than $15 an hour “in addition to that we pay more than the minimum wage in also every place we do business. 

But if Starbucks were required to pay $15 an hour, those benefits could be at risk.

“If it goes to $15 an hour we’d have to assess whether or not we could continue to do those things,” Schultz said.” (KIRO)

I can’t wait for this to fail. But even if it does, the Liberals will prop it up and patch it up, and fake it up because as we already know, they are never wrong about anything- no matter what (in their own heads).

And they hide any data to the contrary.

And if you object YOU’RE The greedy one, not them!! 🙂

Enjoy, Comrade.


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