The Emperor’s Wand

Our Great and benevolent Emperor has once again waved his magic wand  of power and decreed by his own holy writ that the Employer Sanctions of ObamaCare shall thus be waived until 2016 now.

You should all bow down and kiss his ring. He’s just that magnificent.

Congress? Who the hell needs Congress when you are The Emperor of all that he surveys!

Unilateral decisions. They were only bad when we made you think Bush did them (when he didn’t ) and when we make you think we don’t (and we do). 🙂

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

The Treasury Department, in regulations outlining the Affordable Care Act, said employers with 50 to 99 full-time workers won’t have to comply with the law’s requirement to provide insurance or pay a fee until 2016. Companies with more workers could avoid some penalties in 2015 if they showed they were offering coverage to at least 70% of full-time workers.

The move came after employers pressured the Obama administration to peel back the law’s insurance requirements. Some firms had trimmed workers’ hours to below 30 hours a week to avoid paying a penalty if they didn’t offer insurance.

A senior administration official said the shift was a response to businesses’ concerns, though the official said no one reason was behind the change.

Under the original 2010 health law, employers with the equivalent of at least 50 full-time workers had to offer coverage or pay a penalty starting at $2,000 a worker beginning in 2014. Last year, the administration delayed the requirement for the first time by moving it to 2015. (WSJ)

And in 2015 in the heat of the battle to elect our Emperor’s successor, Queen Hillary The First will be delayed until 2017. Just watch this space. 🙂

Senior Treasury officials said the shift was aimed at giving more time for smaller employers to adjust, and for all firms to consider the number of hours their employees worked and whether they should be cutting them. The officials said firms that wanted to use the new phase-in period would have to certify they hadn’t shrunk employee numbers in order to qualify.

The Treasury also set new rules for how the requirement would apply to workers such as volunteers and seasonal employees, saying that employers wouldn’t be penalized for failing to offer those people coverage, regardless of the number of hours they were working. (WSJ)

Please reconsider blaming us and making us look bad, at least until 2017 that is, then, it’s Hilary’s problem. 🙂

Employers with fewer than 100 workers won’t have to provide health insurance until 2016 under Obamacare, as the administration said it would again delay a key requirement of the health law. Larger firms have to cover at least 70 percent of the workforce starting next year, the Internal Revenue Service said in a rule issued today.

Since that is about 2% of the workforce, this pandering. But just wait, the other shoe will follow later this year I bet. 🙂

And remember this was going to be the golden cornerstone of the whole pyramid scheme.

The rule provides employers far more flexibility than allowed by the language of the health law, which levies fines of as much as $3,000 per worker against firms that don’t comply with the requirement. (townhall)

Congress anyone? anyone?

The language of the law explicitly requires all businesses with more than 50 workers to provide employees with health coverage by January 1st of this year. Obama’s previous delay pushed that date back to 2015. Now — with a wrenching election cycle on the horizon, and on the heels of a brutal CBO report about the law’s impact on the US workforce — the administration has issued more major changes by pure fiat. The law’s full implementation date has been shoved back by another full year, the relevant worker threshold has been unilaterally doubled, and larger businesses have also received a special partial exemption. Let there be no mistake: The Obama administration is simply re-writing Obamacare on the fly, with no regard for the plain text of the statute. This is lawless behavior, as was the first big delay. The Obama Precedent is now firmly set. Future presidents may delay, postpone, or alter any portion of the this law that they find unworkable. Or politically inconvenient. Or…anything at all, really.

All hail the King! Executive Fiat now rules the Land!

The Empire has begun.