Lie By Sword

Live by the sword, die by the sword, the Bible tells us. In Washington, it’s slightly different: Live by the CBO, die by the CBO.

The congressional number-crunchers, perhaps the capital’s closest thing to a neutral referee, came out with a new report Tuesday, and it wasn’t pretty for Obamacare. The CBO predicted the law would have a “substantially larger” impact on the labor market than it had previously expected: The law would reduce the workforce in 2021 by the equivalent of 2.3 million full-time workers, well more than the 800,000 originally anticipated. This will inevitably be a drag on economic growth, as more people decide government handouts are more attractive than working more and paying higher taxes.

This is grim news for the White House and for Democrats on the ballot in November. This independent arbiter, long embraced by the White House, has validated a core complaint of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) critics: that it will discourage work and become an ungainly entitlement. (WP)

But with this administration, and Democrats in general, it’s Lie by The Sword, Then just keep on lying until it has to be the truth because all you’ve got left is the lie.

Meanwhile, Gene Sperling, Obama’s top economic-policy adviser, walked to the White House lawn and told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he rejected the finding. “When you have two parents and they’re both working full time to provide health care and they don’t feel they’re there to do homework with their kids and this allows one of [them] to work a little less because they have health care, that’s not costing jobs,” Sperling argued.

I’m sure that sounded convincing and just downright “awwww…” in his head. But, seriously, dude, that was pathetic. But if your job is to lie and to lie as convincingly and with as much conviction as possible you can’t beat an “economic policy advisor” for BS and doublespeak.

In general, the CBO explained, phasing out subsidies to buy health insurance when income rises “effectively raises people’s marginal tax rates . . . thus discouraging work.” (WP)


Lowest labor participation rate in 35 years…

Highest Disability and Food Stamps ever.

Gee, never saw that coming… 🙂

Jason Furman, head of the Council of Economic Advisers, who argued that the Affordable Care Act couldn’t possibly be a job killer because 8.1 million jobs had been created since it became law. This is true — but irrelevant to the CBO finding.

(That would be similar to millions of jobs created while the labor participation rate goes down and the number of people who have quit looking is in the millions)

Furman attempted to dispute the report (“I haven’t accepted the number”) without disparaging the authors (“We cite CBO all the time”). Delicately, he said the report “is subject to misinterpretation, doesn’t take into account every factor, and there’s uncertainty and debate around it.”

But there’s only so much White House officials could do. Obamacare has been undermined by the very entity they had used to validate it.

So it’s time to keep on lying and obfuscating and just generally BSing you’re way past it.

Lie By The Sword, Kill others with it first! 🙂

And then play the “moral” car that Homo Superior Liberalis would.

Witness, super liberal EJ Dionne:

The truth about this controversy is that there is a broad debate in our country over how much government should do to correct for market outcomes that leave so many Americans without enough income, opportunity or access to the essentials of modern life, notably health insurance.

Supporters of Obamacare, including those who wish it had gone even further, believe that social justice requires government to give significant assistance to those who find themselves on the wrong end of an economic system that is producing an increasingly unequal society. (WP)

Hits all the emotional, “moral” liberal notes doesn’t it.

Their vision is so superior to yours that you can’t see it through the “noise” of people protesting it’s “Benefits”. (Fringe with Benefits?) 🙂

A Liberal commentor: “Obamacare will work just fine. As any other major program serving Americans, such as SS, Medicare, etc, it will require some fine tuning during implementation.”

Sucking up the kool-aid. Yeah, they are all going bankrupt, ya mindless twonk!

Homo Superior Liberalis is not capable of being wrong, in their own heads, so the fact that the very people, The CBO, that they used as a cudgel for their ObamaCare baby has now spit up puke dinner all over their face they will barely notice.

After all, they are the morally and intellectually superior lifeform, and you’re not!


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