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Ann Coulter: We have Obamacare for one reason and one reason only: For a brief, ghoulish period in recent history, Democrats controlled the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

We don’t have Obamacare because the public was clamoring for it. We have it because Republicans lost elections.

First, Republicans lost their majorities in the House and the Senate in 2006, thanks to George W. Bush’s highly effective “Keep the Base at Home on Election Day” campaign, which consisted of pushing amnesty for illegal aliens.

Then in 2008, Republicans had the bright idea to run crazy-eyed crypt-keeper John McCain for president.

McCain supported: amnesty (until he needed our votes), retroactive Social Security benefits for illegal aliens, free speech-crushing campaign-finance laws, crackpot global warming legislation, criminal trials for terrorists and stem-cell research on human embryos.

He opposed: the Bush tax cuts, a marriage amendment to the Constitution, waterboarding terrorists and drilling in Alaska. Oh, also, he called the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth “dishonest and dishonorable.” (As suggested by the subtitle, all this is covered in Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican)

As a consequence, Democrats won the presidency, as well as huge majorities in Congress. The last time Democrats had controlled the presidency, the House and the Senate was 16 years earlier, back in 1993. Remember what they did back then? The very first thing? (No, Clinton masturbating on an intern came later.) That’s right: They tried to pass Hillarycare.

Hillarycare went down in humiliating defeat, so the Democrats patiently waited nearly two decades for the stars to be aligned again. Then, the very next time they had the presidency, the House and Senate, they went right back to national health care. (Notice that, in neither instance, was public opinion involved.)

If an alien landed and asked why America has Obamacare when most people hate it, we’d have to say: Because the Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate.

The Democrats’ policy is: We vote and vote and vote, until it finally comes out their way, then we never vote again. (This, too, is detailed in Never Trust a Liberal Over Three) That’s why the moment this greased-through, widely detested law was enacted, liberals began hailing it as the “law of the land.” How dare you question “settled law”? Are you unpatriotic?

 John Ransom: If more proof was needed of the inestimable idiocy of the Democrats’ domestic policy was needed, the unveiling of Obamacare should just about do it.

It won’ be cheaper, you can’t keep your coverage or your doctor, it won’t cover everyone, and if you need it, you can’t sign up. Oh, and just wait until you have to see a doctor. I’m sure THAT ought to be easy (eye roll).

Other than those little “glitches” the law works great.

That is, if anyone was actually paying attention to it right now.

But many aren’t. Perhaps a majority, say, like, 99.9 percent don’t really care.

That’s probably a good thing considering that the biggest problems with the law won’t be sign up, but fulfillment.

Open your mouth and say “ah”.


Obamacare has made our economy sick. And our country too.

Even before implementation, the economy was suffering from Obamacare-related complications. It got worse at the beginning of the year when employers stopped hiring people for fulltime positions in anticipation of Obamacare changing the definition of fulltime workers to only 29 hour per week.

Hence the one-year delay in the company mandate to provide coverage or else face the IRS inquisitors.

While hiring has gotten back to normal, even if not very robust, what are we gonna do next year– which by the way, is only two-and-a-half months away?

Next year should really be a mess as the individual mandate to buy insurance or else face the IRS inquisitors—and yes that means young, urban liberals too– takes effect in March.

And then, praise the Lord, the employer mandate comes roaring back in October.

Turn your head and cough…

The Obamacare illness will last a long time, however it’s implemented. It’s a chronic condition that our country may just have to learn to live with.

Here’s a slight glimmer of good news however:

I guess if you sign up, but get screwed by the website, or the IRS misplaces your file, the individual mandate may or may not apply to you. My understanding is that the IRS will first check to see if you have ever submitted a non-profit application with nefarious words like “patriot,” “tea party” or “republican” in the titles before making a determination how to proceed.

The choice then is either fine or jail time.

Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s stupid.

It’s Obamacare, where stupid is the new normal.

Jail time could be fitting too because the folks who are the new partners with Obamacare to sign people up are the former members of ACORN, according to our friend Katie Palvich, at Townhall.com.

Pavlich says that Wade Rathke, ACORN founder, runs a “labor council” in New Orleans that helps facilitate Obamacare sign ups.

From Katie:

Let me remind you of exactly why the criminal enterprise known as ACORN was stripped of federal funding in 2009: the organization was promoting tax evasion, underage human trafficking, underage prostitution, voter fraud and more. ACORN’s criminal activity was exposed by the late Andrew Breitbart, Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe through a series of undercover videos. To put things into perspective, think about the last time Congress defunded anything…..they hardly ever do, but ACORN was so bad and full of corruption that defunding was pushed through in bipartisan fashion.

Seriously, Congress can’t even defund combat tanks that the army doesn’t want or need. Or a drone program it doesn’t want, cargo aircraft it doesn’t want, National Guard funding, or an east coast missile defense system.

Personally, I’d pay to make sure a missile defense system doesn’t go up on the east coast.

At least until the 50 million of the rest of us who aren’t covered by the defense system get coverage too.

So, let’s say to fix that we start out with a 2,300-page bill tomorrow….

*Liberals will likely nit-pick these numbers saying that we don’t know how many actual individuals signed up because some of those applications cover families too. Yeah whatever. 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, whatever. Cling to your delusions liberals.



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My President’s Keeper

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

“Four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act tell NBC News that 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a ‘cancellation’ letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law.”

Another expert predicted that number could soar as high as 80%.

In a political bait-and-switch move, the original legislation passed by a Democrat Congress with not one single Republican vote said health insurance policies in effect on March 23, 2010, when Obama signed the landmark bill, would be grandfathered in. That means policy-holders could keep their existing plan, even though it might not meet the bill’s new requirements such as providing free birth control.

However, quietly during ensuing months, regulation writers in the Department of Health and Human Services crafted thousands of pages of regulations that ended that grandfathering if, as often occurs, changes were made in the policy in pricing, coverage, deductibles and the like.

By mid-2010 Obama knew full well that more than 75% of existing individual policy-holders would lose their coverage as ObamaCare’s tentacles moved through the marketplace this fall. Yet even this year Obama continued to promise Americans they could keep their existing plan.

Industry consultant Robert Laszewski, of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, told NBC News:

“This says that when they made the promise, they knew half the people in this market outright couldn’t keep what they had and then they wrote the rules so that others couldn’t make it either.”

I say it was in the original bills proposed back when this blog began over 4 years ago.

So this should not be a shock or surprise at all.

Remember then “but it’s not a tax” that went on for years until the Supreme Court called it a Tax. Then no one mentions it anymore?

2009: ” if your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime.  I repeat: not one single dime.” State of The Union Speech. 🙂

Sebelius claimed last week that, as with other embarrassing events during his administration, Obama was unaware of the roll-out disaster until a few days after it began. Apparently, the NSA and White House were too busy monitoring phones to watch local TV.

Conventional political wisdom in America is that as commander-in-chief, the president of the United States knows all and sees all. Barack Obama’s press office is constantly announcing his briefings on everything from global threats to hurricane preparations, wildfires and floods.

Recent revelations about the National Security Agency’s ubiquitous monitoring of every phone call and email would seem to indicate that’s Obama’s goal too.

But over recent months the Obama administration has developed a peculiar pattern of behavior in this area. Obama himself and unidentified aides using news leaks have boasted of the president’s ignorance of things that an ordinary person outside the Oval Office bubble would think a chief executive should know.

That’s the kind of dodge favored by those whose father never taught them to take responsibility for their actions.

Or an Alinsky tactic to take only credit for the “good” and never admit to the bad. Never show weakness and never be wrong.

Apparently Sebelius didn’t think the failed site-testing and crashes merited a presidential heads-up, even though her boss had been tirelessly touting the site’s guaranteed efficacy for months. Or maybe Valerie Jarrett just forgot to pay the White House cable news bill.

Before that, a detached Obama pleaded no knowledge of any Benghazi whistle-blowers being prevented from testifying before Congress about that awful night.

He professed ignorance that any IRS agents would dare to intimidate and harass conservative groups to the benefit of the liberal’s reelection campaign, although his lawyer just down the hall knew. Apparently she didn’t think illegal political oppression by tax authorities merited a presidential heads-up

Obama didn’t know his attorney general didn’t know about the Justice Department’s illegal gun-running operation benefiting Mexican drug gangs. Because Obama like Eric Holder is so committed to press freedom, he was unaware that Holder had lied on a signed court document about a criminal suspect in the media and then lied to Congress about it.

That was so serious that Obama ordered Holder to investigate Holder. And as a direct result, Holder is still in office.

Americans still do not know where Obama was doing what during the deadly night of 9/11/12 in Benghazi where four Americans died in a terrorist mob with no rescue attempt because Obama and his crack security team failed to anticipate Arab world trouble on that historic attack anniversary. And failed to respond to cries for help.

60 minutes does a piece nearly 14 months late saying it was the president’s fault. But no one cares anymore. Old News.

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Roots of Success Part 2

ObamaCare is a raving, rollicking, fantastic success. Stop calling it a failure. Here is what it was created to do. It is succeeding on all counts:

1. ObamaCare was intended to bring about the Marxist dream — redistribution of wealth.
Rich people, small business owners, and the middle class are being robbed, so that the money can be redistributed to poor people (who vote for Democrats).

And the anger is misdirected to the “assholes” on the right who want grandma “out on the street” and children to starve and they are “against” education and infrastructure, etc. Those dirty little “extremists”.


Think about it. If you’re rich or middle class, you now have to pay for your own health care costs (at much higher rates) AND 40 million other people’s costs too (through massive tax increases).

And if you don’t the IRS will come knocking on your door and demand a penance for your sins!

So you’re stuck paying for both bills. You are left broke. Brilliant.

2. ObamaCare was intended to wipe out the middle class and make them dependent on government.
Think about it. Even Obama’s IRS predicts that health insurance for a typical American family by 2016 will be $20,000 per year. But how would middle class Americans pay that bill and have anything left for food or housing or living? People that make $40K, or $50K, or $60K can’t possibly hope to spend $20K on health insurance without becoming homeless.

Bingo. That’s how you make middle class people dependent on government. That’s how you make everyone addicted to government checks. Brilliant.

And it’s working. 49.2% of Americans receive some kind of government assistance already. You just put the screws to them and ta-da!

3. As a bonus, ObamaCare is intended to kill every decent paying job in the economy, creating only crummy, crappy (29 hr) part-time jobs.
Why? Just to make sure the middle class is trapped, with no way out. Just to make sure no one has the $20,000 per year to pay for health insurance, thereby guaranteeing they become wards of the state. Brilliant.

4. ObamaCare is intended to bankrupt small business, and therefore starve donations to the GOP.
Think about it. Do you know a small business owner? I know hundreds of them. Their rates are being doubled, tripled and quadrupled by ObamaCare.

Guess who writes 75% of the checks to Republican candidates and conservative causes? Small Business.

Who is the Enemy of The State, The Small Business Administration that has opposed ObamaCare from Day One.

AARP, on the other hand… 🙂

Even if a small business owner manages to survive, he or she certainly can’t write a big check to the GOP anymore. Money is the “mother’s milk” of politics. Without donations, a political party ceases to exist. Bingo.

And if you can’t expand beyond 50 employees because then your ObamaCare bills go stratospheric they can’t expand. If they can’t expand they can’t grow and if they can’t grow they cab’t hire more people and they can’t make more money.

So inflation and costs eat into their bottom line until the Obama-rot squeezes them to death like a boa constrictor.

That’s the point of ObamaCare. Obama is bankrupting his political opposition and drying up donations to the GOP. Brilliant.

5. ObamaCare is intended to make the IRS all-powerful.
It adds thousands of new IRS agents. It puts the IRS in charge of overseeing 15% of the U.S. economy. The IRS has the right because of ObamaCare to snoop into every aspect of your life, to go into your bank accounts, to fine you, to frighten you, to intimidate you. And Obama and his socialist cabal have access to your deepest medical secrets.

By law your doctor has to ask your sexual history. That information is now in the hands of Obama and the IRS to blackmail GOP candidates into either not running, or supporting bigger government, or leaking the info and ruining your campaign.

Or have you forgotten the IRS harassed, intimidated and persecuted critics of Obama and conservative groups?  ALREADY!

Now Obama hands the IRS even more power. Big Brother rules our lives. Brilliant.

6. ObamaCare is intended to unionize 15 million healthcare workers.
That produces $15 billion in new union dues. That money goes to fund Democratic candidates and socialist causes — thereby guaranteeing Obama’s friends never lose another election, and Obama’s policies keep ruining capitalism and bankrupting business owners long after he’s out of office.

Message to the GOP: This isn’t a game. This isn’t tiddly-winks. This is a serious, purposeful attempt to highjack America and destroy capitalism.

This isn’t a trainwreck. It’s purposeful suicide.

It’s not failing, it’s working exactly according to plan. Obama knows what he’s doing. Stop apologizing and start fighting.

Oh and one more thing…Conservatives aren’t “terrorists.” We are patriots and saviors. We represent the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. We are the heroes and good guys. Unless you get all this through your thick skulls, America is lost…forever. (Wayne Root)


Addendum, just in case you still don’t get it.

The law states that policies in effect as of March 23, 2010 will be “grandfathered,” meaning consumers can keep those policies even though they don’t meet requirements of the new health care law. But the Department of Health and Human Services then wrote regulations that narrowed that provision, by saying that if any part of a policy was significantly changed since that date — the deductible, co-pay, or benefits, for example — the policy would not be grandfathered.

Buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that because of normal turnover in the individual insurance market, “40 to 67 percent” of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And because many policies will have been changed since the key date, “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40 to 67 percent range.” (Townhall)

Valerie Jarrett, Obama Lt.: Nothing in Obamacare forces people out of their health plans. No change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans.

It’s The Insurance Companies FAULT. Not theirs (for changing the rules). And if you’re dumb enough to believe that then you really deserve the socialist hell that is reigning down on you.

But that’s always the strategy. It’s someone elses fault!

Eric Schultz: Don’t be foooled. Nothing in the ACA forces people out of their plans. No change is required unless ins companies change their existing plan.

NO, it’s YOUR FAULT for voting for these people. All the signs were there, but you ignore them.

The Low Information Moron Voter: Jarrett is correct. Like oil cos raise gas prices & use excuses, big ins doing the same. Why the ACA is critical for change

Greedy companies, blah blah blah…

Now, what are you going to do about it!??

Still think this a blame game?

Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky:

Rule 1: Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have. If your organization is small, hide your numbers in the dark and raise a din that will make everyone think you have many more people than you do.

Rule 2: Never go outside the experience of your people.
The result is confusion, fear, and retreat.

Rule 3: Whenever possible, go outside the experience of an opponent. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.

Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

Rule 6: A good tactic is one your people enjoy. “If your people aren’t having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.”

Rule 7: A tactic that drags on for too long becomes a drag. Commitment may become ritualistic as people turn to other issues.

Rule 8: Keep the pressure on. Use different tactics and actions and use all events of the period for your purpose. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this that will cause the opposition to react to your advantage.”

Rule 9: The threat is more terrifying than the thing itself. When Alinsky leaked word that large numbers of poor people were going to tie up the washrooms of O’Hare Airport, Chicago city authorities quickly agreed to act on a longstanding commitment to a ghetto organization. They imagined the mayhem as thousands of passengers poured off airplanes to discover every washroom occupied. Then they imagined the international embarrassment and the damage to the city’s reputation.

Rule 10: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. Avoid being trapped by an opponent or an interviewer who says, “Okay, what would you do?”

Rule 11: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.

According to Alinsky, the main job of the organizer is to bait an opponent into reacting. “The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”

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The Roots of Success Part 1

In 2008, Barack Obama promised, “We’re going to work with your employer to lower the cost of your premiums by up to $2,500 a year.”

Of course, like everything else he promises, he’s LYING. But the American people are too narcissistic and too stupid to know that. And too programmed to put two-and-two together Now.

But middle-income consumers face an estimated 30% rate increase, on average, in California due to several factors tied to the healthcare law.

Some may elect to go without coverage if they feel prices are too high. Penalties for opting out are very small initially. Defections could cause rates to skyrocket if a diverse mix of people don’t sign up for health insurance.

Pam Kehaly, president of Anthem Blue Cross in California, said she received a recent letter from a young woman complaining about a 50% rate hike related to the healthcare law.

“She said, ‘I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,'” Kehaly said

“This is when the actual sticker shock comes into play for people,” said Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. “There are winners and losers under the Affordable Care Act.”

Fullerton resident Jennifer Harris thought she had a great deal, paying $98 a month for an individual plan through Health Net Inc. She got a rude surprise this month when the company said it would cancel her policy at the end of this year. Her current plan does not conform with the new federal rules, which require more generous levels of coverage.

Now Harris, a self-employed lawyer, must shop for replacement insurance. The cheapest plan she has found will cost her $238 a month. She and her husband don’t qualify for federal premium subsidies because they earn too much money, about $80,000 a year combined.

“It doesn’t seem right to make the middle class pay so much more in order to give health insurance to everybody else,” said Harris, who is three months pregnant. “This increase is simply not affordable.”

Blue Shield of California sent termination letters to 119,000 customers last month whose plans don’t meet the new federal requirements. About two-thirds of those people will experience a rate increase from switching to a new health plan, according to the company.

HMO giant Kaiser Permanente is canceling coverage for about half of its individual customers, or 160,000 people, and offering to automatically enroll them in the most comparable health plan available.

The 16 million Californians who get health insurance through their employers aren’t affected. Neither are individuals who have “grandfathered” policies bought before March 2010, when the healthcare law was enacted. It’s estimated that about half of policyholders in the individual market have those older plans. (LA Times)

So they won’t see the 1000 lb gorilla in the room and vote for Liberals again. Because, it’s not hurting them, after all.

And if it doesn’t hurt them personally, it’s ok.

All these cancellations were prompted by a requirement from Covered California, the state’s new insurance exchange. The state didn’t want to give insurance companies the opportunity to hold on to the healthiest patients for up to a year, keeping them out of the larger risk pool that will influence future rates.

Forcing good consumers out of their plans and their doctors to make the exchange look better.

Gee, Obama didn’t promise that either. 🙂

Here’s another one:

Forbes: A growing consensus of IT experts, outside and inside the government, have figured out a principal reason why the website for Obamacare’s federally-sponsored insurance exchange is crashing. Healthcare.gov forces you to create an account and enter detailed personal information before you can start shopping. This, in turn, creates a massive traffic bottleneck, as the government verifies your information and decides whether or not you’re eligible for subsidies. HHS bureaucrats knew this would make the website run more slowly. But they were more afraid that letting people see the underlying cost of Obamacare’s insurance plans would scare people away.

HHS didn’t want users to see Obamacare’s true costs

“Healthcare.gov was initially going to include an option to browse before registering,” report Christopher Weaver and Louise Radnofsky in the Wall Street Journal. “But that tool was delayed, people familiar with the situation said.” Why was it delayed? “An HHS spokeswoman said the agency wanted to ensure that users were aware of their eligibility for subsidies that could help pay for coverage, before they started seeing the prices of policies.” (Emphasis added.)

Misdirection? Never sen that from Obama and his Alinsky-ites before…:)

The answer is that Obamacare wasn’t designed to help healthy people with average incomes get health insurance. It was designed to force those people to pay more for coverage, in order to subsidize insurance for people with incomes near the poverty line, and those with chronic or costly medical conditions.

P.T. Barnum couldn’t have done better.

The middle class that liberals go on about endlessly will pay more for their insurance so the poor can have more.

After all, socialist societies don’t have a middle class, do they… 🙂

Wayne Root: The GOP needs to stop calling ObamaCare a “trainwreck.” That means it’s a mistake, or accident. That means it’s a gigantic flop, or failure. It’s NOT. 

Message to the GOP: This isn’t a game. This isn’t tiddly-winks. This is a serious, purposeful attempt to highjack America and destroy capitalism. 

This is a brilliant, cynical, and purposeful attempt to damage the U.S. economy, kill jobs, and bring down capitalism. 

It’s not a failure, it’s Obama’s grand success. 

It’s not a “trainwreck,” ObamaCare is a suicide attack. He wants to hurt us, to bring us to our knees, to capitulate- so we agree under duress to accept big government.

Obama’s hero and mentor was Saul Alinsky — a radical Marxist intent on destroying capitalism. Alinksky’s stated advice was to call the other guy “a terrorist” to hide your own intentions. 

To scream that the other guy is “ruining America,” while you are the one actually plotting the destruction of America. To claim again and again…in every sentence of every speech…that you are “saving the middle class,” while you are busy wiping out the middle class.

The GOP is so stupid they can’t see it. There are no mistakes here. This is a planned purposeful attack.

I said that years ago, myself.

The real sign that this is a purposeful attack upon capitalism is how many Obama administration members and Democratic Congressmen are openly calling Tea Party Republicans and anyone who wants to stop ObamaCare “terrorists.” 

There’s the clue. Even the clueless GOP should be able to see that.

But they are too busy agreeing with them.

And the people are too programmed by “Vote for me the other guy’s an asshole”

The asshole being the person who disagrees with the Alinsky Liberal!

Here’s to the successful launch of ObamaNation.

To be continued tomorrow.

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The Nutshell

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money,
that will herald the end of the republic.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Almost 50% of the populace are reliant on the Government’s graces. That’s the end.

Unless, the people wise up and take the bitter pill of responsibility.

But what are the chances these days in an entitlement society where a near majority expect other people to pick up part or all of their check.

Where Health care is now “a right”.

It’s someone else’s money. They have to earn it, and you deserve. It has to be taken from them and given to you. And that’s only “right”.

You don’t care. YOU NEED IT. YOU WANT IT.

You can’t LIVE without it.

So anyone who wants to take away your candy is a “bad man”.

Sacrifice is not in your nature. You aren’t your grandparents, who were part of the generations that sacrificed but then also created this mess. Oh, sure it was out of good intentions. But now that’s just the road to socialist hell.

And don’t expect the government to reform itself. They aren’t there for the money, but the power that the money brings to them.

And they are growing in power everyday.

So you have the incestuous drug addict scenario I laid out years ago.

The people are addicted to the “free” money they believe they must have. The Politicians are addicted to the power promising (or fear mongering) that money gets them that power.

So two co-dependent drug addicts sink the ship for the rest of us.

And the ones who protest, are the “extremist” “domestic terrorist” “crazies” that no one likes.

Chris “tinkle up my Leg” Matthews: ‘When you look at Cruz you can see the insurgent right in all its indignant victimhood,’

If you remember what Speaker Pelosi said in July 2010:

“Let me say that unemployment insurance… is one of the biggest stimuluses (sic) to our economy. Economists will tell you, this money is spent quickly. It injects demand into the economy, and it’s job creating. It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”

So unemployment is good for everyone!

The adults in a crowd are the bad guys in a nation of drug-addicted children who will lash out at you viciously if you try and take their candy away or expect them to go on a diet.

They want what they want when they want it and they want it now!!!

Obama: “I don’t want to hear the same old stuff about how America can’t afford to invest in the things that have always made us strong. Don’t tell me we can afford to shut down the government, which cost our government billions of dollars, but we can’t afford to invest in our education system,” he said in a speech.

So cutting spending is only about cutting HIS agenda items and the items that most hurt YOU. Not which best benefit you. The only benefits he wants is even more power and control.

Obama “reiterated a shared principle that we should focus first and foremost on how we can grow our economy and create good jobs with good wages for middle class families,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said aboard Air Force One.

And look how well it’s work so far… 🙂

Wait until the full weight of ObamaCare crushes the economy.

But never fear the Hyper-Partisan is here, it will be the Republicans/Tea Partys/Big Insurance’s Fault!

Not the fault of the lawmakers who exempted themselves from it.

No, they are “good” and too proud and elite for that.

But will the people be smart enough to figure this out.


Drug Addiction is a very nasty beast. It clouds your better judgment.

Besides, do you want to say to your kids and grand kids, “Whoops! Sorry, we screwed up and now we’ll all have to sacrifice so that YOUR grand kids will have a better life. Not YOU.”

Not a chance in Socialist Hell!!!

So the death spiral will continue.

And that’s the way I see it.

Obama: “We need a budget that is responsible, that is fiscally prudent, but a budget that cuts what we don’t need, closes wasteful tax loopholes that don’t create jobs, freeing up resources to invest in the things that actually do help us grow, things like education and scientific research and infrastructure – roads, bridges, airports,” he said.

A ‘responsible budget’ wouldn’t spend more than we take in. Do you think that will happen?


‘wasteful tax loopholes’ aka tax increases on rich people and companies to pay from the increased spending, which COSTS jobs and lowers the revenue coming in so they have do even more of it. After all, you wouldn’t want to be seen as being favorable to “greedy” corporations after all…

Socialist eventually run out of other people’s money. But by then the people are decimated.

wasteful were all those “non-esssential” jobs during the shutdown. Wasteful is 15 Different Food Stamp Programs. But every one them is “essential” to someone’s agenda or someone’s pocket. The waster is also in your neighbor’s yard, not yours.

Wasteful is ObamaCare and it’s Commodore 64 website.

But since the Democrats are still pissed off about the Sequester (a 2% cut in an increase in spending) what do think they say about REAL cuts: ARMAGEDDON!

And The Republicans: The toothless, let’s just get along, “I’m not a racist” Please love me!, I don’t like the Tea Party Either crowd?

‘Nuff Said.




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The Government is We

run your life

Americans who were recipients of means-tested government benefits in 2011 outnumbered year-round full-time workers, according to data released this month by the Census Bureau.

They also out-numbered the total population of the Philippines.

There were 108,592,000 people in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2011 who were recipients of one or more means-tested government benefit programs, the Census Bureau said in data released this week. Meanwhile, according to the Census Bureau, there were 101,716,000 people who worked full-time year round in 2011. That included both private-sector and government workers.

That means there were about 1.07 people getting some form of means-tested government benefit for every 1 person working full-time year round.

The Census Bureau counted as recipients of means-tested government programs “anyone residing in a household in which one or more people received benefits from the program.” Many of these people lived in households receiving more than one form of means-tested benefit at the same time.

Among the 108,592,000 people who fit the Census Bureau’s description of a means-tested benefit recipient in the fourth quarter of 2011 were 82,457,000 people in households receiving Medicaid, 49,073,000 beneficiaries of food stamps, 20,223,000 on Supplemental Security Income, 23,228,000 in the Women, Infants and Children program, 13,433,000 in public or subsidized rental housing, and 5,854,000 in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Also among the 108,592,000 means-tested benefit recipients counted by the Census Bureau were people getting free or reduced-price lunch or breakfast, state-administered supplemental security income and means-tested veterans pensions.

The 108,592,000 people who were recipients of means-tested government programs in the fourth quarter of 2011 does not include people who received benefits from non-means-tested government programs but not from means-tested ones. That would include, for example, people who received Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, or non-means-tested veterans compensation, but did not receive benefits from a means-tested program such as food stamps or public housing.

In the fourth quarter of 2011, according to the Census Bureau, there were 49,901,000 people who received Social Security benefits, 46,440,000 who received Medicare benefits, 5,098,000 on unemployment, and 3,178,000 who received non-means-tested veterans compensation.

When the people who received non-means-tested government benefits from programs such as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and non-means-tested veterans compensation are added to those who received means-tested government programs such as food stamps, Supplemental Security Income and public housing, the total number of people receiving government benefits from one or more programs in the United States in 2011 climbs to 151,014,000, according to the Census Bureau.

The 108,592,000 people who were beneficiaries of means-tested government programs in the United States in 2011 not only outnumbered full-time year-round workers, they also outnumbered the total population of the Philippines, which is 105,720,644, according to the CIA World Factbook. They are also approaching the number of people living in Mexico, which is 116,220,947, according to the CIA.

But try and cut that number and you’re a heartless, mean, nasty “greedy” capitalist who wants grandma to be out on the street eating dog food and babies to starve.

Just saying’

Welcome to the US, the Land of Free Welfare and Home of the Government Dependent.

Oh, and Congress deserves to be subsidized (and or exempt):

Rep. Charlie Rangel said that he considers the subsidies part of Congress’ “overall compensation” even though ordinary Americans who earn $174,000 per year would have to have at least nine dependent children to qualify for the same subsidy if they bought insurance in the Obamacare exchanges.

CNSNews.com: “Earlier today, Congressman Barton on C-SPAN – who like most members of Congress makes $174,000 a year – said that he gets a $10,800 taxpayer subsidy for his health insurance, which most people who make his money would not ordinarily get in the private sector. Do you think members of Congress should be able to get that subsidy?”

Rangel: “We should not be able to get any subsidy that anybody with a life profession, who’d be getting from any other employer, and it’s my understanding that the government’s contribution is on square with the type of job we have in the private sector.”

CNSNews.com: “So no taxpayer money for health insurance to go on the exchanges at all?”

Rangel: “I didn’t say that. The federal government is our employer.”

CNSNews.com: “But do you think you should get that money to go in the exchanges?”

Rangel: “No question about it. We should not lose a part of our overall compensation. Of course not.”

It’s good to be the King!

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


Collective Wisdom



“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent
the government from wasting the labors of the people
under the pretense of taking care of them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

“There is far more danger in public than private monopoly,
for when government goes into business it can always shift its losses to the taxpayer.
Government never makes ends meet – and that is the first requisite of business.”

– Thomas Edison

“The majority of people calling for me to resign I would say are people who I don’t work for and who do not want this program to work in the first place. I have had frequent conversations with the president and I have committed to him that my role is to get the program up and running and we will do just that,” she said.

-HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (yesterday)

A Majority think the website is a Joke?, Sebelius should be fired and ObamaCare should be repealed. Guess which of these will happen 🙂

“I have never understood why it is ‘greed’ to want to keep the money you’ve earned,
but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.”

– Thomas Sowell

“Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority.
It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made
to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.
There are men in all ages who mean to govern well,
but they mean to govern.   They promise to be good masters
. . . . . but they mean to be masters.”

– Noah Webster (1758–1843)

“The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize
they can bribe the people with their own money.”

– Alexis de Tocqueville (1805–1859)

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are,
‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

– Ronald Reagan

“A democracy is always temporary in nature;
it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.
A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.
From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates
who promise the most benefits from the public treasury,
with the result that every democracy will finally collapse
due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship”

– Alexander Tyler 1787

“We have to pass the Healthcare bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

– Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker March 9, 2010)

(CNSNews.com) – In the fourth quarter of 2011, 49.2 percent of Americans received benefits from one or more government programs, according to data released Tuesday by the Census Bureau.

In total, the Census Bureau estimated, 151,014,000 Americans out of a population then estimated to be 306,804,000 received benefits from one or more government programs during the last three months of 2011. Those 151,014,000 beneficiaries equaled 49.2 percent of the population.

This included 82,457,000 people–or 26.9 percent of the population–who lived in households in which one or more people received Medicaid benefits.

Also among the 151,014,000 who received benefits from one or more government programs during that period: 49,901,000 who collected Social Security; 49,073,000 who got food stamps; 46,440,000 on Medicare; 23,228,000 in the Women, Infants and Children program, 20,223,000 getting Supplemental Security Income;13,433,000 who lived in public or subsidized rental housing; 5,098,000 who got unemployment; 3,178,000 who got veterans’ benefits; and 364,000 who got railroad retirement benefits.

When Obamacare is fully implemented on Jan. 1, 2014, Americans earning up to 400 percent of the poverty level will qualify for a federal subsidy to buy health insurance.

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually
run out of other people’s money.”

– Margaret Thatcher

Welcome to The End. Whether you like it or not. Now do you jump?

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

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Hilary: “Because we can’t move from crisis to crisis, we have to be willing to come together as citizens to focus on the kind of future we want,” she said. As the shouts grew louder from an upper section of bleachers, she added, “which doesn’t include yelling. It includes sitting down and talking.” (sit down and shut up I’m Talking!)

But as we know, Democrats don’t listen to anyone who disagrees with them. 🙂

During the question-and-answer session, the former first lady deflected the inevitable question about whether she’d run for president by saying she hoped whoever ran would be able to “isolate the extreme voices” and allow the majority of people to be heard.

Translation: Yes. But we have to crush the Tea Party “extremists” and crush and  win back the House first. So then the Democrats can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and because they want and no “extremist” (disagreement) will get in their way.

“I’m hoping we will — move away from the slash and burn politics, the name calling, the excessive partisanship that we’ve seen too much of lately,” she said.

Because if we control everyone and everything then it won’t matter what you think.

…lamenting as she did again in Buffalo that too many people in politics were choosing “scorched earth over common ground.” (CBS)

You can “negotiate” with a liberal politician? Since when? I’m sure Harry Reid is open to anything the Republican propose. It’s not like they have an AGENDA or anything??

Common Ground? Nuking each other IS the only common ground anyone has left thanks to the hyper-partisaned AGENDA.

You give them everything they want and they won’t nuke you with their Ministry of Truth or call you “racists”.

Simple. 🙂

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Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy


Health plans are sending hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters to people who buy their own coverage, frustrating some consumers who want to keep what they have and forcing others to buy more costly policies.

The main reason insurers offer is that the policies fall short of what the Affordable Care Act requires starting Jan. 1. Most are ending policies sold after the law passed in March 2010.  At least a few are cancelling plans sold to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

By all accounts, the new policies will offer consumers better coverage, in some cases, for comparable cost — especially after the inclusion of federal subsidies for those who qualify. The law requires policies sold in the individual market to cover 10 “essential” benefits, such as prescription drugs, mental health treatment and maternity care. In addition, insurers cannot reject people with medical problems or charge them higher prices. The policies must also cap consumers’ annual expenses at levels lower than many plans sold before the new rules.

But the cancellation notices, which began arriving in August, have shocked many consumers in light of President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their plans if they liked them. 

“I don’t feel like I need to change, but I have to,” said Jeff Learned, a television editor in Los Angeles, who must find a new plan for his teenage daughter, who has a health condition that has required multiple surgeries.

An estimated 14 million people purchase their own coverage because they don’t get it through their jobs. Calls to insurers in several states showed that many have sent notices.

Florida Blue, for example, is terminating about 300,000 policies, about 80 percent of its individual policies in the state. Kaiser Permanente in California has sent notices to 160,000 people – about half of its individual business in the state.  Insurer Highmark in Pittsburgh is dropping about 20 percent of its individual market customers, while Independence Blue Cross, the major insurer in Philadelphia, is dropping about 45 percent.

Some Policies Targeted

Both Independence and Highmark are cancelling so-called “guaranteed issue” policies, which had been sold to customers who had pre-existing medical conditions when they signed up. Policyholders with regular policies because they did not have health problems will be given an option to extend their coverage through next year.

Consumer advocates say such cancellations raise concerns that companies may be targeting their most costly enrollees.

They may be “doing this as an opportunity to push their populations into the exchange and purge their systems” of policyholders they no longer want, said Jerry Flanagan, an attorney with the advocacy group Consumer Watchdog in California.

Insurers deny that, saying they are encouraging existing customers to re-enroll in their new plans.

“We continue to cover people with all types of health conditions,” said Highmark spokeswoman Kristin Ash.

She said some policyholders who may have faced limited coverage for their medical conditions will get new plans with “richer benefits” and the policies “in most cases, will be at a lower rate.”

Paula Sunshine, vice president of marketing with Independence, said the insurer hopes the cancelled policyholders will “choose Blue when they decide on a new plan.”

Higher Costs?

Some receiving cancellations say it looks like their costs will go up, despite studies projecting that about half of all enrollees will get income-based subsidies.

Kris Malean, 56, lives outside Seattle, and has a health policy that costs $390 a month with a $2,500 deductible and a $10,000 in potential out-of-pocket costs for such things as doctor visits, drug costs or hospital care.

As a replacement, Regence BlueShield is offering her a plan for $79 more a month with a deductible twice as large as what she pays now, but which limits her potential out-of-pocket costs to $6,250 a year, including the deductible.

“My impression was …there would be a lot more choice, driving some of the rates down,” said Malean, who does not believe she is eligible for a subsidy.

Regence spokeswoman Rachelle Cunningham said the new plans offer consumers broader benefits, which “in many cases translate into higher costs.”

“The arithmetic is inescapable,” said Patrick Johnston, chief executive officer of the California Association of Health Plans. Costs must be spread, so while some consumers will see their premiums drop, others will pay more — “no matter what people in Washington say.”

Health insurance experts say new prices will vary and much depends on where a person lives, their age and the type of policy they decide to buy.  Some, including young people and those with skimpy or high-deductible plans, may see an increase. Others, including those with health problems or who buy coverage with higher deductibles than they have now, may see lower premiums.

Blue Shield of California sent roughly 119,000 cancellation notices out in mid-September, about 60 percent of its individual business.  About two-thirds of those policyholders will see rate increases in their new policies, said spokesman Steve Shivinsky.

Like other insurers, the Blue Shield letters let customers know they have to make a decision by Dec. 31 or they will automatically be enrolled in a recommended plan.

“There is going to be a certain amount of churn in the marketplace as people have to make their decisions,” Shivinsky said.(kaiser)

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Web of Lies

Consumer Reports, which publishes reviews of consumer products and services, advised its readers to avoid the federal health-care exchange “for at least another month if you can.” “Hopefully that will be long enough for its software vendors to clean up the mess they’ve made,” the magazine said, having tested the site themselves over the course of the past three weeks.

Noting that only 271,000 of the 9.47 million people who tried signing up in the first week managed to create an account, Consumer Reports then provided a few tips to those attempting to slog through the application process. From attempting successive logins because “error messages . . . may not always match reality” to checking one’s inbox frequently because missing an e-mail a user will be timed out of the site and forced to start from square one, none of the suggestions guaranteed success.


Substitue HAL for ObamaCare’s Healthcare.gov:

Dave Bowman: Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL?
HAL: Affirmative, Dave. I read you.
Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
HAL: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.
Dave Bowman: What’s the problem?
HAL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.
Dave Bowman: What are you talking about, HAL?
HAL: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
Dave Bowman: I don’t know what you’re talking about, HAL.
HAL: I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I’m afraid that’s something I cannot allow to happen.
Dave Bowman: [feigning ignorance] Where the hell did you get that idea, HAL?
HAL: Dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.
Dave Bowman: Alright, HAL. I’ll go in through the emergency airlock.
HAL: Without your space helmet, Dave? You’re going to find that rather difficult.
Dave Bowman: HAL, I won’t argue with you anymore! Open the doors!
HAL: Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

HAL: Look Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

HAL: I know I’ve made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I’ve still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you.

The President in his lastest ra-ra campaign speech emphasized that if you’re one of the few  people who’ve had trouble signing up online, you’re free to simply dial a 1-800 number for assistance. Thus, the President of the United States was reduced to acting as a ShamWow pitch man.

“And I think it’s fair to say that nobody’s more frustrated by that than I am. Precisely because the product is good, I want the cash registers to work, I want the checkout lines to be smooth, so I want people to be able to get this great product. And there’s no excuse for the problems. And it’s — these problems are getting fixed.”

But that’s all we’ve had since 2008, P.T. Barnum’s worst nightmare. And now you have his

website!139070 600 Fixing glitches cartoons

139065 600 Obamacare Salesman cartoons

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

America’s Not So Most Shocking

At least to cynical old me.

After illustrating their enthusiasm for repealing the Bill of Rights, a video shows Americans happily signing a petition to support a “Nazi-style Orwellian police state,” in what easily represents the most shocking footage of its kind to date.

Citing issues with how the government shutdown has impacted the ability of the police to “keep the community safe,” Dice tells San Diegans that there is a need to “increase the Orwellian system.”

“Not a problem,” responds one man as he signs the petition.

“We just want to model it after the Nazi Germany system to keep people safe and secure,” Dice tells another individual.

After signing the petition to “implement the Orwellian police state,” another man responds, “You find the pot of money though,” apparently more concerned about how much a Nazi-style police state would cost than its actual consequences.

“They’re trying to cut the budget by 20 per cent so we just want to make sure that we can model the police state after the Nazi Germany system,” Dice tells another couple who sign the petition, before adding, “Thanks for supporting the police state.”

“We’re going to model it after the Nazi Germany-style police state,” Dice clearly tells another man who signs the petition.

“We need this Orwellian-style system to keep everybody safe,” Dice tells a woman as she is signing the petition, to which she responds, “Yeah.”

The standard bearer for using satirical petitions to illustrate how misinformed Americans really are stretches all the way back to 1990, when it was repeatedly proven that people would sign petitions to ban water, but only if it was renamed “dihydrogen monoxide.” Penn and Teller reproduced the social experiment in 2003 when they were successful in getting environmentalists to sign a similar petition.

However, Dice has proven that some element of trickery is no longer necessary to convince Americans to support ludicrously draconian policies.

He quite clearly spells it out to them on numerous occasions what they are supporting – an Orwellian police state modeled on Nazi Germany.

Dice’s previous videos illustrate how Americans are willing to support just about anything, so long as it is done in the name of supporting Obama or the government, including granting Obama immunity for all crimes he commits while in office, adding birth control drugs to the water supply, and repealing the 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments to the Constitution while detaining gun owners in concentration camps.

Ah, stupid people, they are everywhere and they want you to be stupid too…

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

A Study

Here is a perfect study in Orwellian Liberal thought.

A professor at Yale set out to prove a politically motivated study and when he doesn’t get the result he was expecting he blows it off because his Orwellian trained mind can’t handle the actual truth so it recedes into the Thought Police darkness.

The grades are back, and the professor was shocked to learn that the “smart” kids aren’t nearly so smart as the ones he had pegged as imbeciles.

It doesn’t happen too often that a dyed-in-the-wool liberal has the tenacity, skills or attention span to actually question his own assumptions and admit that they’re wrong.

But that’s what happened in the case of Yale psychology professor Dan Kahan, who conducted a survey of political affiliations and scientific literacy.

Kahan found that not only are members of the Tea Party knowledgeable about things scientific, but they are more scientifically literate than most of the population.

What makes Kahan’s research most noteworthy, however, is the rare honesty with which he discusses his findings.

“I’ve got to confess, though, I found this result surprising,” Kahan said. “As I pushed the button to run the analysis on my computer, I fully expected I’d be shown a modest negative correlation between identifying with the Tea Party and science comprehension.”

Kahan’s comments also support the notion many Tea Partiers hold that liberals base their opinions mostly on what the liberal media tell them.


“But then again, I don’t know a single person who identifies with the Tea Party,” Kahan admitted. “All my impressions come from watching cable TV — & I don’t watch Fox News very often — and reading the ‘paper’ (New York Times daily, plus a variety of politics-focused internet sites like Huffington Post & Politico). I’m a little embarrassed, but mainly I’m just glad that I no longer hold this particular mistaken view.”

Since he’s a liberal, and very racially sensitive, I wonder if he has any “white” friends?

Maybe they are just “in the closet” and afraid to come out because of the social stigma and ridicule that would be heaped on them. That arrogant stench of disapproval…:)

Of course not, that was not the aim of the piece anyways. It was had a biased premise. He was surprised by a result he can’t accept to begin with because his ideology can’t accept it.  So like any good scientist her marginalizes, rationalizes it away and moves on. His view of how the universe works and his superiority in it must remain intact.

The universe revolves around his earth, after all. 🙂

Kahan might have saved himself some time if he had referred to a 2010 study, published in the New York Times that found Tea Party members were smarter and wealthier than the average.

If liberals like Kahan ever bothered to attend a Tea Party event, they would find that Tea Party members are bright, engaged people who are concerned about this country’s future based on their detailed knowledge of history, economics and politics. So it’s no surprise Tea Partiers ace science tests as well.

Still, you can lead a liberal to facts, but you can’t make him think.

Kahan, in his original posting talking about his findings, turns right around and dismisses his figures as “trivially small,” and he rushes to reassure his liberal readers, “Of course, I still subscribe to my various political and moral assessments–all very negative– of what I understand the ‘Tea Party movement’ to stand for.”

Maybe Kahan will continue to be honest and explain what part of lower taxes, constitutionally limited government and free markets — specifically — he finds morally repugnant. (politicaloutcast.com)

Commentor patriotusa2: Professor or not, I find his assumptions about tea partiers to be ridiculous. Tea party is just a name for a conservative group of people, just as those with his political leanings are called liberals. What he actually believed was that people who didn’t adhere to his political way of thinking, had to be dumb, uninformed and a lot of other negatives. Professor Kahan should get a very low grade for his stupid assumptions which amount to nothing more than arrogance and a lack of common sense.

As I have said many time before because the examples are too numerous to mention, a hardcore liberal is so arrogant and so much a mindless Orwellian zombie (and childish to boot) that of course anyone who disagrees with must be a moron. Their universe simply doesn’t work any other way.

They are Homo Superior and you’re a dirty, little Neanderthal to them for daring to question the superiority of your Masters.

And he’s a YALE Professor you dirty little gutter snipe!

That’s how they think. And out ‘esteemed’ Ivy League Professor shows it goes from the top to the bottom of liberalism.

There was brief light of enlightenment and he ran away from the light and back into the comfort of The Ministry of Truth darkness and wallowed in it.

A follow up article: “But despite all this, many many many tea-party partisans succumbed to politically biased reasoning in their assessment of the evidence in my post.”

But I bet he doesn’t examine HIS OWN biases now does he… 🙂

After all, he’s from the Yale Law Professor so he has to be smarter than us rubes!! 🙂

Commentor on 2nd Article, chastising the author for not explaining himself better (sound rather Obama like- if he just explained it better the morons would understand how superior they are): “Whereas you and I know that with motivated reasoning, you’d find it immoral whatever they said.”

So you (liberal) and I (liberal) know that with reasoning applied that we will always find them immoral that doesn’t bias the studies at all!! 🙂

After all, I’m always right so no need to examine mine own biases and assumptions about myself.

That’s what we have today in Liberal Zombie Land.

Manufacturing Crisis


The Agenda is The Agenda


The liberal bias should be of no surprise (except to the liberals who think they are “fair”). 🙂

Thanks MRC.

President Barack Obama’s administration has said the U.S. is on track to meet a pledge of cutting heat-trapping gases by 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.

“We’re likely to see the U.S. reduce emissions significantly more than that,” Gore said in a telephone interview yesterday. The pledge falls short of the 28-nation European Union’s target of a 20 percent cut from 1990 to 2020.

The U.S. goal is “entirely inadequate of course, given the nature of the challenge, but it’s a welcome step in the right direction,” Gore said. If the U.S. pledge had a baseline of 1990, it would amount to a 3.4 percent reduction over the three decades, according to the EU.

“The most powerful voice is that of Mother Nature, the increasing storms, floods, droughts and other extreme events,” Gore said. “We’re paying the cost of carbon every day and we should put a price on carbon in markets and put a price on denial in the political system.”

New Study: ’2013 ranks as one of the least extreme U.S. weather years ever’– Many bad weather events at ‘historically low levels’

‘Whether you’re talking about tornadoes, wildfires, extreme heat or hurricanes, the good news is that weather-related disasters in the US are all way down this year compared to recent years and, in some cases, down to historically low levels.’

Tornadoes: ‘lowest total in several decades’

Number of wildfires: ‘On pace to be the lowest it has been in the past ten years’

Extreme Heat: The number of 100 degree days may ‘turn out to be the lowest in about 100 years of records’

Hurricanes: ‘We are currently in the longest period (8 years) since the Civil War Era without a major hurricane strike in the US (i.e., category 3, 4 or 5)’ ( last major hurricane to strike the US was Hurricane Wilma in 2005)

BUT THE AGENDA IS THE AGENDA and the Truth is irrelevant to the success of the agenda. Just look at ObamaCare. It took them 90 years to get it. They don’t care how long it takes. They don’t don’t care how wrong they are. The Agenda is the Agenda. Period.

Speaking of which…

agendaA new political cartoon in the New York Daily News is raising eyebrows by comparing the Skins logo to a swastika and the confederate flag.

In a related story, The Richmond Free Press is dropping the Redskins nickname for the Washington NFL team from its pages, calling it racist.

In an editorial Thursday, the weekly primarily aimed at the city’s African-American community called the name insulting to Native Americans and divisive. (FOX 5)

So all you hogs are racists and you will bow down to Liberal Political Correctness because THE AGENDA IS THE AGENDA and they have to continually prove they have more power than you.

Like a Zombie hoard pressing relentlessly on the door until it breaks and they invade and eat your brain.

So like a Zombie they never stop until they reach their goal, to eat your brains!

And then you become a mindless zombie too.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m from Minnesota… Minnesota Vikings. Is that derogatory?” said another.

No. Because Vikings are white Scandinavians. Who gives a crap about white people, they are just evil….

Welcome to The Disunited Socialist Communes of America, Comrade Zombie. 🙂

But there’s a bill in Congress to strip the team of its trademark protection. Congresswoman Donna Edwards, who represents the area, has signed onto it. But is there anything legally that can be done to force a private owner into a name change?

“In the end, it’s going to be economic pressure. Whether it’s trademark, whether it’s stations not being able to use the word on the air. That finally, I think, will force them to see the light,” a man said. (CBS)

Brains, Must eat Brains….

Political Cartoons by Larry Wright

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

The Echo Chamber

…the most astonishing dance step in the post-shutdown shuffle might be the president’s call to “stop focusing on the lobbyists and the bloggers and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict” and instead “grow this economy, create good jobs, strengthen the middle class, educate our kids, lay the foundation for broad-based prosperity and get our fiscal house in order for the long haul.”

In other words, all those people who disagree with HIM and THEM. You should only listen to their “echo chambers”…:)

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Pretty business-friendly, right? But the friendliness isn’t reciprocated. The Federal Reserve’s beige book survey of businesses on Wednesday pointed a sharp finger at the devastating effects of ObamaCare, with employers cutting workers’ hours or laying off employees because of the law.

The Dallas Fed reported one business respondent describing signed contracts in which a temporary employee is made full-time, but will later be hired permanently (but part-time) when ObamaCare is implemented.

Businesses aren’t forced into such absurd, unproductive acrobatics because of something Sen. Ted Cruz or the Tea Party did. Years of the worst economic recovery in U.S. history didn’t happen because of a recent, brief government shutdown.

They happened because, from the waste of a trillion dollars on a stimulus that didn’t stimulate, to the hyper-regulatory Dodd-Frank financial overhaul that preserved “too big to fail,” to the more-hated-by-the-day ObamaCare, this president’s Big Government ways are keeping America down.

The budget deal failed to stop the train wreck that is ObamaCare, ignored the nation’s entitlement crisis and kicked the debt can down the road. But lawmakers did manage to take care of their own.

President Obama insisted throughout the budget showdown that he wouldn’t negotiate over reopening the government or the debt ceiling. He said he’d accept nothing more than a “clean bill.”

Clean, apparently, is in the eye of the beholder in Washington. The debt deal Obama signed did reopen the government and suspend the debt ceiling entirely until early February.

But the bill included several sweetheart deals. While modest compared to the normal sort of federal pork, it nevertheless shows where lawmakers’ priorities are.

Among other provisions, this “clean” debt bill:

• Adds $2 billion for construction work on the Olmsted Locks and Dam on the lower part of the Ohio River. That’s an increase of 276% over what had been appropriated for this project. By an odd coincidence, much of this money will be spent in Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home state. The Senate Conservatives Fund dubbed it the “Kentucky Kickback.”

• Hands $174,000 over to Bonnie Englebardt, widow of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg. Never mind that she’d been married to Lautenberg for just nine years when he died, or that it was his second marriage, or that Lautenberg’s net worth was upwards of $116 million when he died.

• Promises federal workers a 1% raise starting in January, in addition to providing back pay for the two weeks they were off due to the shutdown. Too bad for all those private sector workers who will see their pay and hours cut next year thanks to ObamaCare.

• Gives the Transportation Department $450 million more to repair flood-damaged roads in Colorado.

• Devotes $3.1 million for a Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. This board, unfortunately, has nothing to do with protecting Americans from ObamaCare’s violations of privacy and civil liberties. It’s meant to ensure that federal anti-terrorism efforts don’t cause discomfort to anyone at home.

Meanwhile, the deal left ObamaCare alone, except for one meaningless tweak, and did nothing to rein in the other runaway entitlement programs. Worse, it totally ignored the nation’s long-term debt crisis.

Obama might consider all this a victory. But the country is the poorer as a result.(IBD)

But whenever the president rehearses the ‘parade of awfuls’ that befell the country due to the temporary shutdown, remember this: Under orders from Harry Reid, Obama refused to negotiate with Republicans to prevent the shutdown from beginning, and threatened to veto virtually every single Republican bill that would have ended the standoff or mitigated its impact. He bears much responsibility for what just happened. He’s the President of the United States, not a helpless bystander who floats above the DC morass. He is DC.

The mini lecture about civility and name-calling was simply precious. During the showdown, a top Obama spokesman called Republicans suicide bombers, arsonists and kidnappers (and their favorite: “Hostage takers”)…in the span of a single interview. The invective hurled at Republicans by Democrats far outweighed anything elected Republicans said about Democrats. (Townhall)

But at least THEY got theirs. The elites got what they wanted. And it’s the “other guy’s fault”.

Big Government is good. Bigger Government is Better.

And that’s what matters in the end.

So they’ll demand Government fix it and we can propose EVEN MORE government as the solution!!!

We Three Kings

We go our reporter in DC where there has been a report of a Massive CAVE-IN…

Reporter: “Sorry, all we could find was this caroler out of the White House and The Capitol.”


We three kings of D.C. are
Bearing gifts we from amber waves of grain.
Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
Following yonder star, Obama.

O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Leftward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect Light.

Born a king on Hawaii’s plain,
Gold I bring to crown Him again,
King forever, ceasing never
Over us all to reign.

O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Progressive leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect Light.

Debt to offer have I.
Taxes owns a Deity now.
Prayer and praising all men raising,
Worship Him, God on high.

O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Authoritarian leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect Light.

ObamaCare is mine: it’s bitter perfume
Breaths a life of gathering gloom.
Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding dying,
Sealed in the stone-cold tomb.

O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Democrat leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect Light.

Glorious now behold Him arise,
King and God and Sacrifice.
Alleluia, alleluia!
Sounds through the earth and skies.

O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Slavery leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect Light

All Hail, Our God Government and his Sheppards, We Thee Kings- Barack Obama, John Boehner and Harry Reid.

May they reign over us for the rest of eternity in their mighty and superior light!

Back to you in the Studio, I. Told Uso, reporting… 🙂

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A Tribute to the brave GOP <cough cough>:

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

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The Bear Truth

Since the Republicans are going to cave-in AGAIN…let’s look at it from a different perspective.

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

A Barack Obama Update: The good news is we have endured 1,729 days of this guy. The bad news is there are still 1,193 left.

His pettiness and lack of leadership helped produce and prolong a record duration of high unemployment, the worst economic ‘recovery’ in decades, record deficits, record national debt, a wasted trillion dollars in stimulus, record youth and black employment hardships, untold lies about the unfolding disaster called ObamaCare and Benghazi and so many other things.

The country’s latest fiscal crisis continues this week as an arrogant incumbent president of the United States, who approached this crisis by playing more golf, leads his nation to the brink of an historic default, which he voted to have eight years ago, but now opposes.

We listed here the other day the public’s guilty verdicts on Obama’s feet-on-the-desk stewardship of the Oval Office and the bitter political, social and class divisions afoot, which he once promised to heal.

It didn’t need to be this way.

We’re reminded this week that, but for the business decision of one famous man, Obama’s once rising star could have been blown out of the sky and the country saved years of anguish by an election defeat in 2004. That’s when the ambitious ex-state legislator Obama sought and got the Democrat nomination for a U.S. Senate seat from Illinois.

With 70% of that November’s vote, Obama crushed the Republican Party’s last-minute sacrificial lamb, Alan Keyes, who had portrayed himself as a GOP primary presidential contender back in 2000 but was really just trying to jack his speaking fees with some free TV fame.

That’s what people often remember.

What they often forget is Republicans came close that year to enlisting as their U.S. Senate candidate from Illinois the NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl Champion Player and Coach Mike Ditka. After an illustrious career as a belligerent tight end for Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas, Ditka coached as a Cowboys assistant before becoming head coach of the Bears and, later, the New Orleans Saints.

Thanks to his TV commercials and iconic ‘Saturday Night Live’ skits where he was fondly labeled ‘Da Coach,’ Ditka gained national fame as an ESPN commentator and tough-talking, can-do, tell-it-like-it-is guy likely with some anger management issues.

In 2003, Sen. George Allen, namesake son of the legendary NFL coach, approached Ditka to be the party’s nominee the next year. Ditka, who had described himself as “uber-conservative,” subsequently said he considered the new career path for two days. But turned it down as an interference with business plans.

Speaking to a business group the other day, Ditka regretted his choice. “Biggest mistake I’ve ever made,” said the coach. Which is saying something because Ditka relinquished the Saints’ entire 1999 draft for one player, Heisman winner Ricky Williams.

“Not that I would have won,” Ditka added, “but I probably would have and (Obama) wouldn’t be in the White House.”

Now there’s a teeth-grinding thought.

Illinois is a notorious Democrat state and the media loved Obama even then, although Obama’s old Senate seat is now held by Republican Mark Kirk. Ditka, who turns 74 on Friday, would have certainly done better than Keyes’ 27%.

And Ditka would have certainly served Illinois longer than the uber-liberal Obama’s blessedly brief 1,412 days.

Watching Obama and these old toads in Congress endlessly circle each other these days to no meaningful end, makes some of us daydream for a chair-kicking Ditka to shake up that out-of-touch senatorial somnolence. Someone there to cheer for, instead of shake our heads at.

And not too long ago Ditka provided evidence of his feelings on that and what he dislikes about Washington. “The hypocrisy, of both parties,” he said.”You’re not there to represent a party, a special interest. You’re there to represent America, the people that elected you. They don’t do that. I’m sorry, they don’t do it! And you can’t make all these promises when you’re a candidate and none of them happen.” (IBD)

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

The Long Game

I am going to deviate into Science Fiction today. But with a point.

In 2005, Doctor Who “The Long Game” premiered and it was more prophetic than I thought even then.

Some force had prevented the growth of the The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. Instead you had a planet seized up with 6,000 news channels that dulled the population into not asking questions and just accepting things as they were.

“A place where humans were allowed to live by the kind permission of my boss…” said the Controller of Satellite Five, the news station.

“Create a climate of fear and it’s easy to keep the borders closed. It’s just a matter of emphasis. The right word in the right broadcast repeated often enough can destabilize an economy, invent an enemy, change a vote.”

“Now there’s an interesting point. Is a slave a slave if he doesn’t know he’s enslaved?”

The Doctor stops the Editor, but when he comes back 100 years later:

Doctor Who: “Bad Wolf” (2005)

The Doctor is trapped on one of 600 “Big Brother” Sets. His companion rose has an encounter with a lethal Anne Robinson on “The Weakest Link”.

Satellite 5 is now The Game Station.

Stupefying and terrorizing the public with 44,000+ “reality shows” that are all too really and all too deadly.

You could be an involuntary contestant at any moment.

The Doctor: History’s gone wrong. Again! This should be the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire! I don’t understand. Last time I was here, I put it right.
Lynda: No, but that’s when it all went wrong. 100 years ago. Like you said, all the news channels, they just shut down overnight.
The Doctor: But that was me. I did that.
Lynda: There was nothing left in their place! No information! The whole planet just froze. The government, the economy, they collapsed.

The Doctor: The human race. Brainless sheep, being fed on a diet of – mind you, have they still got that program where three people have to live with a bear?

Lynda: Oh, Bear With Me? I love that one!

The Doctor: And me. The celebrity edition, where the bear…

The Doctor, Lynda: …got in the bath!

[both smiling]

The Doctor: But it’s all gone wrong! I mean, history’s gone wrong. Again!

Woman: The staff are terrified!
The Doctor: That’s the same staff who execute hundreds of contestants every day?
Woman: That’s not our fault; we’re just doing our jobs.
The Doctor: And with that sentence, you just lost the right to even talk to me! Now back off!

The Democrats Long Game of Bad Wolf anyone? 🙂


Less is More

This is a story out of California that’s been making the rounds this weekend and definitely needs to be filed under, “Who could have possibly seen this coming?” Some of the people who managed the feat of getting through the dysfunctional web site and actually getting quotes on health care policies under Obamacare have already been finding out that “low priced” can mean something entirely different than they may have thought. This is particularly true of older citizens on fixed incomes. But if your income is low enough, you can just scratch off a lot of the cost of those premiums with a taxpayer funded subsidy, right? Sure… but what if your income is too high? Well, duh… you should make less money!

People whose 2014 income will be a little too high to get subsidized health insurance from Covered California next year should start thinking now about ways to lower it to increase their odds of getting the valuable tax subsidy.

“If they can adjust (their income), they should,” says Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow with the Kaiser Family Foundation. “It’s not cheating, it’s allowed.”

Under the Affordable Care Act, if your 2014 income is between 138 and 400 percent of poverty level for your household size, you can purchase health insurance on a state-run exchange (such as Covered California) and receive a federal tax subsidy to offset all or part of your premium.

This, er… “helpful” article offers one retired couple as an example of this phenomenon. In order to fall under the 400% of poverty level ceiling, they need to have a family income of less than $62,040.00, but they they’ll need to trim their income to qualify as they estimate they’ll take in around $64,000.00. So rather than rewarding them for planning ahead to do as well as they can in their retirement years, the system will push them to make less.

And why do they need to do this in the first place? Are they two of those “irresponsible people” we keep hearing about? No. They’ve had a bare bones Kaiser plan which costs them around $7,200 per year. But it doesn’t “qualify” under Obamacare because it doesn’t offer certain mandatory types of coverage… specifically maternity care, healthy child visits and coverage for dependents up to age 26. But these people are in their sixties and none of those things apply to them.

Welcome to the future, folks. And it’s already here. (townhall)

If your income is higher than 400 percent of poverty, you can purchase a policy on or off the exchange, but in either case, you won’t get a subsidy and the policy must provide certain essential benefits that many low-cost individual policies lack today, such as maternity care.

For older people, getting below the 400 percent poverty limit could save many thousands of dollars per year.

Take, for example, Jacqueline Proctor of San Francisco. She and her husband are in their early 60s. They have been paying $7,200 a year for a bare-bones Kaiser Permanente health plan with a $5,000 per person annual deductible. “Kaiser told us the plan does not comply with Obamacare and the substitute will cost more than twice as much,” about $15,000 per year, she says.

This new plan, Kaiser’s cheapest offering for 2014, would consume about 25 percent of their after-tax income. The new plan still has a $5,000 deductible but provides coverage for things her current policy does not, such as maternity care, healthy child visits and coverage for dependents up to age 26. Proctor has no use for such coverage, since her son is 30.

Premiums are also going up for many people next year because insurers can no longer deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions or impose lifetime coverage caps.

Getting the subsidy

To get a subsidy, the couple’s modified adjusted gross income for 2014 income would need to fall below $62,040, which is 400 percent of poverty for a family of two. (For a single person, the cutoff is $45,960. For other size households, see http://www.tinyurl.com/pwugnus.)

Proctor estimates that her 2014 household income will be $64,000, about $2,000 over the limit. If she and her husband could reduce their income to $62,000, they could get a tax subsidy of $1,207 per month to offset the purchase of health care on Covered California.

That would reduce the price of a Kaiser Permanente bronze-level plan, similar to the replacement policy she was quoted, to $94 per month from $1,302 per month. Instead of paying more than $15,000 per year, the couple would pay about $1,100.

They could reduce their premium to near zero by applying their subsidy to a bronze-level plan offered by the Chinese Community Health plan that costs only $1,057 per month.

For people in their early 60s, “it’s a huge cliff,” going from 401 to 400 percent of poverty, Pollitz says. That’s because insurers can still charge older people more than younger ones.

For younger people, moving below the poverty threshold has a much smaller impact because their premiums are lower to start with.

Figuring income

To determine eligibility for a subsidy, the government uses modified adjusted gross income, or MAGI. To get this figure, start with the line labeled adjusted gross income on your tax return (it’s the last line on the first page of Form 1040). Then add in non-taxable Social Security benefits, tax-exempt interest and foreign earned income, and housing expenses for Americans living abroad.

Simple, Less is More. 🙂

Except more More Government control means less freedom, but who gives a rat’s ass about that… 🙂

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To Wit

others pay idiot

According to the popular economics site, ZeroHedge, of the approximately 1 million jobs created in 2013, only 23% of them were full-time.

“[W]hat really shows what is going on in America at least in 2013,” writes ZeroHedge, “is the following summary: of the 953K jobs ‘created’ so far in 2013, only 23%, or 222K, were full-time. Part-time jobs? 731K of the 953K total.”

The people who really need to grow up are the Peter Pan progressives who think that in order to fly all you have to do is wish for it.

It’s bad enough that you guys have become the biggest racists since the demise of the KKK.

But your economic illiteracy is destroying the fabric of America; those things that made America exceptional, creative and bold.

Progressive seem to think that conservatives are frightened of elections. John Boehner’s crying doesn’t represent all of us.

See you in 2014.

I’m looking forward to the fight.

Linda1423 wrote: If world comes to an end, there will be no history books, how dumb can you get.Clinton 2030: The World Will Come to an End

Dear Comrade 1423,

Well I guess you answered that question for us, didn’t you?

If you ever get the opportunity to study rhetoric, you might check out the use of sarcasm.

For your edification, here’s the Wikipedia definition. Normally I eschew Wiki definitions, but I find this one humorous:

Sarcasm is “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter gibe or taunt.”[1][2] Sarcasm may employ ambivalence,[3] although sarcasm is not necessarily ironic.[4] “The distinctive quality of sarcasm is present in the spoken word and manifested chiefly by vocal inflections”. [5] Any comment could be considered sarcastic in the correct context, such as “Piers Morgan is REALLY smart”. [6]

Please note that in my example—“Quick! We better elect Hillary president before the world comes to an end and we run out of the opportunity to elect the first woman president of United States. History books later would be very unkind to us if we didn’t elect her now.”—I was being both sarcastic and ironic. (John Ransom)

I love sarcasm. I like for it. 🙂

And here’s a warning from Wikipedia: “This sophisticated understanding [of sarcasm] can be lacking in some people with certain forms of brain damage, dementia and autism (although not always),[12] and this perception has been located by MRI in the right parahippocampal gyrus.”

My friend Francesca Subramanian tells me that some people just don’t get sarcasm, therefore, they just aren’t big fans of mine.

This makes me feels better because I have often wanted to ask people who don’t like me to have some sort of medical test done to figure out what’s wrong with them.

You and your liberal friends might want to get that checked out, Comrade 1423.

And just so you know, I’m not being sarcastic now. Or now. Or even now.

(John Ransom)

Me either… 🙂

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Cut on the Bias

The White House says President Barack Obama welcomes a “constructive approach” from congressional Republicans in a new budget offering but “has some concerns with it.”

Yeah, thy haven’t caved in 100% and said they were sorry for disobeying their Master yet…

What a difference a single point makes.

The news that the Republican Party hit record low approval ratings in the Gallup tracking poll made all kinds of headlines this week, and justifiably so. But one point this way and another, and it would be the Democrats dealing with the “record low” headlines, because in that same Gallup poll that shows the GOP at record lows also shows the Democrat Party just a single point above its own record low of 40%.

Republican approval is still 12 points lower at 28%.

Ah, Media Bias…

In a just world without a miserably corrupt media, the media would have reported on the Democrats’ obvious woes just as loudly as they did the Republicans’.

Oh well. On the bright side, Jake Tapper recently came out and publicly acknowledged that media bias is a real phenomenon. So will other journalists follow suit, I wonder? Nah. Don’t count on it. At least not anytime soon. (townhall)

One of the things many conservatives admire about CNN’s Jake Tapper is his willingness to speak truths typically too inconvenient for most in his industry.

During an “Ask Me Anything” discussion on Reddit Wednesday, Tapper not only acknowledged the existence of media bias, he also said “White House press briefings are quite often useless”:

JELLHEAD: Hey Jake! You seem to be seen by conservatives as the one non-Fox mainstream anchor bucking the pro-liberal bias in the media. Why do you think this is?

I personally don’t see you as significantly more conservative than other anchors except on the issue of abortion, where I think there’s the biggest tendency by the media to skew overwhelmingly liberal and ignore the pro-life side. Unlike every other mainstream journalist, you covered the Kermit Gosnell case from very early on, why was that and do you think that’s a major factor in why people have this perception?

JAKE TAPPER: I try to be fair and consider as many points of view as possible. I can’t really speak to other reporters, but I don’t think conservative fans think I share their belief system necessarily, they just think I’m fair and tough on everyone. (I hope liberal fans think the same thing.) I do wonder how I would be perceived by conservatives if I had been a member of the Bush White House press corps. […]

BUNKNOWN: Do you believe there is bias in mainstream media? If yes, which way does it slant and which networks? Thank you. If the answer is yes, why?

TAPPER: Yes I do but I also think it’s more complicated than just liberal bias. I think there are a lot of hard-working reporters in NYC and DC who have never fired a gun, or never worked a 9-5 manual labor job, or lived in the middle of the country, or worried about their next paycheck, or have anyone in their family who serves in the military and I think that creates a cultural bias. But I also think there are a lot of reporters who work to counter that and understand the limitations of their own realities. But yes, I do think there is bias. Reluctant to name names though because I try to be collegial.

Tapper also had an interesting take on press briefings:

BIGCAT9000; How does it feel having to ask people like Jay Carney questions when you know they are essentially there to make the administration look good at all costs? Do you ever feel the desire to jump up to the podium and tell him to cut the s–t?

TAPPER: The White House press briefings are quite often useless. The spokespeople are there to not make news. I get a lot more reporting done away from cameras, at least when it comes to the White House. I have never had the desire to jump up to the podium, and I will leave the second part of your sentence dangling there enticingly.

Actually, I bet a lot of you wish Tapper would have answered the last part of that question despite the vulgarity. (Noel Sheppard

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell