The Push Begins

“We’re not going to bow to tea party anarchists who deny the mere fact that Obamacare is the law. We will not bow to tea party anarchists who refuse to accept that the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional,” Reid said in a blistering opening speech. “The simple fact remains: Obamacare is the law of the land and will remain the law of the land as long as Barack Obama is president of the United States and as long as I’m Senate majority leader.”

But he’s not “obstructing” or dictatorial. No, not at all…

“If Democrats don’t bow to every demand they have, they want to go right over the cliff. We are not going to go with them,” Reid said.

Yeah, you’re supposed to bow to EVERY demand that THEY have. 🙂

This is the Democrat Process (as opposed to Democratic Process).  🙂

Gallup: Six in 10 Americans (60%) believe the federal government has too much power, one percentage point above the previous high recorded in September 2010. At least half of Americans since 2005 have said the government has too much power. 7-8% say it has too little (can you say the really really fringe left).

A Majority of Americans have opposed ObamaCare since Day One.


The Holy Warriors must rally around their Holy Grail and defend it to YOUR death!

Wanna see a Divide by Party,Class and Race:

Obama Job ApprovalSep 9-15, 2013 – Updates Tuesdays at 1 p.m. ET; reflects one-week change

National Adults 45%   +1
Ages 18 to 29   47%   -4
Ages 30 to 49   48%   +5
Ages 50 to 64   45%   +2
Ages 65+        37%
White           35%   +2
Nonwhite        68%   -1
Black           86%   +3
Hispanic        59%   -1
Democrat        79%   +1
Independent     38%   +2
Republican      12%   -1

44% of U.S. adults say that the Affordable Care Act will make the healthcare situation in the U.S. worse.

So it’s time for the campaign blitz…

President Barack Obama will turn to his unofficial “secretary of explaining stuff,” former President Bill Clinton, on Tuesday to help with a final push to extol the benefits of U.S. healthcare reform before new insurance exchanges go live on October 1.

Because after all, the other guys are extremist assholes! 🙂