Take Your Medicine, America…

It’s A Penalty and Not a TAX!

But first a little capitalist greed…

Anything for a Buck (gee, I though that was just capitalists):

“Keep cool while you’re canvassing this summer,” the Obama campaign tweeted Saturday evening. The message contained a link to a $30 Obama tank top. “Our Vote Obama Tank Top is a stylish and fun way to show your support,” the campaign says.

The campaign was pushing the tank tops as record heat combined with a loss of power following storms to create a humanitarian emergency in several states. (Washington Examiner)

Gee, I thought taking advantage of people’s misfortunes for a buck was a an evil capitalist White Republican thing to do! 🙂

President Obama warned top donors that he believes Republicans can take Congress and the White House this year and criticized the media for “hyperventilat[ing]” about Mitt Romney raising more money than his campaign in May.

Yeah, you’re job is to hyperventilate about how great I am and how evil they are. Don’t get caught in the horse race when you’re already biased for this horse!

“[T]he media hear these numbers and hyperventilate over it, and there’s a tendency to blow them out of proportion. But it does make the process more transparent. We see where we stand. And right now on a month-to-month basis, we’ve fallen behind.” (WE)

And god knows, the He and Democrats promised to be “the most transparent administration ever” 🙂

So to make up for it, he has George Clooney doing events for him…IN SWITZERLAND!!

Talk about “outside money”…

Stephen Moore, Senior Economics Writer with the Wall Street Journal, told FOX and Friends this morning that nearly 75% of Obamacare costs will fall on the backs of those Americans making less than $120,000 a year.

“It’s a big punch in the stomach to middle class families.”

Obamacare: It’s not just a big f***ing deal (to quote VP Biden) It’s a big f***ing tax.

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters praised the court’s ruling but told The Daily Caller that she personally has “not decided” whether or not to call the mandate a tax.

The former Speaker is saying ObamaCare is a penalty, not a tax, that is enforced by the tax code…or something.

David Gregory: Is it a tax?

Pelosi: No no, no no.

Is this what Pelosi meant by “passing the bill to see what’s in it?” The Supreme Court saw what was in ObamaCare, ruled it a tax, and she, along with top White House officials, are saying it’s a tax. It is very clear the Democrats have their talking points together.

Despite the fact that the Supreme Court upheld it BECAUSE it was a TAX. 🙂

And yet, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is accusing Republicans of being deceptive about the “Affordable Care Act.”

“When it came to championing the health care legislation, President Obama made sure that al though everybody — the vast majority of Americans have health insurance coverage, we want to make sure that if you’re a free rider, if you roll the dice and get sick and use the emergency room as your primary access point for health care. Those health care costs are going to get shifted to all of us. And if you choose not to carry health insurance, this legislation says you’re going to pay a small penalty so that we don’t have to pay for you rolling the dice,” DNC chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said on MSNBC today.

And the costs STILL Get shift and because of the law says that a pre-existing condition (like not having insurance) cannot be denied the premiums will go up anyhow and that person will still buy insurance, be treated, then drop it because it’s too expensive. Solving nothing but a 90 year old wet dream of liberals.

“That’s what the health care reform law says and the Republicans are engaging in deception if they say anything else,” she said.

Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter To The Blaze’s Will Cain:

“Well, let’s break that down for a second,” Cutter responded. “What John Roberts said is that we have the power to impose this penalty on people through the taxation clause. It’s a penalty. Let’s talk about who this impacts. Most people have private insurance. I’m assuming everyone at this table has private insurance, so it doesn’t apply to us.”

“So you said, it’s a penalty?” Cain asked.

“It’s a penalty.”

“But yesterday we learned it was a tax.” (The Blaze)

“It’s a penalty. That, if you choose not to get healthcare, and you’re imposing a hidden tax on all of us because we pay for your healthcare, then you’ll pay a penalty.”


If you can’t dazzle them with intelligence baffle them with Bullsh*t!

Boy the Democrats have a lot of squirming and spinning to do on this one.

Watch this liberal say EXACTLY what he complains just seconds later that he  didn’t say when it’s pointed out to him.


Boy this is going to be Orwellian Doublespeak overload on the Tax that is a Penalty that has been declared a Tax but is still only a Penalty by a TAX collection agency and assessed on your TAX refund. 🙂

It’s a penalty. It’s a penalty. It’s a penalty. This is what White House officials are arguing despite Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare classifying the healthcare legislation as….a tax.

Today, White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew argued the same thing. Remember, ObamaCare was “sold” or shoved down the throats of the American people as a penalty to avoid the Obama administration looking like President Obama was raising taxes on everyone.

The White House insisted Sunday the consequence for Americans not having health insurance is a penalty fee, despite the Supreme Court ruling that it is a tax and said the debate on the Affordable Care Act should finally end.

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew said on Fox News Sunday that “when the Supreme Court rules” the country “has a final decision” and that the presidential campaigns should focus on the economy and jobs.

“What we need to do is go forward with the implementation” of the law, Lew said.

So stop talking about the TAX…I mean penalty! let’s focus on the Economy that I’ve f*cked up!! 🙂

Watch the Spin and the Talking Points:

CBO also estimated the income levels of those 3.9 million uninsured who will pay higher taxes.  More than 3/4 of them are not rich.

Income relative to
federal poverty line
# of people
paying tax 
Income range
Income range
(family of 4)
Below poverty 400,000 $0 – 11,800 $0 – 24,000
100% to 200% 600,000 $11,800 – 23,600 $24K – $48K
200% to 300% 800,000 $23,600 – 35,400 $48K – $72K
300% – 400% 700,000 $35,400 – 47,200 $72K – $96K
400% – 500% 500,000 $47,200 – 59,000 $96K – $120K
> 500% 900,000 > $59,000 >$120K
Total 3,900,000    


Reading the first line of this table, CBO says that under this law in 2016 there will be 400,000 people below the poverty line who will be uninsured and pay the tax. (More will be required to do so — this is the number who will comply with the law.) Singles in that income range will have annual income less than $11,800, and families of four in that range will have annual income less than $24,000.  These are 400,000 poor uninsured people who will be forced to pay higher taxes.

And remember, The CBO was a darling of the Left during the ObamaCare debate.

But it’s still a penalty not a tax!

They think If they just lie about it often enough then they can change the reality.

Problem is, the ruling is in black and white and it’s a TAX! 🙂

And then there’s the Waivers, remember them?

When added together, the healthcare waivers excuse about 4 million people, or about 3 percent of the population, from having to participate, HHS said.

However, what’s slightly unsettling is the fact that the majority of the waivers were handed out to labor unions.

labor unions representing 543,812 workers received waivers from President Barack Obama‘s signature legislation since June 17, 2011.

By contrast, private employers with a total of 69,813 employees, many of whom work for small businesses, were granted waivers. (DC)

There were 1700+ total.


Be these are not “freeloaders”. 🙂


Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert


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