Liberals Are Bees!

I was reading my favourite magazine “Doctor Who Magazine” on an article about The Daleks, the #1 alien bad guys, and the author described them as “angry,aggressive,fear and pain everywhere” and without any prompting I thought “gee, that sounds like Liberals”. 🙂

Then I considered this further.  Bees have a hive mind and many many, Liberals seem to because someone decides on a Talking Point and suddenly and almost instantly it’s spreads like a contagion across the whole of Liberalism in very short order and nearly verbatim.

“The images from Wisconsin — with its protests, shutdown of some public services and missing Democratic senators, who fled the state to block a vote — evoked the Middle East more than the Midwest. The parallels raise the inevitable question: Is Wisconsin the Tunisia of collective bargaining rights?”New York Times reporters Michael Cooper and Katharine Seelye, February 19.

“Is Madison, Wisconsin, Congressman, the Tunisia of American politics now?”
— Moderator Bob Schieffer to Congressman Paul Ryan on CBS’s Face the Nation, February 20.

Eerie isn’t it?

You calm bees by blowing smoking at them.

Definitely sounds like a liberal.

It’s particularly effective if you blow it up their posteriors.

Problem is, they think the rest of us are quelled by the same smoke!!

And they want everyone else to join the Hive Mind, voluntarily or not.

So, Liberals are Bees! 🙂

And we the Beekeepers have to protect ourselves from getting stung by the swarms.

Liberals collect from other people’s flowers to create their honeycombs. They seal them in wax (much like their ears and their eyes to reality).

Liberals are Bees.

There are worker bees who are mindless drones who do whatever the Queen Bees says without question. 🙂

And I found several websites that want to color code a child’s behavior and mood in the classroom to bee behavior! No Joke. (Look under ProTeacher Community).

Behavior chart - BEE

Now it’s just getting eerie.

But Liberals are Bees.

An Angry Swarm of Bees:

VP Biden (just Yesterday- Thanks HuffPo):

“We don’t see the value of collective bargaining, we see the absolute positive necessity of collective bargaining. Let’s get something straight: The only people who have the capacity — organizational capacity and muscle — to keep, as they say, the barbarians from the gate, is organized labor. And make no mistake about it, the guys on the other team get it. They know if they cripple labor, the gate is open, man. The gate is wide open. And we know that too.”

The 88% of us not in Unions are with you Mr. VP! 😦

“I’ve got to state the obvious,” he said. “There’s an old expression: ‘You go home with them that brung you to the dance.’ You guys all brought me to the dance 36 years ago in Delaware as a United States senator. You’ve been with me, and I’ve stayed with you.”

He was there with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, and AFL-CIO bigwig Richard Trumpka.

Not that he’s biased, or in the pocket of Unions, mind you.

But not to worry, the Mainstream Media/Ministry of Truth are on it!

“From the Mideast to the American Midwest tonight, people are rising up. Citizens’ uprisings are changing the world.”
— Anchor Brian Williams leading off NBC Nightly News, February 18.

Best he never said that about the Tea Party!! 🙂


“This week: people power making history. A revolt in the Midwest and a revolution sweeping across the Middle East….Populist frustration is boiling over this week — as we’ve said, not just in the Middle East, but in the middle of this country as well.”
— ABC’s Christiane Amanpour opening This Week, February 20.

Or her!



And the Queen Bee is playing golf, going to Rio and doing NCAA segments on ESPN! (and the media is covering like they matter!!)

I think the Queen Bee has been smoking something else entirely…. 🙂

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