Trust Me, I Know What I’m Doing!

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

“Madison is only the beginning,” <Filmmaker Michael> Moore said. “The rich have overplayed their hand.

“There was no revolt, until now here in Wisconsin,” he added.

I’m still waiting for the “national resource” that is his multi-million dollar bank account to be opened to all of us little people. 🙂

Maybe we should just call it the 7% Whine Riots.

And A “Civility update”:

Ohio Republican State Sen. Frank LaRose, a 31-year-old Iraq war veteran, was the tiebreaking vote in Ohio’s Senate, which just sent a bill similar to Wisconsin’s budget bill to the State’s House of Representatives. That caused Michael Piotrowski, the general counsel for the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), to siege LaRose’s Facebook page.

“Funny thing about cops,” Piotrowski posted on LaRose’s Facebook wall, “they hold a grudge.” In another comment responding to someone’s criticism of his comment, Piotrowski wrote: “Nick, with all due respect, I don’t care about your views. You don’t know what you are talking about.”

Perhaps most surprisingly, though, the cop union’s top lawyer compared Republicans calling union violence “union thugs” to using the “n-word.” “When Republicans talk about ‘Union Thugs,’ they may as well be calling people the n-word.”

“If his words are true, it’s scary to think that there would be a double standard in law enforcement practices that would be detrimental towards anyone based purely on their political preferences” said one the Rep’s defenders.

From a Firefighter: “Oh and one more thing Tim (another defender), next time ur house is on fire call a tea bagger. They have all the answers.”

Oh, and we can’t forget MSDNC:  Al Sharpton on the Wisconsin Budget-“It is a rascist budget, you can’t get around it. It’s pickin’ on the poor, it’s pickin’ on the inner-city kids – how else can you read it?”

So we have reached critical mass because Al Sharpton has called it racist!

Ta da!!

That’s your Liberal “civility” update.


Remember, Do as I say, not as I do (or say), that’s the Liberal code.

But here’s the real fun… ObamaCare exposed!

During a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) admitted to double-counting in the Obamacare budget.

In her first appearance before the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee since the health-care law passed, Kathleen Sebelius responded to a line of questioning by Republican Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois about whether $500 billion in Medicare cuts were used to sustain the program or pay for the law.

“There is an issue here on the budget because your own actuary has said you can’t double-count,” said Shimkus. “You can’t count — they’re attacking Medicare on the CR when their bill, your law, cut $500 billion from Medicare.”

He continued: “Then you’re also using the same $500 billion to what? Say your funding health care. Your own actuary says you can’t do both. […] What’s the $500 billion in cuts for? Preserving Medicare or funding the health-care law?

Sebelius’ reply? “Both.”

The Obama administration and HHS have been criticized previously for double-counting. In a report last summer, HHS claimed a provision in the health-care law would extend the Medicare trust fund by 12 years. The Congressional Budget Office released a memo that said HHS’s math was more than a little off.

“[…] They cannot be set aside to pay for future Medicare spending and, at the same time, pay for current spending on other parts of the legislation or on other programs … To describe the full amount of HI trust fund savings as both improving the government’s ability to pay future Medicare benefits and financing new spending outside of Medicare would essentially double-count a large share of those savings,” said the CBO memo.

“I was shocked to hear the secretary admit that $500 billion is double-counted in the health-care law,” said Shimkus after Thursday’s hearing. “We knew the health-care law’s actual cost was much greater than originally told to the public.  And now, the truth is slowly coming out in administration reports and testimony.”

Rep. Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania , the chairman of the subcommittee added, “The same dollar can’t be used twice. This is the largest of the many budget gimmicks Democrats used to claim Obamacare would reduce the deficit.”

When contacted by The Daily Caller, Richard Sorian, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs had this to say:

“The scoring of the Affordable Care Act is entirely consistent with how legislation has been scored for the 30 years, under Presidents of both parties, and Congresses of both parties.  Savings in programs like Medicare and Social Security are scored as improving the solvency of those programs and reducing the deficit.”

Which to my mind means, “We’ve been lying our asses off for 30 years and we’ll continue to lie our asses off and cook the books because that’s how things are done in Washington”.

So there! 😦


Just to prove how Green-wise and pound foolish the Obama administration is and how committed to crushing the use of Oil at all in this country and making wind and solar the only options we have this:

The Obama administration has appealed a judge’s order requiring regulators to act on seven drilling permit applications.

Who cares if Case is $4 a gallon. They want it to $10 like in Europe to deter you from using your car anyhow.  Screw what that would do to the economy, the green agenda is vastly more important.

And above all, it’s more moral, in their minds. So what if it kills the economy.

That way there high speed rail boondoogles, electric cars (a measly 300 were sold last month by Government Motors) and solar panel (made in China) will be all you can get.

The Agenda is The Agenda!!

Remember, if the Liberal wants you to do something for your own good, it’s for their satisfaction only and they will have no problem forcing you to do it or else!

After all, they are vastly superior to you and they know better. Trust Mama Government.

Trust in Me…..Trust in Me……Trust in Me…..

Trust in me, just in me
Shut your eyes and trust in me
You can sleep safe and sound
Knowing I am around

Slip into silent slumber
Sail on a silver mist
Slowly and surely your senses
Will cease to resist

Trust in me, just in me
Shut your eyes and trust in me….