The Tactical Budget

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The House of Representatives Speaker warned: ‘Everything is on the table. We’re broke. Let’s be honest with ourselves.’

Republican House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan would not be drawn on whether his party would oppose the proposals.

He said: ‘We’ll see the details of this budget tomorrow, but it looks like to me that it is going to be very small on spending discipline and a lot of new spending so-called investments.

‘Borrowing and spending is not the way to prosperity. Today’s deficits means tomorrow’s tax increases, and that costs jobs.’

Obama budget to cut deficit by $1.1 trillion.

Sounds like a great headline, doesn’t it?

But that’s OVER 10 YEARS!

Meanwhile he will continue “Investing” (aka spending) at a deficit of over 1 Trillion a year.

Do you need an economics degree to understand this is Crap on a Stick!?

Details of the budget proposal provided by the White House before its official release showed the deficit rising to $1.645 trillion in fiscal 2011, then falling sharply to $1.101 trillion in 2012. (Reuters)

Ohhh!!! So his deficits (aka spending more than you have) will drop by a 1/2 trillion by next year but it will still be over a Trillion $$$ more than we have!

And this is “fiscal restraint” to a liberal!!


“Even though we might have some differences at the outset, we’re very eager to work with Republicans to cut spending, reduce our deficit,” a senior Obama administration official told reporters.

No they are not! They are eager to make the Republicans look like Scrooge on Steroids and make them look miserly so they can pump up 2012 for Obama. Because, you they don’t want you to vote for the mean old Republicans who will cut grandma’s dog food allowance and gleefully throw her out in the street. And children will be starving and Republicans kick puppies and slap babies, ad nausuem.

It’s all politics. Economics as politics.

The Democrats will stand strong in face of the evil Republicans who want to cut you off from your monetary drugs to save you and your kids! How evil is that!!

Meanwhile, the Debt Mobster breaks everything in sight and comes for you.

Obama didn’t create the crisis, but in two years his spending has added $3 trillion to the national debt. In 2011, the deficit figures to be nearly 10 percent of the gross domestic product. In 2012, the deficit will exceed $1 trillion for the third consecutive year. Obama would cut spending by $1.1 trillion over the coming decade. That figure is smaller than the projected deficit of $1.5 trillion in 2011. Think about that: Obama’s total reductions are less than a single year’s deficit.

A highly publicized item in the 2012 budget is a 5-year (partial) freeze on discretionary spending, a saving of $400 billion. That was swallowed up this year when Congressional Budget Office re-calculated the deficit for 2011 deficit and boosted it from $1.1 trillion to $1.5 trillion, the biggest 1-year deficit ever.

The Obama budget is so unresponsive to the fiscal situation that it prompts this question: it’s merely a tactical budget. He’s now waiting to see what Republicans will propose in their 2012 budget, the outlines of which are to be hammered out by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan in April. Following that, Obama and congressional Republicans will negotiate, ultimately agreeing on a budget.

That’s the most benign interpretation I can think of. A more likely explanation: Obama has set the stage to attack Republicans for proposing spending cuts certain to be deeper than those Obama is advocating.

Democrats tend to believe that while Americans want spending to be reduced dramatically, they’ll feel differently when faced with cuts in specific programs such as education, transportation, research, and assistance to the poor. In other words, the public is philosophically conservative, but operationally liberal, or so many Democrats think.

In recent weeks, Democrats have talked up the possibility of a budget impasse that causes a government shutdown. When this happened in 1995, President Clinton and Democrats blamed congressional Republicans. So did the media. A repeat in 2011 would delight Democrats, assuming that once again Republicans get the blame. Pretty cynical, but Democrats are desperate after the clobbering they took in the election this past November.

By the way, the president’s own debt commission delivered its recommendation in December. It favored $4 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years. That includes cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, mandatory spending programs that Obama doesn’t touch. (Fred Barnes)

But don’t expect the Liberal Media to call him on it. They are too busy trying to get him re-elected in 2012 to notice the smoke being crammed up our collective asses.

They are manning the smoke machines!

The love fest with Obama starts today. The reality of the situation dies today.

Let the spin cycle that causes the earth’s rotation to come to a stop begins.

Spinning us into the poor house and 3rd rate nation status for a our kids is the light at the end of this tunnel.

Congrats, Obama, destroyer of the world.

But at least he cut $110 billion a year and only spent $1 trillion more than we had.

Now that’s fiscal restraint! 🙂

Hurray for Obama and The Democrats! They aren’t the mean, old, snarly miserly Republicans who want to cut off grandma, kill children, kick puppies and steal candy from babies!!!

Hey, is that an Iceberg on the Horizon??