Government is Good

OBAMA:  I don’t want government any more than is necessary, but there’s some things that Bob or any CEO can’t invest in.  Bob’s not going to build the roads to get to Celgard.  No company is going to make investments for a public good.

This comes from an AP story about a little “green” company that go $49 Million dollars in Stimulus Money and it proves the Stimulus was a success.

Hell, any small company could be a success if you give it $49 million dollars in taxpayer money!

But what was really interesting was the socialist conceit that No company ever makes investments for the public good, they are just monolithic venus flytraps that exist solely to devour you, your soul, and your money.

They are evil and must be stopped!

They are a plague upon the land.

Gee, kind of sounds like Obama and The Democrats to me.

The economy added 160,000 jobs last month. But unemployment is still at 9.7% and is likely, even the Democrats say to be near there for the rest of the year. And a quarter of these jobs are government jobs with the Census that run out in July anyhow. Another quarter were part-time employment.

But the economy is recovering and it’s all to the Democrats credit!

Just ask them.

The Stimulus worked, Celguard proves it.

Ignore all the other reports of waste,fraud, and abuse alsong with fake zip codes, and fake Congressional Districts and the the “if you pass it unemployment will not go above 8%” and all the other truths about the massive failure of the Stimulus.

No, Celguard is it. It’s the little company that did.

So it’s all the Democrats want you to see.

It’s the only tree in a forest of corruption.

And I guess this company is exempt from his contempt for corporations because they are politically useful.

The fact that unemployment is still very high. The fact that taxes are about to go through the roof. The fact that many companies aren’t hiring because of the massive hits they expect to be coming from Cap & Trade and other oppressions.

No, don’t focus on that.

After all, Corporations are Evil. The spawn of Satan. They will devour you!

And Obama is the Exorcist!

Too Bad it turns out he’s Linda Blair spewing pea soup all over the rest of us.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects the Obama budget plan would produce $10 trillion in deficits over the period 2011 to 2020. At the end of the decade, the government’s debt would top $20 trillion, or 90 percent of the nation’s GDP. By comparison, from 1789 to 2008, the country accumulated only $5.8 trillion of public debt. (NRO)

But ask any Liberal worth his ideology and they’ll promptly blame Bush and ignore you.

So what’s the president’s plan for heading off the wrenching debt crisis he has made more probable with his the expensive new spending programs he has forced through Congress? Instead of addressing it himself, the president has handed the problem off to a “bipartisan” commission.

Conveniently, the debt commission — headed by former Clinton White House chief of staff Erskine Bowles and former Republican Senator Alan Simpson — will make its recommendations after the November congressional elections.

The chutzpah here is something to behold. Having passed the largest entitlement expansion in half a century, in the most partisan manner imaginable, the president now wants Republicans to provide political cover to Democrats as they search for ways to finance the welfare state of their dreams.

Moreover, it is clear that Democrats have no intention of actually tackling the core problem in the federal budget, which is rapidly rising entitlement costs, especially for health care. They say their health-care bill has already addressed the problem. In the words of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “health reform is entitlement reform.(NRO)

So you reform a bankrupt system of social entitlements by creating the largest one in generations.

You fight depression and bankruptcy by spending more.

A company is profitable because the government gave it millions of tax payer dollars, either by Stimulus or Bail out.

No wonder my head hurts.

This is Alice in Wonderland Economics 101.

And if you disagree, “off with their heads!” figuratively, at least for now.

You are branded a racist and a terrorist and dismissed as worthless.

That’s the Change you can Believe in!

Everyone knows Rep. Phil Hare of Illinois stepped in it this week when he angrily intoned, “I don’t worry about the constitution,”  before adding that his real concern is for everyone who suffers and dies because of a lack of health insurance coverage. When pressed as to how the constitution justified the landmark legislation, Hare said flatly, “I don’t know.”(Daily Caller)

By the Way, it’s on You Tube.

The Representative then posted a staged reply where he said he was misquoted and got all huffy about “gotcha” politics.

Gee, sir, it’s not like Liberals don’t do that all the time.

There was raucous at the Tea Party event in Searchlight, NV where some “violent protesters” were throwing eggs.

Turns out it was Union people from an Electrical Union trying to foment a reaction from the crowd so they could get it on tape and “gotcha!” all Tea Partiers are “violent” and we have the proof!

But remember, Corporations are Evil. They are no good. They will do no good for anyone at anytime for any reason.

And you’re a a racist, redneck domestic terrorist if you disagree.

We are from the Government and we are here to help you!

So depend on us, we are so much better than evil,soulless, Corporate America. 🙂