The Peasants are Revolting

“yeah, they stink on ice” goes the gag line from Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part 1”.

But we have Obama, Napalitano, and The Democrats instead of the King in that movie.

DHS:  WASHINGTON (AP) – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says terrorists who are U.S. citizens or live in the country legally and plot against the U.S. are just as big of a concern as international terrorists.She says that when she started as secretary a year ago, the focus was largely on international terrorists who want to harm U.S. interests. But in the past year, more of the violent extremism that has been seen overseas is showing up in the U.S.

She says officials need to drill down and analyze the factors that make a young person, raised in the U.S., migrate to extremist beliefs and actions.

Napolitano was speaking to governors who are in Washington for their annual conference.
Couple that with her statements about “right wing extremists” (aka anyone who’d disagree with the Administration) and  this beauty:

The report, by Inspector General Richard Skinner, said most weapons were never found. They included hand guns, shotguns and military rifles.

He documented 289 missing firearms, though some were lost after Hurricane Katrina and others were stolen from safes.

DHS has disciplined some offenders and beefed up training.
CNN writes that 179 guns — 74% of the total — were lost “because officers did not properly secure them,” the report said.
At least 15 guns ended up in the hands of gang members, criminals, drug users and teenagers.(USAToday)

It was a 27 Page report!

And undoubtedly the “right wing extremists” and the ex-military that have the training to be dangerous to the Administration…

No one was fired. They were just going to be trained better.

Your Government at work.

So obviously we need to ban guns for private owners because they are a threat to Security. 😦

Screw the 2nd Amendment! 😦

Well, the Constitution is more of a hindrance to Liberals anyways. So they need ways around it.

Can’t you see that one coming?

Escpecially, after they reconcile the Health Care bill and you get the “Nuclear Option” in the face!

For your own good, of course.

Mama Government is here to look out for you.

And Big Brother is expected to release HIS plan for you today.

3 Days before the “bi-partisan” meeting.

Yeah, he’s capable of changing his mind.

He’ll  be Campaigning no-stop until then for HIS plan.

And he’s a flexible guy. He’s not a rigid Ideologue! 🙂

Sources say it will include this gem:

Private insurance companies are now regulated by the states, which review proposed rate increases. Under the Obama proposal, the federal Department of Health and Human Services would gain the power to review and block premium increases.

A new seven-member Health Insurance Rate Authority, made up of industry experts, consumer representatives, a physician and others, would issue an annual report laying out what it viewed as reasonable rate increases. Those considered unjustified could be blocked by a federal board. Customers might even qualify for rebates.

Ta da! Government Run Health Care!

Government control of the price.

Government controls Health care.

Isn’t that just wonderful! 😦

So expect the Democrats to do it.

They don’t care.

And the sooner you understand that they don’t actually care, the better.

The Liberal blogs and columnist are screaming for them to do it.

So, you know the “bi-partisan” meeting on Thursday is a sham.

But Big Brother and Big Sis are watching you.

You better tow the line or you’ll be an “extremist”.

The Ministry of Truth said so. 🙂

And they are never wrong….

Welcome to the Obamanation, Citizen. Now do as you’re told or else!