Taking The Nuclear Option in The Face!

Here we go again folks.

The Ideologically obsessed are gunning for you again.

Just like last year.

The real issue is Jobs.

So they give it faint attention, propose 1 bill that will create a miracle-that-it-won’t because they aren’t actually interested in it to begin with, then move on to what THEY really want.

To control every aspect of your life by controlling your Health Care.

They don’t care if it’s unpopular.

They don’t just don’t care, period.

The message the people sent with Sen. Scott Brown’s election, according to them, was that they didn’t sell the message correctly. Not that we didn’t want it at all!

They use some unnamed source polls that say 56% of the American public wants a Public Option (see MSNBC).

Well, polling your base is very sleazy manipulation.

But what hasn’t been sleazy and manipulative about this whole thing.

And the kicker…They aren’t even talking about the regular voting process that they failed at so miserably before.

No, this is “reconciliation” a budgetary parliamentary trick where they only need 51 votes to cram it down your throat.

The so-called “Nuclear Option”.

So if the Ben Nelson’s and Mary Landrieu’s don’t wanna play ball, they don’t have to.

And the Republican can go F*ck themselves!!

And so can the American people for that matter.

And all of this just days before Obama’s “bi-Partisan” TV dog-and-pony show.

How Bi-Partisan can it be if reconciliation is the preferred tactic now.


But they want to embarrass the Republicans first.

They want to show them off as the obstruction, not the opposition.

It’s their fault, after all!

Then they will go around them “for the good of the American People”.

So they arrogantly think.

Remember, these are drug addicts.

They crave money and power.

And right now they crave the power to decide who lives and who dies. And they will not be denied!

The legislation the White House will post on its website is expected to reflect common ground negotiated over the past several weeks by House and Senate Democratic leaders.

Those agreements are likely to be combined as a privileged budget reconciliation bill, which only needs a simple 51-vote majority to pass the 100-member Senate instead of the 60-vote supermajority that has become routine in the Senate and gives Republicans power to block the healthcare bill.

“I believe that’s the path we are going to take,” a senior congressional Democratic aide said.

But it is not clear, even to congressional Democrats, what the White House will include in its legislation and whether Obama will try to add proposals aimed at attracting at least some Republican support.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have not signed off on any final agreement, several Democratic aides have said.

“We are still waiting for the president to present to Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi his plan,” a Democratic leadership aide told Reuters.

In other words, effectively, one man is writing and his team are going to write the revised bill, present it to the Congress, embarass  the Republicans on TV to give his party some cover and media fodder, then cram it down your throat.

But he’s not a dictator!

Then we have Cap & Trade and Amnesty for those 12 million new largely illiterate new Democrats for ACORN to register.

But he’s not a dictator! 😦

Oh, and the deficit, he appointed a commission to look into how to fix that so that when they come back with the Tax hikes he wants it will be their ass, n0t his.

He’ll be too busy campaigning, to lead.

“If the president is sincere about moving forward in a bipartisan fashion, he must take the reconciliation process — which will be used to jam through legislation that a majority of Americans do not want — off the table,” said Representative Eric Cantor, the second-ranking House Republican.

But he’s not sincere. And the “bi-partisan” summit is put-up job. It’s faker than a $3 bill.

It’s there manly for the Ministry of Truth (Mainstream Media) to get soundbites to use to maul the Republicans with.

So the Republican had better be ready for it.

There is nothing “bi-partisan” about it.

“The Republicans say that they’ve got a better way of doing it. So, I want them to put it on the table,” Obama said in Nevada stumping for Sen Majority Leader Reid.

But he”s going to have HIS plan out there for the media whores to devour beforehand.

And does anyone really think he actually wants to hear what the Republican have to say now??



He just want’s it to look like it, so he can go ahead and ram it through because the Republicans are too “obstructionist” and “too partisan” to let it go through otherwise.

That’s the rationale. It’s all their fault! Wahhhhh… 😦

Forgetting why he lost his supermajority-proof  majority in the first place and that he could get it through even then.

So we’ll go around The American people “for their own good” and cram it down your throat!

So what if you gag.

You’ll love us someday. 😦

So they have to do it.


They must possess the Holy Grail.

The Quest is the Quest!

Aides said the total cost would be between $900 billion and $1 trillion over 10 years. It would be paid for with a combination of a tax on high-end health insurance plans—modified to reflect a deal with union leaders—taxes on upper-income Americans and Medicare cuts.(WSJ)

Yeah, we would want to piss off the Unions!

The American people, yes, but the Unions, no. 😦

There’s a reason this is called the “Nuclear Option”

So get to your bomb-shelter, slather on that SPF-40,000 because your about to get a Nuke in the face!

And that folks is the Congress doing the Will of the People.

So be proud. Stand Tall. And Face into the blast!

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