Shovel Ready

WP:”With all the distortions about health care reform, I want you to hear directly from me,” the Democratic senator says in the ad during last nights win over Arizona in the Holiday bowl.

The telephone survey of 500 Nebraskans, conducted Monday, suggested Republican Gov. Dave Heineman would defeat Nelson in a potential 2012 Senate race by a 61-30 margin.

The poll showed Nelson with a 55 percent unfavorable rating and 64 percent disapproval for Democratic health care reform legislation.

“The good news for (Nelson) is that he doesn’t have to face Nebraska voters until 2012,” Rasmussen Reports stated in posting results of the survey on its Web site.

Nelson would be seeking a third term should he choose to be a candidate for re-election three years from now.

AP: Overall, 64% oppose the health care legislation, including 53% who are Strongly Opposed. In Nebraska, opposition is even stronger than it is nationally.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters in the state believe that passage of the legislation will hurt the quality of care, and 62% say it will raise costs.

Obama earned 42% of the Nebraska vote in 2008, and 38% continue to approve of his job performance. Sixty-one percent (61%) of Nebraska voters disapprove of how the president is performing.

So he has a couple of years to bribe and pork his way out of this one.

In his TV message to Nebraskans, Nelson says: “I listened to you and took a common-sense approach to improve the bill.

“Now it lowers costs for families and small business, protects Medicare, finally guarantees coverage for pre-existing conditions and reduces the deficit. And it’s not run by the government.”

“I’m convinced this is right for Nebraska,” Nelson says.

The price is right, and you own the man. He sounds like Harry Reid, or Obama, doesn’t he.

My favorite spin that I raed was that Sen Nelson was routing out unfunded mandates and that this was a tactical rouse to get them deleted from the bill.

And there’s this Bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you cheap… 🙂

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, after securing a sweetheart deal for his state as part of the health insurance reform bill, said Tuesday that three other senators have told him they want to bargain for the same kind of special treatment.

“Three senators came up to me just now on the (Senate) floor, and said, ‘Now we understand what you did. We’ll be seeking this funding too’,” Nelson said.

Harry Reid is Monty Hall, Let’s Make a Deal. And we, the people, get Zonked.

“This is the way Senate leadership chose to handle it. I never asked for 100 percent funding,”  said Sen. Nelson later.

Anyone buying the BS?

But at least Sen. Nelson is famous, or is that infamous. 🙂

Let The Pork Rain down for 40 Days and 40 Nights!

They have seen the Light!


Praise the Almighty #60!

Maybe he’s decided to take his government health care, his lobbyist money and go back to Omaha in 2012. But until then the only shovel ready job he seems to care about is shoveling the money his way .



If the cap-and-trade provisions of the Waxman-Markey bill become law, you can wave goodbye to those amber waves of grain as America’s heartland falls victim to a perverse set of incentives and a process called “afforestation.” Soybeans and wheat will give way to elms and oaks.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack wants a review of what amounts to an agricultural impact study of HR 2454, which shows it would make planting trees more profitable than planting food.

The study, which was released by the USDA earlier this month, reckons that as a result of cap-and-trade, farmers with energy-intensive crops would see their cost of production go up 10% over the next 50 years. Couple that with the money to be made from carbon offsets, and it may not be long before we’re unable to see the farms for the trees.

The USDA projects that under cap-and-trade — or is it cap-and-trees? — fuel costs will rise as much as 5.3% from 2012 to 2018. “The conclusion of all the studies remains the same: that cap-and-trade has the potential to devastate the agricultural community with higher energy prices,” says Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va.

Food prices have risen worldwide as farmland has been converted to the production of energy-deficient biofuels such as ethanol. They’ll rise even further as valuable acreage is taken offline for the planting of trees to absorb the carbon dioxide that was declared to be a pollutant in need of regulation.

But according to a model created at Texas A&M University and used by the Agriculture Department and EPA, cap-and-trade would give farmers incentive to convert up to 59 million acres of farmland into forests over the next four decades.

“If landowners plant trees to the extent the model suggests, this would be disruptive to agriculture in some regions of the country,” Ag Secretary Vilsack says.

In a teleconference with reporters earlier this month, Vilsack said that the carbon offset market in the House bill could generate $10 billion to $20 billion for the farm sector. But, according to the Ag Department, the model projects that food prices would rise an additional 4.5% by 2050 compared with a scenario wherein cap-and-trade was ultimately defeated.

When the enemy was Big Agriculture, Willie Nelson started Farm-Aid and elites lined up to save the family farm. Now, it seems, saving the planet is more important. Who really needs cheap and plentiful food when we can hug trees and get rid of all those pesky barnyard animals and their greenhouse-gas emissions in the process? (IBD)

There were reports, not in the Mainstream Media, of course, of food shortages in 2007 due to the conversion of corn into Bio-diesel rather than into human food.


More Save the planet from evil Humans.



1. Americans oppose ObamaCare by almost 2 to 1 in the latest CNN poll. Other polls show lopsided opposition to passing either the Senate or House health care bill.

Public opinion is against the bill because of its obscene costs in higher taxes, burdensome debt, anti-freedom mandates, rationing and reduced care for seniors. The American people have awakened to the fact that ObamaCare is transformational legislation that will drag us against popular will into European-style socialism.

2. The Democrats’ double-counting of ObamaCare’s financial benefits has been exposed as a colossal lie. Harry Reid told the Senate that his bill strengthens our future by both “cutting our towering national deficit by as much as $1.3 trillion over the next 20 years” and “strengthening Medicare and extending its life by nearly a decade.”

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) refuted that assertion. CBO said the claim that ObamaCare would provide these benefits simultaneously “would essentially double-count a large share of those savings and thus overstate the improvement in the government’s fiscal position.”

3. ObamaCare is unconstitutional because of its mandate that all individuals must carry “approved” health insurance and all businesses must give health insurance to their employees whether or not the company can afford it. “Universal” coverage will be enforced by the Internal Revenue Service with power to punish those who don’t have such a plan.

Constitutional lawyers say the Commerce Clause does not give Congress authority to force Americans to buy health insurance as a condition of living in the U.S. because personal health insurance is not “commerce.” The CBO wrote that “a mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health insurance would be an unprecedented form of federal action”; the Supreme Court has never upheld any requirement that an individual must participate in economic activity.

4. Since the Senate bill imposes sharp limits on health insurance companies’ ability to raise fees or exclude coverage, it likely will force many of them out of business. ObamaCare is unconstitutional because it violates the Bill of Rights protections against takings without just compensation and deprivation of property without due process of law.

5. Other ObamaCare provisions blatantly legislate racial and other forms of discrimination. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights sent two letters to the president and congressional leaders warning about the obnoxious requirements for racist and sexist quotas.

The Senate bill requires that “priority” for federal grants be given to institutions offering “preferential” admissions to minorities (race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation and religion).



Attorneys general in 13 states are threatening legal action, if Reid and Pelosi don’t remove Nebraska’s Medicaid deal from the federal health care reform bill, according to a letter sent to The Associated Press Wednesday.

“We believe this provision is constitutionally flawed,” wrote South Carolina AG Henry McMaster and 12 other state attorneys general. The letter was addressed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and delivered to them Wednesday.

“As chief legal officers of our states, we are contemplating a legal challenge to this provision, and we ask you to take action to render this challenge unnecessary by striking that provision,” they wrote.

In the days following the vote, even Nebraskans wondered if Reid’s sweetheart deal for the corn husker state violated the Constitution, as well as federal bribery laws.

The letter threatening legal action was signed by top prosecutors in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington state.

“Because this provision has serious implications for the country and the future of our nation’s legislative process, we urge you to take appropriate steps to protect the Constitution and the rights of the citizens of our nation,” the attorneys general wrote.

Article 1, Section 9: `No preference shall be given by any regulation of commerce or revenue to the ports of one State over those of another.’

Article 4, Section 4: `The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a Republican form of Government.’

US code Title 18 201, Titled “Bribery of Public Officials and Witnesses,” Section B: `Whoever directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official (officials is defined as a member of Congress, Delegate or Resident Commissioner) … with intent (a) to influence any official act; or (b) to influence such public official or person who has been selected to be a public official to commit or aid in committing, or colluding, or ally any fraud or make opportunity for the commission of any fraud on the United States.”

Will the Democrats in Congress or the president listen?


The Agenda is the Agenda.

The Holy Grail is within their reach. They are so close they can taste it.

It makes them drool.

But it isn’t over yet. At least not until the Bribe-Fat Congressmen sing.

So we have plenty of “shovel-ready” jobs. Problem is, most of them is shoveling the BS around into Barf Bags.

Be a Sucker for Your Country

Play by the rules. Be a good citizen. Don’t expect other people to do the work for you. Pay your own bills.


IBD: Let’s face it: Big government is making suckers out of all of us. All of us, that is, who play by the rules and pay our bills. Here’s a little test to see just how big a sucker you really are.

Are you still paying your mortgage each month at the interest rate you agreed to? Sucker! The government has created a program to let those who aren’t paying on their mortgages get lower interest rates on their loans.

And if you haven’t had the government make the bank reduce the amount you owe on your loan, you’re an even bigger fool.

Do you work for a private company instead of the government? Sucker! The real money is made working for Uncle Sam. The average pay for federal government workers is now $71,206, compared with $40,331 for those in the private sector.

In fact, nearly one out of five federal workers pulls down more than $100,000. That’s up over 33% during what the administration says is the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

And that’s before overtime and benefits — which used to suffice for such workers — kick in. Meanwhile, a “pay czar” aggressively caps salaries at companies that receive “federal” money.

Still paying full price for your kids’ meals at school? The government currently provides free or reduced-price lunch, breakfast or both for nearly 60% of all school-age children nationwide. Households with incomes of up to 185% of poverty level are eligible.

In Philadelphia public schools, 72% of students have access to a universal feeding program — regardless of income. Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey wants to nationalize that program.

Are you represented by a senator who promised to vote for health care reform before demanding a few barrels of pork from Majority Leader Harry Reid? As Reid himself said, “I don’t know if there is a senator that doesn’t have something in this bill that was important to them. And if they don’t have something in it important to them, then it doesn’t speak well of them.” Translation: “Sucker!”

You don’t actually pay federal income tax, do you? According to the Tax Policy Center, roughly 47% of American households don’t — and that’s expected to top 50% soon. So if you’re still cutting a check to Uncle Sam when half of your fellow citizens pay nothing — or even get a tax credit — well, if that’s not the definition of “sucker” we don’t know what is.

If it makes you feel any better, Vice President Biden says true patriots pay more in taxes. By extension, your love of country is even more apparent when you also help your neighbors pay their mortgages, food bills and health care costs.

Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask how big a sucker you can be for your country.

And now how to be suckered:

Sen. John Rockefeller, D-W.Va., chairman of the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Health Care, and Rep. Joe Courtney, D-Conn., a member of the House Education and Labor Committee, have introduced the Pre-existing Condition Patient Protection Act, which would eliminate pre-existing condition exclusions in all insurance markets. That’s an Obama administration priority.

Sounds good. Sounds visceral. Let’s go get those evil, nasty, heartless insurance companies.

Let’s force them.

Now let’s look at it this way (IBD):

I wonder whether President Obama and his congressional supporters would go a step further and protect not just patients, but everyone against pre-existing condition exclusions by insurance companies. Let’s look at the benefits of such a law.

Retroactive Insurance

A person might save quite a bit of money on fire insurance. He could wait until his home is ablaze and then walk into Nationwide and say, “Sell me a fire insurance policy so I can have my house repaired.” The Nationwide salesman says, “That’s lunacy!” But the person replies, “Congress says you cannot deny me insurance because of a pre-existing condition.”

This mandate against insurance company discrimination would not only apply to home insurance, but auto insurance and life insurance as well. Instead of a wife wasting money on costly life insurance premiums, she could spend that money on jewelry, cosmetics and massages and then wait until her husband kicked the bucket to buy life insurance on him.

Insurance companies don’t stay in business and prosper by being stupid. If Congress were to enact a law eliminating pre-existing condition exclusions, what might be expected?

You’d be an absolute sucker to buy the Insurance BEFORE you needed it. During or After is just fine since a Pre-existing condition is not good enough to deny you.

Taking the precaution before it happens just wastes even more of your money and makes you a SUCKER!.

And if you’re the Insurance company, that knows most of your money goes to paying claims anyhow, what are you going to charge for something like this?

I’ll tell you one thing. Logic says, it ain’t going down!

Yes, health insurance is different from fire and auto insurance, but the insurance principle remains the same.

So when the insurance skyrockets. Those people people will complain mightily to Congress and scream and yell, as they do now about greedy companies trading on misery, etc.

Then Congress will enact insurance premium price controls. Insurance companies might try to restrict just what treatments they will cover under such restrictions. That means Congress will play a greater role in managing what insurance companies can do.

And they will be “managed” out of business.

Leaving Uncle holding the whole bag.

Now they have the ultimate power and can do anything they want. Monopolies do that, you know.

And you end up with something far worse than you have now.


Your Health Care Provider


Entitlement follows Need

In the 1960s there was a perception that some elderly were not receiving adequate health care. To meet this need, Congress passed Medicare. The same concern was voiced about the poor. To meet their need, Congress passed Medicaid.

The same concern was voiced about those too destitute (or too irresponsible) to buy health insurance, and in the ’80s Congress passed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, forcing emergency rooms to treat anyone who needed medical attention, regardless of their ability to pay.

Can you say Illegal Immigrants. 🙂

The same concern was voiced about parents who were too well off for Medicare, but who nevertheless couldn’t meet their children’s health care needs, and in the late ’90s Congress passed the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

The message is clear: If you have a need, you are entitled to have it fulfilled at others’ expense.

The reason we continue to move toward socialized medicine is that everyone — including the opponents of socialized medicine — grants its basic moral premise: that need generates an entitlement.

So long as that principle goes unchallenged, government intervention in medicine will continue growing, as each new pressure group asserts its need and lobbies for its entitlement, until finally the government takes responsibility for fulfilling everyone’s medical needs by socializing the health care system outright.

Some believe you can stop this process midstream: The government will intervene only to help those in dire circumstances while otherwise leaving people responsible for their own health care. But that’s an illusion. If need entitles one to the wealth and effort of others, then there is no logical reason why the government should restrict help to some small subset of the “needy,” and refuse to help the rest.

The only way to effectively oppose socialized health care is to reject the morality of need in favor of a genuinely American alternative. According to the American ideal, men are not their brother’s keeper — we are independent individuals with inalienable rights to support our own lives and happiness by our own efforts.

That means taking responsibility for your own medical needs, just as you take responsibility for your grocery shopping and car payments. It means no one can claim that his need entitles him to your time, effort, or wealth.

Where is the willingness to defend this ideal by saying, “Your health care is your responsibility — and if you truly cannot afford the care you need, then you must ask for private charity — not pick your neighbor’s pocket to pay for it”?

But if forcing some Americans to provide unearned health care for others is noble, then is it any wonder that America keeps moving toward socialized medicine? Is it any wonder that, while Republicans loudly oppose Democratic attempts to expand government control over health care, they do not challenge the endless need-based interventions that already exist — and instead push for their own need-based programs (such as Bush’s prescription drug entitlement)?

Those who truly want to fight against socialized medicine in America must realize that it’s time to drop the morality of need and proudly say: I am not my brother’s health care provider. (IBD)

But you will be called heartless, mean-spirited, cruel, greedy, and any number of other personal attacks.

I know.

I have been called all of those who advocating the very same thing.

Personal responsibility.

Such an evil thing.

And only a Sith Lord would propose that people are responsible for even their bad choices. Or the hard choices.

Well Tough.

Life isn’t fair.

Get over it.

I don’t work for the benefit of others. I work to keep me going. So that I responsible for my own success and my own failure.

But I’m just a “cruel”, “heartless”, “kick a cute puppy”, “steal candy from a baby” “right wing extremist scrooge” because I don’t want to share my non-wealth with those who have even less.

No wonder we’ll all end up poor and destitute.

But we’ll be equal.

To warp a Douglas Adams line, “everyone will be poor and no one will be rich, at least no one you can talk about”

The  Apparatchiks. It’s a Russian colloquial term for a full-time, professional functionary of the Communist Party or government; i.e., an agent of the governmental or party “apparat” (apparatus) that held any position of bureaucratic or political responsibility, with the exception of the higher ranks of management.

All those government bureaucrats. They will be well cared for.

And so will the Politicians and their lobbyist feeders.

The machine will be fine.

It’s all the cogs that will be ground under them.

But at least we won’t be mean heartless and cruel.

They will.

Those protectors of our rights and freedoms.

The ones we gave up to them.

Because we didn’t want the responsibility.

We didn’t want to fail.

We didn’t want to see others who had failed.

So if we all fail, and we’re all equal. that’s ok then.

So one will be there to coddle us.

When what we need is someone there to be  motivate us to higher goals. To look up not down.

Like Rocky, you knock us down we get back up.

Not like Roberto Duran, wimpering “No Mas”.

But, what do I know, I’m just mean, cruel and heartless. 🙂

The System Worked

On Christmas Day, a Nigerian man claiming to be part of the al-Qaeda terrorist group attempted to destroy a Northwest Airlines aircraft on its final approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Christmas Day. The suspect was successful with placing a destructive device on that aircraft.

While the incident is still being investigated, Secretary for Homeland Security Janet Napolitano appeared on national television and attempted to put a “happy face” on the incident. Secretary Napolitano told reporters that the Obama Administration is reacting to the terrorist threat and that “the system worked” in the case of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport incident.
“The system worked? What system? If it weren’t for a faulty explosive device and a Dutchman who subdued the would-be bomber, this could have been a disastrous Christmas for the Flight 253 passengers and for our nation,” said former NYPD detective Sid Frances, a noted security expert.
Let’s review: A slovenly-dressed “poor” Muslim (who in reality is a son of privilege) on a  terrorist watch list boards a plane in Amsterdam after flying from Lagos, Nigeria on a flight bound for Detroit with a small carry-on ONLY and NO PASSPORT, just a Visa.
Nothing suspicious here.
Move along.

Officials said he came to the attention of U.S. intelligence last month when his father, Alhaji Umar Mutallab, a prominent Nigerian banker, reported to the American Embassy in Nigeria about his son’s increasingly extremist religious views. In a statement released Monday morning, Abdulmutallab’s family in Nigeria said that after his “disappearance and stoppage of communications while schooling abroad,” his father reached out to Nigerian security agencies two months ago. The statement says the father then approached foreign security agencies for “their assistance to find and return him home.”

The family says: “It was while we were waiting for the outcome of their investigation that we arose to the shocking news of that day.”(san diego online)

Now you know what we Arizonan had to put up with when she was the Governor and her refusal to deal with Illegal Immigration on any level. And her silly politically correct ideology.

“In fact, one of Napolitano’s first orders was for ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) agents to stop workplace inspections to arrest illegal workers and identity thieves,” said veteran cop Lieutenant Stephan Rodgers from New Jersey.

The very thing that had been a thorn in her side for years. People, like Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arapaio and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas were actually ENFORCING THE LAW.

And that was just driving her mad. Even now as Secretary of Homeland Security she is still in a piss fight with Arapaio and Thomas.

She hates crisis, and always trys to deflect onto someone else.

Sounds like your proto-typical liberal to me.

So, when you board that next plane know that “the system works” according to your Homeland Security Secretary.

That system being, a Foreign national has to tackle the bomber AFTER his bomb fails to go off.

That’s your system.

Don’t you feel safer now. 🙂

And this far from the first time for dear Janet.

First, during her testimony on Capitol Hill, Napolitano noticeably failed to use the words terrorist or radical Islam even once while testifying, in spite of the fact her very job was created as a result of terrorist attacks perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001.

The former Arizona governor has been slow to respond to the violence and chaos that exists at the US-Mexican border and continues to hesitate in dealing with an out-of-control immigration problem. Instead, Napolitano pointed to the US-Canadian border as cause for concern, going so far as to say the 9-11 terrorists entered the United States from Canada.

Napolitano subsequently was forced to apologize to the Canadian government and had to correct her erroneous statement. The fact that the nation’s top terrorism fighter didn’t know from where the men — who committed the worst terrorist attack in US history — entered this nation did not instill must confidence in her knowledge and ability.

She doesn’t want to deal with reality because it conflicts with her radical leftist ideology.

Sound familiar?

This is the governor who had been pressured to put National Guard Troops on the border because of the massive influx of  Illegal Aliens.

When she finally did declare “an emergency” they were sent down their with no ammo and orders to sit on their hands and do nothing. Just look like they were doing something. To be a presence.

It was a calculated political maneuver. It was the absolute minimum she could do to look like she gave a damn.

Nothing more.

Sound Familiar?

Then  there was the report Secretary Napalitano put out right after her confirmation saying, in effect, the greatest threat to America was “Right Wing Extremists”.


Not Terrorists.

Right Wing Extremists.

I remember when that came out. I remember thinking, “yeah, that’s sounds like her”.

She’s all politics.  All Ideology. All the time.

Sound familiar?

Congressional Democrats anyone?

Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) gave the following statement in response to ongoing controversy over the Department of Homeland Security’s recent report on right-wing extremists and potential domestic terrorism, as well as Secretary Napolitano’s failure to appropriately apologize for the offensive assertions made in the report:

“The outrageous, unsubstantiated, politically-loaded DHS report on ‘Right-Wing Extremism,’ shows a stunning lack of understanding of the real and imminent threats America is truly facing,” said Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ), who is a member of the Committee on Armed Services, Strategic Forces Subcommittee, Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee, Military Readiness Subcommittee, Committee on the Judiciary, Constitution Subcommittee, and is ranking member on the Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law.

“It is also a disgraceful insult to the true heroes of our country. If veterans, pro-life and states’ rights advocates and those who seek to protect the Constitutional rights of themselves and their fellow Americans are at higher risk for becoming domestic terrorists, then over 80% of the people in my District can be categorized as a potential national security threat,” said Rep. Franks.

Franks also noted that it would be very interesting to see what taxpayer-funded resources went into producing “this disgraceful report and what documents and evidence they are using to justify it.”

Franks and other conservatives believe that using the vast and powerful resources of the Department of Homeland Security to target and ostracize political opposition, as it would appear is being done, sets an incredibly dangerous precedent and it’s something America’s federal government should have no part of.

Franks said, “The report claims the election of an “African American president” and the downturn in the economy has caused ‘right-wing extremism’ and could possibly even radicalize our veterans.”

“To say that the noble and patriotic men and women who wear this nation’s uniform and have laid their lives on the line to protect their country are now one of the greatest potential domestic security dangers to our country is so staggeringly irrational and insulting that I am unable to find the words to express it,” he said.(examiner)

And there’s More:

The (then-) Democratic governor, accused by her Republican critics of being soft on immigration, has vetoed other immigration bills from the GOP-majority Legislature within the past year, including a proposal to give police the power to enforce federal immigration laws. She’s also provided services for illegal aliens and is a proponent of drivers licenses for illegals.

But, don’t worry. The system worked. Janet’s large and in charge. She right on top of it.

MetroTimes: A Michigan man who was aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 says he witnessed Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab trying to board the plane in Amsterdam without a passport.

While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, ‘He’s from Sudan and we do this all the time.’”
Mutallab is Nigerian. Haskell believes the man may have been trying to garner sympathy for Mutallab’s lack of documents by portraying him as a Sudanese refugee.
“I stood up and walked a couple feet ahead to get a closer look, and that’s when I saw the flames,” said Haskell, who sat about seven rows behind Mutallab. “It started to spread pretty quickly. It went up the wall, all the way to ceiling.”
But the system worked. Don’t you feel so much better knowing Janet has your back. 🙂

AP: Napolitano refused to say whether Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has a connection to al-Qaida, citing the ongoing criminal investigation.

The fact that he said he was member, no one cares. And also, notice, she calls it a criminal investigation. Not a Terrorist incident.

“Right now, we have no indication that it is part of anything larger,” Janet Napolitano told the CNN news network.

On “Meet The Press” on Sunday:

Host David Gregory asks: Is your suspicion, based on intelligence you’re seeing and information that he’s providing, is your suspicion that he is part of al-Qaeda?

SEC’Y NAPOLITANO: You know, David, I, I, I don’t want to speculate on that. Again, the, the FBI has that under investigation. We’ll ascertain whether or not he is what he, he allegedly says he is. But what we are focused on, again, is screening, making sure that mitigation measures are in place at airports across the country.

Yeah, we have to mitigate the political damage first!

She confirmed that there was no air marshal on the plane with Abdulmutallab. They are not on every flight.

Napolitano says that despite Abdulmutallab’s success at getting dangerous chemicals on board the plane, commercial flying is safe.

She says the United States is reviewing what security measures were used in Amsterdam, where he boarded the flight.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

But I saved the best for last:  Today

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano conceded Monday that the aviation security system failed when a young man on a watchlist with a U.S. visa in his pocket and a powerful explosive hidden on his body was allowed to board a fight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

A day after saying the system worked, Napolitano backtracked, saying her words had been *** taken out of context***. (emphasis added)

Now where have I heard that from a liberal caught trying to cover something stupid they said or did to cover up their own mistakes??  Hmmmm…. 🙂

“Our system did not work in this instance,” she said on NBC’s “Today” show. “No one is happy or satisfied with that. An extensive review is under way.”

Aka, how can we blame this one someone else; how can we better prepare to not to have to take the blame for it the next time.

Let’s scramble around look like we give a crap.

Just like the border, Janet just like the border.


Today, I’m going to do something different. I’m tired.

So I’m talking to today about the best, most hopeful thing in my life.

And right now hope is what is needed.

One of the things I am most thankful for. There are many. This is but one.

There’s this little program that not as many Americans have heard of, but virtually every Britons has.

That is “Doctor Who”  ( who)


The longest running Science Fiction show in history.

It began on November 23, 1963. It ran on the BBC until Dec 1989. 26 years.

Then it was off.

But the fans never gave up.

The show flourished in “The Wilderness Years” as many fans call it. The fans took over the process of the fiction.

There was a TV movie that was all but ignored Fox in 1996.

The something remarkable happened.

The show regenerated in 2005.

Run by fans who were now the leaders of this pack.

It is now arguably the #1 drama in the UK.

It never really died.

It regenerated.

This was a genius master stroke by the producers back in 1966. The lead actor William Hartnell was leaving. They needed a way to continue the show.

The Doctor (of the title, he is not “Doctor Who”) is an alien from the planet Gallifrey.

He travels all of time and space.

And he can regenerate.

When the need arises he can completely transform himself.

Thus, another actor comes in and takes over and the program continues.

There have been 10 Doctors so far. The Tenth Doctor is bowing out of the programme on Jan 1st, 2010.

The Eleventh Doctor will take his place in the Spring.

The 31st Season in 47 years begins a new.

New Hope.

New anticipation.

New adventures.

The Doctor is moral, upstanding, a defender of the people.

We need a Doctor.

We need a regeneration.

A Regeneration of the American Spirit.

The spirit that says you cannot take my freedoms away so easily and with so much contempt.

Or we have The Master, the Doctor’s opposite.

They went to school together on Gallifrey.

But The Master is a sociopathic nightmare who just wants to rule everything and everybody.

Self-Aggrandizement is the name of the game.

Power for power sake.

The grand plan to rule everything.

Sound familiar? 🙂

But he’s stopped every time by the Doctor. Most times with a cost.

It maybe a simple morality play.

Hero. Villain.

It may be old-fashioned.

But isn’t simple morality something we need these days.

With the The New Louisiana Purchase, The Cornhusker Kickback, The Florida Right off, The Connecticut University Deal.

The Stimulus money that goes to fake Congressional Districts.

Record Snowfalls in “Global Warming”

The complete lack of respect from leadership for the people.

The complete lack of civility.

The total and complete partisanship divide.

Wouldn’t a good old fashioned, simple dose of morality be such a breath of fresh air.

It would be the Regeneration that was promised but never intended to be delivered by the last election.

The real HOPE and CHANGE.

Now we look forward to 2010.

The Health Care Final Death Star Battle.

Cap & Trade.


And more and more Debt as the Democrats go from Bribing themselves with your money, to bribing you with your own money.

Just so they can maintain their power for power sake.

Stand fast.

Believe in the real American ideals.

The Politically Incorrect ones.

And even if we fall, we can regenerate.

Believe in the American Spirit.

Doctor Who got me personally through the worst times in my life.

Or as they said in Galaxy Quest, “Never Give Up. Never Surrender”.

It’s not the easy path.

But it is right path.

Yes We Can. 🙂

An Anatomy Lesson

If  you are around my age you remember the commercial where an narrator would hold up an egg and say “This is your brain” and then he’d crack it open on a pan (which you shouldn’t do by the way-always crack it on a flat surface to avoid getting shell in the egg) and put it in a sizzling hot pan, “And this is your brain on drugs” showing the fried egg.

Well, the 2009 Model:

The Human Brain


Your Brain on Liberal Socialism

A Mind is a terrible thing to waste. 🙂

Continue Fighting. It’s is a Nobel Cause.

WP: Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) reserved the right to vote against the conference “if there are material changes,” and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) told C-SPAN the “Cadillac” tax would have to be a part of any final package she votes for. Both Nelson and Landrieu won hundreds of millions of dollars in the Senate bill for their states, which Republicans and even some Democrats derided as unfair to other states’ taxpayers

Translation: Show Me da Money! Bribe Me again Big Boy.

“You have got this divide, this polarization in America,” said Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, the only Republican in recent weeks to seriously consider supporting the health bill. “People become risk-averse, politically risk-averse. There is no incentive to reach across the divide and appeal to a broader inclination. It looks like pragmatism is a political cop-out; compromise is certainly viewed that way.”(NYT)

So stay Tuned. It ain’t over ’till it’s over.

No matter what the Liberal Media says.

“I don’t see this as 60 Democrats versus 40 Republicans,” he said. “I see it as 60 leaders who stood up to insurance companies and stood up for working families all across America.”(MSNBC)

Give us all HELL, Harry. 🙂

“This notion that somehow this health care bill that’s emerging should be grudgingly accepted by Democrats as half a loaf” is wrong, Obama said. “This is 95 percent of the loaf.” (CNN)

Kind of like : ( promise) “Cut taxes for 95 percent of workers and their families with a tax cut of $500 for workers or $1,000 for working couples”

Both are baking lies.

I think he really meant back in the campaign that there would by 95% Taxes, or is that 95 NEW taxes, I forget which… 🙂

That Lump of Liberal Coal in your Stocking

One might be tempted to think there’s no comparison between Democrats’ health care overhaul and Hugo Chavez’s orgy of class warfare on Venezuela’s private sector. But consider Chavez’s new public eateries.

Last week, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez announced he would start a chain of government-run “areperas” to sell arepas — filled white-corn patties, similar to tacos — at state prices.

Slinging hash at a grand opening in Caracas, Chavez announced his new firm would be called Comerso, the “Socialist Corporation of Markets,” to counter the private restaurants he claims are charging too much. With arepas selling for 20 bolivars at private eateries, Chavez was going to dish his out at five — to keep eateries “honest.”

It’s no different from the public option House Democrats are proposing in their 2,074-page bill now being reconciled in Congress.

Unlike the Democrats however, Chavez makes no bones about what he’s up to: driving the private sector out of business with his “public option” for these taco stands.

“We’ll show them what a real market is all about, not those speculative, money-grubbing markets, but a market for the people,” the caudillo claimed. “Private individuals in sales can still sell, but they’ll have to compete with us and with a people who are now fully aware.”

It’s remarkably similar to what Democrats have argued in their insistence on a “public option” of state-run health insurance for their health care overhaul bill now being reconciled in the Congress.

“One of the best ways to bring down costs, provide more choices and assure quality is a public option that will force the insurance companies to compete and keep them honest,” President Obama said just last October.

“If a vigorous public option is not included, it would be a major victory for the health insurance industry,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this December.

“I think it’s the fairest way to go,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in October.

To both Chavez and Democrats, prices charged by private firms, whether health insurance companies or areperas, are too high and need government intervention. What’s more, they aren’t high because of conditions of supply and demand, but out of pure malice.

That obscures the reasons why health care costs are high in the U.S. and arepa prices are soaring in Chavez’s Venezuela.

Three factors stick out in Venezuela: Chavez has instituted price and capital controls to “discourage speculation” on foreign currency, which makes hard cash a lot scarcer than it should be.

Because of this, importers can no longer buy as much imported food for a nation that has always imported food. White corn, a staple of Venezuelan cuisine, must be imported from Argentina or South Africa because it doesn’t grow well in the local climate. Net result: Store shelves go bare and prices rise.

Chavez also has been confiscating private farms in the name of “the people” and has added more food shortages, as well as driven up prices even further.

Lastly, he’s already set up a network of government-run stores in the shantytowns, called Mercal, which quickly runs out of goods every time it’s stocked because of its artificially low prices. This is unfair competition with the established private sector, which has suffered.

“Buhoneros” (poor street vendors) buy up the goods in bulk and sell them on the street or at fairs at higher prices consistent with Venezuela’s inflation rate — which runs around 30%. That’s the highest in Latin America.

In that atmosphere, inflation, food shortages and the withered private sector are tightly linked to government intervention. It is little different from the kinds of controls that have hurt the U.S. insurance industry, which has been battered by Congress’ controls against companies selling policies across state lines and hundreds of capricious mandates.

There may not be much that can be done for Venezuela, but in light of these results, we can pretty well tell what Democrats are up to with their “public option.” And it’s going to have the same result.(IBD)

NYT: “This was supposed to be a bill that reformed health care in America,” said the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. “Instead, we’re left with party-line votes in the middle of the night, a couple of sweetheart deals to get it over the finish line and a truly outraged public.”

Merry Christmas from the post-partisan,unifying, compassionate,drain the swamp of  corruption  Democrats.

But the Last Word goes to an idol of mine, Charles M. Schulz:

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

WP: Vice President Biden presided over the 60-39, party-line vote, which brings Democrats closer than ever to realizing their 70-year-old goal of universal health coverage.

Notice the not-so-Freudian slip. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. 🙂

For the first time, most Americans would be required to obtain health insurance, either through their employer or via new, government-regulated exchanges. Those who can’t afford insurance plans would receive federal subsidies.

Subsidies paid for by?

You guessed it.

Us. Not Them.


It’s a Baby.

Vampire that is.

That if allowed to live will suck the life out of Everyone.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared that: “We stand on the doorstep of history.”

Infamy more likely.

And after all, their place in “history” and it’s immortality was far more important than the will of the People.

But since the liberal control education I’m sure the Republicans will be to blame when this Frankenstein’s Monster rampages through The Village.

Republicans fought the Senate bill with every parliamentary weapon they could muster, raising a series of motions on that failed along party lines. The rhetoric grew more harsh as time ran short.

“From rationing care to infringing on the doctor-patient relationship, this government-run system will guarantee U.S. taxpayers a staggering tax burden for generations to come,” Grassley said on the Senate floor. The final bill, Grassley said, “doesn’t do any of these things that we set out to do at the beginning.”

No, Senator. It doesn’t (on the things they SAID were the goals).

A challenge to the Senate health bill’s constitutionality failed on Wednesday afternoon in a party-line vote.
Sens. John Ensign (R-Nev.) and Orrin Hatch’s (R-Utah) point of order arguing that the Senate bill is unconstitutional under the Interstate Commerce Clause and Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution failed in a 39-60 vote. (The Hill)

And even the vaunted CBO has recently admitted to an error in their calculations, the one’s Democrats have been touting (Sounds a bit Copenhaegn-y don’t it?)(FOX): The Congressional Budget Office said Sunday that the Senate health care bill would not reduce long-term federal deficits as much as previously estimated, acknowledging that it made an “error” in its original analysis.

In correcting the mistake, Elmendorf noted that projections for a bill 10-to-20 years down the road can be highly unreliable.

“The imprecision of these calculations reflects the even greater degree of uncertainty that attends to them,” he wrote.

But on getting it passed so that they could force the drugs down everyone’s throat so they can addict them and make it look like it’s for their own good, they did succeed.

So Far.

But as Yogi Berra would say, “It ain’t over ‘Till it’s over”.

The House and Senate versions are radically different.

But it’s now about pride of Ideology, and Party. Not actually helping people.

And the American People must rise up and pressure them before the final vote on whatever mutant form of Socialized Medicine comes out in the final product.

Make no mistake, all Democrats are Liberals. And all Liberals are Democrats.

It’s about Ideology.

It’s about Party.

It’s not about You.

It’s about Them.

Their egos. Their Pride. Their “historic moment”.

The ascendancy of the Socialist Liberal Nanny State. Where they control you from before birth to after death.

And they have complete contempt for you and the process as this example From The Hill shows:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) elicited perhaps the strongest reaction after he originally voted no on the health care reform bill he has crafted and ushered through the Senate for months.
Reid quickly threw up his arms in the air and bowed his head to his podium, drawing a hardy round of laughs from senators in the chamber. It’s not clear if Reid’s original vote was a mistake or a joke, but Reid said that he spent Wednesday night trying to think of ways to show some bipartisanship.

Yes, folks, bi-partisanship is a joke to Democrats.

Lest, you think the Fourth Estate, the mighty “journalist” was going to press the White House for answers, and askl tough questions, think again:

A press conference that began with White House press secretary Robert Gibbs announcing that since “last week we did a sort of happy hour briefing,” he thought “today we’d do sort of a brunch briefing,” got more trivial — and insulting by the minute.

What we got from America’s intrepid practitioners of First Amendment freedoms was a discussion about “a pink polka-dot shirt and a checkered tie.”

“What color are your socks today?” Gibbs asked one member of the press corps. Then it was on to the reporter “with the snappy blue tie and hopefully darker socks,” as Gibbs described his attire.

Not long after that came a question that must have kept C-SPAN junkies on the edge of their seats: “Does the president support Senator Akaka’s native Hawaiian government reorganization act, creating a native Hawaiian government within the state of Hawaii?”

There were jokes about cell phones going off — “Is somebody ordering a pizza?” Gibbs asked — and of equipment being noisily dropped — “Careful … this room isn’t paid for!” said Gibbs. “This is just a rental!” But there were no serious questions about what is contained in Congress’ worst-ever piece of legislation, rammed through in the middle of the night on a party-line vote.

We got touchy-feely questions like, “As the president is winding down this first year in office, as he looks back over this year, is he at the point now where he can say, this is kind of what I expected?”

Oh yes, and we learned that on the president’s upcoming vacation in Hawaii, “he will probably take the girls out for shaved ice.”

The whole thing is a joke to them.

Well, I’m not laughing, because it’s at MY EXPENSE.

When a question was asked about the president not discussing the government-run option for health reform with independent Sen. Joseph Lieberman, no answer was given because, said Gibbs, “if you’re looking back, it’s generally rehashing.”

Old News. We Won. Up yours. <<stick tongue out>>. Move on, nothing to see but a Jon Stewart Comedy Central routine. Next…

Reid during his final floor remarks said that many senators could hear (Teddy) Kennedy’s voice “ringing” in their ears.

I wonder if any of them heard Mary Jo Kopeckne?? 🙂

“This bill is a real threat to liberty because of the precedent that it sets on the federal government being able to tell individuals what to do,” said Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.).

But it’s not night fall yet.

Dusk maybe.

But not night fall.

The Dark Side hasn’t won’t quite yet, young Skywalker. 🙂

Though the Force is strong with The One.

They will ignore you, but keep it up, day after day.

Contact your local TV station news. Ask them why they don’t cover it properly.

It’s about Pressure people.

(CBS) CBS Evening News, Weekdays editions:

CBS Evening News
524 West 57th St.
New York, NY 10019


CONSUMER ALERT: Know of a scam that needs investigating? Tell us about it! Email us at

(and if this ain’t a scam, I don’t know what is…) 🙂

Comment early and often. 🙂

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through D.C.
Not a creature was stirring — except for sixty.
The health care bill made them wish they weren’t alive,
And they wanted Obama Claus soon to arrive.

The Dems were all anxious, they wanted to leave
For they know, in a year, six or seven will grieve.
The entire debate blew up in the Dems’ faces
And made their polls sink in all of the big races!

They don’t want to remember this nightmare existed,
Nor employ on constituents logic so twisted.
Harry Reid hid the bill, but I think this is it –
I will spell it all out with my rhyme and my wit:

There is no “public option,” progressives are crying
And distorting the CBO, Barry is lying
Mary Landrieu was bought off, but nobody cares
And Ben Nelson is pro-life — really, he swears by it

Medicare’s still insolvent, but we’re gonna slash it –
(But those evil Repukes are the ones who will smash it!)
The majority will says the bill is a clunker –
(But we’ve got cash for that, and the DNC bunker)

Pre-existing conditions? Irrelevant, now –
It’ll reduce our costs, though we can’t tell you how.
Tort reform was avoided with diligent care,
And we left state monopolies all standing there.

Now Obama Claus comes and he asks them to vote –
58, 59 — ah, at last he can gloat! –
For the ayes have it, sir, and the bill has been passed!
We have the damned health care reform here at last!

“Now Nelson! Now, Lincoln! Now, Pryor and Joe!
On, Evan! On, Landrieu! On, Baucus and Snowe!
To the top of the deficit, ceiling of debt!
We’re going to bankrupt the U.S.A. yet!”

I woke up the next morning and saw on TV
I got health care handouts — coming straight from D.C.!
Obama, I thought — you did all this for me?
“Think it costs lots right now? Just you wait ’til it’s free!”

by Alex Knepper

Have a Merry Christmas. It may be your last.

In Perpetuity and Civility

Obama's America

“I would hope that everyone would go back to their gentlemanly ways,” Reid said. “And I hope everyone will, as I’ve said to a number of people, [recall] Rodney King: ‘Let’s just all try to get along.’ “(Politico)

To quote an 80’s slang, “Like, Gag Me with a Spoon”.

The Uncivil Liberals want to make nicey and be all kissy-kissy now that that they can stab you through the heart.

Isn’t that special.

Now they want civility. After freezing out their opposition, calling anyone who disagreed with them all manner of ugly things like “racists” and “aryans”.

They do the deal in the backrooms and in secret and cut deals (aka Bribes).

Now they want civility.

To quote Tom Servo, “Bite me!”

Democrats are clearly hoping the Republicans will relent. Reid (D-Nev.) made an appeal on the floor Tuesday morning to turn down the temperature. “‘This is time we figure out a way to leave here in a peaceful nature,” Reid said shortly after 7 a.m. Tuesday.

I say turn it up.

You want to be dictators so bad, earn it, bucko.

Stop Whining.

It’s almost Volcano Day!

Tuesday’s vote came as a new Quinnipiac poll showed that American voters “mostly disapprove” of the health reform plan by a margin of 53 percent to 35 percent. They also disapprove of Obama’s handling of health care, 56 percent to 38 percent.

And you want the knife in the back while they extend the hand of civility?

Well Here it is, courtesy of IBD:

‘Page 1,020″ — it may soon be a mantra for one of the most disturbing abuses of legislative power in history. In setting up an Independent Medicare Advisory Board, that page of the Senate health overhaul bill passed in the dead of night early Monday says, “It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.”

This enters the realm of “hyperlaw” or “laws on steroids.”

As Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., pointed out on the Senate floor, it isn’t lawmaking, but rather “creating a Senate rule that makes it out of order to amend or even repeal the law.”

DeMint is “not even sure that it’s constitutional,” since it affects “the fundamental purpose of Senate rules: to prevent a tyrannical majority from trampling the rights of the minority or of future Congresses.”

Clearly liberal Democratic leaders will stoop to record depths to expand the federal government’s powers.

So go ahead, vote us out, we still win.  The permanent cancer. 🙂

But don’t call them dictators. 🙂

Public support plummets well down into the 30s? They don’t bat an eyelash.

Mandating an individual’s purchase of a private service like insurance tramples the Constitution? Just watch them do it.

Bribe Senators Tom, Dick and Ben? Here’s the cash.

That is the arrogance of the mind-set dominating the legislative and executive branches: Your money is really theirs, to be handed out like a Mob-backed union boss toting a bag of cash on the waterfront.

That’s the Chicago Way. 🙂

Tim Andrews, Americans For Tax Reform:

If the current Senate health care bill passes, I – and millions of other Americans – will drop our health insurance the day it comes into law. And for this reason, it will ultimately destroy America’s health care industry.

Let it not be forgotten that the radical-ideological attack on free-market health care that underpins so-called healthcare “reform” by Obama-Pelosi-Reid was always a two step attack. First, destroy free market insurance. Second, set up a government-run program to fill the void.
Removal of the public option in the Senate bill delays step two, but the destruction of private health insurance means a government-run plan will almost become inevitable.
Why? Let me explain.
There are two key parts to the proposed legislation:
1)The individual mandate which means that if you choose not to receive insurance, you will have to pay an income surtax, (generally) maxing out at 2% of income  (see schedule below)
2)Non-denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions. This means that if you have no insurance, and contract an illness, you must be given coverage.
They can’t deny you for pre-existing conditions. 🙂 It’s one of the things the Democrats are so proud of.
So. What would any rational person do?
The answer is simple. They would
not insure themselves, and pay the tax for non-insurance. Why? Because this tax would be considerably less than most family or individual insurance plans. According to the AHIP Center for Policy Analysis, nationwide, annual premiums averaged $2,985 for single coverage and $6,328 for family plans in mid-2009. As such, paying the fine would be more worth it for individuals making less than $149,250 and families making less than $316,400 (which would cover about 99% of all households in the United States). This is not considering employee-provided health care, where premiums are considerably higher!
As such therefore, it would be in the interests of most rational Americans to not be insured, and as soon as they contract a serious illness, however, they would instantly sign up for insurance, and the law would force them to be covered. And have all their expenses paid for, even though they did not contribute anything to the insurance plan prior to contracting the illness. Then, as soon as their illness is cured, they would once again drop the insurance, having paid for only a fraction of the potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars treatment would cost.
The result? The individual free-rides off others and premiums skyrocket. As more and more people realize they can do this, the pool of paying insurance customers will dwindle, and costs will skyrocket even further. So fewer people will sign up for coverage, and ultimately, insurance companies will go bankrupt. The end result? Politicians will don shining armor and ride out to ‘save’ the people, with government run-health care, thereby “solving” a problem they created in the first place.
So do not be fooled by the rhetoric. This bill will destroy health care, and will lead to government run healthcare within a decade. There is no other explanation possible.
(Page numbers reference ORIGINAL REID-OBAMA BILL unless noted):

Individual Mandate Tax (Page 324/Sec. 1501/$15 bil/Jan 2014): Starting in 2014, anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance must pay an income surtax according to the higher of the following (page 71 of manager’s amendment updates Reid bill): AGI- Adjusted Gross Income

Single 2 People 3+ People
2014 $495/0.5% AGI $990/0.5% AGI $1485/0.5%/AGI
2015 $495/1.0% AGI $990/1.0% AGI $1485/1.0%/AGI
2016+ $495/2.0% AGI $990/2.0% AGI $1485/2.0%/AGI

Exemptions for religious objectors, undocumented immigrants, prisoners, those earning less than the poverty line, members of Indian tribes, and hardship cases (determined by HHS).

Employer Mandate Tax (Page 348/Sec. 1513/$28 bil/Jan 2014):  If an employer does not offer health coverage, and at least one employee qualifies for a health tax credit, the employer must pay an additional non-deductible tax of $750 for all full-time employees.  Applies to all employers with 50 or more employees.

Mind you, I agree with him that the ultimate goal, the Holy Grail, is a single payer Canada-style Government controlled Health Care.
And I see two ways this happens:
1) This monstrosity fails miserably (and it will). So if the Democrats are still in control, we have a “Health Care Bailout” and the government steps in to save us all.
This scenario is a bit more obvious than the other.
2) The insurance companies, who profit last year was 2.2% (where as KFC’s was 8%) under the weight of having to still turn a profit but cover everyone for essentially everything (pre-existing included) simply fail.
So the government steps in on their white horse to save everyone.
And voila, they control whether you live or die.
And since voting them out won’t get rid of the cancer, the patient is terminal.
Feeling sick?
I’m sorry, there’s no Doctor available. Try again in 2 years.
Isn’t “democracy” in America under Liberals grand. 🙂

The Cramdown Continues

“I’m tired of this Congress thinking it knows better than me and my family how to provide for our health-care now and in the future.”

Republican Party Chairman Michael S. Steele accused Democrats of “thumbing their nose and flipping the bird to the American people.” Conceding that the Senate bill is virtually unstoppable, Steele said in a conference call with reporters: “I intend to have my foot on the throats of the Democrats on this issue and hold them accountable.” Democrats seeking reelection in 2010, he warned, “can look for their pink slips.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters he was “disappointed” by Steele’s remarks, calling them “crass and such a terrible example for the youth of this country.

That’s some hubris Harry.

But Reid defended the long list of revisions to the bill, which were needed to secure the backing of moderate Democrats such as Sen. Ben Nelson (Neb.). Those changes contained additional Medicaid funding for specific states including Nebraska, exemptions for certain insurance companies and tighter restrictions on abortion coverage. “There are 100 senators here, and I don’t know that there’s a senator that doesn’t have something in this bill that isn’t important to them,” Reid told reporters. “If they don’t have something in it important to them, then it doesn’t speak well of them.”

There’s nothing like complete contempt and complete aethical and amorality and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is all of them.

Rasmussen:  The latest Rasmussen Reports weekly tracking update shows that 41% of voters nationwide favor the bill and 55% are opposed. Those figures are essentially unchanged from a week ago. This the fifth straight week with support for the legislation between 38% and 41%.

Among senior citizens, the group most likely to use the health care system, just 33% are in favor while 60% are opposed. Most adults under 30 favor the plan, but majorities of every other age group take the opposite view.

So the cramdown continues.

They know what’s best for them, and thus by extension know what’s best for you.

You need a new drug to placate you. Whether you like it or not.

Nurse Ratchet in the Form of Health Care Reform is coming to see to it you are dealt with properly.

After a few years on this new drug you won’t want to give it up.

So let’s get you addicted to our control now.

Big Brother knows best, dearie. 🙂

This is a real debate over whether or not health care is going to be a right or privilege in America,” said Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, a member of the Democratic leadership. “If you believe it’s a privilege for the rich, then you’ll vote against this. If you believe it’s a right, then I hope you’ll vote with us.” Durbin spoke on the Senate floor before the vote. (Houston Chronicle)

“We have to keep our eyes on what we’re trying to do here. We’re trying to cross a demarcation line,” Harkin told “Early Show” co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. “On one side is health care as a privilege, on the other side is health care as a right. With these votes, with the vote that we’ll take before Christmas, we will cross that line finally and say that health care is a right of all Americans.” (CBS)

Mind you, that “right” is MANDATORY.

That “right” has fines and potentially criminal charges and jail if you don’t participate actively.

So the American way, of listening to the Voice of The People is over.

The Constitution is so 20th Century…

It will done the Chicago Way.

If you don’t like it tough.

If you oppose it, Guido here will come and dissuade you.

Or if you can be bought off, we’ll just buy you off.

Either way, youse are going to do exactly what Big Brother wants or else! Youse capeche!

Sen. Harkin,“I am a strong supporter of a public option, I remain so, and I believe that sometime in the near future we will revisit that issue again and we will adopt a public option.”

After we have successfully hooked you on the drugs and made you dependent on them, then we up the dosage and go for the gold. And you won’t oppose us then.

So they are the pimp and you’re the user whether you wanted to be or not.

They use  progressively 🙂 more of your money to hook you on more drugs so they can feed their drug habit to spend even more money.

Mutually parasitic drug use.

Barack’s World! Barack’s World! Party time! Excellent! 🙂

That’s the New American Way.

Merry Christmas. Party on, Dudes! 🙂

By-Partisan Rule

We come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics,” Obama said on his inaugural speech.””The American people have come together across races and regions and stations. Now we have to do the same. Now it falls to us, the people’s representatives, to give our fullest measure of devotion to the cause of freedom, and liberty, and justice, decency and dignity and our chamber should reflect what we know are in the hearts of the American people,” he said.

Most reputable polls show the majority of American against the Health Reform just passed.

Does it look like the liberals care?

2/1/06 Press release:“Democrats are leading the effort to turn the most closed, corrupt Congress in history into the most open and honest Congress in history,” Pelosi said. “The American people have been paying the cost for the Republican culture of corruption with a confusing, special-interest Medicare prescription drug program, higher gas prices at the pump, and skyrocketing home heating bills. Democrats will restore truth and trust to our government, and put the priorities of the American people first.”

So it’s now December 21st, 2009: We just had the most partisan vote in recent memory on a bill that was largely crafted in secret and no one was allowed to see it’s latest mutations, certainly not the evil enemy camp- The Republicans.

We have a bill that the majority of Americans don’t want.

We have the New Louisiana Purchase buying off Sen. Landreiu (D-LA) and The Cornhusker Kickback buying off Sen. Nelson (D-NE) just to name the most outrageous of the corruption and bribery that went into this monstrosity.

So much for what the people want.

It’s what the politicians want.

We serve them.

Yeah, that’s your Hope and Change for you.

Right up your ass and out your wallet.

Sen. Richard Burr (R) of North Carolina said: “You have to compliment Ben Nelson for playing the price is right.”

It’s the people who got zonked.

Even, the orchestrator of the Cornhusker Kickback is unrepentant about the backlash he’s already gotten for his corrupt deal to sell his vote, “This is all orchestrated,” Nelson said Sunday. “It’s so thinly disguised … it’s almost laughable.”

No one here is laughing Senator. Touchy Touchy.

The chairman of Nebraska’s Republican Party declared Nelson’s decision to be the end of his political career in Nebraska, and within hours of Nelson’s announcement, the state GOP launched a Web site, , to collect funds to oust the Democrat in the 2012 election.

“This process is not legislation,” said Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.). “This process is corruption.”

WP: A $100 million item for construction of a university hospital was inserted in the Senate health care bill at the request of Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., who faces a difficult re-election campaign, his office said Sunday night.

On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) of South Carolina mocked President Obama’s campaign slogan – “change we need” – saying the healthcare bill was built on “backroom deals … amounting to bribes.” He added: “Is that change?” .”You know, change you can believe in, after this health care bill debacle is now becoming an empty slogan. And it’s really been replaced by seedy Chicago politics, when you think about it, backroom deals that amount to bribes.”

Congrats to the Senate Democrats. They passed the most partisan, american people-hated bill in my lifetime.

Virtually from the beginning of the process, Republicans have been frozen out of the healthcare reform negotiations.The only concerted effort by Democrats to court Republican votes – the version of healthcare reform that emerged from Sen. Max Baucus’s Finance Committee – won only Sen. Olympia Snowe (R) of Maine, who has since dropped her support of the Senate bill. “I deeply regret that I cannot support the pending Senate legislation as it currently stands, given my continued concerns with the measure and an artificial and arbitrary deadline of completing the bill before Christmas that is shortchanging the process on this monumental and transgenerational effort,” she said.

And they are proud of themselves.

I guess that’s what is most galling. The pride they feel in their accomplishment. Totally devoid of any reality check.

And what do we have to look forward to, besides the liberal media spin that will topple the earth from orbit in 2010?

Medicare Was established in 1965
Cost $ 3 Billion in 1966
Cost $325 Billion in 2005
Cost $408 Billion in 2009 (12 % increase every year for 43 years)
From 2000-2007 paid DEAD physicians 478,500 claims totaling $92 Million  (U.S. Senate Permanent Committee on Investigation)

And is now bankrupt and they are going to cut $500 Billion dollars while flooding the market with new patients.

The 2009 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports show the combined unfunded liability of these two programs has reached nearly $107 trillion in today’s dollars!

And this was the model the Democrats used and are so proud of.

We will so far underwater it will drown us.

So the Congress hands us a loaded fire hose and turns it on.

And remember kiddies, the Taxes start in 2010. The “benefits” don’t start until 2014.

Graham is upset over what he calls Enron-accounting tactics that were used to make the bill look solvent.

“It is a sham. You collect taxes for 10 years and you pay out benefits for six years (2014-2020), and the Class Act, which no one’s talking about, is a completely new government entitlement.”

But hope for change is not totally dead.

There is the conference committee between the House and Senate versions. Which are radically different.

It’s a small hope only.

A conference committee will begin trying to reconcile differences between the chambers’ versions of the bill, such as:

* Whether the measure should include a new government insurance program, as the House legislation currently does.

* How to pay for the legislation. The House bill relies heavily on a new surtax on high-income taxpayers, whereas the spending in the Senate bill is offset by a new tax on high-end “Cadillac” health plans.

* The abortion issue, which temporarily stalled both House and Senate bills in their final stages. The two measures restrict federal funding in different ways.

* Differing formulas for expanding the joint state-federal Medicaid insurance program for the poor.

* Differing mandates for employers to provide their workers with health benefits.

* Competing provisions for ensuring that illegal immigrants can’t buy health insurance.

* And many smaller differences in the way the two bills regulate insurance companies.

The negotiations could stretch for weeks or months.
And with the 2010 Re-election cycle starting, it’s spin, pork,  or die!

But likely, they will do it, just to say THEY did it.

“Historic”, they’ll say.

Yeah,in  the most BY-Partisan way in living memory.

But don’t worry, it won’t be their fault when the wolves rip open the chicken house and kill all the chickens (meaning you an me) an burp loudly.

That is the only certainty left.

That, and liberal childish insults. Got some new ones for all the “morons”, “stupid”, “Insurance company dupes” and “hacks”, “racists”,”sexist”,”violent” “radicals” out there: (from Washington Times)

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) today took shots at those who are not supporting the health care legislation. During a floor speech, he excoriated Senate GOP members for up holding the pending health care bill and accused their supporters of being birthers and fanatics in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups. He started off by citing an editorial from the Manchester Journal Inquirer, which used insults like “lunatic fringe.”:

They are desperate to break this president. They have ardent supporters who are nearly hysterical at the very election of President Barack Obama. The birthers, the fanatics, the people running around in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups, it is unbearable to them that President Barack Obama should exist. That is one powerful reason. It is not the only one.”

When asked later about it: Mr. Whitehouse said he stood by his speech, but would not admit that he was accusing anyone who was against the health care bill as racist. He did reiterate that birthers are part of the group that is against the bill and are attacking president  However, when I asked the Senator from Rhode Island what he meant by describing those who do not support the bill as “aryan,” he responded “No, I didn’t say that….again, pay attention to the speech.”

So yet another comment calling people who disagree with liberals racists. Then when you call them on it, they say they never said it.


But now I can add “aryan” and “right wing militia” member to the list of insults. 🙂

Addendum from Chicago NBC website: “History cautions us of the excesses to which these malignant, vindictive passions can ultimately lead.” the ‘good’ Senator’s view of Republicans.

Oh Joy.

“This is not the end of health-care reform. It is the beginning,” Senate health Chairman Tom Harkin (Iowa).

That, Senator is what I’m afraid of.

Be Afraid. Be very Afraid.

But I will end today’s blog with a little christmas spirit:

Mike Huckabee likened Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) to Judas for providing Dems their key 60th vote in return for a range of concessions. “I don’t want every senator to go forward and see what they have to do to sell off their integrity,” the former GOP presidential hopeful told a rally in Nelson’s home state. “I don’t want them to go up there…and then somehow go back and boast, ‘Here’s some money that I got for you.’ The last time we saw that kind of historic moment it was 30 pieces of silver and that didn’t work out too well for us either.”

The Full “Ben” Nelson, trade your integrity and your morals and principles for money for only your own people.

Gee, I thought that’s why liberals hated capitalism. 🙂

The Final Bribe is In- The Cornhusker Kickback

Every Man has his price. Find that price and own the man.

Washington Post: “Change is never easy, but change is what’s necessary in America,” Sen. Nelson said at a morning news conference, announcing his support as a snowstorm raged outside.

Speaking at the White House, Obama said it appears that a vote is certain on a bill that would provide coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans. “After a nearly century-long struggle, we are on the cusp of making health-care reform a reality,” said Obama, who had dispatched senior administration officials to help lock down Nelson’s support.

Democratic leaders worked for days to hammer out a deal with Nelson. They reached a tentative agreement late Friday night. Under the deal, states could choose to prohibit abortion coverage in plans offered through insurance exchanges that the bill would set up for people who lack coverage through their jobs. The compromise is less restrictive than the abortion language contained in the House bill.

Nelson also secured full and permanent federal funding for his state to extend Medicaid eligibility to everyone below 133 percent of the federal poverty level. The bill would require all states to do so, but Nebraska alone would not be required to pay a portion of the additional cost after 2016.

And there it is, folks, the price of Freedom. The Final Bribe.

Landrieu got $300 Million (The New “Louisiana Purchase”) . Joe Liebermann got some language related to “the public option dropped”(at least in the Senate, in that explicit language) and got lots of attention and I’m sure a little back scratching , and Nelson got a permanent handout.

Nelson deferred all questions on the provision to Reid, saying only that he was “comfortable” the deal took care of Nebraska.

Screw America, Nebraska’s ok.

Gee, that makes me feel so much better.

But another Democratic holdout, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), took credit for $10 billion in new funding for community health centers, while denying it was a “sweetheart deal.” He was clearly more enthusiastic about a bill he said he couldn’t support just three days ago.

And he’s the openly avowed Socialist!

Vermont and Massachusetts were given additional Medicaid funding, another plus for Sanders and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Three states – Pennsylvania, New York and Florida – all won protections for their Medicare Advantage beneficiaries at a time when the program is facing cuts nationwide.

And the Bribes continue:

And the majority leader rewrote a proposed fee on insurance companies to exempt nonprofit firms that spend at least 92 percent of premiums on medical service, a change that would benefit firms in Michigan and Nebraska. That change, made at the request of Nelson and Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.), seeks to identify and reward “good actors,” Senate aides said.

“People fight for their own states. That’s the nature of a democracy,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.

No, Congressman , it’s the People. Not the State.

But since your re-election is all that matters to you….

Compared to the Trillions they have spent this, I suppose Freedom was a cheap date.

And he won concessions for some nonprofit insurers and for providers of supplemental Medicare coverage from a new insurance tax, and he was able to roll back cuts to health savings accounts.

But all that lovely bureaucracy and crushing tax increases are still there.

Oh Joy.

The revised Senate bill would require every American for the first time to obtain insurance or face a financial penalty for failing to do so. Those without access to affordable coverage through an employer would be eligible to apply for federal subsidies and shop for coverage in the new state-based exchanges, starting in 2014.

So Buy it or go to be fined or go to Jail. The no choice “choice”.

The penalty for violating this requirement could be as high as 2 percent of a taxpayer’s household income.

AP: The package would rely on nearly $400 billion in new taxes. The nearly $1 trillion, 10-year cost would be paid for mainly with Medicare cuts and new taxes on insurance companies and other parts of the health care industry.

NYT: To help finance coverage of the uninsured, the bill would levy annual fees on insurance companies and manufacturers of medical devices and prescription drugs.

And of course, the insurance companies won’t pass along all these new taxes to you, the consumer. No, that never happens. 🙂

And the Taxes begin in 2010. Benefit in 2014. States have to pay likely hundred of millions of $$ all by themselves starting in 2016 (All other states have to partially pay for a Medicaid expansion to admit all adults earning up to 130 percent of poverty level, if they haven’t done so already), except Nebraska, of course. 🙂

Joyous Rapture.

We’re Saved! 🙂

Starting immediately, insurers would be barred from denying coverage to children with preexisting conditions. A total ban on the practice would take effect in 2014. Lifetime limits on coverage would be banned, and annual limits would be restricted until 2014, when they, too, would be banned entirely.

Which will raise the premiums. But no one seems to care about that.

You’ll be so happy that they government has come to your rescue that being stuck like a pig and roasted on a spit will be just a occassion for great joy and prosperity.

To appease fiscal conservatives, Reid strengthened cost-containment provisions by expanding the scope of an independent Medicare advisory board, empowering it to implement cuts if costs grow faster than an inflation-based target after 2019.

And of course, they’ll do it. 🙂

It’s called “rationing”.

“I’m sorry Mrs Jones but you’re 85. We just don’t think that the operation that will save your life is economically worth it in the long run…”

The cost-benefit analysis is just not in your favor.

NYT:The federal government would provide $25 million a year for a “pregnancy assistance fund.” The money could be used for “maternity and baby clothing, baby food, baby furniture and similar items,” the proposal says.

And this they say will reduce abortions.

Look ma, if I get pregnant I get all kinds of free money!

And then there’s welfare, and Health care, and WIC, Food Stamps ad nauseum.

It’s all Free Money! 🙂

Being poor and having a kid never looked so profitable.

AP:“The best thing government could do to ensure more Americans have access to health care insurance is to institute reforms that would rein in costs and make health care more affordable,” said McCain, R-Ariz. “Regrettably, there’s nothing in this legislation that effectively addresses the problem.”

McCain suggested the Obama administration wouldn’t be in such a position if it had governed in a more bipartisan way.

“That’s why they’re in the position of having to purchase the last vote or two,” McCain said.

“A number of states are treated differently from other states,” Mr. Reid said. “That’s what this legislation is all about, compromise.”(NYT)

Seperate and unequal. 🙂

But Senator McCain, that was never the intent to begin with. Government, even incrementally, in charge of who lives and who dies was the goal.

And it seems Freedom is doomed.

When all this blows up in their face and they have yet another collosus on bankruptcy in the future it will too late.

Just remember it wasn’t their fault.

It was George W. Bush’s!!

Doesn’t that just make you feel so much better. 🙂

Let’s everyone have a Two Minute Hate!

Oh, and it was for the good of the people, despite that annoying 55-61% of people who were opposed to the whole thing!

You’ll never see that in the liberal history books.

And we can’t forget, because they haven’t, about the 12-20 million new Democrats..ahem Illegal, “Immigrants” that have to be added to the system and will undoubtedly be subsidized by you me (“The federal government”).

So it’s a Joyous Christmas Season.

The Season of Giving.

“This bill will do so many good things for so many people,’’ said majority leader Harry Reid.

Little Timmy is just overjoyed!

So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause. And lots of Christmas Cheer.

Courtesy of Sen. Ben Nelson and his Cornhusker Kickback.

So we can replace the politically incorrect coal in your stocking with Corn.

As a reminder of what once was a Free America.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! 🙂

The Partisan Divide

IBD: We’d guess Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana sums up the Beltway wisdom when he says that tension across party lines makes it tough to rein in the debt and deficits. “Democrats want to spend more than we can afford,” he said. “Republicans want to cut more taxes than we can afford.”

And since politicians don’t cut programs, especially their own pet ones, tax hikes are inevitable.

And these could be on the backs of the Health Reform Taxes and potentially Cap & Trade taxes.

Cap & Trade is looking doubtful, but not impossible, as the Copenhagen Summit collapsed under it’s own weight late in the week.

They created enough of their own self-obsessed “carbon footprints” to choke a few African nations and came away with nothing really.

Anyone ever heard of Net Meeting?

John Sauven, Greenpeace UK’s executive director, said: “There are no targets for carbon cuts and no agreement on a legally binding treaty. It seems there are too few politicians in this world capable of looking beyond the horizon of their own narrow self-interest.” (examiner)

No truer statement, especially these day.

And especially when it comes to Democrats, Republicans, and the spoilers, Independents like me.

And Partisanship has hardened more and more in the last 10 years.

WSJ: Last year, for example, Democrats voted with the majority of their caucus 92% of the time in the House and 87% of the time in the Senate. Republicans voted with the majority of their caucus 87% of the time in the House and 83% of the time in the Senate. In other words, in only a small percentage of cases do either Democrats or Republicans buck the party line. That’s a picture of lockstep partisan voting, and it has been that way since the late 1990s.

So the Democrats, who have a majority, want to spend like it doesn’t matter on The Agenda. And the minority wants to cut taxes to stimulate the economy. But to Democrats the phrase “tax cut” is an evil 4-letter word…

You have a real mess.

So when this President foolishly or naive promised a post-partisan atmosphere he was obviously either disingenuous or permanently on Nitrous Oxide.

Making any meaningful  reductions very hard indeed.

It hasn’t always been this way. Look back 40 years, and Washington behaved in a quite different manner, with Democrats and Republicans both showing far more willingness to break ranks and reach across the aisle to the other side. In 1969, for example, House Democrats voted with their party’s majority just 61% of the time and House Republicans just 62% of the time. In other words, lockstep voting was roughly a third less prevalent than it is today.

If it had been as strident then as it is now the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960’s would never have happened.

GOP Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, who with Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota came up with the idea for the panel (8 Republicans, 8 Democrats 2 Obama Admins to try and work out a deal), sees the parties in conflict joining hands and jumping “off a cliff together.” As inspiring as that would be for many voters weary of Washington’s insatiable appetite for other people’s money, it’s not likely to turn out that way.

Likelier, those who recommend spending cuts will be pushed off the cliff and unable to oppose tax hikes.

Which brings us back to Bayh’s comment that “Republicans want to cut more taxes than we can afford.” It’s tax hikes, not cuts, that we can’t afford. We can’t even afford the taxes being imposed now.

Research has found that economic growth is maximized when combined federal, state and local taxes are 23% of the gross domestic product. The combined rate today is close to 30%.

America is the economic engine that moves the world. If the task force recommends tax hikes, and the Democratic Congress passes them and the president signs them into law, the shock will be felt here and abroad.

But if the panel does an honest analysis, it will find Washington has spending issues, not a revenue problem.

But like any drug addict they have to admit they have a problem first.

And I don’t see the Democrats doing that, even in an off year re-election cycle.

Example: The culmination of years of runaway socialism has left the  Greek public resentful, bitter and unwilling to pay taxes. “Why should I pay?” a Greek citizen told the New York Times. “I don’t care about my government, I don’t care about my country.”

Let the rich pay them. Let the “greedy” corporations pay them.

Their country’s bond rating was just lowered, making their money worth less and borrowing more expensive.

Our Future or our Present?

It’s all about Me.

What’s in it for Me.

Screw you.

It’s all about The Party.

It’s all about The Agenda.

The Politicians and their divide on one side.

The People on the other.

So you have a divide within a divide.

Fifty-seven percent (57%) of voters nationwide say that it would be better to pass no health care reform bill this year instead of passing the plan currently being considered by Congress. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 34% think that passing that bill would be better.

However, 70% of liberal voters nationwide say it would be better to pass the legislation rather than passing nothing at all. Most moderates (54%) and conservatives (80%) hold the opposite view.

Compared to the average government worker, most Americans think they work harder, have less job security and make less money.

In fact, 59% of Americans say the average government worker earns more annually than the average taxpayer, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Among those who have close friends or relatives who work for the government, the belief is even stronger: 61% say the average government worker earns more than the average taxpayer.

Feeding that belief is the finding that 51% of all adults think government workers are paid too much. Only 10% say they are paid too little, while 27% say their pay is about right.

And they have FEHBP, the platinium standard for perfect health care.

So the partisan divide widens.

And with Mainstream Media very much partisan, you can’t even get the news without the spin cycle, just pries the wedge open farther. After all, conflict is good for the new business and pushing The Agenda is their partisan need.

The War on FOX by the White House and the Mainstream Media earlier this year should give us a good clue there.

Why they heck would they want to cover the news “objectively”? That’s so old fashion and not “crusading” enough for your average “journalist” today.

There’s nothing in it for them to just report the news.

That’s boring.

Especially, if THEY disagree with it.

Cynic: a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions.

“a blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be.” –Ambrose Bierce

Yep, that’s me. 🙂

And from the evidence, is that so wrong….

What A Difference

“What a difference a year makes,” said Christopher Arterton, dean of the graduate school of political management at GWU.

The president’s job-approval rating has slipped to 49%, Republican pollster Ed Goeas and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake say. And the percentage of people who strongly disapprove of the president’s performance, 41%, outweighs the 37% who strongly approve.

Disapproval of the job that Congress is doing has risen to 68%, “an all-time high,” and 77% among independent voters.

And yet, they continue on with the Agenda. Why? Because it’s the Agenda. And because as one Democratic talking head on MSNBC yesterday (forgot her name) said,”It a once-in a generation chance” to do what Liberals have been drooling over for 45+ years, at the very least starting with LBJ’s “War on Poverty”.

So they can’t stop now. They have to win.

They must win.

The Holy Grail of Socialist Control of Everyone and everything is with their grasp!

It’s a “moral imperative” for people who preach moral “relativism”.

The president’s job-approval rating has slipped to 49%, Republican pollster Ed Goeas and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake say. And the percentage of people who strongly disapprove of the president’s performance, 41%, outweighs the 37% who strongly approve.

Disapproval of the job that Congress is doing has risen to 68%, “an all-time high,” and 77% among independent voters.

To quote a famous liberal, James Carville, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Not your Liberal Socialist drooling pet projects to take control of every aspect of everyone’s life and make them all dependent on your benevolence.

This Health Care Reform: No

Cap & Trade: No

Amnesty: No

Even More Spending: No

The congress over this week has spent yet another 1+ trillion dollars. By my count that’s sometwhere near 4 trillion in one year.

And these are the guys who complained about Bush spending.

Obviously, it was just about what Bush spent it on. Which wasn’t them and their buddies and pet projects.

As I said to others during the election: The Democrats were mad at Bush for spending, because they want to spend it on their own projects. And they were mad about earmarks because they want more of their own.

Thus was born Bush Derangement Syndrome. Where nothing in the universe was not George W. Bush’s fault.

And the media was very happy to oblige.

It fitted The Agenda.

It’s who’s spending the money on their own pork that matters.

So now, we are going to have the Grinch who stole Freedom, the Senate will vote on Christmas Eve on their Health Care bill. It’s theirs. Not yours. It’s not there to benefit you, it’s there to benefit them.

At this point they pretty much know they can’t have the whole hog, but damn if they won’t keep trying. Because it’s likely a once in generation or once-in-a-lifetime chance to insert their ideology into the american fabric forever and they can’t pass that up.

It’s too juicy.

Screw the fact that the people don’t want it.

They do.

They just have figure out how to add more pork to the pig so they can give the extra bits as bribes like they did to Sen. Mary Landrieu who is now full on in support of the bill now that she’s had her fill at the trough.

Meanwhile, we the people, are out of work, being layed off, being cut-back, being foreclosed on. Struggling to even pay bills.

We don’t really matter.

Capitalism is under massive bombardment.

And our “representatives” are working overtime to try and figure out a way to win and enslave us.

And get re-elected for it in 2010.

And make no mistake about it, The Mainstream “Ministry of Truth” Media is going to be right behind the Democrats making so much spin  the Earth should come off it’s axis.

So strap yourself in.

Disapproval of the president’s job performance is “driven not by the personality of the president, but the policies of the president,” Goaes said. “Obama has done more to improve the image of the Republican Party than anything that we’ve been able to do for years.”

You thought the last 2 years were bad. 2010 is going to be much worse. The gits who brought you the last 2 years now have to defend it.

God help us all.

A survey also reveals a “disconnect” between what most voters would like to see in healthcare — controlling the cost of medical care — and what they view as the president’s priority: insuring the uninsured. (and the last show AT BEST only a 1/3 more uninsured would be covered. Leaving 24 million uninsured. So why are they bothering?- politics.)

“Only 28% said their priorities match Obama’s priorities, and 64% said they do not,” Democratic Pollster Goeas said. “There’s a disconnect.”

Most voters surveyed, 56%, say the country is on the wrong track, with 34% seeing the nation going in the right direction.

But the Democrats stopped listening the minute they won. Because, it’s about the Agenda. The once-in-a-lifetime chance to destroy capitalism and insert themselves permanently into everyone’s lives. To be as omnipotent as they possible can be.

The ultimate Liberal wet-dream. And Dreams die hard.

Faced with that, why would they care what you think?

Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead!!!

But they can pretend. And that’s 2010. The year they pretend to care.

I mean, Nancy Peolsi has already said 2010 will be about “jobs”.

Why wasn’t 2009 about jobs?

Not part of The Agenda.

And given there knee jerk Keynesian economics they will undoubtedly continue with stunt “rebates”  (Like “Cash for Caulkers” that was just announced) and “jobs bills” (aka spend money allegedly to create jobs, just like the Stimulus didn’t.)

I wonder if Arizona’s 15th Congressional District ,as named in the Stimulus Bill, will create any new jobs. (FYI: we don’t have 15). 🙂

As the great Henry Hazlitt wrote in 1946 about such spending: “For every public job created … a private job has been destroyed somewhere else.” Government can point to jobs it says it “created,” but it’s hard to show someone a job that wasn’t created in the private sector because the money was spent by government.

And they will get no real credit for it.

In the end, the debate really isn’t about economics at all. As Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, recently wrote, it’s all part of a much greater debate — “a moral struggle currently being played out over the free enterprise system: Will we strengthen freedom, individual opportunity and enterprise? Or will we expand the role of the state and its power?”

In this, the choice doesn’t lie with Congress. It lies with you.(IBD)

Republican, Democrat, Independent, I don’t give a damn.

But you better.

“The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works.’’– Obama in his Inaugural address.

Well, it’s too big and getting bigger and fatter, and it doesn’t work; at least not for the average american.

But, you have to ask yourself this, was that the plan all along?

The unemployment rate was bad when Obama was sworn in. It got worse. But the first time they had a “Jobs summit” was very late in the year and they excluded some large organizations, like the US Chamber of Comerce, for the simple reason that they we were not cheerleading for Obama.

And their solution so far, Spend More Money. Obviously, we have spent enough!


And, on Health Care: Remember that Mandate. The IRS…Jail

This from the far-left Huffington Post:

Make no mistake: the health insurance mandate would not be like the mandate to drive the speed limit. It would not just be a clever idea that nobody really followed. It would be law. There would be fines for not heeding it–and steeper penalties for shirking the fines.

And here is the kicker: a mandate for health insurance would, if signed into law by President Obama, would take the already flawed business model of health insurance and turn it into a perfect storm of financial and then physical ruin. (Jeffrey Feldman).

So how do plug the leak of Illegal aliens using ER’s as Primary Care.

Make them Legal, of course.

Then dump 12-20 million poor people into a Health Care System that is overburdened to begin with and voila, instant meltdown.

Especially as, the taxes kick in immediately, the “benefits” of the “reforms kick in in 2014.

Aftter the next election cycle has already happened. 4 years from now.

And you cut $500 Million dollars from Medicare, and call it a benefit.

Since no government can require people to spend themselves into poverty (or can they?), the result of the mandate will be that a large chunk of the American middle class would choose to expose themselves to enormous financial risk in the long run in order to avoid spending all their money on health insurance in the short term.

So in the end, mandated Health Insurance could end with people required to have insurance, but avoiding using it because they can’t afford it. Many just paying the fines, because it’s cheaper.

And when the inevitable happens and the government is going bankrupt on this program too.

The perfect storm.

Now, that’s what they promised. 🙂

But the liberal politicians would have their Holy Grail.

Nothing else much matters.

So, the elections are long way off, but just keep all this in mind when the Media Spin makes you dizzy and the Democrats promise you the moon, the stars and a universe of wonderful and hopeful things.

It’s just a drug high.

Vote for Delirium tremens.

It will be painful. But in the end you just might still have your freedom.

The Agenda Uber Alles

To Lord Doom, Al Gore: “It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.”Mark Twain.

Unless, you’re making millions off the suckers. Oh, and when the jig is up, just ignore them.

WSJ: JOHN STOSSEL, HOST: I wish that Al Gore were here to debate him (Jerry Taylor, Energy Analyst for the Cato Institute) and me. We asked Vice President Gore, and his office sent this e-mail saying: “It’s very difficult to decline invitations such as yours, but it’s an unfortunate inevitability of the growing influence of the climate crisis message and the demand on Mr. Gore’s time. (Boos from audience) We do apologize, but thank you for your interest.” (Via email 11/23/09).

Come on, Mr. Gore. The idea that you don’t have time is pretty silly. You have time to go on programs like “Saturday Night Live.” It’s not a time issue. (Applause) Truth is, you won’t debate anyone. You’ve been asked lots of times, but you always say no. But if you do ever want to debate, we’d love to offer you the air time. We will give it to you. I’ll give you a special phone number that goes to this phone. Glenn Beck has that red phone that goes to the President. For you Mr. Gore, the green phone. I await your call.

Of course, Stossel was quite right: despite claiming to be an expert on this subject, Al Gore refuses to debate anyone. And, he only goes on television programs where he knows he can say whatever he wants, regardless of accuracy, and never get challenged.

Such is what happened when he appeared with CNN’s John Roberts and Kiran Chetry Wednesday morning, and with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Wednesday afternoon.

That media not only comply with Gore’s ability to present unchallenged falsehoods to the nation, but also let him get away with never being on the air with anyone that disagrees with his views, is nothing less than appalling.

That said, Stossel shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for this charlatan’s call.

Gore’s got the media in his back pocket, and he’ll never voluntarily relinquish control.

And he is still at it with incredibly stupid comments. On the Conan O’Brien show of 11/12/09, he said the temperature in the mantle, the deep layer immediately below the crust, is several million degrees just two kilometers down. This is many times hotter than the Sun.

This is blatantly wrong. But don’t expect the “consensus’ media to care.  After all, according to them, they aren’t bias. We are. 🙂

In Gore’s and his lemmings world, facts are facts when they are spoken by them, not when they are proved.

As reported by Not Evil Just Wrong Monday:

In several recent interviews the former vice president said that the Climategate emails were “sound and fury signifying nothing…the most recent one is more than 10 years old.”

However the reality is that the most recent email from Climategate is less than two months old. The emails undermine the science of Climate Alarmism and that is why the alarmists are so reluctant to address them or like Mr Gore they make factually incorrect statements about how relevant they are.

On CNN: Host John Roberts, to his credit, was quick to correct Gore when he was interviewing him on the same subject saying that, “many are far more recent than that.” Gore did not respond.

Mr. Gore says he cares a lot about science and scientific accuracy. His whole theory of Climate Alarmism depends on it but today at the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Conference he refused several opportunities to correct the record when asked about his errors by journalist and film maker Phelim McAleer. Instead his Press Secretary grabbed McAleer’s microphone to stop questions being put to the vice-president.

Have U.N. security officials been instructed to prevent journalists from asking climate realists uncomfortable questions?

Best to just ignore the annoying people who actually want to debate you.

Especially when you continue to tell whoppers:

Now he has been caught in stating in a speech at the climate talks, that there is a 75 percent chance that Arctic ice cap could become “ice free” during the summer months in as little as the next five to seven years.

Only problem is, the scientist who Gore cited as the source for his whopper, Dr Wieslaw Maslowski, was quoted AFTER Gore’s speech as saying his research revealed ‘nothing of the sort’.

‘It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at,’ Dr Maslowski said. ‘I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this.’

And Dr Jim Overland, a leading oceanographer at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said:  ‘This is an exaggeration that opens the science up to criticism from skeptics,’.

Two years ago, a High Court judge (in the UK)  ruled his Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth was ‘alarmist’ and contained nine scientific errors.

It’s the latest embarrassment for Gore, an outspoken environmental campaigner who has earned millions of pounds from green investments and faced repeated criticism for scaremongering.

The court said copies of the film sent to secondary schools should be accompanied with notes to balance Gore’s views.

Examiner: Rather than recognizing that the best science is skeptical science, any skepticism is now treated with the “ostrich in the sand” syndrome and ridiculed off the stage.  Irony being it is actually the “consensus” clucks who are putting their heads in the sand.  Dutifully following the dogma of their leaders, (Gore, Soros, Obama) they shout down heretics in the best traditions of the Spanish Inquisition.  Galileo and Newton would be most uncomfortable at this convention.

Yes indeed, these citizens are most dutiful to the dogma.  In fact, these “citizens of the world” are so dutiful to their cause that when one Professor Stephen Schneider (IPCC contributor extraordinaire) was being “pressured” by independent film maker Phelim McAleer regarding said professor’s views on the climategate conundrum and it’s effect upon the “science” of climate change, an assistant to the professor felt it necessary to summon armed UN security guards.

Why bother with facts when you can just call a security guard instead?  The irony is that the questioning was at a press conference called by Professor Schneider to launch his new book!

Speaking of Books, Lord Doom has a new tome out: “Our Choice” which depicts a global warming ravaged earth on part of the cover. Problem is:

The retouched image depicting our planet at some point in the future, contains images of five hurricanes. One storm off the coast of Florida is turning in a clockwise motion, an impossibility in the northern hemisphere. Another hurricane is shown near Peru and the equator, a place where hurricanes cannot form. It is also a bit ironic that so many storms are depicted when hurricane activity is currently at a 30 year low.

In the modified image, Cuba appears to be completely submerged. That would require a sea level rise of more than 6580 feet as that is the height of Pico Turquino on the island. Much of Florida as well is now under water as is a great deal of Central America.

The problem is that if there were indeed a rise of that level, Florida would be entirely gone as its highest point only reaches an altitude of 345 feet. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Virginia and virtually every single other state that borders an ocean (and many landlocked states) would be submerged. Even Denver, the Mile High City, would be under water although presumably its residents could escape to the Rocky Mountains.

In fact, only 17 of the 50 states in the union would have part of their land above sea level, only two of which are east of the Rockies. Globally, that sea rise would be devastating as well sending many nations under the surface of the ocean including South Korea, the United Kingdom, Jordan, the Czech Republic and dozens more. (examiner)


But it looks good!

The Forthcoming Movie Poster?

I guess the truth was inconvenient for a good cover shot.

But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. 🙂

Lumumba Di Aping of Sudan, who chairs the G77 group of developing nations deriding the U.S. Congress: “You approve billions of dollars in defence budgets: why can’t you approve $200 billion to save the world?” or the Algerian chairman of the African group, Kemal Djemouai, lamenting: “The developed countries found $1.4 trillion to combat the financial crisis. Now they are offering just $10 billion to fight climate change.”

For if it truly IS just about the money, that would mean the entire Copenhagen summit (complete with 140 private jets and hundreds of limousines mind you) is nothing but a global socialistic shakedown of the western democracies.

Shocking! 🙂

Pay particular attention to the paragraph:

An official in the Nigerian delegation which was part of the walkout, said Europe’s lowball offers of financial support were “pathetic. He added: “There will be no commitments from the G77 [bloc of developing countries] until we get better assurances about financial and technology transfers,” reports our colleague Alessandro Torello from Copenhagen.

Low-ball offers?  Financial and technology transfers?

Show me the money baby, show me the money.

That seems to be the real “consensus”, especially in Copenhagen where the only people being arrested are the ones who think the conferencees are not doing enough to cram it down everyone’s throat.

Much like Health Care Reform.

A CNN poll shows 36% of the public in favor of what the Democratic Senate is trying to do to health care, 61% opposed. It is clear what the public wants Congress to do: Take a mulligan and start over.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of U.S. voters now oppose the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s the highest level of opposition found – reached three times before – in six months of polling.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 40% of voters favor the health care plan.

Perhaps more significantly, 46% now Strongly Oppose the plan, compared to 19% who Strongly Favor it.

“The most significant detail in the data is that 63% of senior citizens oppose the plan, including 52% who strongly oppose it,” says Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports. “Seniors are significant in this debate both because they use the health care system more than anyone else and because they vote more than younger voters.”

USA Today/Gallup poll finds public support for such efforts still below the majority level. Forty-six percent of Americans say they would advise their member of Congress to vote for healthcare legislation.

In a recent NBC poll, just 32 percent of respondents said they believe the president’s health care plan is a “good idea”; 47 percent said it’s a “bad idea,” the highest that number has been. According to a recent ABC News poll, majorities now for the first time disapprove of Obama’s work on health care (53 percent) and oppose the health care reform package making its way through Congress (51 percent).

In the ABC/Washington Post poll, more than half of those polled, 53 percent, see higher costs for themselves if the proposed changes go into effect than if the current system remains intact.

NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that those believing President Obama’s health-reform plan is a good idea has sunk to its lowest level.

Just 32 percent say it’s a good idea, versus 47 percent who say it’s a bad idea.

In addition, for the first time in the survey, a plurality prefers the status quo to reform. By a 44-41 percent margin, respondents say it would be better to keep the current system than to pass Obama’s health plan.

American voters, by a 55 – 35 percent margin, are more worried that Congress will spend too much money and add to the deficit than it will not act to overhaul the health care system, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. By a similar 57 – 37 percent margin, voters say health care reform should be dropped if it adds “significantly” to the deficit.

By a 72 – 21 percent margin, voters do not believe that President Barack Obama will keep his promise to overhaul the health care system without adding to the deficit, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University national poll finds.

American voters disapprove 52 – 39 percent of the way President Obama is handling health care, down from 46 – 42 percent approval July 1, with 60 – 34 percent disapproval from independent voters. Voters say 59 – 36 percent that Congress should not pass health care reform if only Democratic members support it.

Voters oppose 68 – 26 percent requiring people to have health insurance or pay a fine and oppose 68 – 27 percent taxing employees for health care benefits from employers.

But yet, they continue on. because the Agenda is the Agenda. Damn the facts and the people, full speed ahead.

After emerging from a closed-door Democrats-only White House meeting with Senate Democrats Tuesday, President Obama said: “We are on the precipice of an achievement that’s eluded Congresses and presidents for generations, an achievement that will touch the lives of nearly every American.”

Reach out and touch everyone, comrade.

Neville Chamberlain in 1938 disembarked from his plane and told the crowd, “This morning, I had another talk with the German chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it, as well as mine.” Forever, he will be remembered for waving his worthless “piece of paper.”

President Bill Clinton a decade ago told the grand jury investigating whether he committed perjury that “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” Forever, he will be remembered for twisting language into pretzels to avoid the truth.

President Jimmy Carter in his infamous 1979 “Malaise Speech” blamed Americans for a national “crisis of confidence” and “loss of a unity of purpose for our nation.” Carter’s solution: Carpool and “set your thermostats to save fuel. … I tell you it is an act of patriotism.”

Much of what the president said in his Tuesday statement was patently false. With its heavy regulations, the Senate bill, even stripped of its destructive “public option,” won’t mean that “families will save on their premiums.” Independent studies make it clear that premiums will go up by thousands of dollars.

It also isn’t true that “this will be the largest deficit-reduction plan in over a decade” — and to hear such a promise from the biggest-spending president in his first year in office in history is hard to take.

The president claims “the CBO has said that this is a deficit reduction.” But as Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, who sits on both the appropriations and banking committees, recently told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, the definition of “deficit-neutral” that Democrats have been using “means it’s going to cost you over $1 trillion, and we are going to find $1 trillion either in Medicare cuts or increased taxes, so that we end up with the same number at the bottom line.”

Speaking of the Congressional Budget Office, after candidate Obama last year promised a $2,500 annual reduction in health premiums annually for average families, the CBO has warned of premium increases of about $5,000 a year.

“Precipice” is right, Mr. President. But with public support at 41% according to IBD/TIPP and 35% according to Gallup — not to mention two-thirds of doctors opposed to Congress’ plan, as IBD/TIPP also found — most Americans clearly don’t want to take a plunge like this.(IBD)

And if they challenge you, just ignore them, call security, have them removed, just go to people who will kiss your ass and not challenge you, or simply just ignore them all together.

After all, they don’t matter.

You’re way more important and so is your Agenda.

That's a Big Bird.

Sleep tight, don’t let the tax bugs bite… 🙂

Are they Serious? Yes, They are

An immigration reform bill put forward by congressional Democrats Tuesday offers legal status to the estimated 11 million to 12 million undocumented workers already in the United States. if they pay a $500 fine. It also would allow more foreign nurses and venture capitalists into the U.S. for work. Skeptics say the bill, introduced by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and other Democrats, amounts to amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the country. U.S. Reps. Raul Grijalva of Tucson and Ed Pastor of Phoenix are part of the Hispanic caucus. They are both Democrats.

In addition to the $500 fine, the proposed bill would allow some deported illegal immigrants to apply for legal status and would lift immigration rules for those charged only with using fake Social Security numbers. (Phoenix Biz Journal)

So just come across the border, get arrested, pay $500 bucks and it’s welcome citizen!

We don’t care if you’re a criminal or a terrorist. Just fork over the cash and put out the welcome mat!

We don’t care.

And if disagree with us, undoubtedly you’re a “right wing” “hater” “racist”.

This has got to be a tweek.

But the fact that they would even propose it as a tweek is just insane.

Why the $%&&*(^&$%##$%^&*( do we even need a border for then if this is the attitude?

Rep. Pastor’s Number: (202) 225-4065

Rep.  Grivalja: (202) 225-2435

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Rep. Nydia Velázquez

Rep. Charles A. Gonzalez
1st Vice Chair

Rep. Rubén Hinojosa
2nd Vice Chair

Rep. John T. Salazar

Rep. Joe Baca Rep. Xavier Becerra Rep. Dennis Cardoza Rep. Jim Costa Rep. Henry Cuellar Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva
Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez Rep. Ben Ray Luján Senator Robert Menendez Rep. Grace F. Napolitano Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz

Rep. Ed Pastor Rep. Pedro Pierluisi Rep. Silvestre Reyes Rep. Ciro Rodriguez Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard

Rep. Gregorio Sablan Rep. Linda Sánchez Rep. Jose Serrano Rep. Albio Sires

Are they Americans or Latin Americans?

Do they represent America or Latin America?


In that same vein: Keith Olbermann, ultra-left MSNBC “journalist/commentator” on MSNBC:

On the little known (because no on the liberal media really wants to talk about it) episode recently of “Law & Order: SVU”, a once very respectful spinoff of the the franchise featured a killer who targeted the children of illegal immigrants and in that episode, one of the characters, played by John Larroquette, blamed conservatives “like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck” for inciting violence against immigrants.

“Let me give them two windmills to tilt at to start with – there is no liberal media!” Olbermann said. “The media which is, after all, owned by corporations naturally leans to the right. Corporations, by definition, lean to the right, towards the status quo.

So in his view, any corporation by definition right-leaning, even the one he works for. No matter what, a corporation is going to be a money-grubbing, capitalist, right-wing tool. Even the one that pays his salary.

Or yours.

And these evil corporations are the ones that are supposed to bend over and employ the 7+ million that have been unemployed and are the targets of his “jobs summit”.

A bit schizophrenic aren’t we.

Cut done on those double latte frappuccino’s there Keith. 🙂

If an American media outlet presents a progressive point of view, the right will exploit the media’s tendency to desperately seek balance. If the progressive says, ‘No, Obama was elected president last year,’ they will mindlessly put in a clip of somebody from the right saying, ‘No, he wasn’t. It didn’t happen.'”

NB: If corporate-owned media is “by definition” right-leaning, no one is telling that to who decides where their campaign contributions are sent. A closer look at “TV/Music/Movie” category on the Center for Responsive Politics Web site,, shows this industry has given overwhelmingly more to Democrats versus Republicans in election cycles dating back to 1990. And to add, Olbermann also neglected to point out the cozy relationship General Electric (NYSE:GE) had with the Obama White House while it owned the NBC family of networks, which included MSNBC.

And Law and Order: SVU airs on…what for it…NBC! 🙂

Nonetheless, Olbermann carried on with his rant by once again attempting to link conservative media figures to recent heinous events involving violence.

“The second thing I already mentioned, in the Tiller, Pittsburgh, and Knoxville cases, Beck, Goldberg and O’Reilly clearly incited murderous violence,” Olbermann said. “And Dick Wolf was being over-the-top by comparing Beck, O’Reilly and Limbaugh to disease, because comparing them to disease gives disease a bad name.”

In this case, Olbermann is serious. He is that far gone.

And, of course, the liberal need to condescending , snotty, and childish just overwhelms them.

But so does their bias.

This is from a 2007 Harvard study (not exactly a conservative bastion):

Yep, there's No Bias Here! 🙂

Or Here 🙂

Then: CNN also had a 4.5% positive story margin (positive stories minus negative stories) for Democrats, and a 27% negative story margin for Republicans. That’s a difference of 31.5%.

FOX had a 12.6% negative story margin for Democrats, and a 10.7% positive story margin for Republicans. That’s a difference of 23.3%.

MSNBC, meanwhile, had a 29.5% positive story margin for Democrats, and an 8.2% positive story margin for Republicans. That’s a difference of 21.3%.

Nope, no bias whatsoever… 🙂

And with the Democrats in control of Congress, and and Liberal Socialist in the White House; not to mention the War on FOX News and Talk Radio, that it’s gotten any more “fair”?

Climategate, ACORN, Tea Party “Coverage”,Van Jones, The Czars, Rev Wright, C-Span “Transparency”, 10,000 Earmarks, Opposition to Health Care Reform is tantamount to slavery, anyone?

“See, it’s not so terrible, Republicans! We aren’t that biased, when you consider than we’re not really paying attention to you, anyway.” (Willism)

And it ain’t just here folks: From our friends in the UK

The Burton Mail Newspaper:

A Royal British Legion boss says vandals have “dishonoured those who have given their lives for our country” by defacing Burtonʼs war memorial.

Dennis Fletcher, chairman of East Staffordshire Racial Equality Council, said he suspected someone from the far right was responsible.

I suspect members of the far right have done this to stir things up and there are generally very good inter-cultural relations in East Staffordshire.

“Graffiti of any type is terrible but when it includes racist material it has to be considered utterly unacceptable.”

The Mail has manipulated the main picture to remove some of the content of the message.

What was the message?:

The "right wing" hate-mongers Message

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the “racist” “far right” was responsible for that message. After all, radical Muslims in the UK never ever express such sentiments in public.

Good thing the American Mainstream Never-Biased Media would never try to pull a stunt like that! 🙂

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Don Corleoni Obama

Today, Don Barack Obama Corleoni, of the Chicago Community Organizer Mob is calling the 60 Democrats into his House to “discuss” the Health Care Bills passage.

Changing it just a bit:  “I’m gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse.” said Don Obama,” “Staff held a gun to their heads and Speaker assured them that either their brains, or their signatures, would be on the contract. That’s a true story. That’s my family, Harry, it’s not me.”


Should we be checking the Potomac to see if anyone is Swimming with The Fishes tomorrow?

Or maybe we can ask Jimmy Hoffa?


Bet the Ministry of Truth will try and hide this as much as possible:

IBD: Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that says health “reform” will mean the opposite of its advertised promises.

Reform was supposed to be about reducing ever-increasing costs. But HHS says that under the bill now being steamrolled through Congress, total health costs over the next decade (now estimated at $2.5 trillion) “would increase by about 0.7%” over what would take place if we made no changes at all.

Well, someone’s bonuses are going to be politically incorrect coal in the stocking.

And the plan to “save” nearly $500 billion in Medicare costs that Democratic leaders ask us all not to worry about? The result would be cuts in services as providers and physicians who take Medicare patients “could find it difficult to remain profitable and, absent legislative intervention, might end their participation in the program (possibly jeopardizing access to care for beneficiaries).”

According to HHS, because “individuals with health problems or who anticipate a greater risk of functional limitation would be more likely to participate than those in better-than-average health,” premiums would rise and rise, causing an “insurance death spiral” and making the program “unsustainable.”

Actually, after Congress and the president get through wrecking the finest health care system in the world, there would remain “an estimated 24 million” Americans still without health insurance 10 years from now.

So how’s that MANDATORY insurance working?

The IRS will jail you if you don’t pay?

And are half of those the ILLEGAL ALIENS? 🙂

Hope and Change!

From the Circus in Copenhagen:

A source close to Britain’s negotiating team  said Britain would continue to press publicly for a deal in line with the IPCC’s recommendation, but acknowledged that the targets emerging from the summit would need to be reconsidered at a later date.

How does the careful parsing of the Times’ source piece translate? “To acknowledge the mighty pressure — to at least appear to be ‘signing something’ — the industrialized nations might agree to a set of admission standards that can’t realistically be met with the intent to review standards in six years”?

The Times says that (Former Prime Minister) Blair admits that recent developments of leaked e-mails from the leading climate change research institution in the world have caused doubt about when world temperatures might be rising and by how much: “When you come to very precise dates, percentages and so on … then the figures are somewhat more fudgeable.” (AT)

When an overblown environmental conference culminates with Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lecturing the West on virtue, color it another shakedown.

The United Nations’ Copenhagen Climate Conference is going fast into meltdown. It may be because it’s not about climate anymore, but fitting a noose on the world’s productive economies and extracting wealth transfers.

Poor countries have gone from defending their right to economic development as a reason for exemptions to emissions cuts to claiming a “legitimate” right to vast wealth transfers from the West to prevent emissions. They call it “climate justice.”
Leaders of fifty African nations came to Copenhagen asking $400 billion for the next three years to “offset” carbon credit “damages” which they claim to suffer. Inexplicably, two days ago, that demand was increased to an eye-goggling 5% of GDP (gross domestic product), estimated at $722 billion from the United States alone. There never was a response from the industrialized world.

I can’t wait for the starving Ethiopian Kids again. (not to be thought heartless, do you know what happened to all that food the last time? Look it up, it wasn’t pretty.)

The shameful thing about the London Times story is that if it is true, the liberal American news media have either missed or studiously ignored the story of the century: “global warming fraud” and the aborted attempt to craft a worldwide, economy-busting treaty based on fake science.(AT)

Time for Don Barack Obama Corleoni to jet his carbon-footprint self again (His 3rd trip to Scandinavia this year) over there and whip them boys back into shape Chicago-Style. 🙂


“Today everybody agrees that the recession is over. The questions are around how fast we’ll recover.”Director of the White House’s National Economic Council on CNN’s State of the Union.

Didn’t they proclaim it over already once before? and did someone miss the memo:

Take his colleague, Council of Economic Advisors Chairwoman Christina Romer. On NBC’s Meet the Press, she offered a very different definition of recovery: “You’re not recovered until all those people that want to work are back to work.”

David Gregory wanted to be clear: “So in your mind, this recession is not over.” “Of course not,” replied Romer. “The people on Main Street and throughout this country, they are still suffering. The unemployment rate is still 10 percent.”

State of the Union host John King,”To be fair, Summers was speaking from a technical perspective; Romer more from the views of an American who still lacked a job despite some more encouraging recent economic data.”

Good spin cover. Nice “Journalism” there, dude.

True. But which advisor will Obama be listening to as he heads into a midterm election in which his poll numbers are dropping while unemployment numbers continue to rise? (Huffington Post)

And this the White House that is absolutely sure that spending Trillions of dollars on health care “reform” will lower the deficit.

Sure, whatever…

“What’s a bit ironic to me is they were able to figure out how to help the big banks without any summit,” Rep. Marcy Kaptur, co-chairman of the Jobs Now! Caucus, told the Washington Post. “But now that they are talking about helping people, it is a year later and they need a summit. What is that all about?”

And they exclude some of the biggest groups, like the US Chamber of Commerce. from the summit because they had been critical of Obama.

What a way to run a railroad. Right off into the ditch. But don’t worry, it’s still the Republicans fault!

The White House thinks it can jawbone banks into lending to people they don’t want to lend to. We’ve been down this road before, and it led all the way to the 2007 financial meltdown.

Fannie & Freddie and “affordable” housing mortgage rates anyone??

Besides, as economist Thomas Sowell noted in a recent series in IBD, our current economic ills are largely due to just the kind of government meddling we now see in the financial markets.

So maybe we need something other than Chicago Style, less deep dish economics and more of a  thin crust tradition.

Mr B+ speak with Forked Tongue

Comedy Line of the Year: President Obama tells Oprah Winfrey: I deserve a B+ for my first 11 months in White House.

He also said America has “reset” its prestige in the world and made progress toward halting development of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea.

Passage of health care reform would boost his grade to an A-, he said. Until Americans get back to work, he said, “I can’t give myself the grade I’d like.”

Isn’t narcissism a wonderful thing. 🙂

There is a 10% unemployment rate (15-20 really). 7+ Million People are out of work (except for government bureaucrats who are thriving).

The worst in a generation.

More people are being laid off. Business are closing left and right.

People are suffering everywhere.

The looming tax crush is coming.

His approval rate hits an all-time low at 44%.

The majority American people are against just about every word he utters.

So what does Mr B+/A- want to do.

Destroy wealthy people.

Not wealthy Liberals like Al Gore and George Soros certainly.

Just the “evil rich” that liberals are so enamored with Robin-Hooding in the worst way (although the Robin Hood of legend stole from the rich and actually gave it to the poor. That’s not what will happen here.)

Forbes (The bible of the evil rich) 🙂 )The Internal Revenue Service has created a new enforcement unit to target high-net-worth individuals with complex financial holdings. To read these accounts, you might be led to believe that this Global High Wealth Industry group (GHWI), as it’s called, is a kind of financial SWAT team, poised to pounce on you and your assets at any moment.

Big Brother is on the Hunt and he wants to raid your rabbit hole and crack open your piggy banks!

Mind you, this unit isn’t after just the super rich, but anyone, who might have a Million dollars hiding somewhere trying to retain it’s value as Mr B+ runs the dollar in the toilet.

Just to give you an idea: The Canadian Dollar.

I grew up in Michigan. During the Oil Embargo and the gas lines on the early 70’s Michiganders routinely went over to Canada because the gas was at “20% cheaper over there” people said. I knew lots of people who did this.

The exchange rate was always in our favor.

In 1993 : The Canadian Dollar bought .75 cents American. It’s low peaked at 63 cents in 2001.  It was nearly even when Democrats Congress took  over in 2007. Now the Canadian Dollar Buys $1.04 American.

The Canadian Dollar is worth more than the US dollar, Mr B+.

So our currency is in the toilet like it has never been in my lifetime, and liberal have a mad on for redistribution of wealth (confiscation more like), so why not go all SWAT on rich people. Make them pay!

Problem is, ever gotten a job from a Welfare recipient?

A company that employs thousands of people, is it headed by the guy who lives at YMCA??

Or how about that back bone of America, the small business guy. What if he’s just trying to keep the value of what he has.

I’m sorry, you’re too rich, Mr B+ wants your money!

He wants to crush you with Taxes (payroll and otherwise)

He wants to sick the IRS raptor bloodhounds on you.

He wants to crush you with the EPA and/or Cap & Trade.

He wants to tap your investments.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated that House Bill HR4191, the financial transactions tax bill, would have to be made global to keep U.S. investors from taking their capital markets transactions overseas. This financial transactions tax would levy a separate tax of 0.25% on all stock, futures, swap, and stock option trades. The goal is to raise $150 billion every year to help lower massive federal deficits, and it is being promoted on Main Street as a way to make Wall Street pay.

E-Trade. Your 401K anyone? 🙂

“I believe that the transaction tax still has a great deal of merit,” Pelosi told reporters. “The concern that many of us or others have had is that it will send … transactions overseas.”


“We have now gained access to thousands of taxpayers and bank accounts that we have never had before,” IRS Commissioner Shulman told reporters in a conference call in Washington. “It has sent a shock wave around the world. It has showed we are serious about piercing the veil of bank secrecy.”(etaiwan)

The IRS plans to hire 800 people in the next year and increase staff in eight overseas offices, including Hong Kong, Shulman said last month. The agency also will open offices in Beijing, Sydney and Panama City.”This is a mega-trend, and the IRS is going global,” William Sharp, a lawyer at Sharp Kemm PA in Tampa, Florida, said before the criteria were released.

They will hunt you down and destroy you. Now matter where you go, we will find you. You can escape the wrath of the liberal!

And, oh by the way, could you invest in hiring people please. There’s a recession on, that’s a good chap 🙂

In reality, it is obviously a tax on investment and savings. Every 401(k), mutual fund, and IRA investment that buys any investment would be affected by this tax.

“Proponents of a transaction tax argue that a small 0.25 percent tax on stocks would be paid for by the highly paid financial traders and would not affect most Americans,” reads the letter. “This is simply not true. A tax on stock transactions would be passed through by brokers and affect every single person who owns and invests in stocks from small business owners to senior citizens.” The British attempted to issue a Stamp Tax on their colonies in the 1700s. How did that turn out for them?

So yet another “soak the rich” envy scheme ends in you getting soaked.

Anyone up for some Tea in Boston??

Oh, and what are they going to be doing with this flush of cash (and, of course, the massive job hirings that all of this will spur 🙂 ):

Pay down the 14+ trillion dollar deficit?

What do you think? 🙂

Obama March 4, 2009 (CNN): The president on Wednesday pledged turn tide on an “era of fiscal irresponsibility,” reiterating his campaign promise that the days of “pork … as a strategy” are over.

A $1.1 trillion spending bill laced with budget increases and more than 5,000 congressional pet projects passed the House on Thursday.

Heritage: Includes approximately 5,224 earmarks, bringing the FY 2010 total to 8,939, with a pork-laden defense bill expected to push the final total over 10,000.

Obama March 4, 2009: Obama last week praised the $787 billion stimulus package signed into law, telling the nation, “I’m proud that we passed a recovery plan free of earmarks, and I want to pass a budget next year that ensures that each dollar we spend reflects only our most important national priorities.”

As you may recall, there were thousands of earmarks (pork) in the bill, like Nearly $1.8 million for pig odor research in Iowa.

It’s the stench of pork in D.C. Everyone should be worried about!! 🙂

Like–Porkulus December 2009:

  • An $8 million project to build a “Talking Water Gardens” at the Albany, OR  sewage treatment plant.
  • A fish sculpture in Kennewick, WA, part of $122,000 for the Columbia Park Overlook Project.
  • $50,000 to the Washington Parks and Recreation Commission to host Asian music, dance and puppet shows.
  • Speaking of beneficiaries, the omnibus bill contains a $473,000 earmark for La Raza, which has called for Mexico to annex the southwestern states.
  • The omnibus bill also contains more funding for ACORN, which has been implicated in voter fraud in several states. Rep. Jeff Flake, R-AZ, also discovered that more than $7 million in earmarks are targeted for clients of the former PMA – currently under investigation by the FBI for campaign fraud.
  • So here we are, in the middle of a full-blown economic crisis, and Congress is still planning to fund a planetarium in Peoria, potato cloning in Maine, and a “World Trade Center” in Montana. There’s even a $5.8 million earmark for the “Ted Kennedy Institute for the Senate”

And many news sources say this bill was done now so that they didn’t have do anymore spending bills during the 2010 lie-up-my-ass, kiss your ass 2010 elections (kissing your ass with the pork they said they won’t do, by the way).

That would be the same ass they are kicking with all these wonderful new taxes and regulations and IRS raptors everywhere on you and your boss and your potential boss.

That will have a positive effect all around.

Hope and  Change!

Yes We Can!

Rep. Leonard Boswell, D-Iowa, “I am sure there are millions of dollars that have been wasted in this legislation on these parochial projects.”

So belly up to the trough boys, Feed The PIG!

The deficit for 2009 is said to be 1.4 Trillion alone. And for 2010: 1.5 Trillion.

They did such a fantastic job in 2009 they want to spend even more in 2010.

WT: The bill, which funds most domestic federal agencies for the rest of this fiscal year, marks a 12 percent spending increase. Democrats said the spending was needed to counter neglect during the past eight years and that the money would act as another stimulus to create government jobs.

NOT PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS, just government jobs!

But don’t worry, it’s STILL all George W Bush & the Republicans fault! 🙂

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-MD on criticism of the Omnibus bill, “You can’t spell ‘earmark’ without an R.” but 60 percent of the pork are sponsored by his fellow Democrats.

The omniporkus bill contains an eight percent increase over baseline spending at twice the rate of inflation, representing the largest discretionary spending hike since the “malaise” days of Jimmy Carter. (Washington Examiner)

That certainly deserves a B+, Mr President.

Well Done.  A+ 🙂

I Reject Your Watermelon Reality

Yesterday, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, speaking in the Danish capital, appealed for people to start loving and caring for their world.

Addressing a congregation including Queen Margrethe of Denmark and senior international politicians he called for a scaling down of the extravagant use of energy and the amount of waste across the planet. “These things will only happen if we learn to love the world we live in,” he said.

Williams, a passionate believer in the need for control of the causes of climate change, has had strong words for those who deny that man’s activities are not responsible for the current phase of global warming.

“Don’t please listen to those who say that there is some kind of choice to be made between looking after human beings and looking after the planet. It is one of the most foolish errors around these days,” he said. (UK Guardian)

So now, on top of “idiots”, “morons”,”deniers”,”saboteurs”,”Dupes”,”flat-earthers” now we’re just fools.

Do liberals ever stop insulting people.

Is it even possible for them not to?

I seriously doubt it.

James Delingpole (UK Telegraph): Truth to left-liberals is like garlic to vampires, so I suppose it’s no wonder the world’s watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) have been reacting so badly to Climategate.

I think I see a future bumper sticker in that one. It made me laugh so hard. 🙂

And you have to see this as well: (No audio)

“For humanity it’s a matter of life or death,” he said. “We will not make all human beings extinct as a few people with the right sort of resources may put themselves in the right parts of the world and survive. “Professor Kevin Anderson, director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change (Jenny Fyfall)

The right resources??

By the way, the Tyndall Center looms large in the CRU “Climategate” emails.

Obama jetted to Oslo to pick his piece prize and then jetted back. And in less than week will jet back to Scandanavia to say how evil we are for polluting the world.

Did I miss something? 🙂  Or is that quite a wasteful Carbon Footprint, Mr. President.

The International Energy Agency estimates that halving global emissions by 2050 would cost $45 trillion. That is $45 trillion above the cost of fossil fuel energy that would not be spent to create wealth. That would take a big bite out of global prosperity. Much is said about the so-called “consensus” on climate science, but the economic consensus is that reducing emissions reduces economic growth.(NB)

But since a 12 Trillion dollar debt means we can spend even more to liberals in this country whats a few trillion more.

It’s all meaningless to them.

You can “save the planet” from the evil humans.

But there won’t be anyone left to afford it, or enjoy it.

Except maybe the True Believers:

But who is it that sponsors the (UK) Guardian’s Environment pages and eco conferences? Why, only that famous non-fossil-fuel company Shell. (Though I notice their logo no longer appears on top of the Guardian’s eco pages: has the Guardian decided the relationship was just too embarrassing to be, er, sustainable?)

And which company has one of the largest carbon trading desks in London, cashing in on industry currently worth around $120 billion – an industry which could not possibly exist without pan-global governmental CO2 emissions laws ? BP (which stands for British Petroleum)

And how much has Indian steel king Lakshmi Mittal made from carbon credits thanks to Europe’s Emissions Trading Scheme? £1 billion.

And which companies were the  CRU scientists revealed cosying up to as early as 2000 in the Climategate emails? There’s a clue in this line here: “Had a very good meeting with Shell yesterday.”

And how much was Phil Jones, director of the discredited CRU, found to have collected in grants since 1990? £13.7 million ($22.7 million)

And why does this Executive Vice-Chairman of Rothschild’s bank sound so enthusiastic in this (frankly terrifying) letter about the prospects of the “new world order” (his phrase not mine) which result from globally regulated carbon trading?

Or why not try this blog, in which a German Green party MP is revealed being given hefty donations by a solar power company?

Or how about this tiny $7o million donation to the climate change industry from the Rockefeller Foundation?

Al Gores has a Carbon Trading Company that stands to make Billions.

Gore himself is chairman and founder of a private equity firm called Generation Investment Management (GIM). He says the London-based firm invests money from institutions and wealthy investors in companies that are becoming environmentally-friendly, to use green parlance. GIM appears to have considerable influence over major carbon credit trading firms: the U.S.-based Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and the U.K.-based Carbon Neutral Company (CNC). CCX appears to be the only firm in the U.S. that claims to trade carbon credits.

Gore’s Senior Partner (from their website) : David Blood is Senior Partner of Generation Investment Management, a fund management business dedicated to long term investment and integrated sustainability research. Previously, David served as co-CEO and CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

The Chief Investment officer also worked for David Blood.

Chief Operating Officer’s firm was acquired by Goldman Sachs.

Now where have I heard Goldman Sachs before? 🙂

TARP Stimulus anyone?

Even though Blood left in 2004 to found GIM with Gore, who mysterious had a Movie come out 2 years later full of doom and despair and agony for everyone.

Everyone except him, of  course.

The Lord of Doom has become very rich off it.

Al Gore could become world’s first carbon billionaire

(UK telegraph headline 11/3/2009)

So maybe we should all just forget what’s truth is  and go where the money is, like Lord Doom.

Oh, wait, that’s what liberals think of capitalism.

My Bad 🙂

I’m such a fool. 🙂

How to Be Evil Rich in a Recession

Become a Federal bureaucratic cog.

And with 111 new agencies for Health Care alone there will be plenty of opportunities to join the machine.

No wonder the money druggie Congress can’t stop spending.

It’s a pandemic virus out of control. Only the doctors are the patients.

The New Swine Flu. Only, the politicians are the  pork-fed Swine.

USAToday:  The number of federal workers earning six-figure salaries has exploded during the recession, according to a USA TODAY analysis of federal salary data.

Federal employees making salaries of $100,000 or more jumped from 14% to 19% of civil servants during the recession’s first 18 months — and that’s before overtime pay and bonuses are counted.

Federal workers are enjoying an extraordinary boom time — in pay and hiring — during a recession that has cost 7.3 million jobs in the private sector.

The private sector= Evil rich corporations raping America. Fat-cat CEO’s who get massive bonuses. 🙂

The highest-paid federal employees are doing best of all on salary increases. Defense Department civilian employees earning $150,000 or more increased from 1,868 in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009, the most recent figure available.

When the recession started, the Transportation Department had only one person earning a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later, 1,690 employees had salaries above $170,000.

The trend to six-figure salaries is occurring throughout the federal government, in agencies big and small, high-tech and low-tech. The primary cause: substantial pay raises and new salary rules.

“There’s no way to justify this to the American people. It’s ridiculous,” says Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, a first-term lawmaker who is on the House’s federal workforce subcommittee.

Oh, but they’ll try.

And the have FEHBP, the diamond platinum best-in-the history-of-mankind Health Care plan that they don’t want to share with you. No, you get ObamaCare filled with massive taxes, rationing, and cuts to seniors care.

Isn’t that special!

USA TODAY analyzed the Office of Personnel Management’s database that tracks salaries of more than 2 million federal workers. Excluded from OPM’s data: the White House, Congress, the Postal Service, intelligence agencies and uniformed military personnel.

The growth in six-figure salaries has pushed the average federal worker’s pay to $71,206, compared with $40,331 in the private sector.

•Pay hikes. Then-president Bush recommended — and Congress approved — across-the-board raises of 3% in January 2008 and 3.9% in January 2009. President Obama has recommended 2% pay raises in January 2010, the smallest since 1975. Most federal workers also get longevity pay hikes — called steps — that average 1.5% per year.

New pay system. Congress created a new National Security Personnel System for the Defense Department to reward merit, in addition to the across-the-board increases. The merit raises, which started in January 2008, were larger than expected and rewarded high-ranking employees. In October, Congress voted to end the new pay scale by 2012.

•Pay caps eased. Many top civil servants are prohibited from making more than an agency’s leader. But if Congress lifts the boss’ salary, others get raises, too. When the Federal Aviation Administration chief’s salary rose, nearly 1,700 employees’ had their salaries lifted above $170,000, too.

But they want a “pay Czar” to reign in runaway CEO’s. But runaway federal agency members and administrators?

The Sky’s the limit.

NRO: Most remarkably, there are fully 383,000 federal workers earning six-figure salaries and 22,000 earning salaries of over $170,000. And these numbers don’t even include the $41,000 in non-salary benefits the average federal employee receives each year.

The number of civil servants making $100,000 or more has jumped over 46 percent since the start of the recession.

Under Bush & Obama I might add, before the liberals get all Bush Deranged.

The Washington metropolitan area received nearly 10 times as much stimulus money per capita as the national average, keeping the unemployment rate in the area at 6.2 percent, far below rates of other large cities—9.3 percent in New York; over 10 percent in Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles—and the national average of 10.2 percent. 14.3 in Michigan.

Did you know that more than 50% of the richest counties in America surround Washington D.C?? and only 4 out the top 15 are in the evil capital Wall-street area of New York City??

And the 4 out of the 5 top richest Congressman are Democrats.

Recovery Act funding alone has fed the creation of 407,000 government contract jobs—or two thirds of all jobs “created” under the Act—according to one independent analysis. And during a time when most businesses are downsizing, the federal government itself actually grew by 13,000 employees in the last year—the first increase since the 1970s.

So do you think Obama’s “Jobs” summit and  “jobs” campaign tour is about getting more Federal jobs?

After all, the private sector is full of evil capitalists. 🙂

IDB: Among the countless absurdities built into the federal salary system is the mandate that when the head of an agency gets a raise, lots of his underlings automatically do too. That’s what happens when it’s play money you’re handling, which is what Washington thinks the revenues provided by the people who give politicians their jobs is.

No wonder Liberal love government so much, they can pork themselves and they can pretend to care about their “dependents” (you and me) while screwing the “dependents” for their own benefit.

It’s all free. No consequences. And Endless.

Utopia Awaits!

What a deal.

Courtesy of National Review Online

Democratic Underground (one the most far left sites out there) poster:  I don’t find the comparison with what a non-corrupt people’s government would produce and what corrupt corporations produce to be meaningful.
A people’s government should produce health for the nation — unfortunately, right now it’s producing disease.
Oh, corporations are part of the sickness of America — and a large part of producing the harm causing our sickness.

I think this person, and Congress, have forgotten what a representative Constitutional Republic is.

Alternet (another liberal site):  When we speak of the ungodly amounts of money that Wall Street scions make, it’s generally accepted that most don’t need to be making nearly as much as they are for two main reasons. One, it’s plainly wasteful; and two, the financial collapse is a pretty good indication of how inversely proportional those enormous bankers’ salaries are to the societal benefit they create.

The first part of that argument can and ought be extended to the public sector, where salaries are paid for by the same financially burdened taxpayers who have made clear they don’t want bailed-out banks to give executives big raises and bonuses. The federal government could use a pay czar, too.

Perhaps the money saved by instituting more recession-sensitive salary levels for federal employees could be redistributed to the states, where many public employees are being laid off, key social programs and offices whittled away, and offerings cut by public school systems in order to make ends meet.

Bonuses and raises are fine incentives for excellent work, but these days, simply having work — especially the kind of good, stable, living wage-level work that federal employment guarantees — ought be incentive enough.

But since government produces nothing and is not accountable to profit and loss why should they care. 🙂

Since June, (so no Bush Derangement here) the federal government has increased employment by almost 10 percent, while the private sector has cut employment by over 6 percent. And which sector do you figure was more padded to begin with?

Sen. Max Baucus’ office defends his girlfriend’s big pay raise (the job he got her at the Justice Dept-a pay raise of close to $14,000 to staffer Melodee Hanes last year, as he was becoming sexually involved with her. Baucus was separated from his now ex-wife at the time) by pointing to the raises others living off the taxpayer spigot got. What sympathy for the 10% of Americans suffering unemployment.

As the Politico reports, a few months later Baucus took Hanes “on a taxpayer-funded trip to Vietnam and the Middle East, though foreign policy was not her specialty.” In Washington, they call that on-the-job training — except that Baucus then nominated her for U.S. attorney in Montana (where he’s the Senator from), where Asian and Arab expertise is rarely useful in court.

Don’t they call that a Pimp and his ho?

Not in D.C.

A Baucus spokesman’s excuse: “Ms. Hanes’ salary increased by the exact same amount as our legislative director and less than our chief of staff.” Does the senator really think that makes the 7 million ordinary Joes without work feel better?

IBD: If you didn’t think the Democrats in power in Washington are doing enough to spark a people’s rebellion, just look at their latest shenanigans.

Congress is raising the federal debt ceiling by as much as $1.8 trillion in hopes that next October, when Republicans will be pounding them on this, voters won’t remember what they were up to way back in December of 2009.

But that astronomical amount is twice what was baked into their budget resolution earlier this year. When asked about so much red ink, House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey, D-Wis., just shrugged and told the Politico: “The credit card has already been used. When you get the bill in the mail you need to pay it.”

For most normal people that’s when you STOP USING IT!!!

You get counseling.

Do something other than ignore it.

But the federal credit card is has no limit.

And we have porkaholics with their hands on it.

But just remember, they care about the little people in the private sector.

You’re the source of their drug.

The current debt ceiling of $12.1 trillion is now not enough for Congress to live under — though only a fraction of the $787 billion stimulus passed earlier this year has been spent. And a $447 billion bill for Cabinet and other agencies is set for enactment, increasing spending by as much as 10%.

But, remember, these are the people who screamed and yelled and ranted until they turned blue in the face about how immoral and unethical it was for the Republican to be running up so much debt and that Bush was evil 🙂

Well, now that they have they’ve bathed in that pie I guess it’s not so bad after all. 🙂

They kind of like it here.

Mayo Clinic Defintion of Drug Addiction: When you’re addicted, you may not be able to control your drug use and you may continue using the drug despite the harm it causes. Drug addiction can cause an intense craving for the drug. You may want to quit, but most people find they can’t do it on their own.

As time passes, you may need larger doses of the drug to get high. Soon you may need the drug just to feel good. As your drug use increases, you may find that it becomes increasingly difficult to go without the drug. Stopping may cause intense cravings and make you feel physically ill (withdrawal symptoms).

Drug addiction symptoms or behaviors include:

  • Feeling that you have to use the drug regularly — this can be daily or even several times a day
  • Failing in your attempts to stop using the drug
  • Making certain that you maintain a supply of the drug
  • Spending money on the drug even though you can’t afford it
  • Doing things to obtain the drug that you normally wouldn’t do, such as stealing
  • Feeling that you need the drug to deal with your problems
  • Focusing more and more time and energy on getting and using the drug

And Washington’s drug is the Money that begets power.

Power is the ultimate goal, but you need the money to get there.

And you, the taxpayer are the source.

They are the junkie.

And they thousands of minions in the cog of the bureaucracy that they have so satisfy also.

After, it’s a no-limit credit card.

$12,100,000,000,000 is just a number.

adding 1.8-1.9 trillion to it : $14,000,000,000,000

It doesn’t mean anything.

It’s all monopoly money to them.

And it sure doesn’t mean putting the Federal gravy train on a diet!