It just Don’t add up!

Things that just don’t add up.


“Don’t get sick. If you have insurance, don’t get sick. If you don’t have insurance, don’t get sick. If you’re sick, don’t get sick. Just don’t get sick.”

“The Republican health care plan: don’t get sick,” he said. But, he added,”The Republicans have a back up plan in case you do get sick … This is what the Republicans want you to do. If you get sick America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly!” U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL)

This is how you forge a bi-partisan agreement. This is how you listen to both sides.

And when asked to apologize by the Republicans, he declined.

Ah, civility….

“In a signal moment in the increasingly fractious debate over reforming the nation’s sprawling health-care system, Senate Finance Committee members rejected two amendments to create a public option on votes of 15 to 8 and 13 to 10.” More: “Despite the setback for advocates of a public option, debate over such a plan is certain to continue. Sens. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.) and Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), who offered the amendments that were voted down Tuesday, have vowed to keep the issue at the forefront as the debate unfolds.(MSNBC)

The up or down vote on the Public option goes down, but that doesn’t deter them.

Sen. Snowe (R) has proposed a public plan that would go into effect only in states where private companies weren’t offering affordable enough alternatives. She said late Tuesday that she was discussing the so-called “trigger” compromise with committee Democrats and hadn’t decided how to proceed.

Isn’t that the same thing in the end? A Horse of a different color is still a horse!

“Mr. Obama’s public option died a bipartisan death yesterday in the Senate Finance Committee. What’s left is a package of “reforms” that are mere trite extensions of what we’ve been doing for decades. That is, piling up mandates on private insurers and then lying that this somehow isn’t driving up the cost of health insurance; piling up subsidies for health consumption and then lying that this somehow isn’t responsible for runaway health-care spending.”(WSJ)

The truth is not worth anything these days.

As I’ve said it before, it’s not Bi-partisanship. its BY Partisan’s ship.

But this ship will be back.

The Holy Grail of Liberalism will not go down that easily. It is merely a Battle and not the War.

War is Peace (and security).

Freedom is slavery.

In a surprising vote Tuesday, ten Democrats voted to add a public option to the most conservative of the five health insurance reform bills working their way through Congress. That’s just two votes short of passage.

This robust support for the public option — in what most observers consider the most conservative committee in the Senate signals a sea change in Congressional opinion toward the public option.(Huffington Post)

Mind you, what he is disingenuously referring to is the 2nd amendment made by Sen Schumer to try a more watered down version of the same bill that got more votes than the hardcore one.

So they are warriors of the faithful.

“The more the American people hear about the public option, the more they like it,” said Democratic Sen Charles Schumer after the vote.

Never give up. Never Surrender!

“It was the biggest setback to date for liberal Democrats, but did not kill the possibility of a public option being included in final legislation,” Public option supporters will get several more bites at the apple: They can offer more amendments on the Senate floor (assuming, as most observers do, that Harry Reid will not include this element in the chamber’s combined bill). Or they can fight for it during conference negotiations, since the House is still expected to include some form of public plan in its bill.” (LA Times)


Mind you, Sen Rockefeller is also the same one who proposed the Soda Tax on all you fat slobs who drink too much and get fat and unhealthy.


Yes, your elected representatives are listening to you! 🙂


“For us to say that you’ve got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase,” Obama said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week” program. “Right now everybody in America, just about, has to get auto insurance. Nobody considers that a tax increase.”

St. Petersburg Times Fact Checker:

Patients First, a project of the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, issued a news release that played up the possibility that people who didn’t buy health coverage could end up in prison.

“Health Care Mandate Will Require Imprisonment and Fines for Americans Who Can’t Afford to Purchase Insurance or Pay Hefty Government Penalties,” and its first sentence referred to “a draconian health care measure under consideration in Congress that would imprison uninsured Americans who fail to pay a penalty for not buying health insurance.”

We were struck by the statement that the bill would “require imprisonment and fines” for nonpayment of the tax. Nothing in the Internal Revenue Code suggests that violators would have to go to jail. It’s simply one of the possible penalties that could be assessed.”

So it could happen. You just object to “will” happen. And you notice they changed the tenant of the statement also from will to would. So they are arguing a point with the wrong text. And then suggest that because they will not be sent to prison, but could be, and it’s one of the options, that the statement is not true.

Gotta love that Orwell.

So it’s true, but not the way you stated it and not the way we re-stated it differently, but it is still true! 🙂

The headline would have been correct if it had said the mandate “could require imprisonment or fines.” In fact, further down, the text of the release reports more accurately that “under the health care bill outline[d] in the Senate Finance Committee, uninsured Americans who fail to pay a stiff penalty for not purchasing insurance would face up to one year in prison or a $25,000 fine.” That part of the release, with its “or,” acknowledges that violators would likely face just one of those penalties. And it’s worth noting that, as with other violations in which people have refused to pay taxes, sending someone to prison is an extreme measure used as a last resort.

Not that there isn’t a Tax, or fines, or other IRS actions. Just not jail, maybe.

To put this in perspective, the IRS audited almost 1.4 million tax returns in 2007. That year, the number of confinement sentences was 2,123, meaning that less than two-tenths of 1 percent of audits resulted in prison time.
And based on past prosecution trends, it’s highly unlikely that someone would be sentenced to prison for a debt as small as $1,900, tax lawyers said.

So that’s why it’s ok for the IRS to come after you and throw you in prison if you don’t have Health Insurance.

It’s not likely to happen. It’s less than 1%. No big deal.

But the actual uninsured in this country is less the  3% of the population. Yet that is a “crisis”.

Initially, the Senate version would have had families above 300 percent of the federal poverty level pay $3,800 a year if they did not have health insurance. Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., later agreed to lower that amount by half, to $1,900. Backers hope that no American actually pays the tax; they want to see people spending those dollars on health insurance instead.

Still, Ensign is among those who balk at the idea. “Some people hold the Constitution pretty high in their lives, and if they believe that this thing is unconstitutional and they then say … ‘I choose not to have health insurance. I’m not going to buy it,'” Ensign said at a markup of the contentious bill. “We could be subjecting those very people … to fines or the interpretation of a judge potentially all the way up even to imprisonment.”

Section 7203 of the Internal Revenue Code, titled, “Willful failure to file return, supply information or pay tax.”

And all the bills say that your Health Insurance would be on your IRS tax Returns.

So it’s a Tax, that isn’t a tax, that could get you imprisoned, but since that’s unlikely, don’t worry about it so much…

Trust us, we are from the government and we are here to help you! 🙂


Reid issued an announcement publicly showing that he is using his position to protect Nevada.
“I spoke to the chair of the Finance Committee and he assured me that this bill will be improved for Nevada before he takes it to the committee for final mark-up next week,” Reid said in a statement released this week. “Let me be very clear, I will not bring a health insurance reform bill to the Senate floor that is not good for Nevada.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid secured a deal today that would give Nevada full, 100 percent funding in the Senate health care bill for an initial expansion of Medicaid.

The deal would give Nevada full funding for the first five years of the program — an effort to ease concerns that Nevada would be unable to afford the federally-mandated expansion of care for the poor.

So if this is so “neutral” and so wonderful why is the Senate Majority racing to have his state and his state alone “protected” from the effects of the bill for the first five years??

Under the health care bills before Congress, state Medicaid programs, which now primarily cover low-income children, parents, seniors and people with disabilities, would be expanded to include a new segment of the population — poor, childless adults.

The group makes up 21 percent of the uninsured nationwide, and a slightly larger share in Nevada. Many of them are poor, which the government defines as individuals making less than $14,400 a year.

With nearly 470,000 uninsured in Nevada and a soaring jobless rate adding to those ranks, uninsured, childless adults are a vast group. The state won’t hazard a guess at the number.

Under the legislation, the federal government would help states pay to cover them, but the states would have to chip in.

In Nevada, the money would come from the state’s sagging general fund.

One Washington estimate is that Nevada’s current $800 million Medicaid bill would grow by 5 percent, about $40 million annually.

But it won’t add the the deficit if we are all in the same single-payer system. Trust Us!

Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, an early supporter of President Barack Obama and one of the state’s most liberal legislators, understands the state’s dilemma.

“One of the best ways to attack the high percentage of uninsured is to increase the number of eligible participants on Medicaid,” Leslie said. “But even if the state has to pay 10 percent of the cost, it’s going to be very difficult. We have no money.”

And the other motive:

Now Mr. Baucus has modified the bill to spare Nevada and three other states, and Mr. Reid, who faces a potentially difficult race for re-election next year, is taking credit for getting a “major increase” in federal money for his state. (NY Times)

Trust me, I’m from the government and we want to help you!

Mr. Baucus revised his bill to give extra help to certain “high-need states.” The states were not named in the bill. But only four states meet the criteria: Michigan, Nevada, Oregon and Rhode Island.

The changes came at the expense of other states, including California, Florida and Illinois, which would see significant increases in state Medicaid spending under the new formula.

But they want to help all Americans!

Trust Us, we know what’s good for you!

All the major health care bills moving through Congress would expand Medicaid, adding perhaps 11 million people to the rolls, the Congressional Budget Office says.

The Democratic staff of the Finance Committee estimates that, under existing law, state spending on Medicaid will total $1.7 trillion from 2013 to 2019. That figure could increase by $33 billion under Mr. Baucus’s bill. But when the new costs are combined with savings elsewhere in the bill, Democrats say, state spending would increase by only $22 billion, or 1.3 percent, over the levels now projected.


  • Won’t add a dime to the deficit and is paid for upfront.
  • Requires additional cuts if savings are not realized.

So the costs will go up, except for Nevada, but it won’t add anything to the deficit having the government paying for it.

Our Big Brother would never lie, right?

“In order to save our children from a future of debt, we will also end the tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% of Americans.  But let me perfectly clear, because I know you’ll hear the same old claims that rolling back these tax breaks means a massive tax increase on the American people:  if your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime.  I repeat: not one single dime.” State of The Union Speech.

So what are we left with:

“Senator Reid should know that this legislation is not only bad for Nevada, but it is bad for the rest of the United States,” Representative Nathan Deal of Georgia said.

Apparently not.

The Finance Committee has rejected several Republican amendments that would have blocked the expansion of Medicaid if it was found to impose additional costs on states.

The Finance Committe has also rejected amendments to make Congress take the same deal that they want us to have. They have voted down amendments banning illegal immigrants specifically.

They have voted down amendments to ban federal funding of abortions.

Bunning Open Records Amendment: would have required the full language and full price tag to be available on the Internet for three days before Congress votes. (That’s your “transparency” folks!)

Hatch Medicare Advantage (MA) Amendment: would have suspended MA provisions if the CBO finds that (contrary to the President’s promise) seniors are going to lose coverage or benefits.

Kyl Anti-Gag Order Amendment: would have allowed MA insurers to inform seniors of their likely loss of benefits.

Ensign/Cornyn/Kyl Malpractice Lawsuit Amendments: would have provided relief from lawsuits.

Update: oct 1st:

The Republicans proposed a simple amendment, “No tax increases on anyone making less than $250,000” just like the President promised.

Sen Baucus said it “wasn’t a serious amendment” and the Democrats voted it down.

But don’t worry, it’s for your own good and it’s “fair” and “honest” and “open” to debate.

And you’ll love the final product, I guarantee it! 🙂
And we still have Global Warming to deal with you evil human scum!

And Amnesty for all those poor unfortunate new poor Democrats…I mean Illegal Aliens.


We are from the government and we are here to protect and serve.

Ignore Big Brother behind the Curtain

Sept 29th, 2009:

PROVIDENCE — U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy fears that supercharged passions fueling the national health-care debate may lead to violence.

Drawing on his family’s violent past, the Democratic congressman told roughly 75 people gathered at a private health-care forum Saturday morning that opponents of Democrat-backed health-care legislation had gone too far.

Patrick Kennedy is the last member of his storied family to hold federal office. His father, U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, died one month ago after battling a brain tumor. His uncles, former President John F. Kennedy and former presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, were assassinated.

“My family’s seen it up close too much with assassinations and violence in political life. It’s a terrible thing when people think that in order to get their point across they have to go to the edge of violent rhetoric and attack people personally,” Kennedy told the nurses, union officials and AARP members finishing their breakfasts at the invitation-only event in the Providence Marriott hotel. “It’s fine for people to debate the issue and attack the issue, but when they go and stoop to the level of the vitriolic rhetoric that we’ve seen this debate turn up, it’s very, I think, dangerous to the fabric of our country.”

Vitriolic rhetotic like calling protestors “Un-American”, “racist”, “sexist”, “stupid”, “ignorant”, “hicks”…

You mean that vitriol?

No. Of course you don’t.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sept 18th, (near tears notes the ‘empathic’ media):

“I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw this myself in the late ’70s in San Francisco,” Pelosi told reporters, her voice catching in her throat at her weekly press briefing.”This kind of rhetoric is just, is really frightening and it created a climate in which we, violence took place and … I wish that we would all, again, curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements that are made,”

The fact that Harvey Milk was assassinated by a Democrat is not worth mentioning I guess.

It made good Ministry of Truth press.

Fear the Tea-Baggers and the Protesters they are violent. Don’t listen to them, they will harm you!

In a subsequent interview, Kennedy went further in warning that angry opposition could create physical danger for elected leaders.

“I will note that there were a number of prominent security people in this country who spoke very openly this past week that … that there are consequences in terms of trying to protect public officials. There are consequences to violent rhetoric,” he said. “Some people can see through TV ratings and right-wing talk show hosts that just try to create some theater, but unfortunately, there are some that can’t see through it. And that’s the danger in it. There is definitely freedom of speech, but freedom of speech does not allow yelling ‘fire’ in the middle of a crowded movie theater.”

Very few, if any arrests at the Tea-Parties and Protests.

Enter the Violence:

The G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

A stretch of Forbes Avenue from Oakland Avenue to Atwood Street saw at least a half dozen storefront windows broken, most belonging to the type of big, corporate, chain retail considered prime targets by protest groups opposed to the global capitalist system. They included McDonald’s, American Apparel, FedEx, Subway, Panera and Rite Aid, among others.

Georgia Petropoulos, executive director of the Oakland Business Improvement District, said there was more damage than she expected given the fact that the neighborhood prepared as much as it could and that the police had a major presence to protect it.

“We didn’t anticipate this many,” she said. “We really didn’t.”

The biggest surprise to her was that it wasn’t just national chains that got hit but local independents and franchise operators.

That includes the popular Forbes Avenue location of Pamela’s Diner and the Irish Design Center, a local independent business on Craig Street for 30 years.(Pittsburgh Business Times)

The Quiznos owner had the best sign of the day:

“Please forgive the mess caused by the ‘Peace Loving’ ‘Save the Earth’ G20 Summit Protesters,” the sign said. “Even with broken windows, Quiznos Food is still the best!”

And who were these protesters?

Right wing mobs of racist, sexist , Un-American Insurance Company Lobbyists?

Gun toting tea baggers psychos?

The folks that organized Thursday’s unauthorized march, the G-20 Resistance Group, is encouraging members to spend the morning, before the march, to take unspecified actions against local offices of corporations deemed evil.”

Nope. Mostly, they are extreme leftists and anarchists!


The AP, one of the very few reports on the Ministry of truth at all:

The marchers included small groups of self-described anarchists, some wearing dark clothes and bandanas and carrying black flags. Others wore helmets and safety goggles.

One banner read, “No borders, no thanks,” another, “No hope in capitalism.” A few minutes into the march, protesters unfurled a large banner reading “NO BAILOUT NO CAPITALISM” with an encircled “A,” a recognized sign of anarchists.

Another one said “Eat the Rich.”

So why are we not seeing blame heaped upon documentary filmmaker and avowed socialist Michael Moore for yesterday’s G-20 riots in Pittsburgh? Moore does, after all, preach hateful and extreme anti-capitalist rhetoric. The cryptic slogan for his most recent movie, “Capitalism, A Love Story”, reads, “Capitalism is evil, and you can’t regulate evil.” This line is eerily reminiscent of many of the socialist-anarchist slogans chanted by the G-20 protesters.


They aren’t “the enemy”, so ignore them.

Only people protesting Obama and The Democrats are prone to violence, and racism, and should be feared.

“Despite the use of rubber bullets, chemical weapons, and LRAD (noise) attacks, demonstrators remained on the streets for hours and actions continue across the city,” the group’s press release read.

By that they meant attacks on 13 pre-picked Starbucks stores, a Whole Foods, an American Apparel, a Trader Joe’s, U.S. military recruiting stations, check-cashing outlets, 13 PNC bank outlets and other institutions, all conveniently listed as possibilities on a Google map. Many of these places saw smashed windows and graffiti attacks after they turned up on the blacklist. (IDB)

So they planned ahead to wreck evil capitalist icons and just generally cause as much chaos as possible.

But how much of this was on the Ministry of Truth as compared to the “vitrioltic rhetoric” of people protesting Health Care Reform?

Did you know the origin of the “shocking” ‘Joker’ poster was a 20 year old Palestinian-American Democrat from Chicago!?

Probably not.

Did you know most of the most “hateful” signs the Tea bag protest (the few that there were) were also largley from Democrats?

Did you know Cindy Sheehan, Darling of the Media in 2007, now the scorned and ignored, was in Pittsburgh.

“I was telling the cops, ‘You’re facing the wrong way,'” said Sheehan, an anti-war protester who gained notoriety for camping near then-President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch after her son was killed in Iraq. “The wars were wrong under Bush, and they’re still wrong under Obama.” (Pittsburgh Tribune)

Probably not. Not newsworthy to the Ministry of Truth.

As Gov. Mike Huckabee said, journalism is dead. “I’m sad to report today a death of a good friend to all of us…..Journalism,The once esteemed 4th estate of our nation and the protector of our freedoms and a watchdog of our rights has passed away after a long struggle with a crippling and debilitating disease of acute dishonesty aggravated by advanced laziness and the loss of brain function.”

And what better example do you need than this.

Health Care reform: 10’s of thousands of protesters, very few arrests.

G-20 Leftists and Anarchists: approx 1,000 and 60+ arrests and damage aplenty.

But, the tea-baggers are the dangerous ones. The ones to watch out for, because they just might explode any minute now!

Ignore all the damage in Pittsburgh. Ignore the fact that the shop owners “prepared” for it ahead of time. That there shops were targeted on the internet beforehand.

The ones you have to fear are the racist, un-american tea-baggers!

Who just happen to be protesting Big Brother.


This kind of violence is nothing new. It was found in Seattle in 1999, where former Obama administration green czar Van Jones got himself arrested. It was repeated at other summits in Turin, Italy; Washington, D.C.; and London. These leftists detest capitalism, abhor private property — and have ties to the Democratic Party. (IBD)

And the rhetoric will only get worse as the Democrats scramble to cram this, the Holy Grail of  Control Freakishism, down your throat whether you gag or not.

In fact, it’s starting to appear as if the stronger the opposition becomes, the harder the Democrats work on their plans. It’s as if they are legislating out of spite against citizens who must be governed by a heavy hand because they don’t know what’s good for them.

But we’ve heard that before. Just last week, Energy Secretary Steven Chu likened Americans to “teenage kids” who “aren’t acting in a way that they should act” in regard to carbon emissions. (IBD)

Doesn’t it though. And the Ministry of Truth (ABC,NBC,CBS,MSNBC,New York Times, et al) are right there with them.

Pushing hard for their Big Brother.

Orwell: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”

And those revolutionaries are, of course, violent, and they will harm you and your children. And destroy everything that is good, and right, and moral about Big Brother’s cause!

Their violent rhetoric will lead to violence. (Just ignore Pittsburgh, it never happened)

It’s a  War the Democrats must win, for the sake of humanity and the planet!

War is peace!

Freedom is Slavery!

Ignorance is Strength!

After all, how can health care for everyone that’s affordable be a bad thing…. 🙂

Cashing in on the Short Term

Congress passed the Cash for Clunkers program in order to increase automobile employment and save jobs. As Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow – a key supporter of the law – put it, “This is a jobs program first.” Cash for Clunkers has done many things. It has given hundreds of thousands of Americans vouchers worth between $3,500 and $4,500. It has encouraged many Americans to trade in old cars now instead of waiting a few years. It has destroyed valuable used cars that dealers would have resold to low-income Americans. It has added $3 billion to the national debt. But the new jobs report shows that Cash for Clunkers has not done the one thing Congress intended it to do: create jobs.

The employment report shows that – despite the Cash for Clunkers craze, and the $2 billion Congress added to the program at the end of July – motor vehicles and parts manufactures shed 15,000 jobs in August. That erased half of the jobs gained in July and continued the yearlong downward trend. The Commerce Department separately reported that spending on automobiles increased between June and July when Cash for Clunkers kicked in. However, while spending on cars went up, spending on other goods and services fell. Handing out taxpayer dollars is popular, but that does not make it good – or effective – policy. (

Also, the program that was slated to cost $1 billion, it cost $3 billion. It didn’t go over that mark because they cut it off early. But it was still $2 billion over the original proposal.

Doesn’t that just fill you with confidence about our current government spending plans. 🙂

And let’s see who benifited the most from this rebate program:

The government posted new data late Friday on the government’s Cash for Clunkers rebate program. Here’s a look at the top-selling new vehicles through the program when multiple engine options, flexible-fuel vehicles and hybrid versions are taken into account.

1. Toyota Corolla 29,488
2. Honda Civic 28,456
3. Toyota Camry 27,137
4. Ford Focus 22,388
5. Ford Escape 21,894
6. Honda CR-V 20,106
7. Hyundai Elantra 19,797
8. Chevrolet Silverado 16,330
9. Nissan Versa 16,300
10. Ford F150 16,263
11. Honda Accord 15,922
12. Nissan Altima 15,426
13. Toyota RAV4 15,255
14. Toyota Prius 15,013
15. Ford Fusion 13,415
16. Chevrolet Cobalt 13,335
17. Honda Fit 12,361
18. Nissan Sentra 12,158
19. Chevrolet Aveo 11,557
20. Toyota Tacoma 10,692
Source: Department of Transportation,
LOAD-DATE: September 22, 2009

Toyota and Honda, foreign car makers. Sure they have plants in this country, but they aren’t American companies.

The American company that did the best, Ford, is the ONE  that DIDN’T TAKE ANY GOVERNMENT BAILOUT Money.


As a Matter of fact, the Only car on the list that is from a company that took bailout money is Chevrolet.


A new paper in The Economists’ Voice concludes that the costs of the “cash for clunkers” program exceed the benefits by approximately $2000 per vehicle. Meanwhile, September auto sales are plummeting, leading to estimates the monthly total will be the lowest in nearly three decades.

THE impact of “cash-for-clunkers” was very short-lived. The auto website is predicting an annualised rate of car sales in September of just 8.8 million units. Not only is that a long way down from the 14 millions plus recorded in August, when the clunkers scheme was in full swing, it was well below the 12.5 million rate recorded in September last year, when the financial system was going to hell in a handcart. The industry got used to an annual sales rate of 16 million. (Economist blog)

“The best month of the year for car sales is being quickly followed by what could be the worst month of the year,” noted CEO Jeremy Anwyl. “Cash for Clunkers was supposed to prime the pump, but that is a physics concept, and economics is quite different. Demand has dropped off significantly since the program ended.” (

But here’s an interesting bit I hadn’t considered (but I should have):

In early August, analysts reported that Cash for Clunkers shoppers were paying higher prices for their cars, perhaps neglecting to negotiate distracted by the government rebate. And, limited supply and high demand drove prices up for everyone else as well. Now that the program is over and demand has slowed, consumer discounts are getting greater even as the average vehicle purchased is more expensive.

“In truth, this program launched at the worst possible time of the year,” opined CEO Jeremy Anwyl. “The annual summer sell-down typically creates a rush of activity for the industry, and this year that rush came right after automakers cut production in response to the floundering economy. It’s a simple case of supply and demand, bolstered by a reduced level of negotiation on the part of excited clunker traders. Add to this the automakers’ unseasonable reduction in incentives and the message is clear: if you buy a car this summer, you should expect to pay higher prices.”(

Purchased Before Clunkers Program
Purchased During Clunkers Program
Average MSRP
Average Sales Price *
Average MSRP
Average Sales Price *
Ford Escape
Ford Focus
Jeep Patriot
Dodge Caliber
Ford F-150

*Does not include customer cash incentives.

The numbers are not drastically different before and after.

And now you have car dealers who are left with cars now that that people don’t want to buy because the rebate drug high has worn off.

As a person who used to work for  rebate processing unit I know the cardinal rule I came up with after 4 years of doing that job: “Buy the product in spite of the rebate, not because of the rebate” you’ll be a lot happier. Because rebated items are frequently marked up, but also in arena I worked in, Computers, the retail stores handing out rebates you didn’t qualify for or were expired was a rampant problem.

That’s not what happened here exactly, but since the car purchased was a targeted list and must be a new car 09/2010 model, which are more expensive than a used car it was relatively the same. Get people to buy something more expensive than they normally would by dangling money under their noses.

There’s that evil “capitalism” again.

And there are now around 700,000 people who now have higher auto insurance (because new cars cost more) and have monthly car payments that they didn’t before.

So I wonder how many re-po’s will occur or will there be a Bailout for Cash For Clunkers buyer’s remorse??

The first customer at Downtown Ford didn’t show until after lunch — just one sign that the Cash for Clunker boom is over, and auto showrooms are back to the solitude that has frustrated dealers for nearly all of the past year.
“We knew it would be slow,” dealership sales manager David Grubbs said last week — but not this slow.

“We are kind of skipping along the bottom. The consumer is concerned with the overall economy and their job and their income,” he said. A recovery, he predicted, remains “probably six to nine months away.”

A sale last week at the Clapp VW dealership illustrated how challenged new car customers are by tighter bank lending policies.Of 450 people who came to the event at Clapp Volkswagen, Brooks said he ran credit reports on 300 potential customers, but sold just 10 vehicles because many were turned down for financing. (Louisville KY Courier)

But wasn’t the Billions we, the taxpayers, gave to the banks supposed to free that up?

That was the promise. 🙂

THE CASH FOR CLUNKERS program helped push nearly 700,000 new cars out of showrooms this summer. But more people want to buy cheap transportation than want to turn it into scrap. Americans will purchase some 36 million used vehicles this year, compared with about 10.5 million new ones. (Barrons)

And now you have an incentive for new home buyers also.

So is the government trying to buy itself out of a recession with money it doesn’t have all funded by you and me??

Well, of course, they are.

Who’s going to stop them?

So, now we have the Sequel:

U.S. Department of Energy will launch a “Cash for Appliances” program this fall.

The program will provide nearly $300 million in stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to consumers who buy new, energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

(and it won’t go over budget, right?) 🙂

“These rebates will help families make the transition to more efficient appliances, making purchases that will directly stimulate the economy and create jobs,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu says.

This new rebate program is in addition to a number of U.S. tax credits on energy-efficient products for homes introduced earlier this year. This includes many gas, oil, electric and solar water heaters, which are reimbursed at 30 percent of their purchase price up to $1,500. Many energy-efficient windows, skylights, exterior doors, insulation and HVAC systems are also eligible for a 30 percent tax credit, up to $1,500 per home. (This $1,500 limit is the total for all credits applied to the home across all categories of eligible products).

Isn’t that what they said about Cash For Clunkers? And this is the same guy who called you “teenagers” right?

So will the sequel be the short burst drug hit that it’s now famous cousin was?

Too early to tell.

But what I want to know is where is the Cash for Health Care?

Oh, right, that’s Universal Health Care.

That won’t cost you “not one dime”.

Silly me.

The first cash for clunkers was $2 billion over it’s original budget.

I should just my government, they know how to manage money effectively.

Safe and Secure

Does the Congress even have the authority to mandate Health Insurance?

They have to mandate it. Otherwise, what’s the point of this reform to “cover everyone” if you can still opt-out. So they make it mandatory. They sick the IRS on you if you don’t.

But it’s not a TAX.

The IRS will come after you.

But it’s not a TAX 🙂

“If you say the government can mandate your behavior as far as this type of insurance goes,” he said, “there will be nothing the government can’t do. They can control every single way in which you dispose of your income.”said David Rivkin, a lawyer who served in the Justice Department under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

“The government has never required people to buy any good or service as a condition of lawful residence in the United States,” the budget office wrote. “An individual mandate has two features that, in combination, make it unique. First, it would impose a duty on individuals as members of society. Second, it would require people to purchase a specific service that would have to be heavily regulated by the federal government.”(NYT)

The second one was the Congressional Budget office in 1994 when the Clinton Plan was advanced. It’s still true. Only now it would not only be heavily regulated by the Federal Government IT WOULD BE RUN BY the Federal Government.

Those favoring an overhaul of the health care system say that requiring everyone to carry insurance is essential to making insurance affordable, chiefly by broadening the risk pool to include those who are young and healthy and go without insurance now. (New York Times)

But what it fails to mention, yet again, is the Illegal Alien cost and the costs of Pre-existing Condition costs and the high-risk pool. And, also, the fact that most health care cost occur at the end of life.

Just ignore that 800 pound gorilla in the corner!

But what it is also saying is to make it affordable, every must pay. So why then did Congress create “subsidies” (aka government payments) for people who truly can’t afford it?

Because, if they didn’t they would labeled “heartless” (much they way the spin it if you object to their plans)  so this money they won’t get from new enrollees also and it will drive up the cost of the care over time.

And when they wave their magic wand and 12 million illegals suddenly become legal (and this does not stop Illegal immigration by the way–it didn’t do it in the 1980’s it won’t do it now) and you have all these new, largely poor people on the dole, cost will not got up, right?

But, one other fact is also ignored. Guess who created this mess in the first place. Who created the non-portability of Health insurance? Who created over 2100 unfunded mandates? Who created the structure that is now falling apart to begin with?

Any guesses… 🙂


And now who’s going to save you from it all.


Rejoice, citizens. Your savior is at hand!

And if your company doesn’t provide health insurance, the IRS will come a knockin’.

But don’t worry, the company will just eat the costs and not pass it on to the consumers and their workforce.

And there’s the oft-repeated phrase about paying for 2/3 of it all with the “waste, fraud, abuse” of the other government programs.

And I still ask, if you can save $600 Billion dollars that way, why do we need this?

Because that’s not the point of all this. It can’t be. If it were that simple they’d do it. Everyone can get behind cleaning up waste, fraud and abuse. So they’d just do that and be heroes.

Instead we get 1000+ page bills and 256-page “conceptual” outlines.

So what is the real motive then?

It’s the control, stupid. 🙂

The control over who lives and who dies.

The control over your life.

You can’t be trusted.

You’re too fat.

You drink soda…coffee…sugary snacks. You smoke. They are all bad for you.

You pollute.

You drive an old, out of date car.

You’re an energy hog.

Or as the Energy Secretary called you “a teenager”

You need a Parent to guide you.

To raise you and your children.

You need Mama Government and Her Big Brother, The President.

So we are going to have to tax you for these too. It’s for your own good. You’re a higher risk to your fellow citizens. Because you won’t fall in line.

You must do this, because we say so.

When we say jump, you don’t even ask “How high?” you just jump, and keep jumping until we say stop.


Rivkin again:

But Congress cannot so simply avoid the constitutional limits on its power. Taxation can favor one industry or course of action over another, but a “tax” that falls exclusively on anyone who is uninsured is a penalty beyond Congress’s authority. If the rule were otherwise, Congress could evade all constitutional limits by “taxing” anyone who doesn’t follow an order of any kind—whether to obtain health-care insurance, or to join a health club, or exercise regularly, or even eat your vegetables.

This type of congressional trickery is bad for our democracy and has implications far beyond the health-care debate. The Constitution’s Framers divided power between the federal government and states—just as they did among the three federal branches of government—for a reason. They viewed these structural limitations on governmental power as the most reliable means of protecting individual liberty—more important even than the Bill of Rights.

Yet if that imperative is insufficient to prompt reconsideration of the mandate (and the approach to reform it supports), then the inevitable judicial challenges should. Since the 1930s, the Supreme Court has been reluctant to invalidate “regulatory” taxes. However, a tax that is so clearly a penalty for failing to comply with requirements otherwise beyond Congress’s constitutional power will present the question whether there are any limits on Congress’s power to regulate individual Americans. The Supreme Court has never accepted such a proposition, and it is unlikely to accept it now, even in an area as important as health care.” (Op-ed NYT)

But, the Democrats, as we have seen are not deterred by anything because they want what they want because they want it.

And they want it, because it’s the giant camel’s nose in the tent of being able to run your life their way.

It’s the Holy Grail of Liberalism.

To be in control of everything FOREVER!!! (insert maniacal over-the-top theatrical laugh here)

And you’ll never ever get rid of them! They have a permanent power base.

The laws say what you can do.

What you can say. (under “Diversity” and “fairness”, remember…)

The Ministry of Truth tells you what you can think.

The schools teach your kids whom to worship and what to think.

Capitalism is evil, so the government will now be in charge of the means of production. 🙂

Your  greed and sloth  will be controlled by the government. For your own good!

You’re safe and secure.

Suddenly, you wake up, and you’re Winston Smith from 1984.

Rejoice, Citizen. You are safe and secure….

The Fine Control

You nasty, evil, selfish pig. You don’t have insurance. That’s a detriment to the society as a whole. That must be stopped.

And we’ll make sure you have insurance.  Period.

Your choice is, Mandatory Insurance or Mandatory Taxes and Penalties, maybe even criminal prosecution.

Rejoice, Citizen.

It’s for your own good.

And if you have insurance now, well, if you lose it we’ll come after you too!

Americans who fail to pay the penalty for not buying insurance would face legal action from the Internal Revenue Service, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.

The remarks Thursday from the committee’s chief of staff, Thomas Barthold, seems to further weaken President Barack Obama’s contention last week that the individual mandate penalty, which could go as high as $1,900, is not a tax increase.

Under questioning from Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.), Barthold said the IRS would “take you to court and undertake normal collection proceedings.”

Ensign pursued the line of questioning because he said a lot of Americans don’t believe the Constitution allows the government to mandate the purchase of insurance.

“We could be subjecting those very people who conscientiously, because they believe in the U.S. Constitution, we could be subjecting them to fines or the interpretation of a judge, all the way up to imprisonment,” Ensign said. “That seems to me to be a problem.”

Ensign’s argument , however, wasn’t persuasive to the committee — which rejected an amendment from Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) to eliminate the individual mandate.

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) was the only Republican to vote with Democrats to preserve the mandate.

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.

Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty, Barthold wrote on JCT letterhead. He signed it “Sincerely, Thomas A. Barthold.”(Politico)

But is it even constitutional: (and do Democrats care…)

Without regard to one’s views about the health care legislation promoted by President Obama and currently being redrafted by Sen. Max Baucus, everyone is entitled to expect that the task will be carried out with competence and integrity — also with dignity and a high regard for the intelligence of the American people.

Further, even if everyone agreed that the proposed federal interventions in health care were consistent with “best medical practice” and produced the best possible medical care at the least price, all these federal actions would still have to meet constitutional standards.

The controversial tax that both Obama and Baucus would impose on people who do not buy health insurance appears to be a “direct tax” on persons that is unlawful under Article 1, Section 2, of the Constitution, which requires that “direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States … according to their Numbers . .. .”

In addition, Art. 1, Sec. 9, says: “No capitation, or other direct Tax, shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken … .”

The only exception to the constitutional prohibition against unapportioned direct taxes is for the federal income tax, which was authorized by the 16th Amendment — but the direct tax on the uninsured is not an income tax.

Sen. Baucus claims that the tax on the uninsured is an “indirect” excise tax — like the federal gasoline tax — that does not have to be apportioned. But Sen. Baucus appears to be in error. An excise tax is a tax on a “thing” (such as a commodity or a license). That is why an excise tax is classified as “indirect.”

People who choose not to buy insurance are not things.

They are people. And the tax is imposed directly on them in exactly the same way as a direct income tax, except that in this instance, the tax amount does not depend on the size of the person’s income.

This constitutional defect in one of the linchpin elements of the health care legislation was not brought to light for public discussion by either the White House or the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.(IBD)

We’re from the government and we are here to save you…

So who are the uninsured:

“The uninsured . . . live every day just one accident or illness away from bankruptcy. These are not primarily people on welfare.” President Obama.

Actually, of the 46 million people the census estimates don’t have insurance, some 20 million have incomes above average and could afford to buy it, according to a study by former Congressional Budget Office Director June O’Neill.

The President in his speech to Congress said “30 Million” because 10-15 million are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

When Republicans proposed requiring proof of citizenship, the Democrats twice voted that down in committee.

(When Republican proposed amendment to specifically outlaw the funding of abortions under these plans, Democrats voted them down)

So that brings it down to 30 million-ish.

More than 17 million of the uninsured make at least $50,000 per year (the median household income of $50,233) – 8.4 million make $50,000 to $74,999 per year and 9.1 million make $75,000 or higher. Two economists working at the National Bureau of Economic Research concluded that 25 to 75 percent of those who do not purchase health insurance coverage “could afford to do so.”

An estimated 13.7 million are poor. They are eligible for Medicaid — the state health care programs for the poor. But many, too, are illegals — about 8 million.

Though they’re eligible, research from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association suggests as many as 14 million uninsured Americans qualify for public coverage, but don’t enroll. And as many as 6 million are enrolled, but don’t report it to the government, according to the National Center for Policy Analysis.

That leaves about 5 million people with no care.

By the way, according to the Census Bureau, America now has 37 million people in poverty. But Medicaid enrollment covers 55 million people — at a cost of $350 billion a year.

Based on this, no one should be without care. Which leads us to wonder: Is nationalizing our health care system really necessary to take care of people who already have care available to them? (IDB)

So this whole thing is really about 5 million people, not 46.

And if the “waste fraud and abuse” of Madicare is going to yield as much as 2/3 of the Baucus’s planned $900 Billion costs why not just use that to pay for the 5 Million people and leave the rest of us the hell alone!

Because that’s not the real end game. That’s why.

We’re from the government, and we are here to control who lives and who dies.

That’s your choice.

And if you don’t like it, tough. We, the government, don’t care.

You are not to be trusted.

We Know better.

You will comply. Or else.

“Many other Americans . . . are still denied insurance due to previous illnesses or conditions that insurance companies decide are too risky or expensive to cover.” Obama.

This statement betrays a profound ignorance of what insurance is. If you can buy insurance after you’ve gotten sick, it’s not really insurance, is it? And why have insurance at all? It’s an incentive to simply wait until you get sick, then make someone else pay for it.

To see how absurd this is, let’s take the same concept to auto insurance. Why not let people buy insurance after they get in an accident? One reason, of course, is it leads to fiscal and personal recklessness. (IBD)

And much higher premiums.

• “There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage . . . every day, 14,000 Americans lose their coverage.”

As noted above, the bulk of the 30-plus million uninsured actually can get coverage — and in many cases, qualify for existing government programs. But how about 14,000 Americans losing their coverage each day? A little math shows this is just a scare statistic.

Multiply it out, and it comes to 5.1 million people losing coverage in a year. Sound scary? Consider that, according to the census, 46.3 million Americans don’t currently have insurance — 600,000 more than last year. That means that, along with 14,000 Americans losing their coverage each day, another 12,400 Americans are signing up for it — even in the middle of a brutal recession.

Those who lose insurance do so usually because they’ve lost a job. Most are without insurance for a couple of months or so. (IBD)

A Scare tactic, from the “never waste a good crisis” Presidency. Never…. 🙂

So is the “solution” worse than disease?

Medicare is already spending more than it is taking in through payroll taxes. Medicare trustees expect the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund part of the program to be insolvent by 2019. From now through 2017, it will need $342 billion of taxpayers’ money in order to keep paying hospital insurance benefits alone. Over the next 50 years or so, Medicare’s shortfall is expected to hit $37 trillion — an almost unbelievable deficit nearly three times our current GDP.

If Medicare has done one thing, it’s proved that government programs always cost more than their original projections. Citing the runaway costs of Medicare is an argument against, not for, further government intervention.

“Nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have.”

Shawn Tully, Fortune editor at large, dug into the legislation and found that for “Americans in large corporations, ‘keeping your own plan’ has a strict deadline. In five years, like it or not, you’ll get dumped into the exchange,” a government program in which heavily regulated private companies sell insurance policies.

Workers who buy their own insurance or begin coverage through small businesses will also be forced into the exchange if their plans change in any way, because it’s then considered a new plan. Since plans generally change policies every year, Tully says, “it’s likely that millions of employees will lose their plans in 12 months.”

According to a July study by the Lewin Group and the Heritage Foundation, health reform could cause as many as 88 million Americans to lose their private, employer-based coverage.(IBD)

It’s in the bills, especially HR3200, Page 16.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the administration’s health care czar, feels about treating those who need the most help.

“When the worse-off can benefit only slightly while better-off people could benefit greatly, allocating (treatment) to the better-off is often justifiable.” (IBD)

Also, reading Former Senator Tom Daschle’s book  (Critical: What We Can Do About the American Health-Care Crisis) on the subject is instructive. (He was the first Health and Human Service Nominee, he was derailed by being a Tax Cheat).

For example, in Critical, Daschle argues that Fed Health “could help define evidence-based health benefits and lower overall spending by determining which medicines, treatments, and procedures are most effective—and identifying those that do not justify their high price tags.” Daschle adds, “We won’t be able to make a significant dent in health-care spending without getting into the nitty-gritty of which treatments are the most clinically valuable and cost effective. That means taking a harder look at the real costs and benefits of new drugs and procedures.”

Sounds like rationing to me. And the government gets to decide what you get, if  it’s valuable to society to do so.

End of life counseling, anyone?

Charles Krauthammer:

Obama said he would largely solve the insoluble cost problem of Obamacare by eliminating “hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud” from Medicare.

That’s not a lie. That’s not even deception. That’s just an insult to our intelligence. Waste, fraud and abuse — Meg Greenfield once called this phrase “the dread big three” — as the all-purpose piggy bank for budget savings has been a joke since Jimmy Carter first used it in 1977.

Moreover, if half a trillion is waiting to be squeezed painlessly out of Medicare, why wait for health care reform? If, as Obama repeatedly insists, Medicare overspending is breaking the budget, why hasn’t he gotten started on the painless billions in “waste and fraud” savings?

Obama doesn’t lie. He merely elides, gliding from one dubious assertion to another. This has been the story throughout his whole health care crusade. Its original premise was that our current financial crisis was rooted in neglect of three things — energy, education and health care. That transparent attempt to exploit Emanuel’s Law — a crisis is a terrible thing to waste — failed for health care because no one is stupid enough to believe that the 2008 financial collapse was caused by a lack of universal health care.

So on to the next gambit: selling health care reform as a cure for the deficit. When that was exploded by the Congressional Budget Office’s demonstration of staggering Obamacare deficits, Obama tried a new tack: selling his plan as revenue-neutral insurance reform — until the revenue neutrality is exposed as phony future cuts and chimerical waste and fraud.

Obama doesn’t lie. He implies, he misdirects, he misleads — so fluidly and incessantly that he risks transmuting eloquence into mere slickness.

Slickness wasn’t fatal to “Slick Willie” Clinton because he possessed a winning, near irresistible charm. Obama’s persona is more cool, distant, imperial. The charming scoundrel can get away with endless deception; the righteous redeemer cannot.

And, as the New jersey school video shows, and The Campaign Blitz, The Cult of Personality is what we have.

And if you don’t agree you’re a “racist”, a “sexist”, and “Un-American.”

Rejoice in the “open” debate and representative government.

Big Brother is watching you.

Waging Your Finger Sternly

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents would wag their finger at you and chastise you for doing something bad.

You’d have lame excuses.

And it would escalate from their or they’d walk away and you’d do it all over again.

“Don’t make me come over there…”

Well, we have President Mom and his appointees and surrogates in the Ministry of Truth all wagging their fingers at everyone these days.

You are Un-American, racist,sexist, and stupid if you are against the government deciding who lives and who dies.

The Senate Finance Committee considered for two hours today a Republican amendment — which was ultimately rejected — that would have required the “legislative” language of the committee’s final bill, along with a cost estimate for the bill, to be posted online for 72 hours before the committee voted on it.

Instead, the committee passed a similar amendment, offered by Committee Chair Max Baucus (D-Mont.), to put online the “conceptual” or “plain” language of the bill, along with the cost estimate.

Usually, the Senate Finance Committee considers “conceptual” language because the actual legislative language in a bill is filled with jargon and references to existing legal code that can make it nearly impossible to follow.

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) described his attempts at reading the legislative language of a bill: “You read it and say, ‘What did that say?'” The committee, he said, uses “plain language so that even I can understand” a bill.

Sen John Kerry’s remark saying “The language in the Bill is far too complicated for the average American to comprehend”.

Translation: You’re too stupid to understand it.

“Anybody who thinks that is going to be transparent to the American people is really not telling it like it is,” added Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.). (CBSNews)

President Obama 1/21/2009:

Promising “a new era of openness in our country,” President Obama signed executive orders Wednesday relating to ethics guidelines for staff members of his administration.

“Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency,” Obama said. (CNN)


Whoops! I guess the only thing transparent, is the Democrats need for deception and secrets. The very thing they accused George W. Bush of (and he did it too).
I guess when he wagged his finger at the Republicans during the campaign, he didn’t really mean it. 🙂
So we have the “concept” of what they are debating and voting on. Isn’t that a little like saying, “I have this concept for a house and I want you to agreed to pay for it ahead of time.” and if it goes over-budget and is too expensive for you in the end, oh well. It was a good concept though!! 🙂
Oh, and the “public option” is back…
And Chief of Staff Raul Emmanuel was heard to say that the bill would pass with “bi-Partisan support even if the republican vote against it”
Yep, that’s transparent alright. Just not the way you thought they meant.
Now, you read, not in the Ministry of Truth though, of cuts in Border patrol Agents along the southern border. Well, undoubtedly the work of our Illegal Immigrant loving ex-governor turned Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano.
So there have been 3 high profile terror attacks foiled in the week or so. So now is the perfect time to cut border agents!
Janet, wagging her finger at the Illegal Aliens, “Don’t you dare cross here!”
“You hear me, young man!”
“Don’t you dare talk back to me!”
Doesn’t it just fill your heart with confidence in our border security.
And also, developing now,  President Obama  (along with the toothless UN) are wagging their collective fingers at Iran over it’s development of Nuclear Bombs.
“Do you hear me Mahmoud, don’t you be building that Nuke!”
“But Mom, I’m not building a bomb, it’s for peaceful purposes.”
“Don’t make me come over there, young man…”
Armed with the disclosure of a secret Iranian nuclear facility, President Barack Obama and the leaders of France and Britain demanded Friday that Tehran fully disclose its nuclear ambitions “or be held accountable” to an impatient world community.
It’s ambitions have been blatantly obvious for years!
But all anyone wants to do, George W Bush included, is wag their fingers at them.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a different finger wag in mind. But he’s just going to smile, and be contrite, like you were when you broke your mother’s favourite dish playing ball in the house. Then when her back is turned you’ll do it again. because, that’s what you want to do anyways.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is no different. He’ll play the game, and then go back to playing with his toys because “Mom” really isn’t going to do anything but wag her finger at him.
Said Obama: “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow. International law is not an empty promise.”
Then someday soon, there will be a Nuke sitting at the Strait of Hormuz.
Or Israel will attack Iran.
Or Iran will do exactly what it said it would do for decades now, wipe Israel off the map.
And you’ll be praying for $5 a gallon for gas. And the good old days of 2009.
“The Iranian government must now demonstrate through deeds its peaceful intentions or be held accountable to international standards and international law,” Obama said.
Since they have no peaceful intentions and everyone knows they don’t, wag that finger!
Send him to his room!
Ground him!
Oooh, he’s really sorry…
He’s really scared of you!
WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Barack Obama recently shared sensitive intelligence with Russia and China about Iran’s newly unveiled nuclear facility to get the countries’ leaders on board with new sanctions, senior U.S. officials revealed Friday.

And the strategy to build a coalition with Russia and China “has already begun to bear fruit,” one senior U.S. official said. The officials declined to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the negotiations.

Who do you think is supplying them?
Caspian Sea anyone?
So you ratted out the Iranians to the people who are secretly supplying them.
Ooh, that will scare them back into line.
So what have we learned today, kids…
You’re too Fat!
You’re too stupid to understand
You endanger other people because you have no Health Insurance!
You are polluting the planet!
You’re an energy hog!
Don’t build that nuke!
Don’t cross that border!
Don’t bomb that building!
Now, Behave!!!!!
Or Mom will have to wag her finger even harder at you!

The Battle Hymn of The New Republic of Obama

The New #1 hit on the Big Brother parade…

Students from a Burlington, New Jersey school croon a tune with lyrics penned to honor President Barack Obama, sung to “Jesus Loves the the little children” (the irony being that if you even hint at God or Jesus in a public school the ACLU and Liberals will be all over you like fire ants at a picnic!)

Barack Hussein Obama
He said that all must lend a hand [?]
To make this country strong again

Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said we must be clear today
Equal work means equal pay
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said that we must take a stand
To make sure everyone gets a chance
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said Red, Yellow, Black or White
All are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama

segue to

Hello, Mr. President we honor you today!
For all your great accomplishments, we all [do? doth??] say “hooray!”
Hooray Mr. President! You’re number one!
The first Black American to lead this great na-TION!
Hooray, Mr. President something-something-some
A-something-something-something-some economy is number one again!
Hooray Mr. President, we’re really proud of you!
And the same for all Americans [in?] the great Red White and Blue!
So something Mr. President we all just something-some,
So here’s a hearty hip-hooray a-something-something-some!
Hip, hip hooray! (3x)

The video is available on Youtube.

The Liberal response, so far:

In the cosmic scheme of things, it’s a minor transgression — an example of over-enthusiasm and poor judgment by a single teacher, and nothing more.-Denver Westword Blog

Imagine if this was George W Bush, or Ronald Reagan??

The Nuclear War of Outrage on the Ministry of  Truth would have been 24/7/365. You’d have thought Armageddon was right around the bend!!

Instead, we get shrugs and bored diminishment.

Remember the Lewinsky scandal, the media had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming. And what we usually got was  “so what” it was just a little sex, who cares.

But a fake news story about Bush’s military service and possible deferment, well, that was BIG NEWS for months. It was everywhere, and I bet if you searched the blogs you’d still find it.

I have heard that some Democrats are STILL running against George W. Bush in their 2009/2010 races!

But this, no big deal. Nothing to see here. Don’t pay any attention to the teacher behind the curtain!

Should we mention that during the campaign the mentioning of his middle name was considered to be prejudiced??


Given widespread unease and prejudice against Muslims among Americans, especially in the wake of 9/11, the Obama campaign was perhaps understandably very sensitive during the primaries and general election to downplay the candidate’s Muslim roots.

The candidate was even offended when referred to by his initials “BHO,” because he considered the use of his middle name, “Hussein,” an attempt to frighten voters.

But now, it’s perfectly acceptable. Interesting…

The Cult of the Leader as a charismatic figure who is to be adored above all.

The President as the focal point of the nation.

To be adored and praised for his greatness.

A spontaneous ritual of devotion to Big Brother (“BB”) is illustrated at the end of the “Two Minutes Hate”:

At this moment the entire group of people broke into a deep, slow, rhythmic chant of ‘B-B! …. B-B! …. B-B!’—over and over again, very slowly, with a long pause between the first ‘B’ and the second—a heavy murmurous sound, somehow curiously savage, in the background of which one seemed to hear the stamps of naked feet and the throbbing of tom-toms. For perhaps as much as thirty seconds they kept it up. It was a refrain that was often heard in moments of overwhelming emotion. Partly it was a sort of hymn to the wisdom and majesty of Big Brother, but still more it was an act of self-hypnosis, a deliberate drowning of consciousness by means of rhythmic noise. (Orwell’s “1984”)

One Definition:

A cult of personality arises when a country’s leader uses mass media to create an idealized and heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.

(ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC,New York Times, et al) anyone?

Cults of personality are often found in dictatorships and Stalinist governments.

You know, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, China , Venezuela, etc. All the leaders who are praising President Obama…

A cult of personality is similar to general hero worship, except that it is created specifically for political leaders.

Generally, personality cults are most common in regimes with totalitarian systems of government, that seek to radically alter or transform society according to (supposedly) revolutionary new ideas. Often, a single leader becomes associated with this revolutionary transformation, and comes to be treated as a benevolent “guide” for the nation, without whom the transformation to a better future cannot occur. This has been generally the justification for personality cults that arose in totalitarian societies of the 20th century, such as those of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Il,etc.

Sound familiar all you “Hope and Change”, “Yes, We can” ‘ers…  🙂

Mind you, this a President who’s most famous accomplishment before becoming President was he was an author or a Book about HIMSELF!

He certainly had no legislative record of accomplishment.

He was never an executive of anything.

And have you noticed all his speeches are about him, ultimately?

Big Brother Obama.

He’s here to save us all. To bring back the hope! 🙂

Who wants to decide who lives (abortion) and who dies (health care). Who wants to decide how you live (Cap and trade) and wants to run your life for you because your obviously evil, stupid and incapable of doing it without him.

So we praise him from the rafters for saving us from ourselves!

Likening the (health care) bills’ abortion provisions to those on end-of-life counseling, Huckabee said, “If the government can tell us who can be born, that same government can tell us when to die.”
“Our new policy is to walk softly and carry an olive branch, and maybe a bag of stay-puft marshmallows so we can sit around the campfire and sing kumbaya,” Huckabee said. (MSNBC)

So we now have the Battle Hymn of the New Republic of Obama.

I wonder, is he a Sith Lord? 🙂

Upon hearing the roar of approval in the Galactic Senate when Chancellor Palpatine announces the formation of the First Galactic Empire, Queen Padme responds: “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

Thunderous applause indeed. 🙂

Humans Are Evil

Climate Change: To Energy Secretary Steven Chu, we are children who need parental help in grasping the threat of global warming. Beware of federal officials with superiority complexes.

Speaking Monday at a Washington conference in which he sketched out plans to develop a smart grid to carry electricity, Chu nagged the public over its lack of urgency in cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

“The American public . . . just like your teenage kids, aren’t acting in a way that they should act,” he said. “The American public has to really understand in their core how important this issue is.”

Chu’s handlers issued a statement later in the day insisting that their boss “was not comparing the public to teenagers.” But he clearly was doing just that. The fact that his comment needed to be clarified indicates he realized he came off as condescending, not that he felt he’d been misunderstood.

Sadly, Chu’s contempt for average Americans is nothing new in Washington, a town piled high with elitists who think their notions about how the rest should live are so important that they can force them on others.

It’s seen in the rush to take over health care, the determination to punish success through taxation, the push to restructure the financial system, the taxpayer dollars plowed into alternative energy, and the chill placed on free speech and dissent. These may seem to be separate issues, but all are part of a campaign to make an independent people dependent on, or subservient to, the government.

Chu’s duty is to serve, not patronize. Americans aren’t children. In fact, they’re getting wiser by the day to the machinations of the administration of which he is part. (IBD)

Brilliant.  And to the point.

They believe they are better than you. And that you are an incompetent, ignorant child who needs to be lead around and controlled because if you are left to your devices you’ll do foolish and stupid things.

Like Not having Health Insurance.

Like having too much wealth or too many bad habits that effect the rest of us.

Oh, sure you’ll buy that 42″ HD TV for $1000 bucks.  But expect the government to pay for your health care. 🙂

Global Warming, that was Global Cooling in the mid-70’s , (sorry, “Climate Change”- before now I guess I never noticed that it changed!) is mankind being evil again.

The fact that this kind of thing has been going on for Billions of years is immaterial.

Humans are evil and must be controlled for their own good.

So we have to break out dependence on foreign oil, not by using our own Oil. NO! That’s heresy.

No we must invest in unproven, more expensive, government subsidized,  “green” tech. And Father Chu is our savior. He was appointed by Big Brother Obama to save us all from ourselves.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As the United States’ power grid becomes more sophisticated, electricity rates will need to rise to reflect periods of intense energy use and to encourage consumers to change their electricity habits, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said on Monday.

Aka, we will control your needs with price, of course. You wasteful sloth you.

You can’t possibly be responsible for your own actions, you have to consider your neighbors too. So if you’re an energy hog, we are going to have to perform an intervention.

You can’t be trusted.

Just like like on Health Insurance. That’s why we have to make it Mandatory. For your own good.

But all the taxes in the bills, they aren’t taxes. You won’t get hit with them. We Promise, “Not one diime”!

After all, President Barack Obama warned me this week that a failure to address the problem of “carbon pollution” could create an “irreversible catastrophe.”

But that’s not a scare tactic , just like “A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe and guarantee a longer recession, a less robust recovery, and a more uncertain future,” Obama said in his prepared remarks (on the stimulus package)

or on the Bank Bailout as a stump speech in Sept 2008:

“It is clear that this is what we must do right now to prevent a crisis from turning into a catastrophe,” he said.

Obama said the country would be in for a “long and painful recession” if the bailout bill is not passed.

“Thousands of businesses could close. Millions of jobs could be lost,” he said.

No similarities there. And no scare tactics and fear mongering at all. We’re all doomed and it’s your fault, you evil human scum.

Chu, the adult, likes to say that coal — which as we speak is likely powering your computer, your office and your house and allows your kids to sit in their schoolhouse without freezing their little toes off in early fall — is his “worst nightmare.”

Chu: “all the world’s roofs should be painted white as part of efforts to slow global warming.”

Law, coming soon. After all, it’s for your own good!

Your nightmare starts with banning a plastic bag at the grocery and ends with a job-killing cap-and-trade scheme. It starts with a public service announcement from a third-tier celebrity and ends with you scouring the earth to find a light bulb that lights something.

A new Gallup Poll, Americans believe that government is too intrusive. Gallup data show that 57 percent of Americans say the government is trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals. Forty-five percent say there is too much government regulation, and only 27 percent say the amount of regulation is about right.

I guess they just don’t know what’s good for them. I guess it’s a good thing we have Big Brother Obama and all his much-to-smart-for -the-average-ignorant American to look out for us.

Golly Gee, Beev, I’m just so happy!


What we needed was a brainy, grown-up administration to harangue and regulate us into submission.

And we must do it all now, right this second because we are just nanoseconds from a complete meltdown and the sky is falling catastrophe is just millimeters from crushing you!!!

Save us Big Brother!

We have sinned!

We wanted to be Saved!

“Despite what some may say, this is no ‘government takeover’ of health care,” Baucus said. “Our plan does not include a public option. We did not include an employer mandate. And we have paid for every cent.”

And you have to believe him, simply because he’s smarter and better than you.

They say so.

They know so.

And you are to bask in the glory that is their superiority.

And if you’re not, well, you’re just a Racist, sexist, ignornant “unmamerican” mob of slobs.

And they should know, they are better, smarter, and more sophisticated than you!

But Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., left intact a $4 billion-a-year levy on the medical devices industry — keeping the controversy alive. The industry makes some 80,000 different products from heart valves to imaging machines to tongue depressors. The Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday such industry fees could eventually raise insurance premiums by roughly 1 percent.(AP)

But there are no tax increases! “Not one Dime”

That mandatory insurance. Those global warming Cap and Trade job-killing taxes….

“He’s trying to avoid the perception that the middle class is going to be taxed,” said Dan Mendelson, president of Avalere Health, an information company that serves the health industry and government. “The trick is to get funding for the bill but not to have anything that smacks of a middle-class tax.” (AP)

If we say there is no middle class tax, there is no tax. Right? 🙂

They said so. And they are way smarter than you!

And a business who receives huge new tax bills NEVER EVER pass that cost on to the consumers. Naw, they’ll just suck it up. It’s only 4 Billion dollars, after all… (to start with).

Cap and Trade: Coming to a Ministry of Truth Special near you soon as they cram Health Care “Reform” down your throat.

The cap and trade system puts a ‘cap’ on the amount of greenhouse gas a company can emit—when the company goes over the cap, they must purchase pollution allowances or credits from companies that stay below the cap, thus rewarding energy efficiency and clean energy using companies. Obama believes the plan will reduce emissions 80% by 2050.

Of course, the cap and trade is a double edged sword when it comes to tax relief—since it would make operations more expensive for the likes of oil and electric companies, those costs would be probably be passed down to the consumer. And guess who gets hit the hardest by a bigger electric bill? Yup, low income families. So on that front, the billions going to tax relief might end up acting as a sort of equalizer. (

And guess who sells “Carbon credits”– Former Vice president Al Gore. Mr “Global Warming” himself.  Now that’s not a coincidence is it? 🙂

So your electric bill goes up to pay for “cap and trade”.

Many basic products go up because of the Big Oil Hate-athon. Do you even know how many products other than gasoline are made from petroleum?

Bet you don’t.

And they will all go up in price.

One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The  rest makes Thousands of different products, like say, Motor oil for that climate-destroying wreck that your driving.

Well, that has be stopped!

It’s for your own good.

You were contributing to the death of the planet, you evil selfish human scum.

Now bow down and say you’re sorry…

It’s For Your Own Good

Tax Increases are for your own good. But they aren’t tax increases, they are just saving you from the evil capitalist scum….

“For us to say you have to take responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase,” Obama said in response to persistent questioning, later adding: “Nobody considers that a tax increase.” (ABC’s “This Week…”)

“What it’s saying is … that we’re not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you any more than the fact that right now everybody in America, just about, has to get auto insurance,” he said. “Nobody considers that a tax increase. People say to themselves, that is a fair way to make sure that, if you hit my car, that I’m not covering all the costs.”

Asked again about critics calling the requirement to pay for health insurance a tax increase, Obama said: “My critics say everything is a tax increase.”

So it’s your choice. Your Freedom. To have no choice. You must do this for the common good of all. Stop being a selfish bastard.

So what if you can’t afford it, the government will force you to buy their plan. But that’s not an increase in your expenses.  No, not at all.

And the Soda and snacks tax bill is for your own good also. “a three-cent tax on sodas as well as other sugary drinks, including energy and sports drinks like Gatorade.” (CBSNews)

3 cents here, 3 cents there, no biggie. Right.

It’s for your own good.

American’s are too fat.

Americans are too unhealthy.

Americans need to led into a healthier life style.

They are dragging down the health of the world.

That is good for the community as a whole.

People are the problem.

YOU are the Problem.

Not spending Trillions we don’t have. Not overhauling something that 85% of people are happy with.

Not massive tax increases that are tax increases.

Not 10% unemployment.


YOU are the problem.


And we’re from the government and we are here to help you…

We’ll Mandate your health insurance.

We’ll tax anything that is “bad” for you or not in the interest of society as whole, in our humble opinion.

We know best.

You are a burden to society.

You overweight, coffee-drinking, smoking, no-exercise, lazy, climate destroying, greedy bastard!

How dare you!

It’s not “fair” to the rest of us to have to put up with your crappy choices. So they need to be made for you.

Mold the behavior to better suit the needs of the community-at-large.

Mold the language and thought to suit the needs of the community-at-large.

But gently.


It’s not fair that you cost others money.

(mind you we still aren’t talking about Illegal Immigrants!) 🙂


“When it comes to health-care spending, we are on an unsustainable course that threatens the financial stability of families, businesses and government itself,” Mr. Obama told reporters.

So let’s make it mandatory, fine people who don’t comply and tax behaviors we find that are not in their best interest.

But he won’t raise taxes on any making less than $250,000.

A recent Gallup poll showed that 60 percent of Americans don’t think healthcare reform will be possible without a tax hike.

“I can still keep that promise because as I’ve said, about two-thirds of what we’ve proposed would be from money that’s already in the healthcare system but just being spent badly” (Obama on”Face The Nation” last weekend)

And, a priori, this new system will never do that! No….Not Ever. I Promise!

We’re from the government and we are here to help you.

And the people are the problem, not the waste fraud and abuse itself.

If waste,fraud and abuse will pay for 2/3 of the reforms, why not make that the reform then?

Because, it doesn’t reform the people.

And the people are the problem.

They are greedy, self-interested, lazy. They must be forced to do what’s good for them, or else.

We are from the government and we are here to make you better.

The Fines layed in HR3200 aren’t there.

The IRS provisions are not there.

Baucus Bill :

“Page 29, sentence one of the bill introduced by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont) says: “The consequence for not maintaining insurance would be an excise tax.” And the rest of the bill is clear that the Finance Committee does, in fact, consider it a tax: “The excise tax would be assessed through the tax code and applied as an additional amount of Federal tax owed.” (Politico)

As much as $3,800 per family.

The House bill also refers to the penalties for not carrying insurance as a tax. It calls for a “tax on individuals without acceptable health care coverage” and amends the tax code to implement it.

Just like HR3200 does.

But this tax is not a tax because I said so. So what if it’s written there in the bills. It’s tax that will save you money!

Obama strongly denied that the mandate amounts to a tax increase – saying it was no different than requiring people to have auto insurance and charging a penalty if they don’t. He also said it was important for everyone to have insurance so that people who do carry insurance don’t have to shoulder the load for people who don’t. The excise tax is designed as an enforcement mechanism to ensure people will carry insurance. (ABC)

It’s for your own good.

But what about Illegal Aliens? 🙂

Obama also told Stephanopoulos that Americans are already facing a “tax increase” from soaring insurance premiums and argued that health reform will curb the future costs and actually save Americans money.

“But I think that they were concerned about whether or not this was actually affordable. If you’re saying to people, you’ve got to get health insurance but they can’t actually afford it and they have to pay a penalty if they don’t get it, then that’s a pretty big burden on middle class families. That’s a concern I share — making sure that this is affordable.But the first thing we’ve got to understand is you’ve got what is effectively a tax increase taking place on American families right now. The Kaiser Family Foundation report just came out last week. Health care premiums went up 5.5 percent last year, at a time when the rest of the economy, inflation was actually negative. So that is a huge bite out of people’s pockets.”

So this is a tax is better than the premium increases that are a “tax” and in in the long run will SAVE you money… 🙂


A TAX That Saves you Money!

The More Taxes, the more savings!


And yes, mandatory insurance would be a burden for the middle class if  they weren’t saving us from the evil insurance company’s premium increases!

Oh, thank you, Mr. President.

I’m sure if I can’t afford my health insurance that making it mandatory and fining me if I still don’t have it will save me from the evil insurance companies I wasn’t paying to begin with!


You know they say if you throw a frog in boiling water, he will jump out immediately. But if you put a frog in cold water and then boil it, he will boil.

Are you feeling the heat yet, froggie?  🙂

The Next Bailout

The Ministry of Truth’s paper cousin is suffering from chronic laziness and abject dishonesty. And our President is “open” to the idea of YET ANOTHER BAILOUT.

I guess when he told  Wall Street, “Those on Wall Street cannot resume taking risks without regard for consequences, and expect that next time, American taxpayers will be there to break their fall.” (NY Daily News).

But that was evil Capitalist Wall Street.

The newspapers are a different thing. Especially, as they are part of the Ministry of Truth.

“Journalistic integrity, you know, fact-based reporting, serious investigative reporting, how to retain those ethics in all these different new media and how to make sure that it’s paid for, is really a challenge,” Mr. Obama said. “But it’s something that I think is absolutely critical to the health of our democracy.”

Is he reading the same newspapers I gave up on?

These would be the same ones that tried hard to ignore the ACORN story, right? Or the Van Jones Story, or Sonja Sotomayor, Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, Obama’s “Czars”,  the fake Bush military service story,  just like their media cousins.

The same media cousins who often own the newspaper to. Here in Phoenix, the largest newspaper in the state, The Arizona Republic is owned by Gannett Broadcasting.

Incest is best.

And some of the traffic lost to the paper has been made up on the internet, but there is currently not any really efficient business model to make that work very well.

So let’s just bail them out!

After all, they are vital tool in the Ministry of Truth propagating of propaganda. Top headline Today

Arizona is receiving $66 million from the federal stimulus package to revive more than 30 stalled affordable-housing projects for families, seniors and the disabled.

The low-income residential projects range from the Catherine Arms apartments for Native Americans in downtown Phoenix to the Santa Fe Springs subdivision for families in Sierra Vista.

So the Catherine Arms apartment as only for Native Americans?

Actually, with little digging you find that it’s a homeless and low-income housing project with a group called  Native American Connections involved touting it’s  recognized as a premier Native American service and development organization and it’s aimed at being a cultural center for Native Americans in the Phoenix Area and it was scheduled to open July 2009 but didn’t.

So which story is more in-depth and precise? 🙂

And they said 30 projects but only mentioned 2, 1 for Native americans and 1 for seniors. What are the other 28?

I guess that doesn’t matter.

Mind you, this is the same paper that published this gem:

Heat discriminates.

Phoenix’s sweltering summer inflicts the most misery and illness in poor neighborhoods, a new study shows, and among people least able to protect themselves from the elements.

The disparities present threats more serious than just discomfort on a hot day, according to the study, produced by Arizona State University researchers. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause illness or even death. The densely developed nature of the hottest areas also means more of the people most vulnerable – the elderly, children, the homebound – live in the neighborhoods where the risk is greatest.

That link between money and the ability to cope with extreme weather emerged clearly in the research. Among the startling revelations: For every $10,000 an area’s income rises, the average outside temperature drops one-half degree Fahrenheit.

It’s an environmental-justice issue,” said Darren Ruddell, a geographer who led the study. “The people who are most vulnerable are also living in the worst conditions. It’s a double whammy.”

So that’s why I turned up my thermostat 7 degrees when I got a whopper of an electric bill in July!

I was being discriminated against!

Oh, wait, I’m a lower middle class white “racist” independent  conservative.

Whoops!  🙂

And that for “every $10,000” does that mean that the people in Paradise Valley and North Scottsdale live in Ice Caves it’s so cold? (There are 100 $10,000 in a million so multi-million dollar houses must be near below zero! on “average”)

Now that’s journalism for you!

“I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding,” the President said.

Sounds very much like the Ministry of Truth to me.

Several bills have been introduced in Congress to aid the newspaper industry, including a Senate measure that would allow newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits with a variety of tax breaks. The President was noncommittal about the legislation but said: “I haven’t seen detailed proposals yet, but I’ll be happy to look at them.”

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) has introduced S. 673, the so-called “Newspaper Revitalization Act,” that would give outlets tax deals if they were to restructure as 501(c)(3) corporations. That bill has so far attracted one cosponsor, Cardin’s Maryland colleague Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D).

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had played down the possibility of government assistance for news organizations, which have been hit by an economic downturn and dwindling ad revenue.

In early May, Gibbs said that while he hadn’t asked the president specifically about bailout options for newspapers, “I don’t know what, in all honesty, government can do about it.”

But remember, no more bailouts! He said so.

Just like “Not one dime”

“95% will receive a tax cut”

“will not raise the deficit”

Obama said that good journalism is “critical to the health of our democracy,” but expressed concern toward growing tends in reporting — especially on political blogs, from which a groundswell of support for his campaign emerged during the presidential election.

So when he was running for President they were good. Now they worry him, why? 🙂

“I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding,” he said.

So does that go for the blogs that helped get him elected then too? 🙂

Then this kicker from the far-left blogosphere: The Daily Koz

I do not believe, however, that President Obama is correct when he implies that journalistic integrity is absent on blogs and that fact-based reporting is only reserved for newspaper reports. The reality is that our media (even the traditional newspapers, television and radio) are primarily opinion-based.

Honesty from the far left, who’d have guessed!

It continues:

But back to newspapers. The problems newspapers have faced are greater than the obvious ones. People look at the financial struggles, but one thing to look at is the shift from newspapers being a watchdog to newspapers being a business. Nowadays, everything is a business. Newspapers have always been a business, but that part of it was in the background for a long time until new media platforms developed. Now, the struggles of newspapers as a business have moved to the forefront because of newspapers closing, laying off employees or having to make other cuts.

Like any business though, the fault lies with the newspapers. They chose to, initially, resist new media and even start a pseudo-war with blogs and new media platforms because they were nothing more than places for people to go anonymously and post opinions and stories without facts. Blogs then started becoming their competitors and that’s when they decided they needed to jump on board.

Newspapers, like Kodak, Ford and GM, once was a great American innovation. But newspapers failed to embrace the future. Now they are years behind and will continue to struggle unless they adapt to the new ways of the world.

So let’s bail them out!

Anyone seen my Edsel?…

It’s Your Duty

Our paternal Big Brother on NBC’s Meet The Press:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well— I— I’ve already made some— pretty substantial changes in terms of how I was approaching health care.  When I was —

DAVID GREGORY: Like the public option.  You effectively said to the left, “It’s not gonna happen.”

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well what I — no, no, that’s not true.  What I — what I’ve said is the public option, I think, should be a part of this but we shouldn’t think that, somehow, that’s the silver bullet that solves health care.  What I’ve said, for example, on — what’s called an individual mandate.  During the campaign I said, “Look, if — health care is affordable, then I think people will buy it.”  So we don’t have to say to — to folks, “You know what?  You have to buy health care.”

So if you make it affordable you won’t make it mandatory. But every bill out there alleging to make it “affordable” makes it mandatory.

So which is it Mr. Orwell?

“And — what — when I talked to health care experts on both the left and the right what they tell me is that, even after you make health care affordable, there’s still gonna be some folks out there who — whether out of inertia, or they just don’t want to but — spend the money — would rather take their chances.

Unfortunately, what that means, is then you and I and every American out there who has health insurance, and are paying their premiums responsibly every month, they’ve gotta pick up the cost for— emergency room care when one of those people gets sick.  So what we’ve said as long as we’re making this genuinely affordable to families then you’ve got an obligation to get health care just like you have an obligation to get auto insurance in every state.”

So now it’s your obligation to society  and his, for your greater good, to make it mandatory.

During the campaign I said, “Look, if — health care is affordable, then I think people will buy it.”  So we don’t have to say to — to folks, “You know what?  You have to buy health care.”

Orwellian Doublethink at it’s finest.

If we make it affordable people will buy it.

But if they won’t buy it, then we must make it mandatory, for their own good, because we don’t have to make it mandatory if we make it affordable!


So then, does it have to be affordable if it’s mandatory?

And as has been pointed out before in auto insurance portability (you can buy auto across state lines) is not illegal as it is in health insurance.

I live in Arizona. I can only buy insurance from a company licensed and regulated in Arizona. Period.

And if I move to, say Idaho. My insurance has to be trashed and restarted from scratch.

Not with auto. So not the same thing.

And how’s that whole more choice thing working when it’s MANDATORY and your civic duty to your fellow comrades to by health insurance or else.

You evil selfish bastard. You don’t want to pay for health insurance.

You want to make every sick and make them pay for it.

You heartless bastard!

You say you can’t afford it. You say you don’t think you need it.

Well, let Mama Government force you to buy it anyways, it’s “cheap”.

It’s “fair”.

It’s “Competitive”

and it won’t raise the deficit “not one Dime”

And it’s your duty to your fellow comrades to buy it. Isn’t it Citizen… 🙂

Oh… and In the interviews taped on Friday, he said they would not lead to middle-class tax increases.

Obama said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” he could still keep his campaign pledge not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000. He said much of the cost of the overhaul could be funded by eliminating waste and abuse.

“I can still keep that promise because as I’ve said, about two-thirds of what we’ve proposed would be from money that’s already in the healthcare system but just being spent badly. And as I said before, this is not me making wild assertions,” Obama said.

So where is the other 1/3 coming from? Since the government has no money unless it takes it from someone….

And I reiterate, doesn’t it just fill you heart with massive warm fuzzies to know that he’s going to pay for 2/3 of this massive new entitlement program with the waste,fraud and abuses of the other entitlement programs. Like this one will be immune from that forever. It will do something magical. A government entitlement program that never costs you “not one dime” and never raises your taxes.

Because, after all, the waste fraud and abuse that is going to pay for this new one must continue for their to be a revenue stream to use to pay for this one.  So how is that reforming the other programs again?


I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. It’s Affordable!

A Gallup poll last week found that by 60 percent to 38 percent, Americans do not believe the government can expand healthcare coverage without raising taxes on the middle class or affecting the quality of care. (Reuters)

But, They’re the Political Elite, they not only know what’s good for you, they are going to do it anyway!

Because it’s what THEY want.

And what about the Illegal Aliens, um I mean “immigrants” 🙂

Let’s not talk about that one.

Oh, and if you don’t have insurance (starting in 2013) we’ll fine you, your employer, and  sick the IRS on you.


More of Meet The Press:

“You know, I — I have said — that it is very important that we take into account the concerns of doctors and nurses who, by the way, support our efforts.  And I— and that’s something that doesn’t get noticed much.”- President Obama

Two of every three practicing physicians oppose the medical overhaul plan under consideration in Washington, and hundreds of thousands would think about shutting down their practices or retiring early if it were adopted, a new IBD/TIPP Poll has found.

The poll contradicts the claims of not only the White House, but also doctors’ own lobby — the powerful American Medical Association — both of which suggest the medical profession is behind the proposed overhaul.
• Four of nine doctors, or 45%, said they “would consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement” if Congress passes the plan the Democratic majority and White House have in mind.

Will the quality of care for seniors improve under health care reform currently being considered by Congress?

A recent IBD/TIPP Poll shows that a majority of physicians think the answer is no.

Of the 1,376 physicians who answered our survey, 65% said that government reform would lead to lower-quality care for seniors.

But will you here these results from the Ministry of Truth, of  course not.

And there’s that “human face”. That cynical political ploy of false empathy and manipulation.

When Obama spoke to Congress about health care reform on Sept. 9, he attempted to put a human face on his push for a provision barring insurance companies from dropping patients with pre-existing medical conditions.

While not citing the person’s name, the president said: “One man from Illinois lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found that he hadn’t reported gallstones that he didn’t even know about. They delayed his treatment, and he died because of it.”
It’s just not true, which I pointed out in my Chicago Sun-Times column. I confirmed with the White House that the man Obama was referring to was Otto Raddatz, from a Chicago suburb. His insurance company did indeed yank his coverage in April 2005. But after a fight led by his sister, Peggy, an attorney and the Illinois attorney general, Raddatz got his coverage reinstated in a few weeks and never missed any needed treatments. And he did not die until Jan. 6, 2009.
I raised questions about the Obama claim with the White House on Sept 10. The White House told me that Obama’s speechwriters picked up the story from Slate and never vetted the facts independently. If they had, they would have realized that the Slate report was erroneous.
Presidents need everyday Americans as examples to bolster their initiatives, of course, and in a speech at the University of Maryland on Thursday Obama continued to cite real examples of people being mistreated by insurance companies. He did the same at a rally last Saturday in Minnesota. But he’s no longing looking to the late Otto Raddatz to help him make his case. (Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun Times)
Well, since vetting the facts don’t matter. You can be confident when your President says that the new government entitlement that isn’t a “Public Option” (which is one in disguise) won’t cost you “one dime” and will not will raise your taxes is absolutely truthful! 🙂
More Meet The Press:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, listen, I — I think I was awfully clear — and — and I’m surprised — David, maybe you haven’t been paying attention to what both the left and the right have been saying about my speech to Congress.  I laid down some pretty clear parameters.  And what I said was we’re gonna take ideas from both sides.

Was this before or after his AFL-CIO picnice speech recently where he said that the Republican have “no ideas”??

Or is he referring to the Max Baucus bill that even the Ultra Massive Super Left Liberals hate?

Or the push by many Democrats for “reconciliation” (where they just ram it through with legislative trickery and without “bi-partisan” support).

So which is it?

Obama: “But I do think that we all have an obligation to try to— conduct this conversation in a civil way.  And to— recognize that each of us are patriots.  That each of us are Americans.”

So that’s why I’m a gun-totting, toothless, Un-American, stupid, manipulated Racist hick who doesn’t know what’s good for me…I was wonder about that…. 🙂

“I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw this myself in the late ’70s in San Francisco,” Pelosi told reporters. (aka assassination)

But let’s be civil… and just call them “Un-American” instead, isn’t that Mrs. Speaker Pelosi 🙂

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, look— I think that we have an obligation in Washington, as leaders, to make sure that we are sending a strong message.  That we can disagree without being disagreeable.  Without— you know, questioning each other’s motives.  When we start caricaturing the other side— I think that’s a problem.

And— unfortunately, we’ve got, as I’ve said before, a 24-hour news cycle where what gets you on the news is controversy.  What gets you on the news is the extreme statement.  The easiest way to get 15 minutes on the news, or your 15 minutes of fame, is to be rude.

And that’s— that’s— something that I think has to change.  And it starts with me.  And I’ve tried to make sure that I’ve sent a clear signal.  And I’ve tried to maintain an approach that says, look, we can have some serious disagreements but, at the end of the day, I’m assuming that you want the best for America just like I do.

Was that before or after:

“I’ve got a question for all these folks who say, you know, we’re going to pull the plug on Grandma and this is all about illegal immigrants — you’ve heard all the lies,” Obama said. “I’ve got a question for all those folks: What are you going to do? What’s your answer? What’s your solution?

“And you know what? They don’t have one. Their answer is to do nothing.”

Or :

“Instead of honest debate, we have seen scare tactics. Some have dug into unyielding ideological camps that offer no hope of compromise. Too many have used this as an opportunity to score short-term political points, even if it robs the country of our opportunity to solve a long-term challenge. And out of this blizzard of charges and counter-charges, confusion has reigned.”

“the time for debate is over”

Yep, that’s civility and open to other ideas. Absolutely.

We’re from the Government and we’re here to help you.

You want to do what’s right for everyone don’t you, Citizen?

It’s your duty.

Put down that can of soda, it’s bad for you.

Quit Smoking.

Stop eating those fatty foods.

Junk food is bad for you.

Lose Some Weight.

Start Exercising.

It’s for your own good…and you want to do what’s right for you, don’t you Citizen…

The Campaign Blitz Begins- Read My Lips II

So our President is going on all the Ministry of Truth Talk shows and even Late Night Talk Shows to do his latest campaign swing, instead of leadership.

President Obama will appear on a record five TV networks on Sunday — the morning talk shows of ABC, NBC, CBS and sit for interviews with CNN and Spanish-language network Univision.

But he won’t go anywhere near the “right wing”.

But Big Brother doesn’t talk to the unpeople.

But now the President will not stop the racism talk:

“Are there people out there who don’t like me because of race? I’m sure there are,” Obama told CNN. “That’s not the overriding issue here.”

“The president does not believe that the criticism comes based on the color of his skin,” Gibbs said.

Only some of them.

And now you add in dear old elitist Michelle Obama, who they trotted out for a carefully choreographed speech, because they wouldn’t want a repeat of the Zanesville,OH incident during the first campaign, ““We left corporate America, which is a lot of what we’re asking young people to do,” she tells the women. “Don’t go into corporate America. You know, become teachers. Work for the community. Be social workers. Be a nurse. Those are the careers that we need, and we’re encouraging our young people to do that. But if you make that choice, as we did, to move out of the money-making industry into the helping industry, then your salaries respond.” (NRO)

Don’t strive to do better, just let the government do it for you.

But now she  enters a new spectre into the debate: You’re a SEXIST!!!

Michelle Obama said women are being “crushed by the current structure of our health care” because they often are responsible for taking care of family illnesses, arranging checkups and monitoring follow-up care.

We all know that women are more likely to work part time or to work in small companies or businesses that don’t provide any insurance at all,” Obama said. “Women are affected because, as we heard, in many states insurance companies can still discriminate because of gender. And this is shocking to me.”

So now, not only are you a racist, and “unamerican”, now you’re a SEXIST pig also!

And the Ministry of truth is just gushing all over her…

“What she’s doing is putting a personal and human face on the issue … there’s nothing more crucial,” said Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn. “Everybody gets sick, and everybody has someone in the family that gets sick.”

“I think if you can humanize it and personalize it, it suddenly brings it home to people — especially those who are screaming and yelling about the government taking over,” Quinn said.

Gloria Borger, a CNN senior political analyst, agreed.

“I think she’s always been a great asset to him,” she said. “She can help in this health care debate by not getting involved in the minutiae of the bills, but essentially emphasizing the reason we need health care reform. And that’s what she will stick to.”

On Friday’s CBS Early Show, White House correspondent Bill Plante highlighted President Obama’s latest media blitz on health care reform and touted a new piece of the PR arsenal: “The President does have a new partner in his nonstop effort to sell health care, it’s the First Lady….Michelle Obama will be more like a stealth weapon in the battle for health care, giving it a softer touch.”

So using her “motherly” influence and her sex is not manipulation…

And that’s why Journalism has died. Long Live The Ministry of Truth!

But the answer  to why we haven’t heard  from Michelle Obama might lie in the administration trying to keep her old job at the non-profit University of Chicago Hospital out of the limelight because it is clear her job was part of the problem regarding health care costs and not part oft the solution.
Michelle Obama having been part of the problem could actually be something the administration could use to their advantage if they were willing to be honest about it,  but asking most politicians to be honest is like asking a dog not to bark and Obama might view it as politically embarrassing.
Probably because Michelle Obama’s job as a “hospital administrator” had nothing to with medicine and nothing to do with administrating.  It was all about PR.
Her official title was Vice President for External and Community Affairs. But that title and that job was so unnecessary, that , it not only didn’t exist before she got it, when she resigned the position  to campaign with her husband, no one was ever rehired to fill it, and the job itself was terminated after she resigned…

Don’t do as I do, do as I say.

Rasmussen Poll:

Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters nationwide now oppose the health care reform proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s the highest level of opposition yet measured and includes 44% who are Strongly Opposed.

Just 43% now favor the proposal, including 24% who Strongly Favor it.

But the overall picture remains one of stability. While the numbers have bounced a bit following nationally televised appearances by the president to promote the plan, opposition has generally stayed above 50% since early July. Support has been in the low to mid 40s.

The number who Strongly Oppose the plan has remained above 40% and the Strongly Favor totals have been in the mid-20s. This suggests public opinion is hardening when it comes to the plan that is currently working its way through Congress.

“The most important fundamental is that 68% of American voters have health insurance coverage they rate good or excellent … Most of these voters approach the health care reform debate fearing that they have more to lose than to gain.”

If the plan passes, 26% of voters say the quality of care will get better, and 51% say it will get worse. In August, the numbers were 23% better and 50% worse.

Gallup 7/27/2009:

Nearly half (48%) say they personally have a good understanding of the issues involved, while only 27% say so about members of Congress.

But, despite all this the Political Elite want what they want because they want it.


The race for 60 votes is on.

If they can get 60 votes they cram it down your throat.

If they don’t, they can use “reconciliation” a legislative tactic to cram it down your throat.

But, don’t worry, they are listening to We The People.

Also, don’t worry, it will cost $900 billion or more but not raise the deficit “not one dime” or Obama won’t sign it.

“…And here’s what you need to know. First, I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future. I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.” ‘Not one dime…”

Doesn’t that fill you will confidence.

Remember “Read My Lips”  🙂

They are going to pay for a new government entitlement with the “waste fraud and abuse” of other government entitlement programs.


Medicaire is bankrupt

Medicaid is bankrupt

Social Security is bankrupt

The Post Office is bankrupt

But if you pass National Health Care it will do what no programs has ever done.


And we’ll use the abuses from the previous programs to pay for it.

“Not one Dime”  (just trillions or other dimes 🙂 )

Orwell is having an orgasm right about now.

Huffington Post:

Yet another late complication, according to several Democrats, is the president’s statement that he will not sign a bill “if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period. And to prove that I’m serious, there will be a provision in this plan that requires us to come forward with more spending cuts if the savings we promised don’t materialize.”

The $900 billion target is “very difficult,” Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said Tuesday. “This is reducing coverage for poor and working people.

Rangel spoke of other “restrictions the president has given in his speech,” commenting after senior House Democrats pressed top administration officials in a private meeting for an explanation of Obama’s $900 billion price tag.

Reducing coverage? On your “free” government “competition” that will cost $900 billion+ but not add to the deficit “one dime”?? 🙂

I’m not sure that’s a magic trick even Chris Angel could pull off!

Does anyone smell large tax increases?

To pay for that “fair” “competition”? Even if you aren’t on their plan…

Naw…They’d never do that now would they…. 🙂

Of Fish and Foul

The Delta smelt.

Ever heard of  it?

Me either.

Until recently that is. Then I did some homework.

And what did I find, radical environmentalists who value fish over people. No great surprise there. Humans are evil after all.

Now, what we have are farmers who can’t farm because they don’t have enough water. They don’t have enough water because protecting this inedible  fish is more important than the farmers who grow crops in the San Joaquin Valley of California and feed not only us, but many around the world.

The inedible (according to science websites) fish is more important than, say Tomatoes.



Did you know there are food lines in this area because the families can’t farm.

The unemployment rate is the area averages 20% and can go as high as 40%.

In these tough economic times of “Hope and Change” and “saving and creating jobs” here are jobs and hope not worth saving. But an inedible 2-inch long fish is.

However, using the weapon of the Endangered Species Act, environmentalist groups sued, and on December 14, 2007, Judge Oliver Wanger of the United States District Court for the Eastern district of California issued an Interim Remedial Order. The Order remanded the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in conjunction with the United States Department of the Interior, to issue an opinion or permit that dramatically reduced the delivery of water from the Delta.

The result has been the diversion of tens of billions of gallons of fresh water away from vital agriculture and population needs and directly into the Pacific Ocean. A precious resource essentially wasted.

The impact on farmers in the area has been devastating with the San Joaquin Valley unemployment rate reaching 14% and leaving thousands of previously productive farming acres scorched and unusable. In addition, water utilities in southern California have already begun raising rates and creating tiered pricing to address the 85% reduction in imported water. To make matters worse, California is already under drought conditions, and in combination with the Delta pumping restrictions, local politicians are calling for Draconian reductions in water use by individuals of 40%. (examiner)

California Fish & Game:

By the end of 1993, the population trend for delta smelt changed from stable to increasing. However, annual changes in the population appear to be affected by the amount of outflow from the Estuary which varies from year to year due to precipitation and water management. In 1994, the population trend as measured by the fall abundance survey indicated that the population was at the lowest point in the 26 years of the survey. In 1995, with the extreme amount of rainfall we have received, there is concern that a large portion of larvae that were spawned may have been flushed out of the Estuary.

In just one year it went from increasing to the lowest level in 26 years.

But it went on the Endangered Species list in 1993, when it was “stable to increasing”.

But the next year it was  crisis!

Hmmm….sounds familiar somehow… 🙂

But 15 years pass.

The environmentalist say  it’s population is an indicator of health in the delta region so they used the Endangered Species Act to divert the water from the farm towards the ocean instead just recently in 2008, 15 years after the Endangered Species Act listed them, Citing endangerment of Chinook salmon as one of the reasons also. (more on this later).

Then, when I saw the special last night on Sean Hannity’s show (yes, that evil right wing extremist!) they had a ‘defender’ of the faith of environmentalism on and all he could do was shout about the harm the farmers were doing to the salmon and how “greedy” farmers were “selling their water to Southern California”. He also a member of a federation of fish farmers too.

What water?  The water they don’t have to farm with to begin with?

Then in doing my homework came across and old bit I editorialized on back in 2007 when I was on message boards. In 2007  Starkist, the famous tuna company, was mysteriously give an exemption from minimum wage laws that swept American Somoa. One of the major investors in the company is Paul Pelosi. Yes, you guessed it, the husband of Sen. Nancy Pelosi, the then just named new Speaker of The House, who was going to “drain the swamp” of corruption. Del Monte Foods, which owns Starkist (sold to them by Heinz – as in Heinz-Kerry) based in San Francisco has tuna plants in American Samoa.

Also, Nancy Pelosi owns wine orchards in North California.

And then when you see the environmentalist all talking about salmon. I know, it’s not tuna, I began to wonder.

Then I started reading about environmentalist who wanted to start solar farms, as in “global warming” friendly solar farms in the Bay area.

“Green Jobs”

Sound Familiar?

And it began to stink, and not of dying smelt.

Delta smelt make a convenient scapegoat, but driving smelt and salmon to extinction by eliminating the ESA won’t solve the Valley’s problems.  What’s needed is a far more comprehensive program of investing in alternative water supplies like groundwater banks and water recycling, continuing to improve agricultural water use efficiency and practices, developing “solar farms” and new green jobs, and helping people get through these tough, dry years. (NRDC blog)

The NRDC, National Resources Defense Council were one of the plaintiffs in the recent court case that shut off the water.

Since Nancy Pelosi is cited as one of the power players who refuses to reverse the ruling I began to wonder about politics, power, and money.

All this talk of Salmon, “green jobs” and “comprehensive reform” just makes my Cynic Radar buzz.

I have not made up my mind yet, but as a very cynical individual I have to wonder what’s really the end game.

Much like the end game for health care is not affordable health care for everyone.

You got to wonder.

From LA Times op ed in 2007:

“A slightly closer look at the delta smelt shows us a third reason to rescue the fish from oblivion — it’s actually pretty impressive. While most fish are hard-wired either for salt or fresh water, the delta smelt tolerates both, a talent that allows it to exploit the brackish zone where the waters meet. Before there were giant aquatic vacuum cleaners in its midst to send water south, it could afford to be a weak swimmer because it mastered the cyclical ebbs and flows of the estuary, exploiting the system’s inhalations and exhalations to get where it needed to go.

Finally, the Torah says that if you save an individual, you save an entire universe. How much truer that is for a whole kind of creature. Nothing else on Earth lives the way the delta smelt does, senses the world the way it does, looks like it, moves like it, fits into an ecosystem the way it does. If we drive it from existence, we will have obliterated an entire world, willingly, in order for a while longer to grow cotton, rice and alfalfa in the desert, to keep our swimming pools topped off and open, to keep the price of water cheap.”

There are many problems with this, the biggest being that the delta smelt is unique, living in both fresh and saltwater areas. Well, that’s not unique, at least according to the US Dept of Energy “ask a A Scientist”:

Approximately 2% of all 21000 species of fish actually move from freshwater to saltwater or from salt to fresh at some point in their lives, the move would kill any other fish.

And there the cheap liberal class warfare “greed” shot about pools. Sound like liberal tactics you’ve seen recently?

The Judge who ruled in 2008 in favor of the environmentalists:

In issuing the injunction, Wanger agreed with the plaintiffs that the reduction of exports to their agricultural operations would result in “irreparable” economic and environmental harm in violation of NEPA.(The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires federal agencies to integrate environmental values into their decision making processes by considering the environmental impacts of their proposed actions and reasonable alternatives to those actions.)

Plaintiffs have shown that irreparable harm will likely occur in the absence of injunctive relief, including loss of water supplies, damage to permanent crops, including orchards and vineyards, crop loss or reduction in crop productivity, job losses, reductions in public school enrollment, limitations on public services, impaired ability to reduce the toxic effects of salt and other minerals in the soil, groundwater overdraft, increased energy consumption, and land fallowing that causes air quality problems,” said Wanger.

And this is  why he ruled to TURN OFF THE WATER!

Anyone else see the Orwellian doublethink here?

Because this is exactly what did happen BECAUSE he turned off the water to save the inedible, not unique, 2-inch fish.

So, if the ruling to turn off the water to save us from the above, and the above is the result of the ruling then the ruling had the opposite effect.

So, in this era of the “greatest recession since the great depression” why is no one in Washington interested in reversing the ruling?


The silence from Washington is deafening.

So there has to be a different end game in mind.

“Green jobs”

“Comprehensive reform”

Be Afraid. Be very afraid.

Oh, and enjoy your imported, more expensive foreign produce all in the name of a 2-inch inedible fish.

Student Loans: The New Public Option

While we are all on the Health care debate. Here’s a new one:

The Democrat-controlled House is expected to pass a bill Thursday that would terminate the Federal Family Education Loan Program in which private lenders provide loans backed by the government.

In its place, the direct lending program, in which students get their loans straight from the government, would become the sole source of government funding for students needing help with college tuition.

So, if you want to go to college, need a loan or a Pell Grant…Suck up to Mama Government or go work at Circle K.

You have the next “Public Option”.

So it’s not bad enough they want to decide who lives and who dies, but now they want to control Higher Education.

“There is a lot of concern in the Senate about eliminating good jobs in a recession,” said Kevin Bruns, director of America’s Student Loan Provider, “especially when alternative plans are on the table that protect jobs, save taxpayer money and preserve competition in student loans.”

“Now we’ll be able to do this at absolutely no cost to taxpayers,” Miller said, “by undertaking long-overdue student loan reforms.” (Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., who chairs the House Education and Labor Committee)

But their is a Republican also behind this:  Rep. Tom Petri, R-WI.

No Cost! Sound Familiar?? 🙂

“This legislation bears many of the hallmarks of a big government takeover,” said U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, a Banner Elk Republican and former community college president, in a prepared statement.

“Not only will the government now completely dominate the student loan industry, but thousands of jobs will be destroyed and students will be rewarded with fewer choices,” she said.

This from the liberal Huffington Post:

“No student in this great country of ours should have to mortgage their future to pursue their dreams,” said the bill’s sponsor, California Democratic Rep. George Miller, chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee.Yet the money also would be spent on things that don’t help pay for college, such as construction at K-12 schools and new preschool programs.And while the measure would increase Pell Grants, it would do nothing to curb college costs, which rise much faster than Pell Grants do.

So who benefits from this one-source “Public Option”. The Government.

“Competition” is bad here, apparently. And your “choice” is none. And that’s good thing!

Democratic Rep. David Wu of Oregon said lenders still could make all the loans they want. “What will not happen anymore is making those student loans with taxpayer subsidies,” he said.

Excuse me? But where does the government get any money if it doesn’t come from the taxpayers to begin with?

Obama originally proposed to take Pell Grants out of lawmakers’ hands entirely, making the program an entitlement like Social Security and Medicare, which would have cost an estimated $117 billion – more than lawmakers have to spend.

Does anyone see the disturbing trend here of the government controlling every aspect of your life for you,in a condescendingly paternalistic way, from cradle to grave ?

Or as the President Himself put it: “from the cradle up through a career.” (CNN)

Oh, thank you Mr. President, I can’t do anything without Mama Government and my loving Big Brother!

It’s Racism, Stupid!

“Journalism has passed away after suffering a long and debilitating disease of acute dishonesty aggravated by advanced laziness…” Former Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Truer words have not been spoke lately. Especially, in light of the  partisan slap down of Rep. Joe Wilson and the recent comments by Democrats, including the Former President Jimmy Carter:

“I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American,” Carter told NBC News. “I live in the South, and I’ve seen the South come a long way, and I’ve seen the rest of the country that shares the South’s attitude toward minority groups at that time, particularly African-Americans.”

“That racism inclination still exists, and I think it’s bubbled up to the surface because of belief among many white people — not just in the South but around the country — that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country. It’s an abominable circumstance, and it grieves me and concerns me very deeply,” Carter said.(CNN)

So now you know, all opposition to President Obama is now just Racism in disguise!

Nothing More.

You should be ashamed of yourself!


“I guess we’ll probably have folks putting on white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside, intimidating people,” Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., said when asked whether Rep. Joe Wilson’s shout to President Obama that “You lie,” reflected the sentiment of racists. And you know that’s the logical conclusion if this kind of attitude is not rebuked,” Johnson said.(NYT)

The race card started flying last month when New York Gov. David Paterson claimed in a radio interview that he and other prominent black politicians are being judged by the color of their skin.
Soon after that came Rep. Diane Watson’s racially-charged statement on opponents of Obama’s health reform plan. “They are spreading fear and they’re trying to see that the first president who looks like me fails,” the California Democrat said.

Then Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., added his two cents: “Some Americans have not gotten over the fact that Obama is president of the United States. They go to sleep wondering, ‘How did this happen?'”

NYT: Maureen Dowd
“I’ve been loath to admit that the shrieking lunacy of the summer … had much to do with race,” she wrote. “But Wilson’s shocking disrespect for the office of the president — no Democrat ever shouted ‘liar’ at W. when he was hawking a fake case for war in Iraq — convinced me: Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it.”
Dowd wrote that Wilson “clearly did not like being lectured and even rebuked by the brainy black president presiding over the majestic chamber.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said Tuesday that he “did not take a racial connotation” from Wilson’s outburst. “The attacks on President Obama are harsh. I hope they are not racially motivated,” he said.

Then the Broadcast Networks got into the act, The Ministry of Truth for all to see.

CNN had a report on the Tea party Protest, which was grossly underplayed by the media, where they attacked the founder and set up the piece with “well, the founder of the originization behind the tea party said on his blog that the President was a Racist…”

Way to be objective there boys. Just the facts. 🙂

Then there’s:

ABC and NBC on Tuesday night joined the effort to undermine the anti-Obama tea party participants by smearing them as racists as ABC framed a story around the proposition “some prominent Obama supporters are now saying” the opposition to Obama is “driven, in part, by a refusal to accept a black President,” while NBC anchor Brian Williams touted how “former President Carter spoke up and spoke out about” the supposed racism. Williams alleged “a certain number of signs and images at last weekend’s big tea party march in Washington and at other recent events have featured racial and other violent themes and President Carter today said he is extremely worried by it.”

ABC anchor Charles Gibson set up the piece from Dan Harris who recited a litany of liberal presumptions:

They’ve waved signs likening President Obama to Hitler and the devil, raised questions about whether he was really born in this country, falsely accused him of planning to set up death panels, decried his speech to students as indoctrination and called him everything from a fascist to a socialist to a communist. And all that was before Mr. Obama’s speech was interrupted by a Representative who once fought to keep the Confederate flag waving over the South Carolina state house. Add it all up, and some prominent Obama supporters are now saying that it paints a picture of an opposition driven, in part, by a refusal to accept a black President.

That’s your “fair” and “unbiased” Ministry of Truth folks. Rejoice.

They have your back.

Huffington Post:

It can be summed up: “Black people are running amok in Obama’s America – emboldened by an African-American in the White House, they are now here to beat up white folks, cheat them out of their hard-earned money, and impose ‘black nationalism’! White people need to be very afraid.”

NRO, though had a different take:

Not the preternaturally wise Carter. He sees what the rest cannot. If someone disputes Obama’s claim that he can provide heath-care coverage to 47,000,000 more individuals without either rationing or “adding a single dime” to the deficit, the disputant must necessarily be a Klansman. If someone doubts that Obama can cut $500,000,000,000 from Medicare with no effect whatsoever on benefits, that skeptic must undoubtedly have a swastika tattooed across his chest. Indeed,were Obama to assert that 2+2= Cleveland, any challenger would rightly be branded a latter-day Bull Connor by our estimable former president.
During last year’s presidential campaign, many of us predicted that any opposition to the policies of a President Obama would be cast as racist. With Jimmy Carter’s guidance, we should now concede that we are all racists and beg forgiveness. We are blessed that he walks among us. (NRO)
We are all sinners if we disagree with the “The First Black President”.
After all, you don’t want to be a Racist now do you? 🙂
All crimes begin with a thought. So, if you control thought, you can control crime. “Thoughtcrime is death. Thoughtcrime does not entail death, Thoughtcrime is death…. The essential crime that contains all others in itself.”
So all opposition is Racism. Racism is bad. So all Opposition is Bad.
That is your new mantra.
And the Ministry of Truth agrees with you, Citizen.
So, be Happy and Rejoice, “Hope and Change” are upon us all.

A game or Numbers and Race

There are some 7 million illegal immigrants in this country who lack health insurance, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.
Obama= 30 Million (in his speech last week)
Democrats = 47 Million (the most widely used figure)
What happened to the other 10?, Mr President.

And if 7 million lack insurance how are the others getting it?

“Illegal immigrants would not be allowed to access the exchange that is set up,” Gibbs said. Verification requirements are “something we’d work out with Congress,” he said.

And now the doubleback (same article):
Illegal immigrants were to be allowed in the exchange and even in the public plan if they used their own money under legislation that passed three committees in the House and one in the Senate. Before Friday, there was little indication that that would change, even in the crucial Senate Finance Committee, which is facing a deadline of early next week to complete a comprehensive health bill.
In explaining its new position, the White House said that illegal immigrants could continue to buy insurance in the private insurance market outside the exchange, which would shrink with the creation of the exchange but still exist.

The “exchange” being the newest Orwellian buzzword for National Health Care since “Public Option” has been deemed unacceptable politically.

How to appear to exclude them, but not deny them. After all, they don’t really want to deal with it. “This is a health care reform bill,” Sen Max Baucus said. “This is not an immigration bill.”

“The White House said that hospitals would still be required to provide emergency treatment to illegal immigrants and that the federal government would continue to reimburse hospitals for unpaid bills, a cost that now runs $250 million a year.” (New York Times)

•In Texas, where the state comptroller estimates illegal immigrants cost hospitals $1.3 billion in 2006.

In California, a 2004 study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform put the state’s annual cost at $1.4 billion. Similar studies in Colorado and Minnesota in 2005 came up with much smaller estimates: $31 million and $17 million, respectively.

So the White House says it’s 250 million a year but the studies above, which are several years old, put it at Billions.

I guess it is a numbers game. 🙂

And guess who’s paying for it! 🙂

The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that 59% of the nation’s illegal immigrants are uninsured, compared with 25% of legal immigrants and 14% of U.S. citizens. Illegal immigrants represent about 15% of the nation’s 47 million uninsured people — and about 30% of the increase since 1980. (USA Today)

But Obama said it was only 30 million last week? Did he forget some people? 🙂

From 2001 to 2004, spending for emergency Medicaid for illegal immigrants rose by 28% in North Carolina, said a March 2007 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers cited increases in childbirth and prenatal care, as well as injuries and chronic disease complications.

Especially, when Amnesty will be on the table in the future.

And since you have approximately 12 million new socialist-minded poor “immigrants” who will be happy to vote for the Democrats in the future, it’s a vast untapped resource that you don’t want to annoy.

And we can’t forget race, after all Liberals certainly can’t.

Another cut on the Wilson affair: “President Obama was blasted by a top Latino ally on Monday for modifying his health-care plan in the face of conservative criticism,” ABC’s Elizabeth Gorman and Teddy Davis report. “The criticism was leveled in Spanish by Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois who was the first Latino member of Congress to endorse Barack Obama for president. Referring to the Obama administration, Gutierrez said: ‘Those who should be our friends, our allies, are more and more giving Rep. [Joe] Wilson, R-S.C., exactly what he wants to continue with this prejudice against our community.’


“The White House and Pelosi yielded to senior black Democrats, led by House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.), and other members of the leadership team, who argued that Wilson’s remark was a breach of conduct that must not be tolerated,” The Washington Post’s Paul Kane reports. “Clyburn has said behind closed doors that many black voters saw Wilson’s actions as part of the heated rhetoric from conservative activists whose protests, including one on the Capitol grounds Saturday, have included depictions of Obama as Adolf Hitler and the comic-book villain the Joker, according to those attending the meetings.”

Someone turn off the smoke machine!

So is anyone waiting for the censure for the Democrats lack of decorum during Bush’s speeches?

You’ll be waiting a long time.

A very Long Time.

I mean, you know, this idea that somebody we disagree with on economic or social policy or something we have to turn into some kind of ogre or demon, I think, is a mistake. I mean, it’s like telling the American people or half the American people that don’t agree with you they’re all fools. That’s just not true.
BILL CLINTON, interview on Larry King Live, June 1, 2005

In an ad published in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call and a teleconference with reporters, America’s Voice, an umbrella group of immigrant advocacy organizations, accused the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a prime lobby for reduced immigration, of leading xenophobic efforts to lower the number of Hispanic people in the United States. Allies of America’s Voice, including leaders of the National Council of La Raza, a Latino civil rights group, and Media Matters…

Did you know if you go to Nancy Pelosi’s web page and post a non constituent post it goes to Is this the same thing?  I wonder.

And of course, La Raza (“The Race”) advocates returning southern Arizona back to Mexico and is well known in this state for calling anyone who disagrees with them a racist.

And Media Matters, founded by Billionaire Socialist George Soros and Hillary Clinton.

Got that rotten egg smell yet?

So how long before being against National Health Care is “racist”?

Already there.

So you better just suck it up, because you don’t want to be racist now do you?

Oh, and there’s still Cap & Trade, Global Warming, and the massive taxes to pay for it all. Because, there is no such thing as a “revenue” or “deficit neutral” government program in the entire history of mankind.

But that’s just part of the game.

But, just remember, if you oppose them, you’re a racist!

And it’s all in the numbers.

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with Bovine Fecal Matter. 🙂

The Disingenuous Amongst US

The 2 -part question I have for the Health Care debate is:

If it’s such an emergency and so crucial to the “lowering of the deficit” as our President claims then why is the implementation day January 1, 2013, just over 3 years from now?

And if it’s not, why are we ramming through so fast? What’s the rush?

The rush is, to get their teeth into you and like a pit bull, never let go.

Once they can control of who lives and who dies, what can’t they control.

Did you know that one of the president’s recent arguments are disingenuous at best?

“The federal government should require everyone to purchase health insurance”, President Barack Obama said today, “just as car insurance is mandated”

The main problem with that is, that you can buy auto insurance from ANYONE and you can take it with you when you move, change jobs, even across state lines. You can even change companies whenever YOU feel like it.

It’s portable.

Did you know it’s against the law for Health Insurance to be portable for you?

Did you know that the tax incentives given to employers to get health insurance for the employees are illegal for individuals.

So, the government that wants to make Health Insurance mandatory also passed the laws that make it impossible for you to take your health insurance with you if you change jobs!

And then they scare you with it that very fact. The one they created!

When the economy has lost 6 million jobs and you fear for your job and your president constantly talks about people without health insurance going bankrupt, what he doesn’t say is that the government did that to you too!

And now they want to do it again!

And that will “save” you.

He <Obama> cited a new Treasury Department analysis that found that nearly half of all people under
age 65 go without health coverage at some point in a 10-year period. The data came from a
study that tracked the insurance status of a sample of people from 1997-2006.
The report also found that 57 percent of those under 21 will find themselves without
insurance at some point during a span of 10 years and that more than one-third of Americans
will be without coverage for a year or more.

Yeah, and I could walk outside of my house and get hit by a car in the next five minutes too.

And do you how many of these people will be without insurance, because they lost their job and their health care wasn’t portable because the government passed laws against it. A lot.

So are you smelling a rat, yet? A disingenuous one?

Federal tax incentives have created a world in which the vast majority of people get health insurance through their employers. Then to really screw ordinary Americans, the tax code actually punishes people who don’t get their health insurance through an employer by denying individuals the tax deduction for health insurance that their employers get.

Meanwhile, state governments must approve the insurers allowed to operate in their states, while mandating a list of services, usually totally unfunded. But if you want to do business in my state, you will do as I say.

Do you realize how heavily regulated to death Insurance of all types is already?

Probably not.

So, now the government wants to “compete” with the regulations they created to squash competition in the first place.

Now that’s disingenuous at best.

Then there’s the other current tactic.

I will agree to hear your idea, then I will ignore it, and do whatever the hell I want. But, I can say I listened and if you vote against me you’re just “the party of no”.

How condescending, but very political is that?

And since that is true, in order to pass my agenda you force me to use sleazy parliamentry tricks, like reconciliation that only requires a majority (which I have) instead of the 60 votes I’d normally need.

Thus I get what I want, and screw you.

You think that’s a bit harsh…well:

“The White House has a message to the tens of thousands of protesters who railed against big government during a rally in Washington Saturday: You’re wrong.

White House senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday that the protesters, part of the “tea party” movement, do not represent the views of the broader public when it comes to health care reform.

“I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood,” Axelrod said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “You know, I don’t think we ought to be distracted by that. My message to them is, they’re wrong.”

Axelrod said that President Obama has made clear he wants to “build on the system that we have,” dismissing concerns that the president is proposing a large-scale government intervention and claiming broad support for the president’s plan.”

Yep, they’re listening alright.

INDIANOLA — At his 32nd annual Steak Fry fundraiser, U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) was cheered by an enthusiastic crowd when he declared that a health care reform bill would pass both houses of Congress “by Christmas,” and that it would include a government-run, not-for-profit health insurance plan.

Mark my word — I’m the chairman — it’s going to have a strong public option,” said Harkin, who last week replaced the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) as chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) committee. (Iowa Independent)

The time for debate is over, as the President said in his Campaign speech last week.

And that’s Bi-partisan for you.

And they are listening to you.

They care.

Anyone seen my flying pig… 🙂

Is Campaign Mode Leadership?

“Yes, we can!”- Obama in Campaign Mode in Minneapolis

Is this 2008?

Is he running for President against the Republicans again?

Sure sounds like it.

But is “Campaign Mode” Leadership?


But don’t tell that to the pundits of the Ministry of Truth.

And certainly do as little talking about the protest in Washington DC that even by their diminishing attempts outdrew the President by 4 to 1+.

There were more stories about how ABCNews was “misquoted” by “activists” on crowd size than there were stories about the crowd size.

And the DC police refused to estimate the crowd size. Wonder why? 🙂

I will give props to MSNBC, the most socialist network out there, for saying “by our count 100’s of thousands” but that was on a web site so whether they actually aired it I don’t know.

But will the Democrats pay attention?

Will the “we just want to be liked” Republican “leadership” actually pay attention?

That is yet to be seen.

I’m betting not.

After all, they are the Political Elite. They are smarter than us. They are better than us. They have the power. And all they all want to dois  just enough to get their lobbyist money so they can be re-elected.

What, WE THE PEOPLE want is very rarely a concern.

I always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention, then we get good government and good leadership. And when we get lazy, as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it results in bad government and politics.–Obama MSNBC interview, Sep. 25, 2006

You Mean  like “Yes we can” and “Are you fired up”??

Or calling (not him personally) protestors, “Stupid” ,”ignorant”, “Un-American”,”Nazis”, “mobs” organized by republican “focus groups” and “fringe” elements?

So are you paying attention to the people?

Or just the the people who matter to you, your base, unions,etc.

Are you just in “campaign mode” or are you a Leader.

In Minneapolis, Obama assailed critics of his health care initiative Saturday, saying: “I will not accept the status quo. Not this time. Not now.”

The status quo is unacceptable. But so is your plan.

The people have said so all summer. But are you listening?

Or are you just being lazy. 🙂

“Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” GEORGE ORWELL, Politics and the English Language

E Plurbus No Unum

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” -Abraham Lincoln 1858

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. “–Abraham Lincoln

“United we stand; divided we fall,” Patrick Henry wrote in 1785

Wisdom from the ages past.

But we live in the time of division.

Not Unity. Of any kind.

Political Elite Vs. The People

Black Vs. White

Poor vs Rich

Rich Vs Poor

Workers vs Non-Workers

Teachers vs Students

Mainstream Media Vs Fox

Talk Radio Vs Mainstream Media

Liberal vs Conservative

Democrat vs Republican

“Blue Dogs” vs Non-Blue Dogs

Independents vs Everyone else

The Insured vs The Uninsured

The Legal Vs The Illegal

Though, in this last example according to the politically correct, they are the same, and if you don’t believe so “you’re a racist!” 🙂

Just as when The president says ‘transparency’ he means his determined effort to control information and keep it away from the public and to be as vague as possible.

“Change”. Change from Republican cronyism to Democrat and Socialist Cronyism. 31 “Czars”?? CZARS!

“Hope”  He will turn the economy around. He just didn’t say it was from capitalist to socialist.

From Independence to In dependence.

After all these speeches, do you still have any idea what specifically the President wants in Health Care? Really?

Oh, he wants to cover everyone, except illegals. But nothing excludes them, especially when the amendment to just that was defeated by the Democrats themselves.

He wants to give you more choices, but making it  mandatory removes the choice of not having it if you so choose.

You can keep your doctor and your plan, as long as it’s “acceptable” to the government. 🙂

And it’s will cost 900 million instead of 2 trillion to start up. Oh happy days!

Everyone in this room knows what will happen if we do nothing. Our deficit will grow. More
families will go bankrupt. More businesses will close. More Americans will lose their
coverage when they are sick and need it most. And more will die as a result. -Obama just days ago.

It’s an emergency, but it doesn’t start until  2013.

But don’t worry, these are not fear tactics. 🙂

President Obama says Mr. “my Republican friends,” that he would work to address “any legitimate concerns” they may have.

Was this before or after the said at the AFL-CIO picnic that Republicans have ” no ideas” and that debate was over and it was time for action not more discussion? 🙂

Notice the word “legitimate” concerns. If he doesn’t consider their concerns legitimate, and he doesn’t, then he doesn’t need to address them. But he can say he tried and failed when the Democrats ram it through anyways.


The Democrats are all in a volcanic tizzy over Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You Lied”, but the 2005 booing and hissing fit they themselves had at Bush’s Inaugural Address is curiously missing from their feigned outraged.

Google “Bush Chimp” sometime and see what mature, dignified, civil Liberal Democrats are not outraged by.

Or for that matter “Bush Hitler”

“Bush is War Criminal”

“<Insert republican here or “administration official”> is a war criminal”

and of course, the great mantra, “Bush Lied and people Died”.

Yes, they are all very civil, rational points where you can have a mature discussion of issues in a very civil manner.

Absolutely! 🙂

I spent the last 3 years on AOL message boards with many of these very “civil-minded” people.

Most of them were “the faithful”, people who’s religion is Liberalism. Thus, challenging them is challenging their faith.

So rational discussion is practically impossible.

And this is where we really are today.

We have the Ministry of Truth, that is made up of the faithful. So they are all for Big Brother. And they are all for divide and conquer. As long as it benefits them.

That’s why liberals hate Talk Radio.

It’s the voice of the opposition.

And Big Brother doesn’t like opposition.

It will be interesting to see how disrespectful, dishonest, and diminishing the The Ministry of truth will be to the 9/12 Tea Parties.

Rachael Maddow (Formerly of the failed Air America) was mocking it on her MSNBC show on 9/10/09. “I guess they just us all to be fearful, anxious, scared,and depressed all the time just like on 9/12”

It’s better that they are “an angry mob” of “republican operatives” and “dupes”.

Rather than actual people who actually have a grievance against their government.

That can’t possible be true!

They have to be duped, ignorant, slobs or political operatives in disguise!

Have you heard from the Media’s darling of 2007 , Cindy Sheehan. The anti-war mom who was slavishly glorified by the media?

“And it’s hard not to admire someone for speaking out for what they believe in, even if you don’t agree with it.” (CBS News blog 5/29/2007)

Unless, you’re protesting THIS President that is.

Did you know she was protesting President Obama at Martha’s Vineyard last month when he was there?


Wonder Why? 🙂

Oh, right, wrong President in the White House.

Charles Gibson, ABCNews, even said “enough already” and looked bored with her when asked.

I guess she outlived her usefulness.

She’s not longer a worthwhile tool of division.

She’s no a tool for mockery:

On Thursday’s Hardball, Barnicle, substitute hosting for Chris Matthews, declared, “Democrats hope to turn {Joe}Wilson into the Cindy Sheehan of the anti-health care reform movement. A clownish figure of ridicule who hurts his own side, more than he helps.”

This is the same media by the way that could do nothing but praise her. Now they’re saying she hurt them?

But don’t worry, they are civil, rational, people who just want to unite the country in Bi-partisanship!

BY partisan more like.

NBC anchor Brian Williams spoke for the Obamaniacal media as he decried the current atmosphere as our “hyperpartisan era of instant and vocal outrage” – as if those words would not define the corrosive end of the Bush years.

“Hyperpartisan” is a word they use only when the liberals are in charge. When conservatives are in charge, the opposition somehow becomes a celebration of democracy.

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, seen in the last administration heaping the most vicious, personal abuses on President Bush, now thinks that anyone who criticizes Obama must be an aspiring criminal. On September 1, his guest Dan Savage, a smutty sex columnist, suggested with a straight face that “the Michelle Bachmans” and “Glenn Becks of the world” are “trying to get the president killed.”

Olbermann is outdoing himself on the hypocrisy meter. This holier-than-thou speech comes from the man who said President Bush “needlessly killed 3,584 of our family and friends and neighbors,” and “urinated on the Constiution,” a man he yelled at to “Shut the hell up!” He attacked Bush for “panoramic and murderous deceit” and yelled “You’re a fascist! Get them to print you a T-shirt with fascist on it!…You, sir, have no place in a government of the people, by the people, for the people.” He suggested Bush led “a government more dangerous to our liberty than is the enemy it claims to protect us from.” Bush “imposed subjugation and called it freedom,” and his policies “would constitute the beginning of the end of America.”
And now he says conservatives are too nasty.  (Brent Bozell)

A bit more from MSNBC’s favorite ideologue:

“Back in 2006, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann attacked what he called President Bush’s “portable public chorus” For telling “those who dissent…[that] we are somehow un-American.” PBS’s Bill Moyers in 2003 found it “galling” to see “all those moralistic ideologues in Washington…attacking dissenters as un-American.”

In 2003, Olbermann saluted protests: “It is political dissent that created this country and sustained it and improved it.” But on Friday’s ‘Countdown’, Olbermann called the anti-Obama protests “societal sabotage,” determined that the grassroots groups are “fake” and insisted that “the protestors are not interested in hearing any voices other than their own.” (Newsbusters)

So you can say it about the opposition, but when the opposition is saying the same thing about you, that’s not allowed, must be censored, discredited, destroyed, and is not “fair”.

That’s a nation divided against itself.

We are united in our disunity.

“Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” — George Orwell

Nothing is Forgotten, Nothing is Ever Forgotten

This is  a quote from one of the best TV show’s ever, “Robin of Sherwood” and I try to live by it as best I can. I think it has great merit and virtue.

Especially, on a day like to day. September 11th. Another day that should live in infamy. But, our current administration and the current Ministry of Truth try there damnedest to diminish it.

The word “terrorism” is not even allowed in the lexicon of The White House (with that one notable slip by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs). In true Orwellian fashion if you can’t use the word you can’t think it and you can control the issue. Right?

“Overseas contingency operations”. Orwell would be so proud.

But more of this in a moment.

Let’s cast ourselves back to 9/11/01.

A very different America.

There had been “terrorist” attacks overseas at Embassies, The USS Cole, even a bomb attempt at the World Trade Center but no one either wanted to or could connect the dots.

Other than Hawaii in 1941 the US proper had never been attacked like Britain had with the IRA or the Middle East had or Indonesia, etc.

We had no experience or frame of reference, especially all these decades later.

So, I remember I had the day off. I turned on CNN and heard about a “plane crashing into the World Trade Center”.

How Terrible.

I had been there in 1979 on a family trip. My abiding memory was my ears popping as the elevator went up to the roof. The only time I’ve ever had that. Most unexpected.

Then as the second plane hit, this was no accident.

This was actual terrorism.

Then there was the plane that hit the Pentagon.

Then the one that went down in Pennsylvania.

This was truly terrorism.

And we struggled to understand it.

It was just Tuesday. It was just supposed to be an ordinary day. You go to work. You pay your bills. That’s about it.

I can’t even imagine what the people on those planes (that hit the towers) were thinking, if they even knew.

Or the office workers who suddenly had the face of death squarely in their faces.

Now that’s terror.

True terror.

And then Over 300 Firefighters from New York’s Bravest (as they became known) died trying to save people’s lives.

Now that’s Heroism.

But to this day, people want to deny it.

They can’t deal with it.

It must be something other than what it is.

A naked attack by radical Islamic Terrorists.

“I know, I have seen, the desperation and disorder of the powerless: how it twists the lives of children on the streets of Jakarta or Nairobi in much the same way as it does the lives of children on Chicago’s South Side, how narrow the path is for them between humiliation and untrammeled fury, how easily they slip into violence and despair. I know that the response of the powerful to this disorder-alternating as it does between a dull complacency and, when the disorder spills out of its proscribed confines, a steady, unthinking application of force, of longer prison sentences and more sophisticated military hardware-is inadequate to the task. I know that the hardening of lines, the embrace of fundamentalism and tribe, dooms us all.” –Then Senator Obama in his book, Dreams from my Father.

Then Senator Barack Obama’s response to 9/11 published a week later in the Hyde Park Herald :
“We must also engage, however, in the more difficult task of understanding the sources of
such madness. The essence of this tragedy, it seems to me, derives from a fundamental
absence of empathy on the part of the attackers: an inability to imagine, or connect with,
the humanity and suffering of others. Such a failure of empathy, such numbness to the pain
of a child or the desperation of a parent, is not innate; nor, history tells us, is it
unique to a particular culture, religion, or ethnicity. It may find expression in a
particular brand of violence, and may be channeled by particular demagogues or fanatics.
Most often, though, it grows out of a climate of poverty and ignorance, helplessness and

This missed the point entirely. Especially, since the financing for it came from an Ex-Saudi Billionaire and virtually every hijacker was Saudi. Hardly a poor,ignorant or helpless society.

But it fits, even today, with how he views everything from Terrorism to National Health Care, doesn’t it.

These terrorists weren’t a nation like the Nazis or a country like Russia.

They were a totally different breed.

But, since that is his political bent, that’s how he sees it.

It could have been worse:

“In the 21st century, white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01. White America and the Western world came to realize that people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just “disappeared” as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring Black concerns. –Rev Jeremiah Wright.

Or Michael Moore’s disgraceful disrespect for the dead, in “Fahrenheit 9/11” some years later.

Or the “faithful” who still believe to this day that it was inside job.

“Proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing”– Douglas Adams. That’s still very true.

So is there a fundamental misunderstanding or just political will heedless of the facts at work now in the current White House that won’t even utter the word “terrorism”, we get the Orwellian euphemism “overseas contingency operations” and the acts of terror themselves referred to as “man caused disasters”.

If you can prevent people from thinking certain thoughts, then you can control how they act.

Too bad the terrorists aren’t susceptible to Obama’s Doublespeak. They have their own. And no one on the left wants to recognize this.

It’s much more politically satisfying to go after the CIA and FBI to score political points and make them fearful of even doing their jobs.

The president Thursday promised to “apprehend all those who perpetrated these heinous crimes, seek justice for those who were killed and defend against all threats to our national security.” – President Obama on 9/10/09 (ABCNews)

On the eve of today’s anniversary, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had blunt words about the prospect of shipping even more Americans to war, saying, “I don’t think there’s a great deal of support for sending more troops to Afghanistan, in the country or the Congress.”

And, after the apology tours that Obama went on earlier this year – demonstrating great weakness, the CIA and FBI afraid to do their jobs, and The Congress as anti-war as it has ever been, how is he ever going to fulfill the same promise that George W Bush made.

He won’t.

But he won’t be accountable for it anyhow. The Ministry of Truth will see to it.

So what happens when the next attack happens. Who’s fault will it be? Certainly, not theirs. Liberals don’t take responsibility for their actions, they are always the victims.

Meanwhile, the real victims will still be dead.

Just like on 9/11 where 3000 were killed without mercy.

Just because they were there.

Nothing more.

And to try to unlearn (and rewrite thought) what you have learned because it doesn’t fit your view of the world is frankly potentially more dangerous than the terrorists.

Do you remember, on Feb 1st, 2002, months after the attack Journalist Daniel Pearl was beheaded by Muslim Terrorists.

Oh, sorry, “a man-caused disaster” committed by poor, oppressed tribal people of an apparently Arabic decent.

Oh, that’s better. That must be our fault. After all, we are rich and they are poor.

Meanwhile, his wife is still a widow. And he’s still dead.

Sanitized for your protection.

Then you have the wars In Iraq  and Afghanistan to confuse the issue even further. On both side of the political isle.

And you forget.

Except for today, you might remember.

But by tomorrow, you’ll forget.

Bills to pay.
Life goes on.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Out of thought, out of mind.