Ryan & The RINOs

With their epic failure, “Repeal means Piecemeal”.

It goes straight to the bottom of the charts and into your wallet.

Hey Paul, what part of Repeal Means REPEAL (in Repeal and Replace) did you not understand you political hack?

So the Republicans under Jar Jar Boehner promise, give us the power and we’ll repeal it. Then under now, Jar Jar Ryan, they get that power and all we get is one of the get FUBARs of all time.

I guess I was right when I said that they were just playing us when Obama was in office. They just wanted all the power, but none of the responsibility.

So I guess it’s on to Fucking up the Taxes relief and Jobs now and we’ll just this stink bomb lie.

Thanks for nothing Jar Jar. Literally.

Fast recap of political history:

1. Dems shoved Obamacare down America’s neck.
2. Republicans complain they couldn’t stop it because GOP didn’t have House majority.They promise to repeal Obamacare when they have majority in the US House.
3. Grassroots get to work. We give the GOP the House majority. We remind them of their campaign promises to repeal.
4. House GOP says they can’t repeal because Obama would veto. Says they need GOP majority in the US Senate to repeal Obamacare.

1. GOP candidates nationwide promise full repeal of Obamacare if we elect them, give them majority in the US Senate and maintain GOP majority in the US House.
2. Grassroots work their arses off yet again.

1. We hand the GOP US Senate majority.
2. We remind the GOP of their promises to fully repeal Obamacare.
3. GOP tell us they don’t have veto proof majority to override an Obama veto for repeal. They tell America they also need the Presidency to fully repeal Obamacare.

1. We hand the GOP the Presidency on a silver platter. They denigrate us, use every lie, corrupt scheme in their powers to oust our President before he’s even sworn into office!
2. We remind the GOP of their promise (3rd time now) to fully repeal Obamacare.

1. GOP tell us: “You morons, we’re not going to repeal Obamacare, we’re just gonna tweak it!”
2. Grassroots are ready to throw every lying RINO in the US House and Senate into the swamp drain in 2018!

Be worried. Be very, very, worried.  (thanks to Annette Shuford)


Oh, and you made the Leftists happy…

The GOP pulled their disastrous health care bill that could have taken care away from 24 million Americans. This is a victory for the American people, but we can’t let up. Continue to speak up — it’s working. (Democrat Party Facebook)

Thanks to Ryan & The RINOS who were too busy try to kiss their own collective political asses to actually do what the American People wanted them to do and what they had promised for the last 8 years.
One of the greatest political turds in American History.

RyanCare Stalled

House Republicans postponed taking up the American Health Care Act after it became clear that it did not have the votes to pass.

It seems that Jar Jar Ryan’s attempt to cramp ObamaCare Lite down the throats of his colleagues didn’t work yesterday.

Now Trump is pissed off.

I’m not shocked. It’s not like Ryan and The RINOs really wanted to do anything. They were just blustered at Obama for years and playing the partisan game. Now when they have to pony up, they failed miserably.

Matt Vespa:

As of midafternoon Thursday, 37 House Republicans — mainly Freedom Caucus members — had announced their opposition to the bill, known as the American Health Care Act.Trump will also meet Thursday with members of the moderate “Tuesday Group,” Spicer said. On Wednesday, four Republican moderates — Reps. Charlie Dent (Pa.), Frank A. LoBiondo (N.J.), Daniel Donovan (N.Y.) and David Young (Iowa) — announced their opposition, increasing pressure on leaders to win over conservatives.

GOP leaders appeared to be making some headway in bringing the measure to the floor for a vote Thursday. The price for doing so, however, may be striking popular provisions in former president Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act that could make it even more difficult to pass legislation in the Senate. This high-wire balancing act, in which Republicans are catering to conservatives in the House with the knowledge that they still must woo moderates to get legislation to Trump’s desk, could not only reshape the nation’s health-care system but could also have uncertain electoral repercussions for the new majority.

Yet, even with these House obstacles to the bill. The Senate has signaled that the support to pass it isn’t there. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said this, warning his House colleagues to not support a bill that doesn’t have a chance in the Senate. As Guy mentioned before, asking for more time is not really an option since Republicans have had several years to get their replacement plan together. The base would not tolerate a delay on an issue of this magnitude.

We know what we wanted. We know what they promised.

But politics being politics everyone wants THEIR bit, which conflicts with other people’s bits and suddenly the water is muddier than a lake bed in Africa during dry season.

Not that this is a surprise to a cynic like me. Just disappointing.

The Republicans had a chance to show they are the better party, but all they showed is that they are the same party of weak, timid, arrogant, pinheads everyone thought they were.

The only thing you can count on from the Democrats for the next 4 years is “HELL NO! WE WON’T GO!” obstruction. Period. End of story.

So they have to do it themselves and they have about as much unity as a The Bad News Bears at the beginning of the movie and Walter Matthau is dead.

Let the Game of Political Chicken, begin:

Rather than allow negotiations to drag on interminably, there will be a vote. Tomorrow. And the chips will fall as they may. As Cortney reported earlier, President Trump has declared that if recalcitrant House Republicans vote with Nancy Pelosi to kill the American Health Care Act, he will walk away from the issue and allow Obamacare to remain in place.  That’s some real hardball, daring Republicans to defy him.  House GOP leaders say they’re ready to yank campaign funding away from members who cross Trump’s wishes, then place the blame squarely on the party’s hard-right flank.

That flank being the ones who got him there.

If he walks away from it, it’s over.

This is very high stakes chicken.

But these are politicians he’s playing with, they are ultimately narcissistic power-mad children.

We’ll see what happens…


Ruination Nation


Derek Hunter:

A few weeks ago in this space I asked a simple question: How many victims of illegal alien crime will be enough to make Democrats and the media care about illegal alien crime?

The answer was simple – there is no number. They’ll never care because they’ve hitched their fate to the prospect of legalizing illegals and winning their votes. But the problem they back-burner for political gain still smolders, and last week it claimed another victim…all in the name of “progress.”

Montgomery County, Md., is one of the richest counties in the country. It’s also an extremely left-wing progressive county that prides itself on being “welcoming,” which is liberal code for a sanctuary county. The sanctuary status is not official, according to county leaders. They pretend they aren’t fully on board with sanctuary policies because they don’t want to lose federal money, but they are.

That unofficial status pushed the city of Rockville to out-liberal its county and push to put their sanctuary status on the books, taking steps in that direction just two weeks ago.  A new horrific crime may put that dream on hold.

Last Thursday, a 14-year-old student Rockville High School allegedly was forced into the boys’ bathroom and violently raped by two of her fellow freshman students. Those student were not typical students, they were grown men – ages 17 and 18.

Why were two men old enough to join the military in the 9th grade? Because they were assigned freshman status by the “welcoming” schools, no questions asked.  At least one of the men, 18-year-old Henry Sanchez, is in the country illegally. As for the other, 17-year-old Jose Montano, officials won’t comment on his status because he’s underage.

This 14-year-old girl had to share her classroom with two grown men who had no business being in the country, let alone the school, in the name of tolerance.

That tolerance, as is always the case with leftists, is a one-way street.

After Donald Trump won the election, Montgomery County students staged a walkout protest against the incoming president. The Washington Post reported students were chanting, “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here.” Where do you suppose they got the ideas behind that?

In February, the Montgomery County Council sought to reassure residents – liberals and illegals alike – they would protect those here illegally, particularly when it came to the schools. “We cannot allow people to be so fearful that they keep their children away from school because they’re afraid their children will be taken,” Council President Roger Berliner said. He also said, “Bad things happen.”

Isn’t that nice?

Since the alleged attack, many politicians went silent. Weird, right?

Yes, statements were released, but that’s been about it. The superintendent, Jack Smith, assured parents the alleged horrors committed “do not represent the positive values of our students and school communities.”

Smith concluded, “The safety and security of every student in our district is our top priority and a responsibility that we do not take lightly.”

Nothing on why men old enough to graduate – who don’t even speak English, according to reports – were put in classes with 13- and 14-year-old girls.

School principal Billie-Jean Bensen sent a letter to parents that read, in part, “Ensuring a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment for all of our students is our top priority.”

Again, the safety of students cannot be a “top priority” when you’re putting grown men, whose background could not have been checked for criminal history, in classrooms with children. Principal Bensen’s priority is exposed in the “welcoming” part. Why else mention it under such awful circumstances?

When politicians and activists put the comfort of illegal aliens ahead of the security of Americans students, something is fundamentally wrong.

Principal Bensen concluded her letter by adding, “Please remind your child that if they believe they are a victim of an assault or see something inappropriate, they should immediately tell a staff member.” It’s clear the Montgomery County power structure is circling their wagons to cover their own asses. And that grammar is not a priority.

If they were serious about protecting kids, administrators wouldn’t put adults in with freshmen and wouldn’t allow illegal aliens, whose backgrounds and history cannot be verified or even checked, anywhere near children.

Montgomery County recently hiked property taxes by 8.7 percent in part to address the extremely high cost of educating illegal alien students who don’t speak English. Sanctuary already had a cost. Last week, that cost went higher than the civilized mind can comprehend. For progressive liberal Democrats, there is no cost too high. If your children suffer horrendous, unspeakable acts in the name of “tolerance,” so be it.

You can’t make a progressive Utopia without ruining a few lives…


Hippies to Hyper

The left has done a 180 since its free speech heyday of the 1960s. What used to be anything goes, and protecting the First Amendment right to say controversial things, has morphed into a treacherous map of what you can and cannot say. Universities, which were once a bastion of free speech, have now become the most hostile areas of all. If you do not agree with the left — even if you are on the left — expect to be savagely targeted. You could lose your job, your career, and reputation over just one social media post. Not to mention being bombarded with vitriolic, threatening emails. Left-wing comedians now avoid performing comedy routines on university campuses. Conservative speakers are violently stopped from speaking engagements there.

Conservatives now walk on eggshells throughout society, just one tweet away from having their lives destroyed. The rise of social media has made it easy for the left to monitor everyone on the right. Since some successful conservative pundits as well as anonymous social media accounts get away with tweeting politically incorrect statements, others feel a false sense in comfort in engaging similarly, sometimes merely retweeting the remarks. But the reality is, for most of us, something you post could end up on the front page of the newspaper the next day. The private comfort of your home where you post on social media is deceptive.

The left used to accuse the right of being authoritarian and judgmental, due to laws against abortion, drug use and frowning upon sexual promiscuity. Fifty years later, the right has been proven right in those arenas, which were never anywhere near the level of an authoritarian society but merely common sense. Ever advancing technology confirms a baby is terminated during an abortion, it is not some mindless clump of tissue. The emotional strife abortions leave mothers and fathers with is often devastating, haunting them the rest of their lives. Drug use is not a victimless crime, and causes all kinds of harm to the abuser, including increasing their likelihood of becoming a burden on society. Sexual promiscuity is also not victimless, leading to broken families, unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

The less-churched left frequently takes one verse out of the New Testament and shakes it at the right, “Judge not lest ye be judged,” from Matthew 7:1. Yet Jesus didn’t mean to excuse every possible action. He meant that criticizing someone else must be done the right way. Jesus further explained in the next verse, which liberals leave out, “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.”

Out of one side of their mouths, the left shuts down opposing viewpoints with Matthew 7:1. Only the left is allowed to be the final arbiter of what constitutes judgmentalism (it’s easy — anything that comes from the right). Out of the other side of their mouths, the left judges like crazy, and the punishments are quite harsh. Tweet something critical of radical Islam? Lose your position with ESPN. Don’t agree with Christian businesses servicing same-sex weddings? You will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, lose your business and your savings. And here’s the most telling scenario: Anonymously tweet criticism of the left’s authoritarian ways? They will track you down at your university professorship and you will lose your job.


The left keeps coming up with more and more ways to implement this judgmentalism against conservatives. It began with political correctness around the end of the 1990s, with words like sexism, racism and prejudice bandied about (with the left’s chosen meanings for those words). It expanded into code words like diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance and social justice. Recently, it’s started exploding into many more words like safe spaces, trigger warnings, snowflakes, anti-discrimination and Black Lives Matter. There has also been a splintering off across language, preferring certain phrases while censoring out others: climate change instead of manmade global warming, peaceful migrants instead of illegal immigrants (or aliens), lone gunman instead of Islamic terrorist, and anti-abortion instead of pro-life. Much of these Orwellian word changes have been encoded in media through the left-leaning AP Stylebook, as I recently covered.

Disagree with any of the “values” that go along with those code words and expect the wrath of judgment to come down upon you. The left has become the modern-day equivalent of the Pharisees from Biblical times, pretending to act morally righteous while brutally serving their own version of morality on everyone who disagrees. Jesus warned about the Pharisees, who were the keepers of Old Testament law, “obey everything they teach you, but don’t do as they do. After all, they say one thing and do something else.” His characterization of the judgmental leaders could easily be describing how the left treats the middle class and poor with the modern welfare state, “They pile heavy burdens on people’s shoulders and won’t lift a finger to help. Everything they do is just to show off in front of others.”


There seems to be no end in sight to how far the left’s purges will go; they have become so authoritarian and single-minded in their goal of stamping out all dissent. Since the left controls much of the educational system and media, it has tremendous power. Many of these totalitarian policies have been made into law under the Obama administration, the left-leaning legal system and in “progressive” areas of the country.

Fortunately, the left went too far, and a majority of Americans had enough, electing politically incorrect Donald Trump as president and Republicans in control of both houses of Congress. Trump is thwarting the biased media by tweeting directly to the people and eliminating past privileges the “fake news” media had with presidents. Since it is unknown how long this pushback will last, it is imperative to call the censorship out for what it is, totalitarianism, and defend those on the front lines who are being cruelly targeted. It’s no longer just the politically correct left, it’s the totalitarian left.


The late Charles Colson tells the story of a pastor who was about to be taken away in December 1989 by the Secret Police in communist Romania, which was under the dictatorship of Nicolai Ceausescu. Pastor Laszlo Tokes had been vocally critical of the totalitarian regime. Members of Tokes’ congregation refused to let the police take him and his pregnant wife, forming a massive human shield around the entrance to the church building. Soon, believers from Christian churches of many denominations nearby showed up to join the blockade, carrying candles. They remained vigilant all night, and began yelling, “Liberty! Freedom!” The Secret Police eventually forced their way through on December 17 and seized the pair, but the event had helped trigger the Romanian Revolution. Within a few days, Ceausescu was overthrown and the Tokes were freed.

Until a relatively safe, high level of Americans recognize how far the American left has lurched toward socialism and communism — who would have ever predicted the only socialist in Congress, Bernie Sanders, would one day be considered a mainstream Democratic presidential candidate little different than the frontrunner — we are at risk of no longer being a free country. (Rachael Alexander)

The Ministry of Truth, which concerned itself with news, entertainment, education, and the fine arts. The Ministry of Peace, which concerned itself with war. The Ministry of Love, which maintained law and order. And the Ministry of Plenty, which was responsible for economic affairs.

Employing the concept of doublethink, the Party gives ironic names to its branches as a way to euphemize what they actually are and what they do and say.

Newspeak, doublethink, the mutability of the past. He felt as though he were wandering in the forests of the sea bottom, lost in a monstrous world where he himself was the monster. He was alone. The past was dead, the future was unimaginable. What certainty had he that a single human creature now living was on his side? And what way of knowing that the dominion of the Party would not endure forever?  (1984)

A totalitarian power seeks to exert influence over its constituents by conveying the message that it is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Ubiquitously posting awe-inspiring posters is one such means to this end.

You cross them, they will get you,my pretty…

Capping The Kap

If you know me you know I’m not much of a sports fan anymore. I lost it a long time ago because of Strikes for greed (by players and owners) in the 1980s.

But this piece of human flotsam is getting what he deserves (though he made millions doing it so it’s hardly going to hurt him financially).

And I hope this behavior stops.

But we had a Cardinal football player here get busted for extreme DUI, he was cut, and then signed the next week with The Patriots and now he has a Super Bowl ring….

Sports fans know all about Colin Kaepernick. Before this past season, he was known as a dual-threat quarterback who led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance. However, now he is a player without a team, as he opted out of his contract with the 49ers. Teams aren’t willing to sign him though.

This past season, Kaepernick decided that he was going to send a message to the country by refusing to stand for the National Anthem. He did this to show support to the Black Lives Matter movement. This protest was heard all around the country, and more and more players started duplicating his actions. However it is this action that has seen Kaepernick remain a free agent.

Despite free agency in the NFL being open for a while now, Kaepernick himself remains without an offer. Rumors have circulated on why he hasn’t been able to get a contract. Some general managers claim that Kaepernick isn’t good enough to even play in the league anymore, while others claim that his protest hasn’t earned him a spot on an NFL roster.

Today, it is learned that both of those instances are a factor. There is also some worry over backlash from both the fans and President Donald Trump. Considering the amount of negative conversation that these kneeling players provided, it’s understandable that general managers would feel this way.

Be Careful Which Side Of History You Choose To Stand On, We Won't Forget

Bleacher Report, a sports news site, has talked to an AFC general manager and gathered his thoughts on why Kaepernick remains unsigned. The manager, who remains nameless, said that most teams refuse to sign the quarterback because they “can’t stand what he did.”

Others, as stated above, fear a backlash from fans and the President himself. President Trump has been known to tweet about things that he doesn’t like, and that sort of attention isn’t good for an NFL team.

The unnamed general manager continued to speak with Bleacher Report. “He can still play at a high level. The problem is three things are happening with him. First, some teams genuinely believe that he can’t play. They think he’s shot. I’d put that number around 20 percent.”

There are 32 football teams in the NFL. So, by using the estimation given by this general manager, that leaves roughly six or seven general managers that believe Kaepernick can’t play anymore.

The general manager continued, “Second, some teams fear the backlash from fans after getting him. They think there might be protests of Trump will tweet about the team. I’d say that number is around 10 percent. Then there’s another 10 percent that has a mix of those feelings. Third, the rest genuinely hate him and can’t stand what he did [kneeling during the anthem]. They want nothing to do with him.”

More basic math shows that the other twenty percent mentioned represents another six or seven general managers that fear the response from fans. As for the rest of the league who “genuinely hate him,” it’s roughly anywhere from 18-20 general managers that will never sign him.

However, the general manager thinks there is one more reason that other teams are refusing to sign Kaepernick. “They won’t move on. They think showing no interest is a form of punishment. I think some teams also want to use Kaepernick as a cautionary tale to stop other players in the future from doing what he did.”


There were several players during the regular season that knelt with Kaepernick in solidarity with him. One of these players, Antonio Cromartie, was cut from the Indianapolis Colts after kneeling during the anthem. If there are that many general managers that hate Kaepernick for starting the protest, it is reasonable to think they want to send a message to the rest of the league.

An executive who also spoke to Bleacher Report called the quarterback “an embarrassment to football.”

Kaepernick’s actions are also part of the reason that the league saw a drop in their ratings. The drop in ratings happened for the first time in decades. While there were other factors that likely played into the drop, it is note-worthy that viewership dropped 14 percent compared to 2015.

There is more reason to think that Kaepernick’s protests are the reason he doesn’t have a contract offer. He was adamant about protesting the National Anthem during the previous season. However, he has since stated that he will no longer continue to protest the anthem. Is that just a giant coincidence that this occurred or what?

It’s also interesting that the NFL is deciding to play politics right now. They have threatened to stop putting Super Bowl’s in Texas over a bill that is being proposed in the Texas Senate. This bill is similar to the bathroom controversy that is happening in North Carolina. So a league that allows animal abuse, spousal abuse and drug abuse is drawing the line at a bathroom? That makes sense. However, Governor Gregg Abbott has slammed the NFL for getting involved in politics.

Abbott against the NFL

Share this article to show that Kaepernick still doesn’t have a contract offer. That is because teams are not going to sign him for a multitude of reasons. These include possible fan backlash and the fact that NFL general managers hate what he did last season. One thing is for certain; Kaepernick is a man without a team, and it’s looking like it will stay that way.

Hate by Design

A Leftist face of “White Nationalism” rising because Trump was elected Revealed…


Police have revealed the identity of one of four individuals arrested for allegedly turning a menorah in Arizona into a swastika last year.

That man is one 19-year-old Clive Jamar Wilson. He does not appear to be a white nationalist as was initially implied by liberal outlets covering the vandalism.

The other three individuals who have been arrested with Wilson are minors and, as such, their identities have not been released.

It does appear, at least, that the Mainstream didn’t even bother much with the story outside of Arizona but the bloggers and the leftist pundits did.

Unfortunately, sightings of hate like this have been on the rise.

100 anti-Semitic hate incidents were recorded in the wake of President-elect Donald Trump’s victory according to a report released ten days after the election by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a civil rights organization that monitors hate groups. The increase represented 12 percent of the 867 acts of intimidation reported, including 80 acts of graffiti or vandalism depicting the swastika without specific reference to Jewish people.

Many people have pointed out that white nationalist groups, including neo-Nazis, were effectively empowered by the rhetoric and actions of President-elect Donald Trump during the election.

And they include this incident.

Guilt by association and need for Agenda/Narrative nuggets. Smear by association. Funny that never worked with Obama is a Muslim…wonder why?

And is it still a “hate crime” because the leader of this pack is black??  🙂

After all it was Leftist who put this billboard up over the weekend on Grand Ave in Phoenix:

Image result for grand ave sign trump nazi
No hate there. No hyperbole. (the other side has raised fists with “Unity” on it- very BLACK Nationalist) 🙂
Mark Twain: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
Well, better to let people think you’re smart until you open your mouth and prove them wrong.
It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.

Take your pick.


Calling Their Bluff

I have already said as much, but this so so much more eloquently.


There is an interesting phenomenon that happens among red state Democrats in the Senate every six years. They suddenly start sounding conservative when their re-election bid approaches.

They talk more conservatively. They act more conservatively. They vote more conservatively, at least until they get re-elected and can go back to holding the Democratic Party line in the Senate.

The same phenomenon happens in the Republican Party. Only last year, the American people called their bluff, put them in power, and now expect them to do what they promised. Republicans are terrified at the prospect.

Politicians are quite good at making promises and coming up with excuses as to why those promises went unfulfilled. “We control only one-half of one-third of the government,” we heard in 2011 as an excuse for why the promise of Obamacare repeal was “impossible.”

In 2015, Republicans were given the Senate, therefore control of one branch of government. The refrain changed to, “No matter what we pass, the president will veto it, and we don’t have the votes to override that veto.”

OK, fine. That’s all true. But the problem was they didn’t even try. Congress has power as a co-equal branch of government, yet no effort was exerted toward the promise on which they campaigned.

So now voters have given a second branch of government to the Republicans, and what do we have?

House Republicans have introduced the “American Health Care Act,” the legislative equivalent of Hangover 2. Hangover 2 was a slightly different version of The Hangover, but aside from the setting, you wouldn’t know the difference.


The biggest problem with the AHCA is it leaves in place the concept that it is the responsibility of the federal government to provide health insurance for Americans who don’t have employer-provided coverage. Aside from changing tax law to allow people in the individual market to buy insurance with pre-tax dollars and allowing for the purchase of insurance across state lines, the federal government has no business in the health insurance game.

But politicians like power. Plus, the Republicans are milktoast chicken-shit scaredy cats.

A true conservative plan would allow the states to become 50 petri dishes able to experiment with ways to make insurance affordable. Eventually best practices would win out and be adopted by others. But that wouldn’t empower the feds, so we’re talking about subsidies, tax credits and a federal regulatory scheme only slightly less arduous than what currently exists.

There’s plenty of blame for this to go around, but the lion’s share has to rest firmly with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. He got the opportunity he and his colleagues have been asking for, and he gave us a bill that is only slightly better than the system it seeks to replace. No one hires someone who says, “Make me captain of the Titanic and I’ll make sure it sinks 20 minutes later.” Yet that’s what the Republican plan does.

Seven years they had to come up with an idea, and we get a tweak. For seven years, we were told they knew the way, and we get this.

Because the Republican were just playing the “opposition” game. They didn’t really mean it. Now they are called on it and are stuck in Catch-22 Hell.

It’s not as though Republicans are burning up the rest of the agenda, they’ve done next to nothing since Jan. 20. After years of “hurry up,” all we’ve gotten is “wait.”

I get that Republicans are afraid of health policy. As a health policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation a decade ago, I briefed many of them on the issue and saw the terror in their eyes as they waited for just enough information to be able to answer basic questions on an issue they’ve ceded to Democrats for years. But for the last seven years, they’ve sworn they had the answers. So where are the answers? The AHCA is not it.

They were lying to get more power. Now that they have it, they don’t wanna do it.

You don’t have to understand the complexities of health insurance markets and impact of regulations on them to understand the Constitution and the limits it places on the federal government. That shouldn’t be a bridge too far considering they swear an oath to it at the start of every term. One would hope they would’ve read it, if not understood it, before they pledged to defend it.

And you don’t have to be a legislative historian to recognize the idea Republicans have proposed of a “three-pronged approach” is insane when even they acknowledge the second “prong” is regulatory and easily could be reversed by a Democratic administration and the third will be blocked even more easily by a filibuster in the Senate. Republicans swear they need a trident to kill Obamacare when a spear would do. Like a Band-Aid – just rip it out of existence, Senate parliamentarian be damned.


Nearly every member of the Republican caucus campaigned on repealing Obamacare and told voters they were “constitutional conservatives.” Nothing they’ve done since would lead anyone to believe either claim was true.

If there’s positive about the process around the AHCA, it’s that so far it is moving slowly. Unlike Obamacare’s passage, Republicans have been transparent. Unfortunately what they’ve cooked up so far is transparently awful. It’s time to scrap the patch and unleash the free market.

Unless the AHCA is fundamentally transformed to the point states are free to experiment, the market is free to function, and individuals are free to make their own choices, everything we have been told will have been a lie, the whole thing should be scrapped and Obamacare allowed to collapse. Both parties will be blamed, and both parties will be to blame.

A golden opportunity in the cause of liberty will have been squandered because, after seven years of talk, Republicans could not do the one thing they told us they would; the reason they were in the position to disappoint us in the first place. It’s time to start over and do it right – if Speaker Ryan and the rest of Republican leadership actually have it in them to do what they’ve campaigned on. (Derek Hunter)

not our problem

Just like ObamaCare was passed with ZERO Republicans RyanCare will be passed with any Democrats so that they can complain that Diet ObamaCare is not as good for you as the real thing…